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Mud Hero Recap

I say it every year but this is one the most fun and well organized races we run! This was me and Chad’s fourth year doing it!

Past years:

2013, 7 months pregnant with Avery:

MH 2013


MH 214

2015, a week before I found out I was pregnant with Chloe!

2015 MH

We are lucky that Mud Hero holds it Alberta event right in our city and now only a few minutes from our house. The location could not be better in my opinion.

This year I was lucky enough to be a social ambassador for the race as well as for one of their sponsors, Columbia. I had no problems jumping on the opportunity since it is such a fun race that is for everyone. I also got to test out some pretty sweet Columbia gear for the race:


This year they also added an Ultra race that was an additional 4km for a total of 10km. Chad was (of course) all over this and transferred over once he heard about it, the process to transfer was easy-peasy.

I ran on the Saturday (the event is on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) at the 10:30am heat. I always love this time since you can finish before the sun gets too hot but still not be rushing in the morning to get there. We always aim to be there about an hour ahead. This year they made some changes to registration making it even better, you signed waivers online beforehand so at the check-in you just agreed to it again on a mini iPad then you got your race package.


Our races packages consisted of a shirt and headband with our race number on it. I actually made a comment on the way to the race that I hoped they had new shirts since past years have been the same and they did (see below), as well instead of bibs that just get dirty and make it hard to see your number they moved to the headband (like Spartan) which I think was a great idea. You also have your timing chip for your shoe that after can be traded in for a free beer or cooler – bonus! You also get free photos from the race, and every year I find at least 3-4 great shots of us!


After I got all checked in I checked out some of their sponsor booths as well as their Mud Mall where you can buy some more Mud Hero swag.


I had a $50 credit for being an ambassador at the Mud Mall so my friend and I got tanks and sunglasses. The tanks were only $20 and probably already a favourite since it fits be perfectly!


Plus the colour is pretty awesome too. I think all the swag at the Mud Mall was very well priced for the quality.

Soon we were lined up to get ready to run, I was running with two friends and we just were in it to have fun. Side note – Chad is a mud run beast so we never run together at these things even if we run the same day!

The 6km course takes you through 18 obstacles, from mud pits, to water slides, climbing walls, cargo net climbs and the dreaded Hamburger Hill. Over the years I have learned a few tricks of my own:

1- On climbing obstacles just move, do not look down!! I hate heights so this key for me!

2 – On the Kong cargo net climb – log roll your way across!

3 – In mud pits do not stop, you will get stuck!

4 – On the hill just keep going and look a few feet in front of you!




The course ends with a series of mud pits (first photo above) which I swear they add to every year to make sure you are extra muddy 😉 Chad had every intention on getting photos of me but someone (Avery) had to pee so they missed me! He caught me after though:


I finished at 1:10 which is my usual finish time!

After some photos we all headed to the showers. They also improved the showers back to the overhead ones this year – YAY!! They had a lot of pressure making it much easier to clean off and faster.

The event has a beer garden area that also has food and a live band – we did not go in after Saturday but Sunday we did to redeem our free drinks and enjoyed the live band!

Lets talk a bit about my Columbia gear since it was AWESOME. I wore the Conspiracy Titanium Outdry shoes and noticed a huge difference in my traction in the mud. Areas where people where sliding I did not at all. I have only ever worn old runners to this event and never again – this shoes are key!

20160806_181209 (1)

I also wore Columbia Trail Flash Capris. I always stick to crops in this race to prevent my legs from being too banged up. These crops were a mid rise which is key since you do not want your pants falling down from the weight of the mud! I was apprehensive to wear them in case they did not come clean but they cleaned up in one wash!

My other gear that came in handy for after the race as well as spectating was the Kambi Vent sandal (SO comfy!) and the Titanium Outdry rain jacket.


Now to talk about the Ultra on Sunday. It added 7 obstacles and 4km, including more hills (and steeper ones), a peg wall climb, a higher wall climb and more. The race was $10 more than the 6km and your shirt and medal both said Ultra/10km on them. Chad ran at 12:30 Sunday but their wave was late so he actually went at 12:45.


I had no idea how long he would be but guessed 90 minutes. I watched for him 1km from the end and when I did not see him we dashed to the bathroom so we would not miss him finish – and guess what? We missed him!!!


His shirt turned into a dress!!

Like I said he is a beast, he finished in 1 hour, 17 minutes, 15th overall (458 people ran the Ultra) and second in his category.

He loved the Ultra and said he will be back next year for sure – as will I but I love my fun 6km one! Registration is already open here, so make sure you register early to save money and get your desired heat time! This is a race you will not regret doing!


Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to run this race at no charge, as well Columbia products at no charge in exchange for my honest promotion and thoughts on the event and gear. All opinions are my own.

Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend, lots of sun and I was spoiled for Mother’s Day yesterday 🙂


We stole my brother for the day, first we went for Vietnamese food for lunch then Avery and him went home so she could nap and Chloe and I headed to my hair appointment. I did not do anything crazy, just a trim!

In the afternoon we headed to pick up our race packages, then went to a park by our house. Avery ran laps around it with another little girl there then when she left made my brother run around with her.


We BBQ’ed for supper, I helped my brother apply for some more jobs then he left and we called it a night basically.


We picked up my Mom and headed to the race.

The girls ready to go, Avery loving hard on Chloe as usual…


As soon as we got there Avery saw princess bouncy houses, I did not think she would go in but I was wrong, she did and loved it.


Then was mad when we had to go for the run!

Us ready to run!


Chloe stayed with Chad, she loves the Ergo!


We walked the 5km, did a few little runs to past people and then ran the last 100m or so and finished in just under an hour. We grabbed some snacks and then hung out on the grass until Avery’s race. It is such a great event (Only Women’s Fitness Mother’s Day run) and I was happy to see they added a little boys race this year too. You get so much swag, coupons and after there are a ton of vendors, even Chopped Leaf was there with a ton of food! Chad even commented it was one the best smaller races he has been too. It is one we would never miss for sure!

Avery did great at her race and ran all 100m! So proud of her! Then she told us later she was actually running from the bear and monkey (mascots), oh Avery!


Avery played in the bouncy house more and finally I convinced her to go with chips…mom of the year. She fell asleep on our way home, big morning for her!


I power cleaned the house while the girls napped & Chad ran errands. I had bought Avery and me new gardening gloves and she insisted on pulling weeds later so we went outside and tackled the front bed. It was landscaped when we moved in BUT they did not put down any landscape fabric – GRRR. So we have to re-do it anyways.


Chloe love being outside and just sleeps of chills out in her bouncy chair.


Poor girl lost some hair the past few days and now sports a receding hairline 😉

Chad treated me to a grapefruit mojito as an early Mother’s Day kick off and we made fish tacos for supper.


We both fell asleep by 10pm, woke up Chad fed Chloe her bottle and we headed to bed – party animals.


Our morning kicked off with the return of workouts (for me)! Well kinda, I did some of Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy DVD while the girls watched and Avery worked out too 😉


I did a lot of modifications and shortened the reps to ease into it. I feel pretty good so am just listening to my body and easing into things for now until I see my doctor.

Chad made us brunch of pancakes, turkey bacon and Mimosas!


I forgot to share my gifts, I did not request anything but Chad bought me a potted flower for the deck, and a new smoothie cup from Starbucks. Avery picked out this card from her…


She thinks it is her card though!

My girls 🙂 How did I get this lucky?!

IMG_8090 IMG_8092

Oh and the real miracle of the weekend? Avery let me do her hair! I think it aged her a couple years!


In the afternoon Chloe and I headed to my friend’s baby shower for a few hours and everyone commented how she is a great baby, she got lots of cuddles and I got to visit with friends so it was a great afternoon.

The rest of our evening was spent having my family over for dessert, and normal Sunday things – baths, laundry and blogging!

The cake Avery picked for dessert:





Weekend Recap

I am sitting here writing this while it is pouring rain out. There was some sun this weekend but the rain and storms have been daily. I hope this week gets nicer out!


After a quick supper we picked up my race package and had Menchies – oh I ate too many sweets this weekend, time for a sugar detox. I feel like we did more that night but forget now!


My race did not start till 9:30am which was nice so we did not have to be up quite as early. Going into this race I did not expect much. When I signed up I decided to only do the 10km because I did not feel committed enough to run a half marathon. BUT the downside of that was I just did not train at all. 10km is a pretty comfortable distance to me and I usually run 10km every Sunday now.

Pre-race with Avery:


The race itself was a small town race, we were placed weird at the start, 21km first the the 10km then the 5km started after. This was a tad annoying but being that it was a smaller race it did not cause issues for me. The cool part was we started the parade off, so the first 1-2km was ran along the parade route! Cool BUT at the same time it got everyone going a little too fast off the start – me included. Soon after we got off the parade route I settled into a 5 minute a km pace. My friend ran with me for over 6km which was awesome to pass time by. I noticed a huge difference in how fast the race went by versus my last 10km race because of this.

The last 1km I saw two ladies in front of me and made it my mission to pass them. But I just could not get them! Until I saw the finish line, then I got passed one but not the other. This is when I realize how competitive I can be.

My official race time was 50:43, which was 2nd in my category and 6th for gender overall. All in all I was pretty happy with this. One day I will break 50 minutes!

While I was running Chad and Avery met my Grandma for the parade. YES My child has the messiest hair ever – I give up.



Afterwards we stuck around for the prizing…I got socks. LOL.


By that time it was way past naptime for Avery so we hit  a drive thru for coffee and headed home.

The rest of our day was spent doing errands, getting groceries, getting stuck in a storm at the grocery store, having a dance party since it was raining out and baking cookies.



Later that night we watched Mom’s Night Out which I thought was a cute movie about motherhood.


Our morning was spent doing our respective Pump workouts and watching our little tornado aka toddler – seriously how is the dayhome always SO neat? She tears about our house in seconds. I decided on french toast for brunch, made with help from Avery.


Avery had a short nap (only an hour) and after we went and ran more errands, picked raspberries at a friends and checked out a showhome which I am in love with.

My little berry lover:


I owe this girl for all the raspberries we stole!


AND we found Miss Avery her big girl bedding. It was exactly what I wanted, not too girly and still matches her room:



It was my Mom’s birthday supper and I knew it would be a challenge with Avery not having a great nap. She goes into complete crazy mode and nothing stops her. I was right and supper was well, a challenge but we made it through – just with no photos! I only had one drink but almost wished I had more Winking smile


Weekend Recap

Such a beautiful weekend! I really love fall days when the weather gets hot still but the mornings and evenings cool right down. So much better that endless hot nights in the summer. But word is that the snow is coming this week, already… ack.


We met Chad for Food Truck Friday for lunch, I have not been in a while and since it was a nice day I figured we would go not knowing when we would get there again. Our afternoon was spent at the park:


Avery LOVES the swings. We better get in all the swinging we can now!

That night we stayed home, and caught up and Big Brother Smile


Since we had plans all day Sunday I got in my run first thing in the morning. Being my taper week my long run was 10km for this week which was a nice change. I had a good run, despite my legs being really tired from a new workout Friday. However, I stepped off a curb funny and kind of rolled my ankle. I thought nothing of this since it did not bother me at all.

The day was spent running errands, doing chores and laundry, another park trip and then watching The Fault In Our Stars that night – so good by the way, just as good as the book.

About my ankle, around supper I touched it and instantly felt tons of pain. It went all the way up my leg and for the rest of the evening I could not put weight on it and it throbbed. I was sure I would wake up Sunday and it’d be okay.


Our alarm went off at 5:45am to get ready and head out of town to Drumheller for the Tough Mudder race. Unfortunately, my ankle/foot was not better and I was hobbling around.

We picked up my brother just after 7am and headed out. On our way we saw a really bad accident and turned out to be a fatality. So sad, the first time I have seen one that bad. The drive was around 2 hours so we got to Drumheller at 9:30am.

Originally we had requested the 10am heat but were bumped to 10:40am which worked out better. Parking was an additional $15 but was well organized and a short walk. We got to the check in areas and all checked in. As a spectator I had to buy a $20 ticket ahead of time to watch the event. I still think this is crazy since there is nothing I see that comes from this $20 and see it as a money grab, especially considering registration was $130. Check in was smooth and not a lot of lines. The boys marked themselves, met up with my brother’s friends and I took a before photo:


They requested Avery in the photo Smile 

We watched them warm-up then take off, they did a couple laps around this track before doing their first mud pit where they crawled under obstacles.


After that I decided me and Avery would take the longer spectator route to see if we could get more photos. Luckily for us we met another girl and her little girl doing the same thing. We paired up and walked to the next view point to see if we could catch everyone (she was also watching her husband).

Luckily, we saw them just as we got to the next good viewing area:


Such pretty views of the coulees too!


The spectator map was not the best to follow so we made a guess on where to go next and ended up at a great obstacle, the ice dip one. There was a huge line so we both caught our husbands in line and said hi then took turns taking photos and watching the girls.


chad ice

After Chad and my brother said this was one of the worst obstacles, that it was so cold it hurt and since it got backed up in the pool too you got stuck in there. This was around 6.5km our of 16.5km and spectators were not allowed past this point. While it was probably for safety reasons it still made me a little annoyed since we paid to see only a few obstacles.

The next area we could go to was the plank walk at 15.5km. They had to walk a plank out then jump from it (about 10 feet high) into a mud pool. This terrified me just watching it! Since it would be a bit I took this time to go change Avery and feed her lunch. Then we went back to meet up with our new friends. Soon after her husband came through, she got her photos and I said I would go to the finish line then too. I have missed Chad a few times at the finish lines so I did not want to risk it again! So no plank walk photos Sad smile

Right before the finish line is the electro-shock, where there was wires hanging that shocked you as you went through. Since we watched for a bit I knew that the guys were in for, the shocks would send people right down to the mud, only for them to get up and shocked more. Ouch.

The guys decided it’d be a team effort, slow and steady wins the race right?


Okay, maybe not after a couple shocks…


Chad got shocked about 5 times total which he said made his whole body got stiff and just want to fall. Imagine, people pay to do this Winking smile

All the guys finished in ONE piece, photo evidence:

After shot

From what I could see the shower lines were not bad and that went quickly, then they cleaned up and went to get their free beers. They would not let me in with Avery (another compliant since I have done this in other races) so we waited outside the beer gardens so they could enjoy their hard earned beers.

The race was not timed nor did it comes with medals, they said this is because it is a challenge not a race. Chad was bummed about this and I bet lots of competitive people were but from what I saw the overall feeling during the race was very laid back and everyone was helping each other out versus focusing on their own times.

They did get pretty nice Under Armour tech shirts which made Chad a lot happier and fancy orange (sweat) headbands.

I think both Chad and Tanner will do it again, and yes, I will pay the $20 to watch while I do not think it is fair. I would be much happier if they at least gave each $130 registration fee a free spectator ticket.

After a long trip back home we showered, had a quick supper and all went to bed. It was another great weekend and next weekend it is my race!

PS Good news – after walking on my foot all day it felt WAY better. So weird! And we made new friends, they are from out of town but we exchanged numbers to hopefully hang out again sometime Smile


Hello May

Well May 1st brought up sun and a high of 10, I will take it from the 2 it was yesterday…and this weekend I hear it might be in the 20’s!

It was also a great day with Baby K’s 12 week appointment, all is well but you will have to wait for more details until the weeks 10-12 post in a few days… I am tease I know.

In April I did set some goals and had to look back at them today, I couldn’t remember them! Oops…

1- Drink more water. Well since it was on the “aversion” list this did not go so well, but I tried as best as I could! I can get back on track with this now.

2- Spend more time outside. I blame the weather here, it has not been nice. We did get out for a couple walks on the nice days/nights though!

3- Get 8 hours of sleep a night. CHECK, more like 9 😉

4- Finish those pillowcases! CHECK J

5- Get back running. Well I wanted to run outside to train for my 10km on May long weekend but the weather foiled that plan. I did start running mid month doing 5-6km 1-2 times a week. I am running 10 & 1’s so not too bad. My race on the long weekend looks less and less of a possibility every day. I could do it in reality but do not feel ready, and really am in not in the mood to push myself to get ready or feel like crap doing the race not prepared. I was also asked to volunteer for the race which I loved doing last year, so we will see what I decided.

I decided that May will be a goal-less month, in a sense, I want to start a summer list like we do every year, and get going on my 30 by 30 list and those will keep me busy enough, oh and getting ready for Baby K!

A few things I do plan to do this month:

– Go on a date day to Edmonton (this weekend)

– Plan and hopefully plant my garden and flowers

– Go to the Farmer’s Market

– Have a awesome 30th birthday party for Chad

One other challenge from April was the Crest Pro Health Challenge. I am happy to say I feel I did very well. I got in a better dental routine, but still sometimes I would forget the nighttime floss but it is better than where I was a month ago! As for my dental health, did it improve? Not really, my teeth were good before and still are the same. Maybe if I can keep with this routine longer I will notice some differences. Here is a little graphic on dental health I received from Crest to share:



Any thoughts on my race on the long weekend?

What is on your May to do list?