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Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & Mother’s Day 🙂


I promised Avery a movie night so we went to the video store after work. Bur first some Fri-Yay photos. I had to share the whole “series: of Chloe:

We watched some movie Avery picked out then called it a night.


We spent the morning at the annual local Mother’s Day race that we go to every year. We walked/ran the 5km with my Mom and the girls and then Avery did the 100m run – next year Chloe can do it and Avery does the 250m!

It was pretty chilly but we had some sun still.

Avery ran the whole race this year and did not cry so that was a win 😉

We were taking photos and I asked her to pose – of course she did a yoga pose:

Later we walked to the park, Avery rode her bike – she is bike obsessed now!

I think I was asleep by 9:30pm – haha


Chad got a gym membership after not having one for 1.5 years and since the gym opened Saturday he wanted to go so I decided to take the girls for a run. Wow 6 months of not running with them plus some extra weight, I think 50lbs total plus the stroller left me tired and humbled. It was a tough 7km!

Oh yes and my Mother’s Day gifts, new Instagram magnets, flowers, crafts the girls made at dayhome and sign my Mom and a Starbucks gift card – I have the best family and dayhome 🙂

I needed coffee after my run so we walked (again Avery ride her bike) and we went for coffee and treats. Avery is cake pop obsessed and loves when they get new ones, it was a pirate one today:

During Chloe’s nap I cleaned house, we made a craft for my Mom and Grandma then packed up for a picnic with my family. Once she was up we met my Mom, Grandma, her boyfriend, my one brother and girlfriend for a picnic.

Easy crafts are the best 🙂

It was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend and the rain came just as we were about to go.

I am so blessed to be a Mom, have the best Mom who I admire more and more every day that I am doing this gig.

Now I am more than ready for a couple short work weeks!


Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend, lots of sun and I was spoiled for Mother’s Day yesterday 🙂


We stole my brother for the day, first we went for Vietnamese food for lunch then Avery and him went home so she could nap and Chloe and I headed to my hair appointment. I did not do anything crazy, just a trim!

In the afternoon we headed to pick up our race packages, then went to a park by our house. Avery ran laps around it with another little girl there then when she left made my brother run around with her.


We BBQ’ed for supper, I helped my brother apply for some more jobs then he left and we called it a night basically.


We picked up my Mom and headed to the race.

The girls ready to go, Avery loving hard on Chloe as usual…


As soon as we got there Avery saw princess bouncy houses, I did not think she would go in but I was wrong, she did and loved it.


Then was mad when we had to go for the run!

Us ready to run!


Chloe stayed with Chad, she loves the Ergo!


We walked the 5km, did a few little runs to past people and then ran the last 100m or so and finished in just under an hour. We grabbed some snacks and then hung out on the grass until Avery’s race. It is such a great event (Only Women’s Fitness Mother’s Day run) and I was happy to see they added a little boys race this year too. You get so much swag, coupons and after there are a ton of vendors, even Chopped Leaf was there with a ton of food! Chad even commented it was one the best smaller races he has been too. It is one we would never miss for sure!

Avery did great at her race and ran all 100m! So proud of her! Then she told us later she was actually running from the bear and monkey (mascots), oh Avery!


Avery played in the bouncy house more and finally I convinced her to go with chips…mom of the year. She fell asleep on our way home, big morning for her!


I power cleaned the house while the girls napped & Chad ran errands. I had bought Avery and me new gardening gloves and she insisted on pulling weeds later so we went outside and tackled the front bed. It was landscaped when we moved in BUT they did not put down any landscape fabric – GRRR. So we have to re-do it anyways.


Chloe love being outside and just sleeps of chills out in her bouncy chair.


Poor girl lost some hair the past few days and now sports a receding hairline 😉

Chad treated me to a grapefruit mojito as an early Mother’s Day kick off and we made fish tacos for supper.


We both fell asleep by 10pm, woke up Chad fed Chloe her bottle and we headed to bed – party animals.


Our morning kicked off with the return of workouts (for me)! Well kinda, I did some of Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy DVD while the girls watched and Avery worked out too 😉


I did a lot of modifications and shortened the reps to ease into it. I feel pretty good so am just listening to my body and easing into things for now until I see my doctor.

Chad made us brunch of pancakes, turkey bacon and Mimosas!


I forgot to share my gifts, I did not request anything but Chad bought me a potted flower for the deck, and a new smoothie cup from Starbucks. Avery picked out this card from her…


She thinks it is her card though!

My girls 🙂 How did I get this lucky?!

IMG_8090 IMG_8092

Oh and the real miracle of the weekend? Avery let me do her hair! I think it aged her a couple years!


In the afternoon Chloe and I headed to my friend’s baby shower for a few hours and everyone commented how she is a great baby, she got lots of cuddles and I got to visit with friends so it was a great afternoon.

The rest of our evening was spent having my family over for dessert, and normal Sunday things – baths, laundry and blogging!

The cake Avery picked for dessert:





Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there – this shout out also goes out to all the Mommy’s to be (SO many of you!) and of course fur-Mom’s too!

Check out my fur-Mom Mother’s Day present:

Mothers Day gift

New running socks 🙂

After a speedy morning gym trip (6k run and the usual upper body workout)  we headed out take our Mom’s out to brunch at Heritage Ranch. Is it located within the trail system and absolutely beautiful.

HR Mothers Day

I was pretty hungry and did not even think about taking food photos, but I tell you it was unbelievable. My plate was stacked with cinnamon raisin french toast, eggs benedict, a mushroom bake, lots of fruit, shrimp, the best cinnamon sticky bun ever and then we shared a couple desserts – strawberry shortcake and a cheesecake with Oreo crust.

After stuffing ourselves full we took a walk around the trails and I snapped a few photos with my new phone:

Mother'd Dat walk trails

2012-05-13 12.14.21

This afternoon we wanted to take full advantage of our plus 24 degree weather so decided to go golfing. Chad has a membership at a course that is about a 8 minute drive for our house, so convenient and we really love the course (Spirit Creek for you locals!). We decided we wanted to golf at least weekly this summer so I splurged and bought a 12 punch pass, basically you pay for 10 rounds and get 2 free. Better than paying full price! Now to use up all those rounds!

Such a cute course, it is rustic like and nice and quiet 🙂

Spirit Creek golfing

This of course would not be a Mother’s Day post without me talking a little about my Momma. She rocks. She has been the best Mom (& Dad) to me and my brothers, we stole most of her life (though I know she’d never look at it this way) and she never once complained about it, from winters spent running all over the place for numerous hockey games to late night bar pick ups she has done it all for us. I know I speak for me and my brothers when I say we owe her everything. I only hope today she gets everything she deserves and enjoys her day to the fullest. We love you Mom!

And because a few of you asked for photos of me in the lace dress from RW&Co, here you are! I forgot Chad took pre-event pictures of me.


Around 6pm I figured I should start supper though we were still full from brunch 7 hours ago… Supper was easy, grilled chicken and Greek couscous salad.


And I could not even finish my plate, so full still!

I feel so scatter brained today….but guess what else happened this weekend?! We got the glass on our deck railings. Love them. Love them. Makes for a much nicer view for sure.


Back to work tomorrow? Yuck… haha. No, it was a great weekend, and next weekend is the long weekend with lots of fun in store, I cannot wait already.


Do you golf?

Yup! Chad got me into golfing about 7 years ago. Then my University summer job was at a country club and we golfed for free! The last few summers we always seem to get too busy and end up maybe going 5 times. This year that will be different with the pass and membership I hope! We also have golf lessons in June 🙂

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! With Friday I hope that the sunshine decides to make an appearance as well J Its is supposed to… but then again yesterday I did see snow. Yuck!

Since this post was pre-done I will have to update you all on the gala tomorrow, but I hear it involves chocolate and adult drinks so it had to be good.

Here is the scoop for next week:

Saturday – Grilled chicken & Greek couscous salad

Sunday – Eating out – I was out of ideas and decided I deserved a night off, maybe I can play the I am a fur-Mommy card and Chad will take me out.

Monday – Turkey tacos with guacamole and salsa

Tuesday – Grilled cheese with avocado, tomato and spinach & apple, avocado and spinach salad

Wednesday- Chickpea curry, coconut curry and homemade naan

Thursday – Grilled chicken salad with strawberries, feta, pecans and avocado

Friday – Perogies & spinach salad

Pretty easy week of suppers for me. I had a discussion with someone yesterday about meal planning on how much I love it… not to sound like a broken record, but it rocks! I am semi crazy and do plan 3 meals and 2 snacks for myself most days of the week. This not only saves time, but also money and waste. I know I have said this many times before but had to put it out there one more time!

It is looking like tonight will be low key for us, a gym trip (30 minutes on the elliptical and a lower body workout) then home for supper and to watch the Vampire Diaries season finale!!


Mother’s Day is Sunday! What are your plans?

Since my Mom reads this I will only say what she knows and keep her in suspense… (insert evil laugh), me and Chad are taking our Mom’s for brunch at Heritage Ranch Sunday morning 🙂

Happy Mothers Day!

First of all I want to start out by saying Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there – especially my Mom!

Here we are on my wedding day 🙂

I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough for all my Mom has done for me and my brothers over the past 26 years, she is truly the best Mom out there 🙂

The last couple of years we have ran a Mothers Day run in Calgary together but due to a very likely chance of rain this morning there we decided to skip the run this year. I think it was the best decision – after all making my Mom run in the rain might not be the best gift 😉 But I am still sad not to run a race this morning. I guess that puts even more excitement into my Marathon – which is in 2 weeks by the way (not that I have any type of official countdown).

For Mothers Day we are having Chad’s Mom and Stepdad and my family (Mom, Brothers and Grandma) over for supper – wish me luck I have never tried one of the recipes we are making!

Yesterday morning I had a important errand to run – taking my beloved Mizunos (which are only 3 months old) to the local running shop… I have started to feel the same knee (and now hip) pain over the past 10 days or so that I felt last time I needed new shoes. I know what some of you are thinking (the same thing I thought!) – new shoes already!? Yes, I have been tracking them on dailymile and since I got them at the start of February they have over 650km on them! I was really hoping these shoes could push through the marathon because after I wanted to try a more minimalist shoes for the summer and couple half marathons I have coming up. After talking to the experts though it was recommended to buy new shoes before the race – but the same shoes. The cushioning was basically gone in my shoes which was most likely the source of my knee and hip pain. I also was wearing my shoes about a half size too small (which I kinda knew) which could also be a problem when running the marathon.

As some of you might know I had Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s – which I basically blind ordered online, but now they are impossible to find since they have been replaced by the 14’s. I know from some of my own research online people say they are not the same BUT when I tried them on I honestly didn’t feel the difference and decided it was better to stick with the same brand and shoe (even if its a tad different) versus buying a whole new shoe and brand. So without further ado, let me introduce to you Lindsey’s marathon shoes:

The Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s in PINK! Not to say the colour had any relevance in my decision 😉 I am taking them out for a run right after this post so wish us luck!

Yesterday I started off my day with this little beauty:

Vegan Overnight Oats parfait – Peanut Butter and Jam from Oh She Glows! Best way to start a Saturday ever! Want to know how to make it ever better?! But then going to Starbucks to also enjoy my favorite drink – a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I figure my days are limited to enjoy hot beverages from there so might as well do it when the weather calls for it! One slight change though… it was decaf! Yes, I am worried about becoming caffeine dependant so have decided to opt for decaf every once in awhile. I don;t know for sure but I almost can say I think decaf tasted different and I mean better!

We also had to make a Costco run yesterday – usually we try and only go every other weekend because if not we tend to over spend there but we had to buy some stuff for Mothers Day out there so we made the trek and once again got suckered into a few purchases 😉

Last night we kept it low key – stayed home and watched The Switch – has anyone seen this movie? We both really liked it. Chad was unsure at first but I got him with the it’s made my the same people that made Juno and Little Miss Sunshine (two movies we both love). I thought the little boy was hilarious but will keep it at that for those of you that haven’t seen it.

One last thing to share before I take off running (literally) – Friday’s supper, chicken spinach salad with strawberries, oranges, goat cheese and pecans – wholly yum! Served with homemade garlic toast.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day!