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Staying Organized – SAHM Edition

I did a post on staying organized as working Mom so I think it only makes sense to do one now that I am at home full time with two kids.

I am a planner at heart and have always been one, it is my jam and without it I feel lost, unproductive and just not myself. Not everyone is like this which I get but for me it works and helps me keep my sanity.

The first month at home with just Chloe was easy, we did our thing, relaxed and just went with the flow but once Avery joined us at home full time I knew I had to get a little more organized. Avery is a busy girl and well I get stir crazy just as easy so I created a simple weekly planner for us to keep us organized.

Every week I plan the following things:

  • Two outings. Examples – a beach day, go on a picnic, visit a new park, go to the Jungle Farm, go to the library, the spray park…the list goes on and on. I started a list in my phone to keep track of ideas as I see them as well as drop in activities, the times and price.
  • Two-Three at home activities. One will usually be baking since Avery and I love to bake and this helps with our meal/snack planning, then a craft and a sensory/learning activity. Pinterest helps me organize these ideas.
  • Two-Three Mom “to-do”. From cleaning out the fridge, yard work, organizing the pantry I like to have at least one project for myself each week as well. I typically will do these during nap times since both girls nap from 12-2pm together.
  • Breakfasts and Lunches. I usually do not plan these but to stay on track and to make sure we have food in the house for these I have started to plan a few each week. I forgot how much a toddler needs to snack all day! I use Sunday-Monday to bake at least one item for the week and do any other prep.
  • Suppers.  As usual you can follow our meal plans on Foodie Friday!
  • My workouts. With two kids at home I realized I needed to continue planning these as well as treat them as my job and non-negotiables. I have always done this but wanted to re-commit to this idea. Working out makes me feel better, be a better mom/wife etc so I make the time for them.

My tools:

My befilled planner. I have a side column I write down weekly ideas for outings, activites, to-dos, snack and lunch ideas. As I think of ideas I write them down so I might be planning a week or so out.

IMG_8102 IMG_8103

Fridge Meal Planner. Suppers are written on this white board that is on our fridge.


Our family calendar (above). This is just printed from Outlook but helps Chad and I quickly check our schedule a month or two in advance. Appointments and other plans are written down so we do not double book ourselves. I found this to help Chad a lot (though he might not admit it!).

So far this has helped me (and my family) a ton to adjust to stay at home Mom life so I am hoping to continue it through my maternity leave.


Foodie Friday

I feel like days are going by at lightening speed right now, I blink and another week is over! A quick (ha) recap of our week:

Monday – We went for a chilly walk and park visit in the morning, after that I decided that we would swap our walks and park visit to after nap time with the cooler temps.


My Mom and brother came over to hang out while Avery napped and Chloe and I headed to a going away lunch for a co-worker of mine. She slept the entire time, of course.


We also made these butterfly crafts from toilet paper rolls, do not ask but Chad saved a ton so now I am looking for crafts to use them up. My only question, what do I do with the crafts after?!


I had a neighbourhood association board meeting that night which went good and I am really excited about what is to come with that.

Tuesday – Should have been our “Monday”. The day started off fine, we went for a walk, both girls had great naps, I got some cleaning done AND had a bubble bath during their naps and then I decided to take them to a local play place. We picked up my brother and headed there only to find they closed in 15 minutes (3pm – what?!) but we went in for about 20-25. DUMB MOVE. Avery lost her shit when we went to go and my brother had to carry her out while she yelled “no, bad guy”. Yeah, she was that kid. 15 minutes of hysterical crying in the car we got her in her seat. My brother wanted a game from Toys R Us and before the tantrum I felt bad about the play place closing so said she could get a toy (she had a gift card). Which is a big deal since we never buy her toys. Long story short, another meltdown, she threw off her shoes, protested inside a $350 playhouse that she wanted it and was not going home and we left with some dumb Disney princess set for $30.

Before the tantrum:


Moving on… we came home to goodies in the mail from Live Clean, baby mineral sunscreen lotion and a sunflower DIY kit.

IMG_20160510_101513 20160510_102420

By 5pm I was done, and of course Avery was all giggles:


When Chad got home (late) and wanted to workout I pulled out the “not making supper” card, he agreed and I picked up Chopped Leaf for us. Day made. Oh and this made my day:

20160510_084153 20160510_084149

Smiles! Chloe was a hard one to break but I did it!

Wednesday – We went to the library in the morning, Avery loved it, she played, picked out some books and DVDs. We stopped at Cool Beans for a treat then headed home.

20160511_095110 20160511_102222 (1)

Our afternoon was spent going for a walk, to the park and playing princesses – her weekly obsession.


Thursday – Chloe had a restless night, well I should not complain, she was up at 2am to eat and took an hour of fussing to go back to sleep, usually she eats and then I lay her down and she falls asleep. Anyways, I decided to bite the bullet and make Avery a hair appointment after all her hair was getting a tad crazy:


Well she was all good to go until the cape came out and then the drama started. Thankfully she did calm down after she ripped it off. And now she has the cutest little bob:


It was not the nicest day so we spent time playing inside, opened up Chloe a bank account and went to the grocery store.

IMG_8115 IMG_8110

Onto meal planning.

foodie friday

Saturday – Greek Turkey Tacos – WhitneyBond

Sunday – Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice – Damn Delicious

Monday – Almond Berry Chicken Spinach Salad – Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Tuesday – Turkey, Avocado and Goat Cheese Paninis and Greek Salad

Wednesday – Chicken Smokies and Cauliflower Corn and Cucumber Salad – Valentina’s Corner

Thursday – Taking Chad out for an early birthday gift, also our first date since C was born!

Friday – Easiest Broccoli Pasta – Skinny Taste

Today I am actually working! It is a huge event for my work that I was the lead on so I am working from lunch on, Miss Chloe will be my side kick so we will see how late we stay up or how that goes. I would kind of like to stay and drink late but not sure that will happen. Besides that we have yard work to do and garage sale prep for the long weekend.  I had planned to go to the zoo this weekend too but life got busy so another weekend!


Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I am trying to fit in some random/daily life posts now that I am home and my days are slightly more exciting than being at work all day so here we go, three things on this Thursday:

1- I forgot how much time you spend on the couch nursing a baby. I added up my time from one day and it was almost 4 hours out of 24 hours! I joke my butt hurts from sitting so much! haha. After nursing we always cuddle and burp. Chloe needs to be burped a few times, whereas Avery never burped! This means lots of couch selfies 😉


2 – I will talk more about this in another post but this week my hunger woke up and I am starving 24/7. I do not mind this one bit (I love food!) but need to make better choices when I am snacking around the clock. Part of my plan is having healthy, homemade snacks on hand. On Monday I made homemade granola and protein balls.


3 – Thank you for all the compliments on how well I am doing with two little ones. I have to say though we still have rough moments – example most suppers are spent trying to get Avery to sit and EAT which usually ends in her not eating (what happened to our great eater?) and this is also Chloe’s grumpy time so she is fussy as well. Oy. Good thing there is wine and beer. But in all seriousness we are doing great even with these moments and I know everything in a phase. I also have a ton of help from Chad and my Mom (on her days off) and one other small secret weapon – placenta pills.


2016: Talking Goals

So I am not one for setting goals for myself often these days. I find it just adds to my (crazy) type A personality 😉 Anyways, being that 2016 is a big year for us I wanted to take some time to write down a few goals of mine for the year.

1 – Be realistic. Two kids will be a big deal (for us). I feel like my entry into motherhood with Avery went almost too easy and well hauling around one kid is peanuts compared to two. I need to remind myself of this after baby #2 comes so that I am not so hard on myself. I will do the same thing I did after Avery and had one small “to do” a day, from a simple walk to the park or organizing a closet it helped me feel productive.

2 – Give both kids individual attention. Chad and I have talked a lot about this, and want to make sure both kids get their one on one attention with us both. It could be just Avery and I going grocery shopping, just one on one time to help the transition for us all. Same goes with Baby C, I want to be able to take some classes with her just like I did with Avery so I will need to figure out how that can work for us.

3 – Get out of the house daily. I think on my year off with Avery we stayed home for a total of two days, and that was because we had no car and it was a blizzard outside! Welcoming Baby C in the spring will be nice since to go for a walk or getting out of the house will be much easier. I go stir crazy VERY easy so this is a must for me.

4 – Run a half marathon. I almost said two, but looked at goal #1 😉 I am aiming for a fall race since that gives me a solid three months of training. Running is my “thing” and I know I am a better mother/wife/friend/person when it is in my life so this goal is very important to me.

5 – Monthly (out of the house) dates with Chad. We have slacked on these lately. They maybe happen every other month or monthly but involve other people, Christmas parties, parties etc. But I want us to recommit to the one on one monthly dates again. This is especially important after we welcome Baby C into our lives.

There they are! They are not in any order of importance and all hold equal for me, like I said looking into this year we have a lot of big changes headed our way!



Three Things Thursday

I thought I would change things up this week and do a quick post about our week so far…

1- I am TIRED. Monday I worked 12 hours and then went out for a bit after, meaning I only got 5.5 hours of sleep. I realized that at this time in my pregnancy with Avery I was getting 9 hours a night, now I am lucky to get 7 which could be a huge reason why I don’t feel great. My mission now is to get more sleep somehow!

2 – Avery is pink obsessed…My actual conversations with her this week:

Me: What would you like for breakfast?

Avery: Cereal, pink bowl

Me: Do you want apple juice?

Avery: Yes please.

I get out a cup to pour the juice into…

Avery: No, no, no, pink cup



3- I received some Superdry items in the mail this week to try out. I am overly excited for a new sports bra, so stay tuned for my thoughts!



Share something about your week!