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Foodie Friday

Friday!! I survived my first week of maternity leave at home without baby. I told Chad this morning that next week might be rocky, I have VERY little to do right now and hesitant to plan too much just in case Baby K makes her Mom very happy and comes early.

This week I finished up the freezer meals and baking I had planned to do, not sure I can do much more since our freezers are both packed!



The top photo is out stand up freezer and those meals are stacked all the way down… I don’t think we will starve anytime soon.

Onto the meal plan for next week:

Saturday – Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Sunday – Naan pizza with feta and roasted vegetables

Monday – Chicken Greek wraps and Greek salad

Tuesday – Tuna Casserole

Wednesday – Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings – similar recipe to the one I use

Thursday – Turkey bacon BLTs and Alexia Waffle Fries—> best fries ever from Costco

Friday – Coconut Curried Chickpeas and Quinoa

Weekend plans… none? Like I said we are planning very little these days. I suggested we do a mini date night tonight so that might happen tonight or tomorrow. We have to do a Costco run tomorrow and since I hear that the s word is in the forecast for Sunday Chad might put up Christmas lights too.



Where to start….How about with some random thoughts on my first day of maternity leave:

– Is this real? Do I really not have to go to work for the next year?

– I need to break down my to do list this week into things to do each day

– (3pm) Okay I am bored, do I move onto tomorrow’s list?

– Everyone is saying “take time to yourself before baby comes”, I am at home all by myself, how else do I take time to myself?

– I understand “nesting” now. For me its is doing anything I can to keep myself busy, cleaning, organizing, baking, designing our Christmas cards…

That sums up my day Smile

Well actually I did a bit more than just think about how bored I was and in shock that I really have no job to go to.

The day started as usual, up, make breakfast, shower, get ready, Chad left for work and I finished a blog post before heading for my 9am Dr appointment. Nothing new to report. Because of some cramping she decided not to do any (internal) exam this week just in case. So if Baby K does not come before next week’s appointment then we will move things along.

I managed to get through a small to do list today:

– Submit EI form

– Put away laundry

– Unload dishwasher

– Start Christmas cards on Mixbook

– Workout while reading this book:


– Post our second car seat on Facebook – We have two and the one is still in the box and unopened so we hoped to sell it. This is the car seat, retails for $230 and looking to sell for $150 in case anyone is interested.

The fun part of my day? Going for lunch with Becky and Amie! It was great to see them both and catch up Smile I think we need more lunch dates for sure.

After work me and Chad went to VOTE. I hope you did too or do vote if it was not election time where you are. I find it so important to vote. I heard the craziest statistic yesterday – 55% of people in Afghanistan voted in their last election, where they are basically risking their lives to do so. Here, we might see 25-33% of people vote. Pretty sad, right?


My friend, Meghan joined us for supper before we had our annual date night for the season premier of Vampire Diaries. Yes, we are that cool…



We watched the first two episodes before calling it a night.

On today’s agenda is a workout (already done), designing baby shower invites for a friend’s shower, swapping out clothes in my closet, lunch with a friend, and the highlight? Cleaners are coming today! Yay for a clean house Smile


What is your favourite TV show right now?

Not sure I could choose a favourite, VD Is good but I also love New Girl and Two Broke Girls for a good laugh. Right now I am not sure how I am liking Glee, it is just not the same!