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Foodie Friday

That was a whirlwind of a week! I still feel like it should be mid-week, not Friday!

Week highlights:

I went to an Orange Theory Fitness Class. While I liked it a lot more this time I just do not have the extra time for two sessions a week there with Sea Wheeze training which is #1 for workouts right now. I think after the race as my running break I will go and do a month there though.

We had one nice night outside, I love being outside and so do the girls:

Tuesday I had a stage 5 clinger on my hands:

We had a crazy wind and rain storm Wednesday which was also Chad’s birthday. We had family over for cake and that was about it – I felt bad not doing more for him!

Full disclosure, these photos were taken last night since we did not take one Wednesday. Oops.

Onto meal planning. I need some serious motivation here you guys. So please leave your comments on easy and favourite meals!

Saturday – Smokies & Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad – Canadian Living

Sunday – Rainbow Buddah Bowls – Super Healthy Kids

Monday Salmon burgers & The Best Kale Salad – The Balanced Berry

Tuesday – (Crockpot) Souptacular Soup & veggies and hummus

Wednesday – Asian Chicken Wraps & roasted broccoli – Well Plated by Erin

Thursday –  Thai Cashew Chicken & rice – Well Plated by Erin

Friday – Greek Turkey Tacos – Whitney Bond

We have no weekend plans! I have a few things w will probably do but no real agenda 🙂


Orange Theory Fitness

On Friday night Becky arranged for us to try the new Orange Theory Fitness that recently opened up here.

I had very little idea of what to expect and seeing as I was just cleared to workout I was not sure how much I could do. Spoiler alert – I did everything, it felt great and I loved the workout.


What can you expect from a workout at Orange Theory Fitness? There are three parts to the hour long workout, rowing, strength and the treadmill. The workout uses the science of heart-rate based training so you get to wear these fancy monitors:


From their brochure: “The Orange effect is backed by the science of post exercises oxygen consumption, our heart rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. The result is the Orange Effect: more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after you workout”


Back to the monitors you wear…These allow you heart rate to be monitored throughout your workout and determine what zone you are in with the goal of being in the orange zone. My monitor had some issues and did not work for the first half of my workout putting me in the grey (pretty sure this is resting) zone for most of it. The trainer said after that most of my grey zone time would have been in the green zone. Here is my workout summary chart:


The above chart came from an email, they email your results to you right after your workout – pretty cool, right?

Throughout your workout all current time results are displayed on TVs so you can see – as well as everyone else in the class so if competitiveness is your thing this would motivate you even more.

20160520_200950 (1)

We were asked to arrive 30 minutes before the workout to get an orientation. The trainer went through the workout and equipment with us before the class started since we were all new to the studio.

I admit I was a bit confused after but the trainer said we would catch on quickly once the workout started.

We started on the rowing machines, did a 1000m row then onto the strength area for a series of 5 exercises all of which were demonstrated to us by the trainer. I really liked the one on one feeling the trainer gave us even though we were in a group setting. He was constantly going around correcting everyone’s form which added to the experience.

20160520_190455 IMG_5914

We did more rowing (250m) and back to strength a couple more times before completing that part of the workout. I should note that not every workout is the same so it is always changing what you are doing.

The next part was my favourite since it involved treadmill running!


This part was easier to catch on for me, on each treadmill it told you what incline and speed to go for the three levels, power walker, jogger and runner. I kept to the runner ones which was perfect for me. In the treadmill workout there are three phases, base, push and all out. The trainer yells out which one to do and the time left on each phase. I found this really easy to follow.


Me, Becky and Laura on the treadmills:


There is also bikes and an elliptical in case you are injured and cannot use the treadmill which I thought was a great option to accommodate everyone.


After the workout you go through some stretching with the class which I was happy to see since I am bad at stretching on my own.


Your first session is free so make sure you visit to take advantage of that, I guarantee you will get in a great workout. They offer a variety of memberships, including punch passes and there are no contracts.


Have you ever tried Orange Theory Fitness? If not, would you?