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Baby K-2 – Weeks 37 & 38

Well everyone it has been a slice BUT this is my last pregnancy update with Miss.C since in 6 days this little girl is going to make her appearance!

What is Baby K up to? C does not stop moving. I mean ALL day long – total opposite of Avery in pregnancy. I am guessing she weighs at least 6.5 lbs by now if not more from what the doctors have told me.

How am I doing? I am so ready to be done. Evenings can really suck right now and I am uncomfortable due to Miss. C being pretty low. Saturday morning I was not doing so good, and thought possibly there could be a baby arriving soon but thankfully everything let up.

Weight gained: 19lbs. Still climbing even though my appetite these days has gone out the window!

Workouts: 4-5 a week but just prenatal workouts – Tracey Anderson and Beachbody Active Maternity series and treadmill walks.

Movement: See above, this girl loves to move. I get arms and legs poking out of my stomach a few times a day!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing, I am so done with food right now, I can barely eat/drink anything without feeling over full and uncomfortable.

Sleep: As good as it gets at this point, 2 wake-ups to pee usually. I cannot wait to sleep on my tummy again!!

Miss Anything? YES – everything if I am being honest.

Maternity Clothes: I am done to two pairs of pants that do not bother me, and maybe 6 shirts that fit okay. Again, I am counting down to when I can wear my normals clothes again and have already packed away 70% of my maternity clothes.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing!

Other Things from the Week: My Mom and I spent Good Friday stocking my freezer with meals and baking which will be nice to have after baby. At my doctor’s appointment they confirmed she is in position 2/5 which explains the pains I get all the time now. I have one more doctor appointment today and that is all!


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Hospital Bag for C-Section Mamas

Since I know that I will be in the hospital for a few day with Miss.C my hospital bag looks a lot different than it did with Avery.

Lets start with C’s bag:


For Miss. C I got a swaddle blanket (Aden & Anais), her Wubbanub – I so regret not having a soother for A at the hospital, my Milk Snob nursing cover a couple little hats, a sleeper, a onesie, her coming home outfit – pants, a onesie and wee Minimocs. And my nursing pillow – another thing I wish I had last time (not pictured).

My bag:


A nursing bra, two nursing tanks, folding maternity underwear (to come up and over my incision) another tank top, a cardigan, housecoat, shorts, and capris. I went with the articles of clothing I wore most last time. I like having clothes that I can wear when visitors come but are still comfy so workout clothes are perfect for that – as long as they are loose fitting! My coming home outfit will be whatever I wear to the hospital – probably a tank top, yoga pants and a hoodie – again, going for comfort. Footwear will be slippers and flip flops (I hated being in the public shower without flip flops!)

I packed my travel sized live clean facial wash set, lotion, lip balm and other bathroom necessities. I found the hospital so dry last time – hence the lotion and lip balm. I will also pack some makeup just to feel a little more human for those three days.

Other random items – a book, my water bottle, protein bars, my cell & charger.

Since Chad will be visiting us daily I am not concerned with forgetting anything as he can bring up whatever we might need too.


What were must haves in your hospital bag?

Baby K-2- Weeks 35 & 36

What is Baby K up to? Growing LOTS, moving LOTS, the usual.

How am I doing? I am so ready to be done. Evenings can really suck right now and I am uncomfortable due to Miss. C being pretty low.

Weight gained: 18lbs.

Workouts: Well I called running quits at 35 weeks. I am happy I made it that long and crossing my fingers that it only means a 8 week break versus the 4.5 months when I had Avery. I still aim to do 4 hours a week which is 5 workouts usually, weights, walking on the treadmill, and yoga now.

Movement: ALL THE TIME.  She moves so much it hurts sometimes, Avery was not like this so it is all new to me.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Ice! I craved it with Avery too.

Sleep: Not bad, on a good night I have 1-2 wake ups, a bad night is 3-4.

Miss Anything? Oh man, at this point a lot! I am dreaming of wearing all my clothes again, running and wine.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and I am sick of them. I am ready to burn them all haha. I have put away a lot at this point and living in a very limited wardrobe. Thankfully my regular pants with a belly band fit and feel great still.

Baby Items Purchased: Some sterilizing pouches for my pump and bottles – really exciting things 😉

Other Things from the Week: I did mention this before but Miss. C has a birth date – April 4th! As long as she holds out until then 🙂 I am working until the 31st so have three days off and then will have her. Crazy!

Photos – two this week since Avery wanted to give her sister a kiss!

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Baby K-2 – Weeks 33 & 34

What is Baby K up to? Well according to our ultrasound last week Miss.C is around 5lbs and measuring about a week ahead – lets hope that means an earlier c-section date 😉

How am I doing? Not bad. Evenings can be rough, I get some pains and aches and just miserable some nights. Poor Chad! Sadly sitting on the couch or laying down only make it worse. And I am TIRED – some days I just cannot shake it all day long!

Weight gained: 16.5lbs.

Workouts: Funny enough I get winded going up stairs but can still pull off a 2.5 mile run/walk. I am sticking to 21 Day Fix workouts and yoga as well.

Movement: Seriously are babes not supposed to move less at this point? It is all day long! And she loves wedging her feet in my ribs.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Craving – ice cold water!

Sleep: Not bad, I still seem to get stuck with insomnia one night a week but in realy that is not that bad.

Miss Anything? At this point I miss a lot but the end is near! Did someone say wine?!

Maternity Clothes: So I am running out of work clothes… well shirts. I really have not idea what I did last time but I am down to maybe 10-12 work appropriate shirts and still have 3-4 weeks of work left.

Baby Items Purchased: Some summer clothes for C and I think that is all! Oh and new bottles since all of Avery’s went MIA.

Other Things from the Week: I had two baby C appointments this week, an ultrasound and my 34 week check up. The ultrasound was pretty cool to see her at this stage, and the estimated her around 5lbs – ahead of the game…then at my check-up the doctor told me she is sure this baby will be bigger than Avery – all I can say is thank goodness I have a c-section! I am booking my c-section date tomorrow – woot woot! It will either panic me or excite me not sure which yet 😉 Either way I am so much more at ease this time knowing how things will “go down” and hopefully not end up in an emergency c-section again.

UPDATE: Mommy brain moment and my surgery consult was TODAY, luckily they got me in an hour late when they called me asking where I was…Anyways, all looks good, baby is posterior like Avery so a repeat section is in fact a good idea. Also, my placenta is anterior which I never knew before! I have two tentative dates booked and will get a confirmed date next week, right now it looks like we will have a March 30th baby though 🙂


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Baby K-2 – Weeks 31 & 32

Did I really just type that I am 32 WEEKS PREGNANT?! 

What is Baby K up to? This little gal is growing and loves to take up every space of realty she can get at. Avery was much more compact I think 😉

How am I doing? Well at 30/31 weeks pregnant I survived moving! I think that is a feat in itself. My back bothers me near the end of the work day from sitting, so I need to get up and move more.

Weight gained: 15lbs.

Workouts: I got in a couple run/walks since my toe did start to feel better, I kept them short and slow at 2 miles. I also have been doing Fix workouts, Pump and other weight workouts at home. I have noticed this to help a ton and have kept a lot of tone this pregnancy. I still get to yoga weekly with more modifications weekly and got to a couple spin classes too.

Movement: Yup, she still finds a way to get up into my ribs a lot!

Food Aversions/Cravings: I have had a sweet tooth lately so trying to tame that as much as possible with healthier snacks.

Sleep: Better than a couple weeks ago most nights I do not wake up and sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Miss Anything? My six pack…that I never had… 😉

Maternity Clothes: No change really. I am finally fitting into a few maternity tops that I had from before though I wore one and my co-workers told me it was too big on me. Small frame problems!

Baby Items Purchased: Nursery stuff! Now that we are moved I can finally start her nursery 🙂 I will wait and share in the reveal which should be in the next month.

Other Things from the Week: I was reading this update from my pregnancy with Avery – BAD IDEA. I said “nursery is done, clothes are washed and put away” WHAT?! Second child (and moving) problems, but I literally threw things into the room until last week when I spent a couple hours organizing things and made a “to buy” list. I also realized that having kids of the same gender but opposite times of the year does not save money, poor C is going to be in fleece PJs and sweater dresses in July 😉


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And for fun, 32 weeks with Avery:

Avery 32 weeks