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NYC via Instagram

Happy Monday!

You did not really think I could only stick to one NYC post did you?! I used our DSLR for some photos but ended up using my phone lots too since it was much easier to carry around. Then once we were home I played in Instagram with some of the photos. Here you are NYC via Instagram….

Now everyone knows THIS piano right?! And for $250,000 it could be yours… yeah right.

Big Piano

Me at Bryant Park – the better skating rink area!

Byrant Park

We made the trek to Greenwich to the PB& Co Sandwich shop. I had the Maple PB, honey and grilled banana sandwich


Me in Times Square.

me Times Square

Heading to the Statue of Liberty..


A pumpkin spice waffle…


One of the new World Trade Centers going up…


Going to keep the post easy on this Monday night…we have Dexter calling our names, be back tomorrow with a catch up post on life and few new things that are going down.


Do you use Instagram?

NYC Trip

Hi Everyone!! We are back 🙂 Well we have been since Friday night but we spent yesterday catching up on house cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.

I was not sure how to do this post and knew breaking down the entire trip into posts would be boring so I decided to take a different approach to the post and tell you only our highlights and our recommendations for NYC.

We were in NYC for 4 full days, which for us was perfect. It was a busy 4 days but we saw lots. We stayed about 5 blocks for Times Square and 2 blocks from Central Park. We loved the location, great walking distance to many things and not too close to Times Square with all its excitement. The hotel itself was okay, for the price and location we could not have asked for much more. But it was nothing fancy. Thankfully it was clean and the staff were friendly.


Food wise we were kinda disappointed. I think we had to venture to other areas, like Little Italy, for the great food. Midtown is so touristy so its lots of chains. Our favorite might have been the Whole Foods salad bar! haha. There is one restaurant we recommend, Ellen’s Stardust Diner. The food was good, typical diner type food but that is not why you would go – it would be for the experience. All the wait staff are aspiring Broadway actors/actresses. They sing and dance the entire time. It was a blast!



I was not too excited for the shopping to start with, I figured it would be over priced for the most part. I am not sure it was over priced but it was many of the same stores I would find anywhere else. Just more of them! I would recommend 5th Ave for shopping and window browsing and of course you have to visit the Macy’s… 45 acres of shopping space!


What we’d spend money on in NYC

There is so much to do and see in NYC so here is what we’d recommend:

1- Rockettes Christmas Spectacular – If going during Christmas! This was recommended to us and we had no idea what to expect, tickets were kind of expense but let me tell you it was worth EVERY penny. These dancers are seriously talented.


2- Go see a Broadway show – We saw Rock of Ages which was really fun and the music was great. The tickets were decently priced and because the theatre was smaller even being up on the second level our view was great. If we had stayed another night I would have wanted to go to another show for sure, probably Lion King!

3- Hop on Hop off bus tour – We did this tour our first day in NYC and really recommend doing it for your first trip there. It allows you to see the different areas and know where you might want to venture back to. We purchased the New York Explorer pass before hand which allowed us to do three things (you can choose more too) from the list of sites/attractions.

A photo from the bus, its a double decker so we sat up top!


4- Top of the Rock observatory – We used our Explorer Pass for this as well. We went up out last night there and loved it at night because of the lights. If I am recommending that you get in a elevator to go up 70 floors it must be worth it, I HATE elevators.


5- Buy a subway pass and explore! They are $14 for unlimited for 2 weeks and very worth it. We used the subway a few times and it was so easy. We were able to go to the Financial District, Greenwich and SoHo and explore these areas.

What we would not spend money on…

1- The horse carriage rides in Central Park… just too pricey, plus walking in Central Park is fun 🙂 The next time I go I will run through the park, I have wanted to forever!


2- Skating at Rockfeller – Again this is seasonal but this was on my must do list, then we went there and saw how busy it was and how small the rink was. But a couple told us a little secret – go to Bryant Park to skate. We checked it out and it was even better, same big tree, a larger rink, and less people! But we never made it back to skate 🙁

3- Museums – We went to the Guggenheim and it was okay. I guess what I should say here more it research what exhibits are there before you pay $25 a person to go in.

My TOP NYC recommendations

1- Go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner

2- Go see the Rockettes

3 – Go on a live show. We went to Letterman and Live with Kelly and Michael. Tickets are free and you request them ahead of a time but its easy. I love Kelly Ripa so it was a highlight for me to see her live. She is just as funny as she seems!


4 – Go up to the Top of the Rock at night

5- Buy a subway pass and explore! This is something we will do more of next time we go for sure.

And now for a few more photos!

Empire State building:


View from harbour looking back to new World Trade Centers:


Brooklyn Bridge:


Us on the boat that took up by the Statue of Liberty. Because of Sandy the island was closed.


What would a NYC post be with a Statue of Liberty photo?!



Have you been to NYC? If so, what do you recommend for someone going there?

Bad Blogger

So who read this post the other night? Yeah I totally forgot the PHOTOS. Frick. You can tell where my brain is this week… not here. Its been a crazy busy week, trying to wrap up work stuff before we leave and with Christmas functions. I have barely read any blogs this week, been basically MIA on Twitter and been crashing by 9pm. A crazy life I lead these days. But in t-minus 2 days I will be NYC. Sorry I had to say it one last time.

Borrowing Leigh’s idea I am going with Three Things Thursday today. Ready?


Three things I have ate this week:

1- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates from a VERY lovely friend

2- My favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane!

3- Some yummy fajitas for supper tonight:



Three exciting things that happened this week:

1- We got tickets to the Letterman Show next week. For those of you wondering, we are there Tuesday and on Live with Kelly and Michael Wednesday 🙂

2- I went to the FP Reach Conference and the keynote speaker rocked, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are at all into marketing check him out and follow him on Twitter.

3- It has not happened yet but will tomorrow – our staff Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day. Easily a favorite day of the year for me!


Three workouts that happened this week:

1- A 5km treadmill walk

2- A 6km treadmill walk/run – 20 minutes of running!! I am slowly getting it back 🙂

3- Number #3 has not happened yet…. like I said crazy week.


Three things I have to do before we leave – FYI there are way more than 3!

1- Get US cash.

2- Bake and send my cookies Great Food Blogger cookie swap.

3- Prep blog posts for while I am gone.


What is one exciting thing that happened this week for you?

A Date Night

Hey everyone! So I took time off from blogging yesterday but for a good reason… it was date night! As some of you know every couple months we take turns in planning date night for each other and November was my month. With us going on our trip soon I decided to keep it low-key this month. We went to supper at Heritage Ranch, they have different feature nights and last night was made to order authentic burritos and enchiladas, oh and margaritas! I love the atmosphere at Heritage Ranch, so cozy. If you are from Red Deer and have not yet checked it out make sure you do! Anyways, we both had chicken enchiladas and shared a mango margarita. It was all excellent and for $9 a person you cannot beat the price!

Here is my handsome husband:

2012-11-19 18.12.38

After supper we came home to do NYC planning – what a fun date night right?! haha. We ended up pre-booking tickets to the ferry around statue of liberty, but sadly due to Hurricane Sandy the Statue is closed for awhile… but we can still do the harbour cruise. The other thing we booked/bought was a attractions pass, basically it gives you a deal on attractions. We bought the 3 attractions pass and it should work out that we will be paying for 2. And now I think we are done planning… Just need those Live with Kelly and Michael tickets now!

The last part to the date night was relaxing on the couch with pumpkin pie ice cream and watching Dexter. I managed to stay awake till just after the show but fell asleep right after. I have not been feeling great lately, my other ear is acting up and we are doing office renos and the paint smell has made me feel off. Needless to say I cannot wait for them to be done the painting but our office looks great!

Today was a great day at work, I had a couple really productive meetings, got to use my new whiteboard markers (see below) and had lunch with some coworkers.

2012-11-20 10.43.40

Yes, I love new, fun markers and drawing on whiteboards. Total nerd.

After work we hit the gym, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical on levels 5 before doing a few random arm exercises – bicep curls, lateral raise, and shoulder raise. I am slowly going to start to add back in more exercise to my routine. Slowly being the key. I am hoping to have a more regular workout routine in the new year so this blog will have more of that once again!

Supper was easy and light, I think we both over ate last night so a light meal was key for tonight. So I made the Chopped Autumn Salad from Iowa Girl Eats.

chopped autumn salad

Love this salad!

Not much on tonight’s agenda, maybe some cookie research for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, I need to get those out before we leave!


What is your favorite type of cookie?

Tis’ the Season

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today the sun finally popped back out and the weather was actually fairly nice, but not nice enough to melt all the snow.

Friday night I finally was able to enjoy some of this:


So good, not having it for a month I forgot how much I love it. I also had the sudden urge to bake Banana Quinoa Chocolate Chip cookies from Red Deer Foodie. So good, they are already half gone! Make sure to check out the recipe 🙂

Saturday we ran errands, and did more Christmas shopping. I really like to finish my shopping before December so am trying to get on it. After about 30 minutes in the mall though I was ready to go and came home to do some online shopping instead. I am hoping to do some Christmas shopping in NYC too, which yes will be in December.

This morning I was up at 6am, well 7am but 6am with the time change so we laid in bed an extra hour and watched some TV before getting up and eventually heading to the gym. I am craving a nice outdoor run these days so I made sure to get in a good power walk at a incline to wear off some of that urge. Today would have been a perfect outdoor running day, minus any icy sidewalks.

Brunch was partially courtesy of Pillsbury, I cheated and bought their cinnamon rolls last week since I had a craving for them. I also made scrambled eggs and a fruit salad.


We ended up doing a ton of house projects today, some cleaning, washed the walls, I sewed ribbon into our duvet cover so I can tie it to the duvet and stop it from moving around, and Chad put up on Christmas lights! So excited to see them in the dark tonight. We weren’t sure if we’d get another half decent day to do it so tis’ the season! How many more days till I can start playing my Glee Christmas CD?!

Now I have supper in the crockpot, only laundry to finish and then can call it a day.

My week is pretty busy, I am off site at a large work event for 3 days so if I take a couple days off this week from blogging you will know why.


Have you started your Christmas shopping?