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My “currently’s”:


Eating – Small amounts every 2 hours! haha. And all the sea salt dark chocolate possible 😉

Drinking – Not mojitos, though i did request a yummy virgin drink for Valentines Day – I have high demands 😉 I have also started drinking Shakeology almost daily and have a ton of thoughts around it that I do need to share soon.


Excited…To decorate the house!  I want to hang all the photos etc now, or well yesterday (poor Chad) and found the perfect entry table last week and am planning a small gallery wall above it.


Wishing…For summer! Okay, spring would do too. It just has hit me that I am not working this summer and get my summer off with my two girls – gah, how lucky am I?! I have been buying both girls all the summer clothes – thank you Old Navy for stealing all my money.


Missing…My usual workouts, long run, headstands, just going all our for a workout. But the time will come when I can work my butt off again, I am ready to sweat!

Reading…Sharp Objects. This is a book that given the time I could read in a weekend, pulls you in and is an easy read.


Thankful…For all my wonderful friends and family and most of all Chad for all the help moving etc. People took the day off work to help us and worked their butts off and I owe them all. Chad has not only worked hard to move but on top of it dealt with my crazy type A, pregnant self…I owe him big time.

Loving…my own tub! At our old house the main bathroom was attached to Avery’s room and had the bathtub SO having a bath after she was in bed was a no-go. Bu now I have one in the ensuite and take advantage every single night!



What are you currently loving and drinking?

House & Life Update

So now that we are slowly getting settled I thought I would do a little update 🙂

We got all moved in Monday, it was awesome to have friends and family help and I feel like I owe them all big time. Tuesday was spent organizing, having blinds installed and phone/internet hooked up. Today we decided to head to Ikea to get some things since it would be less busy during the week and Avery was at dayhome.

I treated Chad to an expensive lunch at Ikea…$8 for this:


We managed to get in and out in about an hour and found almost everything we needed:


I cannot believe how fast the past few days went! We still have things to do around the house, assemble Ikea purchases, organize the garage, hang pictures and get our livingroom furniture which apparently is on back-order now… sigh. And then there is cleaning our oher house to get it ready for our tenants!

If you do not mind half organized house photos here is a little tour for now, I will do another in a couple months.

Entry way, I love how big it is, and the bench.


One thing about this house is all the light, these photos were taken at 8am and it only gets better throughout the day. The livingroom is just of this and open to the kitchen – finally the open concept layout we wanted!

The kitchen – SO in love with this kitchen! Note the dining set, which we love but the colours do not go so we are looking for someone to revamp it for us – locals, any ideas?!

IMG_7567 IMG_7568

Laundry room off the garage:


Upstairs, bonus room which was still a mess at this point (of course Chad finished everything after the photos were taken!):

IMG_7564 IMG_7563

Hall to the bedrooms, nothing exciting to see there (yet!) – I will share the girl’s rooms in the next month or so 🙂 The bathroom:


And our room, again not exciting but our ensuite is – I have my own bathtub!


Now downstairs, this is a media room technically but for now a playroom which is my maternity leave project 🙂


The spare bedroom:


Another bathroom (no photo) and the gym – still not organized quite yet)


And there you have it, I am excited to get everything together more so it feels more like home, but it already does. Avery has adjusted just fine with no issues and loves going to the “new house”. Scarlet has done much better than we thought too! And I survived the move with no false labour or anything 😉 Chad is tired and sore but he worked so hard and still is to get this all together for us 🙂