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Three Things Thursday

Just some random thoughts to share today:

1- As much as I wish I had more posts to share with you all these days I just don’t. But I kinda like it too. I promised myself less pressure this summer to blog and so far have done good. If I have things to share great, if not – great too! I love using this blog as a way to look back so weekend recaps are important to keep up for me and well Foodie Friday is a no brainer 😉

2 – This week my favourite week of the summer because it is the local fair. It really is 5 days of fun, pancake breakfasts, BBQ lunches, the parade, fair, concerts and more. You bet we are going to everything we can!

We enjoyed the parade yesterday morning:

Trying to get a photo before the parade:



3 – I have not had any running injuries/pains in over 7 years and Sunday’s long run did me in. I woke up Monday limping with a pain on my outer knee. I got into my chiropractor that afternoon and he said my tibia was rotated so adjusted it and I had almost instant relief – along with taking the day off from running and ice on and off I was good Tuesday 🙂 Phew – less than three weeks until Sea Wheeze!


What is your favourite thing about fair week?

Foodie Friday

The last couple days we have been busy but had lots of fun! Wednesday we went to the parade and despite missing her morning nap Avery did SO good.







Her favourite part? The street cleaners – crazy girl. And yes, Grandma held her almost the entire parade – spoiled girl!

Later that day we set up her pool in the yard to try and cool off since it was 30 degrees and humid. I hate the humidity. I think it is because it is typically a dry heat here so I am not used to it. Oh and it explains my love for Arizona.

Yesterday was the day of food – no joke. The morning was a pancake breakfast (best in the city in my opinion), the at lunch was the chili cook off. Both are sort of traditions to go with friends so it is always a fun day. Sadly no photos we taking! The food was enjoyed too fast Winking smile We had a mini storm come through in the afternoon so we stayed close to home for the rest of the day.

And that is what we have been up to. Moving on to meal planning…looks like I get TWO days off this weekend – woohoo!

Saturday – Fair – Thinking we will snack enough there Winking smile

Sunday – Birthday supper (for my Mom) with my family

Monday – Grilled Mahi Mahi and Best of Summer Kale Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Tuesday – Butter Chicken, quinoa and naan

Wednesday – Slow cooker Thai Chicken Soup  (foodie crush) and Cilantro & Cheddar biscuits

Thursday – Summer chicken wraps and sweet potato fries – Iowa Girl Eats

Friday – BBQ Smokies, Veggies and garlic toast

This weekend we are going to the fair with Avery Saturday then that night me and Chad are going to a concert there with friends who have a suite, it should be a fun time.

Enjoy your weekends!


In 12 Hours…

Okay so in less than 12 hours we will know if Baby K is a boy or girl, I am beyond excited. Our reveal party is at 7pm tonight so not only do I have to wait all day but so do you guys Winking smile But do not worry there will be a post first thing tomorrow morning. In the mean time I am going to try and keep it off social media.

This weekend I had a few to do’s for the reveal and learned a couple things – one, I am so not a arts/crafts person, I like to think I am but then struggle with the smallest of projects, and two if you ever have cake or cupcakes from my kitchen there is a 95% chance they came from a Betty Crocker mix.


For under $2 I cannot make the type of (consistent) cake these mixes do.

What else were we up to this weekend?

– I went for a cool weather run Friday after work and it was awesome. LOVE running in cooler weather now. I did 4.3km in 26 minutes, not bad since I got stuck at every light possible.

– We helped out at a parade for a work event, and won second place for our fancy decorating skills!

2013-06-15 09.38.42

2013-06-15 09.41.51 (1)

– We went to a BBQ’s at our friend’s house, and there was babies and pregnant girls everywhere! I loved it – for real.

– We worked out yesterday morning, 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of weights, then had a yummy brunch. Chad requested overnight french toast which is usually saved for Christmas morning but seeing as it was Father’s Day I made it for him. I tried this new recipe.


The verdict? It is a keeper.

– Scarlet bought Chad a card…


In the inside it says “ I will let you pet me”. 100% Scar, she picked out a good one Winking smile

– We (meaning mostly Chad) helped my Mom cut down some brushes and trees.

– Made another new recipe – Black Bean and Spinach Enchiladas for supper last night and remembered to take a photo after I ate most of it…


Another winner and I think this would be a great freezer meal to prep for when baby is here.

– We started the first of the organizing to move what is currently our office downstairs so that it is ready to get to work on the nursery. This turned into us re-organizing the entire storage room, and we will have to take a trip to the dump next weekend.

And that is about it. The only thing that could have made the weekend better is some sun and less wind.


Do you use boxed mixes ever?

Are you a crafty person?

If so I might hire you to make all the cute baby things off Pinterest for me Winking smile

A Morning Off

Today did not feel like a Wednesday. Instead of leaving to work t 8am, my Mom came and picked me up and we headed to Starbucks before heading downtown to catch the parade. My office is awesome and we actually close for the parade.

The rain started just as the parade did but was thankfully short lived. Some favs from the parade:

parade pony

parade carriage

RD parade float

parade RCMP car

After the parade me and my Mom did a few errands, which included picking up my free fair passes I won and lunch downtown at Dose.

DOSE lunch

A smoked salmon and dill wrap, cucumber and feta salad and Dry Soda – my newest obsession – I need to find out where to buy this!

The half work day flew by, I ran a few work errands and it was (again) 5pm before I knew it.

We made it to day 4 of Livefit this week!! And it was legs day, my favorite… haha, or not.

Leg Extensions – 30lbs 3 sets of 20

Leg Press – 90lbs 3 sets of 12

Walking Barbell Lunge – 20lbs 3 sets of 12

Standing Calf Raises – 100lbs 3 sets of 20

Lying Leg Curl – 40lbs – 3 sets of 15

We debated doing another exercise but decided to skip it since we also did a 15 minute warm-up, elliptical for me and bike for Chad.

After doing tonight’s w0rkout I decided it is no longer fair to call it Livefit since we are barely following it. From now often I will just say they are our workouts inspired by Livefit.

Tonight for supper I made taco turkey burgers from Sweet Treats and More. A very easy supper! I just combined the ground turkey, fajita seasoning and some oats to hold the patties together. One the side was steamed asparagus, tortilla chips and guacamole.


Now I am knowing I am falling into my boring routine and slump here but tonight is another TV night … Big Brother and Barter Kings! I got my outside time in this morning 🙂


Do you like parades? What is your favorite part?

I love them! I only wish they still threw candy though. My favorite parts – the mini horses and fire trucks.

Feeling Boring

Being that the next 2 days I only work half days I really tried to be productive today and well it did not happen. I decided to run a few work related errands and just ran into dead ends and an hour wasted. Plus a longer than expected morning appointment took me out of the office for almost 2 hours. Oh well, life does go on!

Saying that 5pm came very quickly today, there was no checking the clock 100 times to see the magical 5:00pm. Day 3 of Livefit week 5 for us was on the gym agenda, also the third gym in a row…The good news we are still holding up 😉 Today’s workout was arms & abs. Yes, two days of abs for weeks 5 & 6! I was happy to see this since I found weeks 1-4 to be lacking on the ab side of things.

Barbell Curl – 3 sets of 12 – 20lbs

Alternating Hammer Curling – 3 sets 10 – 8lbs

Tricep Press – 3 sets of 12 – 15lbs

Triceps Pushdown – 3 sets of 12 – 10lbs

Air Bike – 3 sets of 25

Roman Chair Leg Lift – 3 sets of 12

Crunches – 3 sets of 15

Supper was a perfect summer night supper, chicken and apple sausage BBQ’ed by Chad, perogies and a side salad. Both the sausage and perogies were from Clancy’s. They had a grand opening sale a couple weeks back and 20% off so we stocked up on a few items. So far we have been more than pleased with all the products from there.


Now onto the title of post… feeling boring. Yeah, I feel boring these days or in a funk. Not overly sure why – I love summer and usually would want to spend every minute of sunshine outside. Now I do the same thing most nights – gym, make and eat supper, blog, shower and lay around watching TV shows. Not exciting at all. I am hoping my busy next few days helps me out a bit here, after all its already the middle of July?!

To look on the bright side of things, here are some fun things I am looking forward to:

– The parade tomorrow morning with my Mom

– A pancake breakfast and chili cook-off lunch Thursday with Chad & some friends

– The Blogger meet-up in Calgary Thursday evening, me and Becky are carpooling!

– Going to the fair with Chad Friday after work – my plan to watch the llamas, exotic cat show, and of course, eat mini donuts and ice cream!

– My 10km race on Sunday! Hopefully followed by a pancakes breaky 🙂

– Summer holidays! We are off from July 27th to August 6th and while we are not going anywhere far we have a few exciting day trips planned and lots of R&R.


Anyone else out there in a “funk”?

How do you beat it or get out of it!?