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Weekend Recap

So remind me not to say “we have a quiet weekend and no plans” and jinx it! Our quiet weekend was anything but…


After a long day and 2 hours at walk in, I am fine, just swimmers ear again – irony of that is that I do not swim but get these infections yearly I did not feel like running but had an interval run on the plan so off I went once Chloe was in bed.

It is never as bad once you are out there running! I came home and we watched Wolverine (I think that was the title – HA) and did not like it at all!


We started our day with a market trip:

Then Costco and another grocery store with a pit stop at the Cool Beans bus for coffee and a snack:

We came home, Chloe napped and I did my usual power clean session. After her nap we headed out of town to the nearby city my Grandma lives in and went to a park.

My Grandma made them dandelion necklaces:

We left there and made a pit stop at home before heading back out to Chad’s Dad’s for supper there since his Aunt and Grandma were in town. Chloe was in a crazy mood- what’s new and by the time we left I was exhausted so basically called it a night.


We were out by 8:30am for our 14km run:

This was a much better run from last week and the girls did not fight – win!

We spent the new few hours picking up a rug from our deck, having lunch (sushi!) and then more chores, while Avery played outside – she ended up in her bathing suit shortly after this photo:

The rest of the afternoon was spent at a small fair that was set up for the weekend. Since I drive by it on the way home Avery had asked to go but I had not made up my mind until a friend asked us to join them there since their little girl is a couple years older than Avery. It was perfect – they had so much fun!

I think Chloe felt left out 😉

Our weekend wrapped up BBQ’ing supper, hanging out on the deck and of course with ice cream. Chad took this photo and Chloe posed like this – while not at all a flattering photo of me I had to share of Chloe, sums her up these days.



Foodie Friday

Hope everyone had a good week and got to enjoy some sunshine!

Monday Chad had off with the girls (jealous!), I visited them at lunch and came home a little early so we went for a walk to the park:

Tuesday I had to work a little late and by the time I got home, we ate, got the girls to bed and cleaned up/packed lunches it was 9pm – boo. Wednesday and yesterday was spent doing party prep for Chloe’s party on Saturday.

I got Chloe’s gift in the mail, which I gave her early:

Two outfit photos from the week, I need to get better at taking these in better light and outside maybe?

Saturday – C’s party so we’ll probably go out after

Sunday – Rainbow Buddah Bowl – Super Healthy Kids

Monday – Asian BBQ Salmon (Carl’s Bad Cravings), rice & roasted cauliflower

Tuesday – Thai Chicken Tacos – Cooking Classy

Wednesday – Sweetpeas and Saffron– Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chickpea Chili –

Thursday – Tuna Macaraoni Casserole

Friday – Out – Chad and I have an event 🙂

Our big plans this weekend are Chloe’s PARTY! I am so excited for it. Besides that we will get Avery to go and the normal weekend chores 🙂