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Finding Time for Fitness

I had about ten different titles for this post and finally settled on this one since the title itself is where I want to focus. It is not actually about finding the time but MAKING the time.


For the last 7 years fitness and working out has been a priority of mine. I treat it like my job, it is not a “if I have time” to-do on my daily list, it is a scheduled (just like my paid job) activity. This does a few things for me:

1 -Keeps me accountable. If it is written down there is a 98% chance I will do it. If not, there is probably only a 30% chance I will do it.

2 – No guessing. Like meal planning, I do not have to think for more than a few seconds on what work out I will be doing because it is planned at least a week out.

3 – Balance. I can balance my workouts, from running, to strength, spin, yoga and rest days I am able to balance them out in a weekly schedule.

I will be the first the admit that working out 5-6 days a week was much easier before having kids but it is by no means impossible, and if it is a priority and non-negotiable on your daily “to-do” list you do find the time. My number one tip when it comes to working out as a Mom:

Work out first thing in the morning


This could be 5am or 10am but do it the first chance you get in the morning. Then it is done and out of the way for your busy day. But Lindsey you say – my kids are busy/do not nap, I work full-time etc… Probably less than 10% of my workouts are done without kids (or when they are asleep). When I was working I was up at 5am to get in my workouts so that I did not comprise evening time with Avery since I know how precious (and hectic!) that time is.

Here is how to get in workouts WITH your kids:

1- Keep them short. Beachbody is awesome for this, they have workouts for only 22 minutes a day! Set up you kid(s) close by with toys, a TV show or books. I keep them both within my vision so I can tend to them if needed. Though 80% of the time they are fine for 30 minutes or so – and they should be!

2 – Take them with you! I run twice a week with both girls, and they love it. Both are so used to it they do awesome for long runs too. I always ask Avery to bring a toy or book with her, and try to go out when Chloe might have a nap.

20160531_091529 IMG_20160722_100445

3- Find options with child care. I cannot speak to this too much,since I’ve never done it. But many places offer child care now from what I have seen.

My biggest point here is that is if it important to you, you will make the time and have your fitness as a non-negotiable on a daily basis.  I know for me working out does so much more for my well-being than passing up a daily workout for “x” reason(s). And that saying “you will never regret a workout” – 100% true!


22 Minute Hard Corps Review & Results

Since I know what everyone wants to see is photos in these posts lets start with that. I have included three photos below. From left to right: one year ago, 8 weeks ago (6 weeks postpartum) and a few days ago (14 weeks postpartum).

three before and after

I wish I had taken the before photo (middle) one in the same bathing suit to see apples to apples but I think the photos still do some justice.

Side views of 8 weeks ago and a few days ago:

side views

My goal: My goal with this program was to fit back into my summer shorts. It was that simple for me, I did not care about my weight number and knew fitting into my shorts meant loosing inches.

My results: My shorts fit with room! I think I lost about 4-5″ total, mainly from my waist, hips and some from my chest and I lost 2lbs which leaves me about 2lbs over pre-pregnancy weight which I am sure in muscle due to this program. I gained muscle in my shoulders and arms for sure, possibly my legs too since my jeans are tighter in the legs it seems.

20160716_072737 20160716_073013

What I did: I followed the 22 Minute Hard Corps plan for the 8 weeks. I did make some changes so that I could also run. What this meant was 3 days a week of their resistance workouts (22 minutes), 3 days a week of core (11 minutes) and 3 runs a week in place of their cardio workouts. I ran anywhere from 6-15km on my run days in place of the 22 minute cardio workout. Despite my runs being longer I think my results are about the same as if I would have done the cardio workouts and not ran.

Thoughts: I LOVED this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those wanting to loose some inches and have limited time. 22 minutes a day is so easy to fit in, I did the workouts at 7:30am and 8:30pm just to get them done. The workouts are what I call bootcamp style and leave you sweaty – again, totally my type of workout. Most moves are total body moves to get the most out of the 22 minutes. I noticed a huge increase in strength after the 8 weeks especially considering I had not worked out the 6 weeks prior due to my c-section recovery. In 8 weeks I am confident saying that I am back at the strength level I was a year ago.

My diet: I did not follow any specific diet plan but did work hard to clean up my diet over the 8 weeks and reduced processed foods, sugars and carbs while consuming more veggies, healthy fats and moderate protein. I was far from perfect and fell off the train more than a few times but that is life. Diet wise I became a lot more aware of what I am eating in order to fuel my body the best I can which for me is important while working out and breastfeeding.


Any questions for me on the program?

Two Weeks Back – Current Workouts

It is National Running Day so this post is fitting in that it is about running!

Two weeks ago I got the all clear to start working out again. I will admit I had already worked out a few times before that though… The first time was a post pregnancy DVD I did after I had Avery but once I started it I remembered it is core heavy so backed off a lot. I still paid for it the next few days and was sore, and my incision area got irritated so I backed off for a few more days once I felt better.

A week later I did my first run, we went out as a family and did about 6.5km (Chad pushed the girls) and it felt great. I decided to wait two days before going out again to see how I felt.


Two days later I felt normal and the girls I headed out on our own – EEK! I got in 4.5km but it was tough pushing the extra 50lbs.

Another two days later we went out again, this time I tracked my pace and we ran 4.75km in just under 30 minutes so a 6.20mins/km pace! I was pretty happy with this considering it was my second time out and we had a few hills on our run too.


That week I also went to my first Orange Theory Fitness Class. Which was fun and an awesome workout.


Last week I decided to follow my initial plan if all felt good (week 2 on here) but since I had a better idea of what distance I was capable of I did all my week day runs at 5km (30 minutes or so). Hard Corps kicked my booty a few times, but in a good way! I am loosely following their schedule (I used it when I made my plan) but swapping their cardio days out for running.

I shocked myself with a 9.5km run Sunday, and am hoping to add km’s weekly on Sundays now.

My mileage the last couple of weeks, almost 50km for May!


Not too bad!

Overall I am beyond happy with how great my body responded to being active again. I am shocked that I can pound out a 5:30min/km run with both girls in the stroller (though I am dead after!). I credit it all to a very active pregnancy and running until 37 weeks.


10km Training Plan – Post-Partum

Who is ready to see a come back of running posts?! I am! Well I am still a few weeks away from running again I have signed up for races so created plans for my first 10km race as well as my first half.

I am running my first race (10km) one month after my 6 week check-up. I am optimistic about is since I ran late in my pregnancy and have had a great recovery. Two months after having Avery I was running 8km so I do not think this is a stretch but if so I can drop down to the 5km race as well. The most important thing? Listening to my body!

I wanted to incorporate running as well as Hard Corps (Beachbody program) into my training since we all know that being a strong runner is much more than running and cardio. My core will need some major TLC so that is also a focus of mine.

Here is my come back plan:


As you can see I am trying a time based running plan, in the past I have done this for my long runs (versus distance) so thought I would try it for the entire plan since it is a short race that I do not have any huge goals for but to finish.


Foodie Friday & A Few Extras

OMG you guys, nobody warned me about Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy DVD… I almost died and am SO sore today. Moms (or really anyone) if you want a good workout for your abs especially this is the DVD for you, and its only $11 on Amazon.

A mini review, like I said the ab portion is awesome, and probably close to 70% of the workout – so great. Then she moves onto legs, like her Pregnancy Project DVDs her leg sequences are mainly done on all fours, and to me the movements are awkward. So I am not a fan of those exercises. Last are arms which are good too, but not great like the abs portion.

I like that I can do the whole DVD with Avery by me, she really enjoys watching me as long as she is close and can easily see me Smile

I refuelled after the workout with a chocolate coconut water from Zico. They sent me this awesome package earlier this week:


Love the gym bag! And some in ear headphones. I LOVE this stuff, and it had been too long without it, the perfect treat after my workout.

So it is Friday…another quick week, keep them coming till Spring! Winking smile Today is also Avery’s TWO month birthday! Which means we are heading out to weigh her this morning, and maybe if I am lucky I will get my flu shot. I have been trying for a month now to get it but its been a combo on bad luck and timing and now they are basically out of it. Boo.

I also have a hair appointment today for a cut, and am brining A with me, wish us both luck!

Onto meal planning for the next week:

Saturday – Out (initially we were going to eat out tonight but I decided to make supper tonight and go out tomorrow instead)

Sunday – Sweet Potato, Lentil Chili and cornbread muffins – Doubling batch for some freezer meals

Monday – Thai Chicken Naan Pizza – Cookin Canuck

Tuesday – Bison smokies, veggie risotto and steamed carrots

Wednesday – Coconut Thai Veggie Red Curry and Naan (last week I wanted to make this but we went out for Chad’s Dad’s birthday supper instead)

Thursday – Minestrone soup and grilled cheese

Friday – Stuffed Turkey Peppers

This weekend we have a few plans:

– Taking Avery swimming for the first time

– Freezer meals! I am thinking turkey lasagna, the above chili and cornbread muffins, waffles and granola bars

– Costco trip

Enjoy your Fridays!