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Foodie Friday

I have no idea where the weeks go, every week I plan to get out for more bike rides and park trips and then it is Thursday night! This week was filled with meetings, Chloe had dance and some catch up on our zzz’s.

Chloe (and Avery) before dance:

The reason I need more sleep:

This will be our third week of our meal plans through Calluna Nutrition and I have to admit I will be lost without them in July! It has been so nice not think of these things and have all my meals and snacks planned out every single day. My goal has been sticking to the plan during the week and on weekends I am more flexible. So far I have seen great results – and actually lost weight – even though this was not the intention. I find I am way less hungry now too!

All recipes are through Calluna Nutrition’s meal plan service:

Saturday – Spiced Salmon Kabobs & qunioa

Sunday – Chili Lime Drumsticks with zucchini and mixed greens

Monday – Warm Spinach Pesto & Chickpea Salad (might add chicken smokies for the girls and Chad)

Tuesday – Penne with Busted Cherry Tomato Sauce

Wednesday – One Pan Sole & Asparagus with rice

Thursday – Ginger Tofu Stir Fry

Friday – Chicken fingers & fries

This weekend we have a 10km race, then some yard work if the weather cooperates – not sure what we will do Sunday yet as I am leaving thaup to Chad ūüôā


Foodie Friday

Okay can time slow down?! Another Friday! I am not sure I can even recall our week – total mom brain this week!

We had dance class, spent evenings in the backyard, played Go Fish (A’s favourite game these days), and bought some summer essentials – new goggles and beach towels!

Monday mornings are tough these days:

Playing in the yard after dance class:

And with A’s goggles on:

I picked up a Go Fish game for $1 last weekend at a charity garage sale and Avery loves it!

And I cannot forget my photo with the infamous Waskasoo – finally! The girls love this little guy!

Last week’s meal plan form Calluna Nutrition was almost too good to be true – easy, delicious and healthy recipes AND if I am being honest I kinda like being told what to eat all day – HA. Like I said anything to help my mom brain these days! So here goes week two – like last week all recipes are from my friend Heather at Calluna Nutrition.

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Chicken, Broccoli, Cashew Stir- Fry

Monday – Cauliflower, Kale, Sausage Bowl

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup & toasted veggie sandwich

Wednesday – Fish Tacos with pineapple salsa

Thursday – Grilled Chicken with Spinach & Mushroom Pasta

Friday – Thai Turkey Burgers with Almond Carrot Slaw and sweet potato fries

Our weekend plans are a little up in the air, we might go to the zoo if the weather looks okay tomorrow, then Sunday looks like rain so Avey requested a library and SPCA visit that day!


Sugar Free Reset Chat

Last week I participated in a sugar free reset hosted by my friend Heather at Calluna Nutrition and wanted to share some learnings and thoughts around it.

I went into it hoping to gain some knowledge and new recipes, not so much for the sugar free part as I did not think my sugar consumption was high. Also for only $10 I could not go wrong when I gained a week’s worth of meals, my grocery list and more. I knew for only 5 days I should not struggle too much so signed up!

So what did I learn?

  • I consume way more sugar than I thought! A lot of it is fructose, not a horrible thing, but it made me more aware. Example – my typical morning smoothie was half a banana, half a cup of blueberries, protein, spinach, and original almond milk. But with simple switches my morning smoothie now has less sugar and more healthy fats and fibre to fill me up and keep me full by reducing the fruit, using unsweetened almond milk and adding avocado and chia seeds.
  • I like to snack a lot… more than I should and typically these snacks have sugar – fruit, Larabars, yogurt with fruit, baking. Again these are easy switches to not only watch my snacks but control them. I am a firm believer in eating every few hours and snacking but sometimes I found myself having say 2 afternoon snacks versus one that is more filling.
  • Protein, fibre and fat content are more important than calories – I mean I knew that but it was a good (constant) reminder.
  • I actually did not miss/crave much sugar. The biggest thing I missed was my morning coffee of regular almond milk and a splash of maple syrup – the only sugar I really did miss.
  • I missed bread. I am not a huge bread eater and try to have maybe 4 pieces a week – 2 on long run days – but missed those few pieces!
  • I can survive without the extra sugar and carbs! haha My fantic messages to Heather prior to these 5 days were probably funny to her as I was sure I might die without these things.

My main take-away for the 5 days was that I gained a huge sense of awareness when it came to not only my sugar intake but the combination of foods I was eating. To continue this habit I have signed up for a month of meal plans through Calluna Nutrition and so far we love it! I love to meal plan but taking this one thing off my plate and improving it so I can continue afterwards is already huge for us.



Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! I am pretty happy to see Friday, it was a long week and well the whole no sugar thing – which I will chat more about next week. But I can say the mental aspect to it is harder than anything and I really did not crave anything!

Highlights from our week included Chloe’s first dance class, which is the same Mommy & Me class Avery and I took just a few weeks after I had Chloe.

It went as good as it can (I think), she listened mostly and said she had fun.

I found some photos from the Mother’s Day fun run we did and could not stop laughing when I saw the photos:

Yes, that is Chloe on top of Avery – sigh – I had no idea!

Moving on to some meal planning talk. So I liked the meal plan from Heather at Calluna Nutrition so much I decided to stick with it for the next month. Not the no sugar part but a much more balanced meal plan than I have stuck to lately and something that makes me feel more accountable. Plus I need fresh supper ideas! I found all the suppers on the plan last week were simple, easy and delicious which was another factor in doing her month meal plan service.

Saturday – Green turkey burgers & kale salad – Foodie Crush

Sunday – Honey Lime Salmon & Mango Black Bean Quinoa Salad – Together as a Family

Monday – Mexican Chicken Bowl – Calluna Nutrition meal plan

Tuesday – Chicken & Broccoli Slaw with peanut sauce –¬†Calluna Nutrition meal plan

Wednesday – Halibut with Pesto & Roasted Broccoli –¬†Calluna Nutrition meal plan

Thursday – Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad –¬†Calluna Nutrition meal plan

Friday – BBQ ribs & smashed potatoes

We have a busy weekend ahead with visit with friends and family, a neighbourhood clean-up and BBQ and a 19km run!


Foodie Friday

Today is actually my “Friday” as I am off for another three day weekend!

This week flew by, a few highlights of our week:

Chloe’s first haircut! She did great, despite looking less than impressed here:

She looks SO much older now!

The girls and their new sleeping bags for our first real camping trip this summer.

And last but not least we celebrated Chad’s birthday!

This week I am switching things up for meal planning. I am participating in a “Sugar Free Reset” for 5 days. My good friend, Heather, is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant with her company, Calluna Nutrition, and not only is she super awesome, but very knowledgeable and helpful. So when she shared her sugar free detox I thought “why not?!”. I mean, I eat fairly healthy but like most areas of our lives there is always room to improve and learn, so that is my goal next week.

Heather has a simple lotto of “eat better.feel better” which I know is all too true, but we also have busy lives and let’s face it sometimes the first thing to go out the window are out eating habits. That is where Heather comes in, from her meal planning services¬†to personal coaching she can get you back on track and feeling better!

Saturday – Wedding – OUT

Sunday – Taco Salad

Monday РOne Pan Salmon & Asparagus with mixed greens (lemon and olive oil) РCalluna Nutrition 

Tuesday – Beef & Brocoli Stir-fry with quinoa (I will sub in chicken) –¬†Calluna Nutrition¬†

Wednesday – Lemon Basil Chicken with mixed greens –¬†Calluna Nutrition¬†

Thursday – Shrimp Asparagus Pesto Pasta –¬†Calluna Nutrition¬†

Friday – Mexican Chicken Bowl & cauliflower rice –¬†Calluna Nutrition¬†

This weekend is a busy one! Today I am helping out with Avery’s preschool field trip, and doing my long run this afternoon so that we can head off to Chad’s cousins wedding Saturday.

Have a great weekend everyone!