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Foodie Friday

Morning everyone!

It has been a busy couple of days and I feel like I fell off the blog world a bit. Wednesday after work I went to prenatal yoga, then home to freshen up before heading to the Rush concert. The concert started at 8pm but due to technical problems it was delayed an hour. Long story short the concert was good, Baby K kicked the entire time BUT it was midnight before we got out of there. WAY past my bedtime of 9pm. Yesterday was not that bad but by 8pm (after a gym trip and supper) I could barely keep my eyes open and fell asleep at 8:30pm. This morning I think my body still needs to wake up or needs coffee.

Here is the meal plan for the coming week:

Saturday – I am boycotting cooking… lol. 

Sunday – Southwestern Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole  – pinch of yum

Monday – Quinoa pasta with tomato sauce and turkey meatballs

Tuesday – Tilapia Tacos – my recipe 

Wednesday – Turkey meatball subs and garden salad

Thursday – Breakfast skillet – potatoes, cheese, turkey bacon, egg and veggies – This will be a test recipe…

Friday – Summer Quinoa Salad and grilled chicken – salad from Iowa Girl Eats

A few other random things I want to share this morning:

– A wave of random acts of kindness hit our province yesterday with people going into Tim Horton’s and paying for $500 plus of people’s coffees, at first I thought this was a (brilliant) marketing campaign by Tim Horton’s but they say it is not them. Here is an article on it. I hope people who benefited from this pay it forward.

– Baby K got her first (I think) hiccups yesterday. At first I thought it was kicks but they were timed too perfectly and I felt them in my low back.

– Project nursery dresser is not going that great. After painting all the drawers I was not happy with the texture, the paint is not smooth even though before painting the wood was perfectly prepped and smooth. I have two ideas of why this happened – too much paint or not enough dry time between coats. Now I am sanding them all down again and starting over…

– This weekend the weather is supposed to be crappy. I really want to get to Centrefest but besides that I am okay with it since we can get more stuff done in the nursery.

– One of my favorite purse brands is having a contest, Nella Bella, to win a handbag – the contest is fun and easy so make sure you check it out. Details here.

That is all I got today, enjoy your Fridays and weekend.



Taking It Easier

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and sun. I love long weekends, that extra day makes such a difference.

My massage last night was wonderful, so wonderful that I think it might be a weekly thing for a bit. It took away the headache until about 9 am this morning. Better than nothing.

This morning we took advantage of the mild morning weather and went on a 6km run/walk. I say run/walk since there was a bit more walking going on this morning. I am learning this listen to your body thing better and this morning called for a tad more walking than usual.

Since we had a small breakfast before our usual brunch was smaller. I saw on edible perspective last week where she made gourmet nut butter sandwiches and grilled them in a waffle iron. Brilliant and fun idea! We each made our own, Chad’s:

2013-05-20 10.16.30

Mine had almond butter, sliced strawberries, honey and carob chips.



The rest of the afternoon was spent doing house chores, laundry and finishing my garden. I took many breaks since my sciatic is acting up today but finally I finished:


Chad had is own yard project:


Yup, part of the fence came apart so he is redoing the whole section. I am sure this wasn’t how he thought he’d spend today.

Onto a new topic…about a month ago I received a new purse from Nella Bella. The purse actually is a multi-functional purse that came with two bags and three straps. I was pretty happy when the purse arrived since the larger bag and long cross-body strap was exactly what I wanted to look for. I love cross-body bags so much, they are my go-to’s – make shopping etc so much easier with your hands free and no strap falling off your shoulder. I also like it for security reasons sometimes.

Here is the smaller bag with the shorter straps. I have used this once for a gala. Not a every day purse but great for special occasions.


I love the insides of their purses, a fun purple color and there is a zippered compartment then two others – one the perfect size for a cell phone.


The larger bag, from the back – where there is a zippered compartment too – which I love for my keys – easy access!


From the front:


And inside, same as the smaller purse:


I have used the larger bag and long strap every day since I received the purse and love it. The material is holding up great and so far there is no signs of wear.

Tonight I am making veggie burgers and homemade curry sweet potato fries for supper from Peas and Thank You and am incredibly excited already (its 3pm) so supper might end up being a tad early Smile


How did you spend your day off?

What is your favorite type of purse?

Nella Bella Purse

Back last year (so crazy to say that!) I was contact my Nella Bella regarding their handbag collections. I was asked if I wanted to try out one their purses. After looking on their website and reading a bit about them I decided to take them up on their offer.

Nella Bella is a Canadian company that designs handbags and fashion accessories. They use high end materials and vegan fabrics to create a wide variety of trendy handbags and accessories.

There is so many different styles, colors, and sizes of purses on their site I was amazed, they really do have something for everyone and every style.

The purse I received was from their 2012 holiday line:


It is navy, which is actually a color or purse I do not have. I am big on purse interiors (kinda weird I know) but check this one out:


Love the purple and it goes with the navy so well. I also like it was not white or a lighter color. I am not sure about you but the insides of purses can get dirty and they are really hard to clean.

I also really like all the compartments the purse has. It helps to keep things organized and means less digging for lost items. You all know what I mean!


The last feature I really loved was every compartment is zippered. I am a huge fan of zippers because if not I am always paranoid my stuff will fall out.

After using the purse a few times I decided to gift it to my Mom. I like the purse but the color and style was not the type I am into right now. But I know where I can find it if I ever need it 🙂 In the mean time it will be put to good use!


What features do you look for in a purse?

Zippers, medium size, option to have a cross hatch strap – love being hands free, and fun colors!