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Workout Wednesday

Another Wednesday already?! How have I been off work for 2.5 weeks. I have enjoyed my time off alone but now would like a baby to spend it with. And YES today is my due date, well according to the dating ultrasound. According to my calculations the due date is November 10th, and to be honest I know my dates were not off at all since I was tracking etc. It is all a waiting game now! And I feel pretty good still so no complaints. My 40 week check-up is today so we will see what the Dr says.

I am still going strong on the workout front, mainly out of boredom. Lol. I enjoy my morning treadmill walks and my workouts and like I have said many times before they are making me feel way better in my pregnancy.

This week’s workouts:

Sunday – 3km Treadmill walk, chest and triceps (chest flyes and presses on incline bench, tricep extensions and dips)

Monday – 4km treadmill walk, squats and stretching – including cat-cow, and lots of hip openers and stretches.

Tuesday – 30 minute treadmill walk and biceps and shoulders (hammer curls, regular curls, lateral shoulder raises and upright rows)

Wednesday – 3.5km treadmill walk (aiming for 4km but quit at 3.5km!) and squats! I did about 10 minutes of squats, with breaks of course Winking smile

Thursday – 30 minute treadmill walk and legs day (calf raises, leg raises on side, lunges and pile squats)

FridayThis prenatal treadmill routine from Fit Pregnancy

Saturday – Rest

This whole walking to get baby out is not working out for me! haha. But like I said I think staying active during your entire pregnancy and at this point especially for me has proven to be nothing but awesome so I will continue to walk till this little gal comes out Smile

I had a busy couple days Monday and Tuesday but took ZERO photos. Coffee dates with friends, some shopping, lunch with friends, supper guests and then going to visit my friends and co-workers who are setting up for a major tradeshow my work is partners in made the two days fly by and I was rarely home. However, today is another story… not too many plans. So I am going to try my best to enjoy the day and stick close to home until my Dr appointment later. Wish me luck!


If you had the choice when would you work out during the day?

While I did start to love evening workouts (around 5:30pm after work) because they gave me a second wind for the evening and allowed me to de-stress I still think nothing beats a morning workout. However, my ideal time would be 7:30-8am which with a job never would happen, and I doubt with a kid it will either but who knows.

Workout Wednesday

Yup, I am still here, still working out Smile But first what have I been up to the past couple of days? Still trying to keep busy!


– Prepped blog posts

– Did laundry

– Hung out with my Mom

– Attempted a feel good outfit at almost 39 weeks pregnant, sorry for the gym selfie – it is the only full length mirror in the house!


– Carved pumpkins with Chad:




– Had lunch with Chad at the mall

– Designed baby shower invites for a friend’s shower

– Ran a few errands, post office and bank

– Had another dentist appointment, remember the tooth that I had tried to get a filling done on, and they said no? Yeah well that tooth that the dentist said would be ok, was not. It started to hurt over the past week and all I could think of is having a massive toothache with a newborn or needing a root canal (which I refuse to get). So I called them back explained myself again and luckily the agreed to see me. I did not get the filling done but have a medicated temp filling it that will be fine for the next bit till I do get back in for the permanent filling. Phew. The even better news? They did not charge me! The only downside? No gummy or sticky candy till its fixed, which is a win-lose situation Winking smile

And that brings us to today.

My workouts have not changed much from last week, Still focusing on almost daily 3km walks and tons of squats to get Baby K out!

Sunday – 30 minutes treadmill walk at 3.5mph & chest and triceps day plus 60 wide leg pile squats

Monday – 3km treadmill “hill” walk – 3.5mph and up to an incline up 4 and back down & biceps and shoulders day

Tuesday – 3km treadmill walk at 3.5mph and back, hips stretches and 100 wide leg pile squats

Wednesday – TBD – Either prenatal yoga or rest day, it will depend on how my 3pm Dr appointment goes

Thursday – 30 minute treadmill walk and the perfect prenatal circuit – fit pregnancy

Friday –  3km treadmill walk and squats!

Saturday – Rest Day

Today I wanted to touch on prenatal yoga. This has been a godsend in my pregnancy. I started around 11 weeks and my current session goes till my due date. I have only missed one class while we were on summer holidays, and then the couple weeks in between sessions. If Baby K does not arrive before her due date you better bet I will be there on November 6th too.

I based my decision to go to prenatal yoga for many reasons and recently came across and article of the benefits of prenatal yoga and had to share them with everyone.

From fit pregnancy, here are the benefits of prenatal yoga:

1- Develops stamina and strength – as baby grows you will need this extra stamina and strength to carry that belly around. Strong legs, back and hips will only help prevent pains later in your pregnancy.

2- Balance – as your belly grows it only makes sense that you become more challenged when it comes to balance. Yoga works to help you keep that balance and a better centre of gravity as your belly grows.

3- Relives tension – low back, upper back, hips, shoulders, chest, and neck. Many postures are designed to open up these areas since the baby puts increased stress on many of your muscles.

4- Calms the nervous system – Through deep breathing the nervous system goes into parasympathetic mode, which is responsible for relaxation.  In this mode our digestion systems operate properly, we tend to sleep better, and our immune system is at its optimal.

5- Preparation for labour – Obviously breath plays a huge role here. But also the phrase be “comfortable with the uncomfortable” can help your through labour, as it is in your yoga practice.  Through breath you can get through the challenging poses and later it will help in labour.

6- Connection with baby – During my 75 minute class I am in the yoga studio with my baby. It is time for just us. I try very hard not to think of anything else except myself and my baby. It is a great time out where I can connect with Baby K.

7 – Increases circulation – During yoga circulation is enhanced within our joints and our muscles are elongated this helps decrease swelling and boosts immunity for a healthier environment for baby.

8- Breathwork practice – Hello deep breathing! I think this is #1. I have it forever engrained in my head “your body cannot hold stress/tension when you have a calm, rhythmic breath” from my yoga teacher. Think of how this will help you in labour and afterwards Smile

9- Sense of community – You can chat with other Mom’s, meet new people and connect with those you might not otherwise meet.

10 – Nurturing time – like #7 this is time for you and baby only. Time to slow down, not rush and just be present in your practice.


Did you carve pumpkins this  year, if so what did your carve?

Do you practice yoga? What is the number one benefit for you?

Workout Wednesday

I wonder how many more weekly workout posts I will have? I have talked a little about my post baby fitness plans, but being as I have never had a baby before they are fairly loose.

Right now I know I am giving my body at least 6 weeks off to heal. My plan is start up a workout routine in the new year if all is a-okay to do so. I am hoping that plan includes half marathon training for May. Between when Baby K makes her appearance and the new year I will take it day by day, maybe there will be some walks in there and light weights but maybe not. Like I said I have no idea what to expect and therefore little expectations.

With my extra time this week I am doing smaller, easier workouts each day.

Sunday – 30 minute treadmill walk. Chest & Triceps – same as usual.

Monday – 3km treadmill walk (just over 30 mins) – to change things up I simply increase the incline every 5 minutes, then back to zero incline for the cool down. Biceps and Shoulders.

Tuesday – 3km treadmill walk – kept it easier at walked between 3-3.4mph. Upper back, 2 sets of 12 of: Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug (10lbs), Fireman Row (10lbs), in between each exercise I did cat-cow stretches which feels awesome on my (poor) back these days.

Wednesday – 75 minutes prenatal yoga class.

Thursday – 30 minutes treadmill walk and the “Perfect Prenatal Circuit Workout” from Fit Pregnancy

Friday – 3km treadmill walk with incline climb and legs day.

Saturday – Rest day.

Plans for today include:

– Cleaning out my kitchen cupboards

– Taking clothes to Plato’s Closet

– Taking my brother to school

– Stopping by my work – to kill time since my brother’s class is only an hour

– Making a freezer meal

– If time – making lactation cookies (source), working on design stuff for a friend’s baby shower and web stuff for my Mom.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Random questions today: What is your favorite type of cookie? Would you choose cake, a cookie or pie if you had to choose one?

Plain old chocolate chip cookies are my favourite and I would choose cookies for sure. Not a cake or a pie fan.

Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! After a long day at work yesterday (8:30am-10:00pm) I am a tad tired this morning but still going – only THREE more days of work left. Ahh!!

Workouts this week are being kept quick and easy since it is a crazy week. Gala last night, yoga tonight, and another work event tomorrow till 9pm at least…

Here is what I have done/planned to do this week:

Sunday – 30 minute treadmill walk (started at 3.0mph and got up to 3.6mph!), chest and triceps (3 sets of each):

– Chest flys on incline bench – 10lbs

– Chest Press on incline bench – 10lbs

– Triceps kickback – 10 each side – 5lbs

– Tricep extensions – 15 – 10lbs

Monday – 30 minute treadmill hill walk:

Warm Up – 5 minutes 3.2mph at 1 incline

3.4 mph – Every 5 minutes increase incline by 1 (up to 4)

Cool Down – 5 minutes 3.2mph at 1 incline

Shoulders and Biceps (3 sets of each)

– Lateral shoulder raises – 15 – 10lbs

– Dumbbell upright row – 10- 20lbs

– Hammer curls – 20 – 5lbs

– Bicep curls – 20 – 5lbs

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 75 minute prenatal yoga

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 30 minutes treadmill walk from fit pregnancy, legs day (3 sets of each):

– Pile squats – 20 plus – I do as many as I can

– Calf Raises – 15

– Walking lunges – 15

– Standing leg lifts – 15 each side

I also came across this 10 minute prenatal lower body workout as used a few moves in the above workout but might follow this video next week.

Saturday – Rest


What is your favorite lower body exercise?

I love squats!

Workout Wednesday

It is my first official week of home workouts! I am enjoying being at home and not heading out to the gym plus it seems to save some time – even though out gym is a 5 minute drive away.

Sunday – Home workout – 30 minute treadmill walk. I did a 3 minute warm up at 3.2mph then hit it into high gear at 3.6mph 😉 My cool down was 5 minutes and took me down to 3.0mph.

Chest and Triceps – 3 sets of 15 for each:

Incline Chest Flys – 10lbs

Chest Press – 20lbs

Tricep Extensions – 10lbs

Bent-over Row – 10lbs (each arm)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Home workout – 30 minute treadmill walk. I kept my speed lower today – between 3.0-3.2mph. I will tell you more on why in the Baby K update next week. Nothing big though.

Shoulders, and biceps  3 sets of 15 of each:

Lateral (Shoulder) Raises – 10lbs

Hammer Curls – 5lbs (20 reps of both arms at the same time)

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press – 20lbs

21’s – 5lbs – both arms at the same time

Wednesday – Prenatal Yoga class

Thursday – Home workout – (Another) 30 minute treadmill walk.


Squats – Lots of squats! These help to induce labour naturally. I basically do as many as I an in a set. No weight or anything.

Walking Lunges – 10 each leg, 3 sets

Calf Raises (off step) – 15 reps, 3 sets

Ballet Legs – (description here) – 3 sets of 15 each leg

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 30 minute treadmill walk if I feel like it.

Since I am now at home working out I am trying some new workouts from different sources, online from magazines like fit pregnancy, Pinterest and blogs as well as making up my own mini workouts as I go. As you can see I prefer splitting up my days into different parts of workout vs doing total body days. I find these gives my muscles the most rest before working them out again.


Where do you get your workouts from?

Do you like splitting up your day based on muscles or total body days more?