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Race Weekend Snapshots

Our fall mountain and race weekend getaway did not go as planned thanks to Mother Nature but we made the best of it – but I am ready for some warm fall sun now!

Friday we headed to the mountains for the weekend, despite a bad forecast I hoped for the best! Our trip there was rocky – Chloe is a less than stellar road trip companion 😉

I took no photos that day – it was gloomy, we picked up our race package and had supper with our friends before calling it a night.

Saturday was race day! I ran Melissa’s Road Race years ago and it was 28 degrees – this year snow and 0! I layered up and was confident it would stay dry for the run – HA.

Before the run- so much snow!

Of course it started to snow – and by snow I mean ice pellet right before the race. Despite this the first 8km ro so was not bad, My pace was good, the snow stopped and I was warm. I jinxed it saying this as well. Around that time the ice started again and got harder and harder for the rest of the race. This also made the roads slushy and slippery!

I think  for the first time ever I was not a happy camper in a race- even at the finish line! Even the post race photo was rough – our faces were too frozen!

Despite all this I ran a 1:47 race! How? I have no idea! I walked a few times, the slush, mud and more… Smiling after I un-thawed slightly:

After the race we headed to our friend’s house for pizza and a hot tub!

Our last stop before heading home was the candy store!

I wish I had taken more photos of the weekend or the scenery but it was so gloomy none of us felt up for it!

Sunday was spent at home, playing in the snow! The upside of snow in September? It is warm out still and perfect snowman making snow!

And visits with my Grandma::

And now I am ready for bed! The race kicked my butt – but at the same time made me feel mentally strong so now I want to sign up for another full! Ahhh!