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Save the Date – Upcoming Local Races

If I had unlimited time (and bank account) I would run every race I could, but alas that is not life 😉  I find every year there are more and more great races popping up.

I have already shared my 2017 race calendar but for local(ish) people wanted to share other great races that I am not able to do but are still worth looking into.


Woody’s Half Marathon – I am still on the fence on this one for this year. Call me a wimp but I want to see what the weather will be like 😉


Red Deer Women’s Fun Run -This race has turned into an annual tradition for my Mom and I. We started doing Mother’s Day runs in Calgary, then found this great local one and did it before I had any kids and ever since 🙂 It is a great family morning!




City Chase – This is Canada’s largest urban adventure race and every year it is on my list to do but  I have to make the dates work. I have only heard great things about it and know I would love it. Teams of two navigate around the city to do various challenges.

Foam Fest Run – Another one on my list but I am actually scared of hurting myself falling with the foam – haha!

Troubled Monk Run (We are running this one!)


BDO Run for Youth

Spartan Race


Mud Hero – We have been doing this race ever since it came to Red Deer and I am SO sad to miss it this year due to being gone for Sea Wheeze. I have ran this race 7 months pregnant & 3 months pregnant and have always had a blast! This race is the largest obstacle race in Alberta with 18+ obstacles over 6km. It is already over 70% sold out so if you are thinking of registering get on it 😉

2014/2015/2016 photos:

Chocolate Chase (We are running this one!)


Harvest Run – Another run I’ve always wanted to do since I love fall running in our city but we always seem to be away this weekend so maybe this year I will stick around for it 🙂

What I love most about these races is that there is something for everyone, no matter your running/fitness level 🙂



Mud Hero Recap

I say it every year but this is one the most fun and well organized races we run! This was me and Chad’s fourth year doing it!

Past years:

2013, 7 months pregnant with Avery:

MH 2013


MH 214

2015, a week before I found out I was pregnant with Chloe!

2015 MH

We are lucky that Mud Hero holds it Alberta event right in our city and now only a few minutes from our house. The location could not be better in my opinion.

This year I was lucky enough to be a social ambassador for the race as well as for one of their sponsors, Columbia. I had no problems jumping on the opportunity since it is such a fun race that is for everyone. I also got to test out some pretty sweet Columbia gear for the race:


This year they also added an Ultra race that was an additional 4km for a total of 10km. Chad was (of course) all over this and transferred over once he heard about it, the process to transfer was easy-peasy.

I ran on the Saturday (the event is on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) at the 10:30am heat. I always love this time since you can finish before the sun gets too hot but still not be rushing in the morning to get there. We always aim to be there about an hour ahead. This year they made some changes to registration making it even better, you signed waivers online beforehand so at the check-in you just agreed to it again on a mini iPad then you got your race package.


Our races packages consisted of a shirt and headband with our race number on it. I actually made a comment on the way to the race that I hoped they had new shirts since past years have been the same and they did (see below), as well instead of bibs that just get dirty and make it hard to see your number they moved to the headband (like Spartan) which I think was a great idea. You also have your timing chip for your shoe that after can be traded in for a free beer or cooler – bonus! You also get free photos from the race, and every year I find at least 3-4 great shots of us!


After I got all checked in I checked out some of their sponsor booths as well as their Mud Mall where you can buy some more Mud Hero swag.


I had a $50 credit for being an ambassador at the Mud Mall so my friend and I got tanks and sunglasses. The tanks were only $20 and probably already a favourite since it fits be perfectly!


Plus the colour is pretty awesome too. I think all the swag at the Mud Mall was very well priced for the quality.

Soon we were lined up to get ready to run, I was running with two friends and we just were in it to have fun. Side note – Chad is a mud run beast so we never run together at these things even if we run the same day!

The 6km course takes you through 18 obstacles, from mud pits, to water slides, climbing walls, cargo net climbs and the dreaded Hamburger Hill. Over the years I have learned a few tricks of my own:

1- On climbing obstacles just move, do not look down!! I hate heights so this key for me!

2 – On the Kong cargo net climb – log roll your way across!

3 – In mud pits do not stop, you will get stuck!

4 – On the hill just keep going and look a few feet in front of you!




The course ends with a series of mud pits (first photo above) which I swear they add to every year to make sure you are extra muddy 😉 Chad had every intention on getting photos of me but someone (Avery) had to pee so they missed me! He caught me after though:


I finished at 1:10 which is my usual finish time!

After some photos we all headed to the showers. They also improved the showers back to the overhead ones this year – YAY!! They had a lot of pressure making it much easier to clean off and faster.

The event has a beer garden area that also has food and a live band – we did not go in after Saturday but Sunday we did to redeem our free drinks and enjoyed the live band!

Lets talk a bit about my Columbia gear since it was AWESOME. I wore the Conspiracy Titanium Outdry shoes and noticed a huge difference in my traction in the mud. Areas where people where sliding I did not at all. I have only ever worn old runners to this event and never again – this shoes are key!

20160806_181209 (1)

I also wore Columbia Trail Flash Capris. I always stick to crops in this race to prevent my legs from being too banged up. These crops were a mid rise which is key since you do not want your pants falling down from the weight of the mud! I was apprehensive to wear them in case they did not come clean but they cleaned up in one wash!

My other gear that came in handy for after the race as well as spectating was the Kambi Vent sandal (SO comfy!) and the Titanium Outdry rain jacket.


Now to talk about the Ultra on Sunday. It added 7 obstacles and 4km, including more hills (and steeper ones), a peg wall climb, a higher wall climb and more. The race was $10 more than the 6km and your shirt and medal both said Ultra/10km on them. Chad ran at 12:30 Sunday but their wave was late so he actually went at 12:45.


I had no idea how long he would be but guessed 90 minutes. I watched for him 1km from the end and when I did not see him we dashed to the bathroom so we would not miss him finish – and guess what? We missed him!!!


His shirt turned into a dress!!

Like I said he is a beast, he finished in 1 hour, 17 minutes, 15th overall (458 people ran the Ultra) and second in his category.

He loved the Ultra and said he will be back next year for sure – as will I but I love my fun 6km one! Registration is already open here, so make sure you register early to save money and get your desired heat time! This is a race you will not regret doing!


Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to run this race at no charge, as well Columbia products at no charge in exchange for my honest promotion and thoughts on the event and gear. All opinions are my own.

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty muddy because we spent most of our weekend at the Mud Hero race!


We met some friends at the beach for the morning:

IMG_20160805_123835 20160805_182841 Screenshot_20160805-124001Ahh, I love beach mornings, maternity leave perks!

Oh and I have to share this, I was getting ready in the morning and the girls were watching Sesame Street together 🙂


Our afternoon was spent running some errands and going to my work for a visit.

After supper we went for ice cream which resulted in a major tantrum for Avery – sigh.


I ran my fourth Mud Hero race!! I want to save most of the fun for my recap this week, but as usual it was a great time. Maybe even my favourite year yet. I noticed a huge difference in my strength – thanks Hard Corps!

A few photos:

20160806_092752(0) 20160806_090651 20160806_091736 20160806_115936

By the time we got stopped for lunch, got home, showered and headed out to get groceries and got back home it was supper time! We had a low key evening watching the Olympics.

Avery at supper, princess crown, back-up and all:



I had 17km on my training plan and for one of the first times I did not do what was on my plan. It was raining and I had no motivation to run outside. I finally convinced myself to a treadmill run. It was pretty fast so by 14km (5:25min/km) my legs were done and I could smell pancakes that Chad had made so called it a day.


SO sweaty!!

The rest of the day was spent back at Mud Hero, this time my Mom and brother came as well to watch Chad to the Ultra (10km). We also saw so many blog friends! Becky & Liam, Alison and family, Kaella and Jen!

20160807_122219 IMG_20160807_131729 I missed Chad at the finish line for two reasons – one they started late and I did not know and he was WAY faster than we thought he would be. I was coming back from the bathroom and was sure I saw him at the finish and it was him! He did the 10km in 1 hour 17 mins, which is amazing! He was 15th overall!


No, he is not wearing a dress his shirt stretched from all the weight!

We enjoyed some beverages in the beer garden then headed home. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and catching up on things at home. I think weekends need to be three days, especially in the summer!





Foodie Friday

Another couple days of our holiday week gone! It has been awesome to have Chad home, and while we have not gone far we have kept busy with things we have been wanting to do and get done.


The plan was a day trip but we decided against that to do some stuff around here. I am happy we did as Avery was in a toddler mood that day 😉 Our morning consisted of a walk to the grocery store and playing outside while Chad did some landscaping work.


I got a pretty awesome package in the mail from Columbia as part of my Mud Hero Ambassador program – but more on that later!


Just as we were about to leave a huge rain storm rolled in – my luck. We left anyways and just outside of town it was dry! We made a brewery stop, stopped downtown then met my Grandma at the market. The market was pretty small with only one truck that we would eat at for supper so instead we went to a nearby restaurant for appetizers.


That night I snuck out to spin and run class which was just what I needed 🙂


Our day started with a 8km run, I tried out my new Mizuno Wave Riders (I love them – but knew I would since I have been running in them for 7 years!), Columbia active shorts and hat.


The run was SO humid! I think I lost 5lbs of water! By the time we got home Chad was back from his errands so I got showered and ready to head out for errands. The rest of the day involved making a cake for my Mom’s birthday – I hate making cake and while this one did not look great it did taste good, going to get out CSA veggies (both girls fell asleep since they did not nap well earlier) then having my family over for birthday cake.

20160728_162054 20160728_181400 20160728_184851

I feel like the past two days we did not do much exciting things for being on holidays but remembered it is not just about that, it is about catching up on life and just hanging out together.

Oh and Chad finished our Ikea hack table, I am in love!


Onto meal planning…

foodie friday

Saturday – Grilled Peach and Sweet Potato Chicken (Drool Worthy Daily)

Sunday – Thai Chicken Tacos – Cooking Classy

Monday – Quinoa Salad with feta cheese (Foodness Gracious) & grilled chicken

Tuesday – Broccoli Salad with Honey Yogurt Dressing  (Budget Bytes) & chicken smokies

Wednesday – Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice – Damn Delicious 

Thursday – Homemade chicken fingers and garden salad

Friday – Pizza night!

The next few days I am not sure what we will do, I have things on my list I want to do, plus yard work we need to finish as well so we will see what all gets done before Chad heads back to work Tuesday. AND how is already August Monday?!


2016 Mud Hero Ambassador & A Giveaway

Hey Everyone! I have some fun news to share with you all today – AND there is even something in it for one lucky reader!

Every since the Mud Hero race came to Red Deer I have ran it with Chad and friends, and every year it is a blast. And I promise even you non-muddy types you will have fun too!


The race is 5-6km, so a good distance and the obstacles break up the running for non-runners, but I hear this year they have also added a 10km distance too! There is usually about 16 obstacles in total.


The obstacles range from easy to hard in my opinion, but you always have the option to skip ones you are not comfortable with – after all the race is about having fun!


Last year the above obstacle probably tested me the most, I hate heights and water!

With your race registration you get a Mud Hero t-shirt, free event photos (like mine above), a finishers medal, a free beverage after the race and there is always a ton fo free sample booths at the event as well.


The Red Deer, Alberta race always seems to be VERY popular and is already 80% sold out!And now for the other fun part, as part of my role as an Ambassador I am giving away a FREE entry into a Mud Hero race of your choice. All you have to do is tell me what Mud Hero race you would run if you won in the comments below. Contest will close at 6pm MST Sunday, April 17th and winner will be announced on Monday morning.

And now for the other fun part, as part of my role as an Ambassador I am giving away a FREE entry into a Mud Hero race of your choice. All you have to do is tell me what Mud Hero race you would run if you won in the comments below. Contest will close at 6pm MST Sunday, April 17th and winner will be announced on Monday morning.



Disclaimer: I was given a free race entry as a Mud Hero Ambassador but since I was already registered I am passing it along to one lucky reader!