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Weekend Recap

And just like that we have two days of October left! There is still no snow outside so fingers it crossed says that way for a couple more weeks 😉


We had Avery’s playschool Halloween party. She is being a vampire this year which shocked us that she was not a princess but she said she had to be something spooky 😉

Not too spooky 😉

All the other girls were princesses and I thought she might be upset but she did not care, only when someone called her Batgirl – then she snapped “a vampire” back haha.

Friday night my Mom, my brother’s girlfriend, Avery and I headed to the craft sale. Avery did some shopping damage but we did find some gifts too!

Some of our haul:


We started our day with the last swim lesson and both girls did great. Avery will repeat this lesson since she missed doing a few things (like wearing a life jacket) which is fine since I would have her repeat regardless. Hopefully in Arizona we get lots of pool time in!

After errands and nap time we headed out for flu shots. Avery was fine with it and I thought for sure last minute she would loose it. But nope, she chatted to the nurse, watched her prep the needles while holding her sleeve down for the needle. She is oddly obsessed with needles and anything medical related so this is not usual for her. She took the needle without a tear or whine which earned her Smarties 😉 Chloe let out one scream and that was about it. Lets hope immunizations in a few weeks go as good!

We did a couple park stops on the way home, one a new barrier free playground and the other to go down a big slide:

We did not do much that night, watched a movie and headed to bed early!


I woke up to howling wind and saw it was 50km/hr gusts so there went our run outside. Instead we both did treadmill runs, me at home and Chad at the gym.

On Chad’s way home he stopped for some treats, coffee and cinnamon buns – I had been craving cinnamon buns for days!

I went a little stir crazy not getting out all day but we kept busy with my Grandma visiting, finishing my dresser, playing in sensory bins, baking brownies and carving pumpkins with my Mom, brother and his girlfriend.

Chloe was a tad crazy all day – I seriously need to find a way she can burn off energy this winter!

Finished pumpkins, carving with Chloe around was a challenge 😉