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Chloe – 15 Months

I wanted to keep on par with Avery’s posts and well I did one for her at 16 months but felt like doing C’s a month early 🙂

Where to start!? Ts girl continues to keep us on our toes every waking moment. I mean where does she get her energy? The phrase “It is a good thing they are cute” applies to her 110%.

She started to walk just after she turned a year BUT took her another two months to not walk like she was drunk 😉 Lucky gal gets her coordination from me. Which means A LOT of bumps and bruises. I swear one goes away for another one to appear.

She still does not say too many words but she is pretty darn efficient with her grunts and pointing. We need to start getting her to say words versus just going along with it – but hey it works for now! New words – bird, bubbles (a favourite), purple – because her cup is purple, cup – I think that is all though.

Her comprehension amazes me. I can say “we are going outside” and instantly she gets up and goes to the bathroom to get sunscreen (she is oddly obsessed with sunscreen) then shows me where to put it, then goes gets her hat, shoes and points to where we keep the sunglasses and finally to the door. Oh and she can open doors now – joy.

Speaking of opening things she LOVES to open every door and cupboard she can, get into whatever and make a mess – on the upside she also loves to “clean up”…or run away from us with random objects and tries to hide them on us.

Good thing she is cute:

Life without that face would not be near as fun, we laugh at her too many times a day and she is constantly trying to make us laugh.

She loves Avery (almost as much as she loves to bug her) and her face lights up every morning when she sees her 🙂

Music is another obsession, she cannot help but dance at every 2 seconds of music she hears no matter where she is.

She is a great eater and loves her food. She would eat 24/7 if we let her I am sure and is rarely picky. We still are dealing with a dairy intolerance but it has not been too bad to avoid and I am hoping now she grows out of it.

She is just finally getting more teeth. From January-May she got zero teeth and just go three molars to bring her up to 9 teeth so I expect to see more teeth very soon.

As always I am excited to see what they next few months bring (teeth and all!) with Miss. Chloe – I know she is only going to add more fun to our little family as she grows.


Foodie Friday

So I did not mean to go MIA this week but I have this problem where when I do my monthly blog post planning I always forget the last week of the month. That or I run out of ideas and hope something comes up 😉 But saying that this summer I am planning to post less, 2-3 times a week is the goal 🙂

Backing up to Sunday night. Avery went to bed at 7:15pm which is earlier than usual but after a long day at the beach I figured she was tired. An hour later she woke up to pee and was on fire. I took her temp and sure enough 102.5. I got some Advil in her and she hung out with us until she was under 100.

Monday we decided to have a sick day at home since she still had the fever. She was fine otherwise, just pretty tired. She did request for me to set-up the pool so I did and we played outside for awhile but it was pretty darn hot!

Of course after the both crashed on the couch:

By grabbing a smoothie and Subway for supper she finally ate and her fever was gone and she was back to herself:

Tuesday morning everyone got up healthy, ate breakfast and then Avery threw up her breakfast. So another sick day it was but with Chad this time. Lucky him though she was 110% okay all day, so they went to the park all morning, had naps and then walked for slurpees – only a tad jealous 😉

I brought home Chefs Plate (referral link!) for supper and we had the tacos.

Oh and this one? A stage 5 clinger these days. I do everything one handed I swear. I remember a year ago doing the same thing and thinking “next summer this will be SO much better” – HA.

Besides that we had a quiet week. I got to workout twice at lunch hours – spin & yoga but skipped a run due to bad weather (and closed trails around my house) and worked out at home instead. And last night we had a staff BBQ at a co-worker’s acreage.

Onto meal planning!

Saturday – Canada Day party potluck

Sunday – BBQ at my brother’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s house

Monday – Veggie Fajita Rice Bowls – Whitney Bond

Tuesday – Smokies & Greek Kale Salad –Gimme Delicious Food

Wednesday – Tuna & chickpea wraps and sweet potato fries

Thursday – Greek Turkey Rice Skillet – Budget Bytes

Friday – OUT

I cannot believe this weekend it is July! That also means a long weekend for us 🙂 We have plans to go to a Canada Day party with Chad’s family, fireworks that night, our long run, maybe a bike ride & picnic or a pool afternoon – we will see!


Foodie Friday

How the heck is it Friday?! Looking back on our week it has been crazy.

Monday was pretty quiet, Avery and I did a 7km run after supper -she fell asleep around 3km after she took this photo:

Oh and early morning deck cuddles to start our week:

Tuesday night around 7pm we were meeting with some landscapers in our kitchen (which is all windows around us) and I had my back to the window when everyone else was like “oh crap!”. I turned around to barely see anything outside and what looked to be a massive dust storm and winds. The wind took a gazebo from the house across the alley and crumpled it. We all watched out the window while I debated going into the basement. I fratically tried to check for tornado warnings but had no data of wifi. This lasted 5-10 minutes before it kind of calmed down.

Sadly, our poor city was badly damaged. We are known for the beautiful parks, trails and trees we have and there are huge losses. 100 year old trees ripped up by their roots onto houses, cars, power lines, roads and more. Sheds, buildings and roofs destroyed by the wind and debris. You can see photos here. We were lucky and only lost one small piece of siding on our house and our rental house was fine too. And the good news? There was no serious injuries from the storm!

It was a beautiful day beforehand though!

Oh and I tried out a new virtual reality game at a local theatre – job perks 😉

Wednesday I took off the afternoon, between no computer at work (it was being fixed), and a teething one year old I decided to work at home and have a quiet afternoon. We took a walk to the park too.

Later we went to our neighbour’s as they were hosting supper. By the time we got home I was so tired all I could think of doing was sleeping!

Yesterday we did not do much, my Grandma came for supper and then we had a quiet evening which is what I needed.

Onto meal planning.

Saturday – Salmon burgers & Kale Caesar Salad – Gimme Some Oven

Sunday  – Tuna Casserole

Monday – Asian Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps & sweet potato fries – Well Plated

Tuesday – Chefs Plate (referral link)

Wednesday – Chefs Plate (referral link)

Thursday – Work Event

Friday – Kale Chicken Sausage Pizza – Real Food by Dad

I am pretty darn excited for this weekend – tomorrow I am heading south to see some of my favourite blogging friends and kids/babies for a much overdue visit and then tomorrow evening going to a local market here with some of my favourite vendors! Sunday we will probably go exploring as a family and enjoy the sun!


Weekend Recap

With this week being officially summer I counted the days I had off until September (when to me summer is over) and I have 30 days. Which seems like a lot but at the same time I know it will fly by with summer activities, events and all the other usual weekend/life things. This weekend was a glimpse into our summer…


I was on the fence if I wanted to run with my race the next morning but decided on a fast 5km, I did 5km in 24 minutes and called it a night! We watched Table 19 later which was not too bad for a comedy.


We had the Troubled Monk 10km so spent the morning at the race since it is much more than that – beer, drinks, and music! I will recap the race this week 🙂

Since Chloe napped on the race when we got home she was not having her usual nap so we played outside for the afternoon.

It was the perfect temperature, not too hot with some clouds.

We had my Mom over for supper then later my brothers and girlfriends came over for a games night – I stayed up way too late and might have had a tad too much wine 😉


Thankfully the girls let us sleep until 7am! We spent a couple hours doing chores etc before heading out for brunch with Chad’s family at his Dad’s camping area. We only spent a couple hours there since after we had a surprise birthday party to attend in another town.

Trying to get a photo before we left, one looked at me, the other looked away – repeat x10, kids 😉

Both girls had mini naps on the drive to the party, which was just long enough to power through a couple hours there before heading back home. Both girls fell asleep again on the way home so we took the long way and grabbed iced coffees for the drive.

Our 2017 Father’s Day photo:

I think this guy deserves WAY more than what I pulled together for his day, but I did manage to do these photos for his office:

We had an early supper then headed to the park for an hour before baths and bed.

Such a busy weekend but that is summer! This week is another busy one, we have landscapers coming to go over our yard plan, our neighbours are hosting a BBQ & I need to find a time to have my Grandma visit the girls since we had no time this weekend.




Interview with Avery – 3.5 Years

I have done this before and want to every 6 months or so to look back on. Last weekend I asked Avery some questions then took some photos of her to remember 3.5 years of age 🙂

She is growing up way too fast, I look back on photos from a year ago and can hardly believe my eyes when I look at her now. In some photos she looks more like 12 to me than 3.5.

She is my little “gold” child through and through. Everything is okay when kept in routine and order 😉 She is a pretty smart little cookie though hides it from us then when we are not paying attention she will do/say things that have us thinking “really?!”.

I feel like these last 6 months she turned a new page and her listening is way better, temper tantrums are rare and 95% of the time she is pretty darn happy. I joke that this summer would have been much better to have off with her than last 😉

Okay onto her “interview:

How old are you? Three

What is your name? Avery D Knudson

Where do you live? (street name), Red Deer, planet earth Canada

Favourite breakfast? Noodles with soy sauce (she never eats this for breakfast!)

Favourite fruit? Strawberries

Favourite vegetable? Cumbers – aka cucumbers

Favourite drink? Chocolate milk

Favourite colour? Pink and purple

Favourite book? My Jasmine book

Favourite song? Handclap song

Favourite show/movie? Shimmer and Shine

Favourite animal? Zebras and giraffes

Favorite place to go? My Mom’s work

Favourite thing to do with Mommy? Play hide and seek

Who is your best friend? Robbie and Haley – dayhome kids 🙂

Favourite family activity? Colour…umm she hates colouring 90% of the time!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A witch

What makes you happy? YOU

What is your favourite season? Summer Why? Because I like the sun and the beach