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My “currently’s”:


Eating – Small amounts every 2 hours! haha. And all the sea salt dark chocolate possible 😉

Drinking – Not mojitos, though i did request a yummy virgin drink for Valentines Day – I have high demands 😉 I have also started drinking Shakeology almost daily and have a ton of thoughts around it that I do need to share soon.


Excited…To decorate the house!  I want to hang all the photos etc now, or well yesterday (poor Chad) and found the perfect entry table last week and am planning a small gallery wall above it.


Wishing…For summer! Okay, spring would do too. It just has hit me that I am not working this summer and get my summer off with my two girls – gah, how lucky am I?! I have been buying both girls all the summer clothes – thank you Old Navy for stealing all my money.


Missing…My usual workouts, long run, headstands, just going all our for a workout. But the time will come when I can work my butt off again, I am ready to sweat!

Reading…Sharp Objects. This is a book that given the time I could read in a weekend, pulls you in and is an easy read.


Thankful…For all my wonderful friends and family and most of all Chad for all the help moving etc. People took the day off work to help us and worked their butts off and I owe them all. Chad has not only worked hard to move but on top of it dealt with my crazy type A, pregnant self…I owe him big time.

Loving…my own tub! At our old house the main bathroom was attached to Avery’s room and had the bathtub SO having a bath after she was in bed was a no-go. Bu now I have one in the ensuite and take advantage every single night!



What are you currently loving and drinking?

Foodie Friday

This weekend might feel like a real summer weekend, with day time highs up to 28! I cannot wait Smile

This was a fairly quiet week for us compared to the last bit, I caught up on some reading (currently reading the Happiest Toddler on the Block and love it), I got an Old Navy order which was not a complete fail see below), Avery got a couple new puzzles from a friend and they are her new obsession of the week, AND she wore a hair clip for 5 minutes!!


I ordered 3 tanks from Old Navy, all were too big. I have had no luck lately and am pretty sure they changed their sizing. I actually bought a jean coat from the kid’s section for it to fit me. The romper I like but it is not me really and Chad hated it. The dress was the only keeper.

Sorry about the bathroom pics!


Next Tuesday I have dental surgery so this week’s meal plan was a bit accommodating for that since I do not know when I will be ready to eat solids. It is a long procedure (2.5 hours) so I am guessing I will be quite sore the next day.

foodie friday

Saturday – Ko Samui Chicken Slaw with Spicy Lime Vinaigrette – Clean Eating magazine

Sunday – Picnic –(sandwiches, crackers, meat, cheese, veggies and fruit)

Monday – Edamame Quinoa Salad (the girl who ate everything) with grilled fish

Tuesday – Soup and grilled cheese

Wednesday – Brown rice Spaghetti & turkey meatballs

Thursday – Farmers Market Risotto (Iowa Girl Eats) & kale

Friday – Chicken Avocado Pitas (the cookie rookie) & kale salad

With the nice weather this weekend we are going to try and be outside a lot. Tonight I am taking Avery to the local Children’s Festival then we will probably go out for supper, Saturday I want to get to either the beach or a spray park and Sunday the plan is to go on a bike ride and have a picnic supper Smile

Enjoy your weekends!


Mama Talk – Avery Fashion

Before we talk fashion – Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday today Smile

It is no secret I like to shop for Miss. Avery, but I also (almost) refuse to pay full price for new items for her.  I think it is crazy that little tops are $25, pants $40 when I barely would spent that on clothing for me. So that leaves me scouring clearance racks, and second hand stores for her closet. I also like to dress Avery like a mini me which also can make items harder to find.

Last week we went with Chad on a work trip to Edmonton and hit up the outlet stores at South Common and West Edmonton Mall. I had a budget in mind and stuck with it Smile Our budget was $100. My goal was to buy items for this fall/winter and next summer if the summer stock was on sale already.

Stop #1 was Old Navy, basically just to use our Super Cash. Here we got a 2T orange coat for Avery, and a Canada Day outfit for next year.



Total spent $20.

Next up was Osh Kosh. I have to say after first going to a store in the US I was very surprised to find I loved lots of their clothes. Our trip last week proved to be just as successful and I had to contain myself.

These two tops will be great this fall:



I could not pass up the pink tee and a rash guard set for Avery next summer.

Also from Osh Kosh is the longer tunic stripped top in the first photo, and the below chambray shirt.


Total spent $60

Next up was Gap. I found tons I loved from jeans, shorts to tops but at $25-30 each and only 20% off I could not justify buying most of it. I did find a couple pieces I liked for good deals, the denim dress in photo #1 for next summer and the floral top, for next spring shown above.

Total spent $18

The last store we went into was Mexx. I first spotted a winter coat for Avery and grabbed it only to see it was the right size and marked down to $30 and 50% off of that. $15! Then right behind it I found the matching pants for $10. There was no way I could pass this up.


Quick side note, last week I bought Avery a brand new (tags still on) Tommy Hilfiger winter coat at Once Upon A Child for $30. But we were not sold on it for a couple reasons, one it was white and two it might only fit her for half of the winter so this find made up my mind to return it. So I kinda cancelled this purchase out from my budget Winking smile

I also bought the coral sweater in the photo above the snowsuit for $5!

Hopefully in the next few months you will be seeing Avery showing off these pieces on Instagram on her #ootd posts!


Are you a bargain shopper?

Favourite place to shop?

Foodie Friday

How is it almost the third (full) week in January? I am not complaining though, after the Christmas season, January and February always drag on till we hit March and finally might see some nicer weather, or in our case when we head south for a couple weeks.

Now to back up a few days, Wednesday we decided to get out for a bit, for both of us. Avery has the best naps when we are out so mid day its nice to get out and then usually she’ll nap two plus hours. Anyways, I heard Old Navy had 75% off clearance so we headed up there… great idea for deals, bad idea for my (limited) wallet. I did not get a picture of it all, but I got this workout tank that I love:


I also got workout capris for $8 and LOVE them, their active line has come a long way. I needed new capris since a couple pairs of mine got too stretched out from pregnancy, and I’m kicking myself for not getting another pair now. I am pretty sure the active line is still all 50% off in case anyone else needs new workout gear!

The rest of stuff I picked up was for Avery, including this cute outfit:


In total I spent $40, and I added up the regular prices after and the total was $150! Avery got a fall coat, a few onesies for next winter, a toque, and an outfit for 3-6 months.

Wednesday afternoon my middle brother texted me to say he got in an accident while driving to a job, he said they were all okay but then I saw a photo… it looked horrible! The hit the ditch and flipped upside down. Thank goodness they were okay!

Thursday we went to visit my Grandma and had lunch with her and my youngest brother, and then headed back home to do a few things around the house which including putting away most of Avery’s newborn clothes! I admit it did not make me too sad, I am loving her chunky thighs, her smiles and little personality shining through these days.

And that takes us to today, not much planned, lunch with Chad, a stop at the post office and maybe baking some muffins later today.

I used to always post a recipe with my Foodie Friday post, but somewhere along the line that got lost, I want to start posting more recipes again but cannot promise how often. I am so bad at writing down ingredient quantities when I am cooking. So today I am going to share a recipe from Wednesday night…. Sweet Potato and Kale Coconut Red Curry – I am also bad at naming recipes…


Sweet Potato and Kale Coconut Red Curry

Serves 2 (plus some leftovers)

1 medium sweet potato – cut into 1’’” chunks

Half a diced orange or red pepper

1/2 cup diced sweet onion

2 cups kale – tear up leaves into smaller pieces

2T red curry paste

1 can light coconut milk

1t ginger (I use a paste)

1T coconut oil

Add coconut oil to pan on medium heat, add sweet potatoes and cook for 5-7 minutes, stirring every couple minutes. Add peppers, onion and red curry paste. Cook for another 5 minutes. Add ginger, coconut milk and stir to combine. Cook another 10 minutes on low-medium heat. Once sweet potatoes are soft to your liking, add kale and cook a few minutes.

I served it over a couscous and quinoa blend, rice would be great too.

And finally onto next week’s meal plan – I got sidetracked today…

Saturday – Easy Macaroni Casserole – Skinny Taste

Sunday – Tomato & Red Pepper Soup and Spinach Quesadillas – Good Housekeeping

Monday – Thai Coconut Soup (courtesy of a Twitter friend!) and naan bread

Tuesday – Perogies, bison smokies and kale salad

Wednesday – Turkey burgers and salad

Thursday – Slowcooker Cashew Chicken and Quinoa – Sally Cooks

Friday – BLT pizza – Iowa Girl Eats

Now that this post got a little long I better let you all go and enjoy your Fridays!


First December Weekend

Happy December everyone! Only a day late. December 1st did not bring anything too crazy weather wise but today did, we are in a blizzard right now. A real flippin’ blizzard. Why do I live here again?

Friday I got my haircut while my Mom and brother watched Avery. I realized after I really should have done this before our photos last week. New Mom brain Winking smile Avery was not a happy camper Friday from 2-9pm. Out of no where she would get red, scream (a high pitched cry we had never heard before) and that would last a few minutes then she would be okay and repeat. Luckily she did not scare any of our visitors off, we had a friend of Chad’s Mom stop by and two of Chad’s good friends. She had a good night and was only up once so we hoped it was over.

Saturday morning we were up and ready bright and early to get to Costco right as it opened… I refuse to go any other time as its a complete gong show. We made it there and a few other stops all with Avery sleeping Smile

We spent a few hours at home in the afternoon before going out again this time to do some shopping. Chad wanted to look for a sound bar for the livingroom and had seen some deals and I wanted to go to Old Navy, cause you know I really need more clothes… On the way home we decided to stop by a newer sushi place by our house for a quick supper. Great decision! Sushi was good and a really great price.

Wide awake before we left but fast asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car…


Chad made me one happy Mom when he said I could go out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday to anew place in town called Fratters. I could have stayed home and had a family movie night but instead knew it’d be best if I went out. I am so glad I did. The venue was a 20’s style complete with the waitresses dressed as Flappers. So fun.


Not the best since it was a cell photo taken in the dark.

Us girls Smile


I was home by 9:30pm in time to feed a hungry baby (she already downed the bottle I left for them).

Sunday morning Chad went to to the gym while me and Avery stayed home and hung out and made brunch.


Sunday was a lazy day at home, we cleaned, did laundry, watched The Heat (BEST comedy we’ve seen in a long time) and dealt with a cranky babe again. Not as bad as Friday but still some outbursts of crying again after 2pm. I think she was over tired this time though. We really need to work more on those naps Winking smile



Even Scarlet got in on the lazy day…

Later on we attempted to do her hand and feet prints for her baby book with finger paint, yeah it did not go over that good so we will try again another time.

Oh and I cannot forgot the best part of December…


My Bernard Callebaut advent calendar! Me and Chad share it, he has odd days and I have even days.

Today we have lunch plans with some friends but sticking close to home besides that.


Moms – any idea about why Avery would go from fine to loosing it like that?

The cries really did make it seem like she was in pain compared to her usual cries. Gas maybe?

And – when did you get your baby on a nap schedule?

Our plan is to follow the EASY routine. Right now it is tough but we are hoping around 6 weeks we will be in the groove.