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Baby K – Nursery Reveal

The long awaited nursery reveal is here! To be honest even writing this post was tough, I had no idea where to even start. So I hope you are all ready for a photo bomb.

Let’s start with the whole nursery, or as much as I could get in a single photo:


I have shared the background of how we chose the colors etc but will tell the story again Smile See the rabbit photo on the left? We bought that in September 2012 on our anniversary trip to Canmore. It is by an artist named Jason Carter who Chad is a fan of. We bought it knowing it would one day be in a nursery. At that time we just did not know when that might be.

That determined of the the colors – orange. After we found out that Baby K was in fact a little girl we started to look for a comforter that had orange in it. I was not a huge fan of the sets in stores so went hunting online and can across a awesome site, Carousel Designs.  They have tons to choose from and its all fully customizable from the print, back color, piping etc and you chose which pieces you want. Since we decided against a skirt and bumper this was a great way for us to get the comforter, matching sheets and then also rocking chair pads – which are hard to find these days. The comforter itself was Chad’s pick. I ordered swatches to make sure we both liked it and sure enough we loved it. I am not super girly so knew while it had to be a little feminine we did not want an overly girly nursery I think this print is perfectly that.


Next I will share Chad’s big project in the nursery – the dreaded niche…



Poor Chad had to deal with me and my hormones on this one and at one point I had almost convinced him to hire someone to fill it in…It is fairly deep and 50” across so shelving we knew would be a challenge. However, we stumbled upon these floating shelves for $20 a piece and though we had it made. Chad installed them and I started to hunt for the perfect pieces for on the shelves. One day I came into the nursery to see the top shelf sagging BAD. Turns out we had to reinforce the shelves into the studs since the book ends and books are pretty heavy. Three attempts later and they look great! The empty frame will one day have a newborn photo of her in it Smile The print (like all the others you’ll see) are my extent of craftiness… Duplicating Pinterest finds on CorelDraw. I am pretty fancy.

In the back right corner of the room we have the rocking chair area.


The rocking chair is mine from my nursery as a baby. My Mom was more than happy to pass it along, my brothers however might have been a tad more upset. lol. They had no choice in the matter. The side table and lamp were Winners finds, with Chad picking the lamp. I really enjoy the pieces the picked for in the room since I did not want the room to be all me. She also has her little basket of toys there which right now Scarlet is sure they are for her, well in reality we are pretty sure she thinks this whole room is for her.


A close up of the side table, her 20 week ultrasound photo, lamp and some books from wonderful friends.


On the rocking chair is probably our biggest splurge in the nursery. Not that is cost the most but for what it is it did. We saw this pillow over a year ago at a local store but with a price tag of $70 it was a no go. Fast forward to a few months ago and not only do I now have a need (yes it was a need) for it but I also managed to get it for $50.

Above the rocking chair are two more prints I made:




More ideas from Pinterest, and bottom one is simply scrapbooking paper in a frame with a letter cut out in the middle which is her first initial. Yes, her name is 99.9% chosen but sorry we have to keep some surprises!

At the back of the room, in front of the window is her dresser. You guys all know about this dresser… before and after photos:


Guys, this was one heck of a project. I made a few errors along the way which did not help matters and probably spent 20 hours sanding it – no joke. In the end I am more than happy with it though. And I know that way more love went into than if I had bought one brand new.

On top of her dresser is her change pad, and some bath goodies. I have had a hard time finding a brighter yellow change pad cover and still would like one to brighten up this area, if anyone sees one let me know please!

Her sleep sheep, Sohpie and Live Clean goodies:


To the left of her dresser is a set of three mirrors from Target and her diaper pail – very exciting I know.



Along the left hand wall is her crib. The crib we bought a couple years ago (yes I am crazy like that) from Facebook for a great deal. It had a few dings but nothing some white paint could not fix.


You can semi see her mobile in the above photo but here is a better photo:



My co-worker and good friend found the mobile online awhile back and had showed it to me to see what I thought. While I loved it and it matched her room perfectly it was way too much money to spend so I just forgot about it. Then at my work goodbye/baby shower party they surprised me with it and a bunch of other goodies. I could not be happier with it and certainly beat my plan of making on for her, one day which for me was probably never.

Looking at the crib from the other way there is a painting my friend, Meghan bought for Baby K even before she knew she was a she, a rack for towels etc and her laundry hamper.




A close up of the painting which I love:


Have I lost you guys yet?! Next up is her closet. She is one lucky baby with a walk in closet that this Mommy has already filled, along with all her dresser drawers.


I kept a bookshelf in the closet for extra organization and bought a hanging organizer for her bigger clothes that are not hung.



The last piece to share is her clock on the wall just outside her closet:


Nothing fancy but it matches and it was only $7 at Superstore! Better than the $60 fox clock I found online before.

Another view of her room from the closet:


Of her crib area:


And one last one, just another view of rocking chair area and niche:


See I really did mean this post would be a total photo bomb!

I hope you enjoyed the reveal, we really are in love with this little space and I hope she loves it just as much Smile


Baby K – Weeks 31-32

What is Baby K up to? At the size of a squash Baby K weighs anywhere from 3-3.8lbs and is 16-16.7” in length. Little girl is growing fast these days! She most likely is in a head down position, and from what I have been told initial checks is that she is in this position. She is getting a little cramped in there, which I tell from her movements.

How I am doing? Once again really good. I am almost to the point where I just want her here but know she still has a bit longer to bake in there.

Workouts: Good, not great. Cardio is getting tougher. I have to take it pretty easy since I get warm super fast and winded easily too. Walking is probably one of the tougher things for me to do, especially at a fast pace since it gets uncomfortable in the pelvic region.

Movement: Big movements, rolls, stretches etc. She loved to roll back and forth and be on one side which is not too comfy for Mom.

Sleep: Heck yes! I can sleep these days. 8-9 hours seems to be what I need, and typically I wake once to go pee.

Stretch marks? No change yet – no stretch marks – YAY!

Miss Anything?  My clothes (again), since summer is lasting forever I am out of clothes! All my summer clothes were not maternity and tops are too short now. I have fall maternity stuff I would love to wear but not when it is 30 degrees out.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  It was a busy two weeks, my birthday and her baby shower!

Baby Items Purchased: We made a final haul to Babies R Us and picked up the remaining items so we are all set now. Feels great to be at this point. We also finally have this in our possession:


This may be as much for Baby K as it is for me…

Nursery Update: In general everything is washed, organized and ready to go. Her room is missing a few final touches but nothing major. We’ve decided the niche will be a work in progress since we are not having luck finding the perfect decor yet but that is fine. I am going to go a reveal in the next couple of weeks Smile

Looking Forward To: Our anniversary weekend in Canmore next weekend.





Long Weekend Snapshots

It was a great long weekend, we had little plans, made major headway on the nursery, and enjoyed a very nice weekend to end summer. I will keep words to a minimum in the post and share some photos of our weekend:

I busted out my first can of pumpkin of the season and made pumpkin bread, this loaf is already half gone!

2013-08-31 16.09.02

Nursery progress was made! Shelves in niche are done and the dresser is 98% done – just need to wait a couple weeks to do last coat of semi-gloss to seal it.

2013-09-01 19.51.01


Me, Becky and my Mom walked a 5km walk/run in the Chocolate Chase. It was a great race with lots of chocolate goodies – frozen chocolate banana before and chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels afterwards. Chad joined us after for the pancake breakfast.

Me and my Mom:

2013-09-01 10.30.01

We went out to Sylvan Lake for their fireworks, which were really good and check out this awesome sunset:


2013-09-01 21.42.02

And we enjoyed pumpkin for the second time this weekend and had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast yesterday.


That photo reminds me I really need to use my Canon camera more and phone camera less.

In other news I also finally found skinny black maternity pants for work! Yes this was a huge thing for me, I have only looked for a pair for 6 months and being that fall is almost here I was in desperate need of maternity dress pants – I only had leggings before.


What was the highlight of your long weekend?

Ever done a chocolate race before?

Foodie Friday

For the first week back after a week off this week flew by!

Tonight, we are going for supper with Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad, then probably just going home. This weekend there is more nursery stuff for us to do, we have Chad’s Grandma’s 85th birthday party, and then some neglected yard work.

I never did get a Foodie Friday post up last week, I meal planned but forgot about the post seeing as we were just on our way back from holidays.

For this week:

Saturday – Roasted Chickpeas Nachos

Sunday – We will be at the birthday party

Monday –  Superfood Quinoa Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Tuesday – Soup (TBD) & cilantro and cheese biscuits

Wednesday – Burgers (BBQ) and kale salad

Thursday – Grilled tuna wraps, waffle fries and salad

Friday – Creamy Kale & Mushroom Chicken Pasta – Iowa Girl Eats

I am officially a on eat/clear our garden mission. We have tons of lettuce, kale. beans, peas to eat asap. Along with carrots, onions and beets once I dig them up. The really sad news? After years of having tons of zucchini this year we got ZERO. Plants are there, healthy and flowering but no veggies. I am sad since I love baking with it.

And just so today’s post in not photo-less, some pics from this week:

A slow but steady progress on the nursery:



I feel huge these days! Tummy feels like it cannot get bigger, though I know it can and will:

IMG_20130815_194314 (1)


Last night’s supper, BBQ chicken pizza and kale. With baby taking up so much room eating is a challenge some days. I get full so easy.



Mud Hero (& Weekend) Recap

The night before Mud Hero I had a horrible sleep, woke up at 4am with back pain and then baby decided to not allow me lay on my side without thrashing around so by 6am I had enough and got up to relax in the bath.

Around 7 I made us a pre-race breakfast, toast with almond butter and scrambled eggs.  Our heat time was not till 10:30 but they advised us to be there 1.5-2 hours before so we left around 8:30, picked up my brother and headed out to the venue. It was held at our local ski hill, only about 5 minutes outside of town.

We were there in plenty of time. There were no line ups yet and we watched the first heat and 10am heat go. Before we knew it, it was go time for us. We lined up with our friends, we had another two couples plus my brother doing it with us. Chad was going to go ahead with the others, and I planned to stay with my friend and her husband and take it easier.

The first 3km was not bad at all, and was a lot of downhill running – I will see how many obstacles I can remember – the first was one where you ran over cars, then one where you had to crawl over netting, I think there was a mud pit in there, the waterslides into the mud it (the BEST one!), a wall climb and firepole down (I skipped this one), then I think next was the hill climb. And I mean HILL climb. It was 3 or 4 sections total and crazy. I know all I could do was to keep moving not matter how slow. I waited a few times for my friends and to take a break just to keep me and baby safe Smile

After all the hills the rest of the obstacles came (not in order), another wall climb (again I skipped this one), a mud pit where you went under logs, a tunnel crawl through mud, a spider web of ropes, the Superhero cargo climb – another net one I did not do (I am not a fan of heights as it is), and the Hero Slide (super fun!).

Once I finished (I did not even look at my time) I found our friends, Chad and my brother then headed straight for the showers not even thinking about a photo, oops!

I did get one after I had semi cleaned up:


Me and Baby K survived!

Our final times were, my brother was 45 minutes (insanely good), Chad was 58 minutes, and we were 1:21. Not too bad for 7 months pregnant and tackling those crazy hills!

The race was awesome, well planned, not a long shower wait, they had food on site for after and just a fun time. I am hoping we get it again next year.

Once I get the race photos from online I will share them Smile

The rest of yesterday was spent stocking up on groceries and being lazy. My hips were achy after and I was pretty tired come 9pm.

Sunday morning we still hit the gym, I wanted to keep my legs moving to prevent more stiffness or build up, but really only my quads were sore.

I did a 20 minute treadmill walk (at 4.0mph), then back and triceps, and back to the spin bike for a 4.5km little climb on it.

Sunday brunch was Chad’s request….crepes…I have avoided making these for years, since my last attempt. However, this time around my boss gave me his recipe. He is from Ireland and there crepes are their pancakes and he said the recipe was easy and fool proof. Well guess what? It was! They tasted like crepes and just might have been a tad thick since I did not spread them out enough. We stuffed outs with fresh BC apricots, whipped cream and apricot syrup we also bought at the fruit stand in BC.


Now Chad can have his crepes more Smile

We spent most of the day cleaning, doing chores and most importantly moved our desk out of the office so it is officially the nursery. Now to get moving on everything else in there.

I also went to a garage sale with my Mom, she had called to say there was one by her house selling brand new baby stuff from their store. I grabbed $20 and headed over and am so happy I did. Tons of brand new Skip Hop branded things, I picked up a bottle drying rack, a plate set, a sun hat (for when we go to Arizona), and a pair of Robeez shoes all for $20. Retail is was over $100. Score!



Have you done a mud race, which one?

This was our second one, we also did the Spartan last summer in Calgary. We are also registered for for the 13km Spartan here in just under a month BUT seeing as I will be 8 months & it is double in length I will not be doing it, but instead I will be Chad’s cheerleader.