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Races – Bucket List

As I sit here 34 weeks pregnant all I can think of is running. I mean, I am “running” these days but as you can all imagine it is not a true run. To say I am ready to be running again is an understatement, but sadly that is about 2.5 months away due to my c-section recovery time. But in the mean time I can still talk and dream about running and races 🙂

In no specific order here is my race bucket list:

1 – Disneyland Half Marathon AGAIN. We ran this race in 2011 and hands down it was the best experience ever, worth every penny. I had planned to run it this year but with the dollar not being great I cannot justify the exchange. But we both have agreed we will be back to run it again.

Disneyland Marathon

2 – Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I have heard only great things about this race and course. I was SO close to registering for it a couple years ago but other plans got in the way. We love Victoria, and being that it is in Canada I am hoping I can get to this race within the next two years.

3 – Phoenix Marathon. For years we made an annual trip to Arizona since my in-laws are snow-birds but the last two years life has got in the way so we have not made it south. We love going down there and have a ton of family so it is only fitting I make this race happen. Our plan is to go next year and this race is at the end of February when we usually travel there so maybe this will be my 2017 race!

Last Phoenix trip, Avery was only 3,5 months old!


4 – TCS New York City Marathon. Probably the longest shot of them all, between the distance to NYC, the cost and ability to get a spot in this race but it is a still on my list. I think the experience alone would make it amazing and NYC is pretty awesome too 😉

5- Rock n Roll Marathon Series. No specific location but these races look like a blast! I am all about the experience when travelling for a race and keeping it fun. I think I could even convince Chad to do one of these with me!


What is on your race bucket list?


2015 Review

2015 turned out to be a big year for us. We went into the year not expecting any huge changes but welcomed a couple with open arms!


Avery started walking!! She took her time but took off running once she started.


One of my all time favourite photos of Avery and I:


Chad and Avery out sledding:



We kept busy in the cold winter month with a now running toddler, and lots of crafts. Photos proved to be much more difficult with a toddler that did not stand still 😉

We had a low key Valentines Day at home with pizza and wine aka perfection 🙂



I started getting more into yoga and decided on a few personal goals, the first one was being able to do a headstand:



I found myself loving being back at work full time and we all found our new normal of dayhome, work and family life.


The snow started to melt (woohoo) and we got outside more and more:


Avery’s sink obsession started…she still is obsessed with being in it/playing in it today.

IMG_5415I did my first round of the Les Mills Pump program and became hooked on Beachbody!



We had so much fun at Easter, from crafts, decorating eggs, Easter morning and hosting brunch it was awesome.

IMG_5509 IMG_5528

Easter is actually a favourite holiday of mine!

The weather was pretty nice and we even got out to enjoy Avery’s water table (her Easter gift)!



Avery turned 18 months!

Gap 2015

We celebrated Mothers Day with a run/walk and Avery’s first race!

FB me and Avery MD 20150509_102711 20150509_085033

I ran my first race of the year, Woody’s 10km and came in just over 51 minutes.

Woody's RV-Candid-61

I also spent my first night away from Avery when I was out of town for work for a weekend! Avery and Chad did great, of course 🙂



Avery got her first bike, so we spent a lot of time outside riding it:

avery on bike

Avery became obsessed with sheep/goats at her first petting zoo:


Family bike rides started up again:


Chad and I went to Calgary to run the Colour Me Rad 5km:


And we left on our first long road trip with Avery to BC to see Chad’s Mom:



We kicked off July in BC:

Canada Day fam 1

IMG_6069 A windy boat 20150630_105309

After Canada Day I left on my own mini holiday, a yoga and wine retreat with a friend!

FB_IMG_1436194818261 FB_IMG_1435977460198 20150704_140422

To say I had fun is an understatement!

We spent all our free time outside:




We went to the fair, Avery’s goat obsession continued:


I ran another 10km race, beating me time from May by a minute!


Secretly the last week of July was a BIG one for us, we put an offer on our dream house and days later were shocked to find out I was pregnant!


I hate keeping secrets so this month was so hard for me! Our house offer was accepted and I felt normal all month and thought maybe I got to skip the whole pregnancy sickness thing – HA.

We ran Mud Hero:


Enjoyed more hot summer days:

20150803_141017 20150731_143856

IMAG1768 20150823_143548

And ran a family fun 5km race:



A crazy month for us! We made the big announcement that Baby K2 is due in April:


I turned 31, we celebrated 5 years of marriage and went to Hawaii!


IMG_6593 20150915_071504 IMG_6748

Oh and we ran the Spartan Super!



We checked off all the fall activities this month!

Going to a pumpkin patch/Jungle Farm:


Avery was only a “little” excited when a sheep licked her:


Hosted Thanksgiving, did Halloween crafts, painted/carved pumpkins and of course went trick or treating!


Avery was not sure of the dressing up part until she realized it meant candy!

My bump slowly started to appear:



Avery turned two!! We had a smaller party at the house:


And we found out that Baby #2 is a GIRL!!

edited 8


We had a quiet December which was nice since we had a busy Christmas week!

One of my favourite (to date) photos of Avery:


Christmas 2015, I think this photo of Avery is hilarious!

IMG_7420 IMG_7407

And that brings us to 2016, I have a post talking more my goals for the year coming next week!






Running for FUN – Spartan Races

Last week Kaella tagged me in a Instagram post on why I run, with so many reasons running through my head I picked me top ones to share back. One of those was:

“I run because it is fun.”

Such a simple but true statement. Not every run has to be (nor should it be) a training run, or a serious race. Like anything you should have fun running. I know some of my best times have been spent running with friends and family and at fun races.

In recent years there has been an explosion of different kinds of runs/races which makes me all too happy, well, it does not make my wallet happy but I love getting out for these types of events. One of the first ones we participated in a few years ago was a Spartan Race. Spartan races are obstacles races and they currently have three distances; Sprint (5km), Super (13+km) and Beast (20+km). I know a Beast is on Chad’s bucket list!

In 2012 we went to Calgary to do the Sprint (5km) distance and had a blast!

spartan 2012

So much so we registered for the following year for the Super (13+km) when we heard it was coming to Red Deer. Chad participated in it but I had to opt since I was 8 months pregnant at the time!

Chad spartan 2013

This year is my redemption when we both run the Super in September here in Red Deer. I cannot wait! I hope to keep up with Chad for it but he is a lot better than me at these races for obvious reasons. Either way it will be a blast and totally pushes me outside my comfort zone. Word is there is a swimming portion and I do NOT swim.

Now for the really exciting news, Spartan contacted  me last week to giveaway a FREE entry to an Eastern or Western Spartan race! AND give all my readers a 15% discount code for any race by using the code AROO15!

These races are so much fun and the best part is they are really for everyone. You can go at your pace and do what you are comfortable with, though from experience you might be doing burpess when you fail to do an obstacle 😉

Since the Spartan’s goal is to help people lead happier, healthier and more productive lives for the chance to win a free entry to a race tell me how you have fun and stay active at the same time in the comments. The giveaway will close Sunday, May 10th at 8:00pm MST and the winner will be announced on Monday, May 11th.


Liebster Award – Running Edition

Happy Saturday! You don’t usually hear from my on weekends do you? Well, yesterday Kaella nominated me for a Liebster Award and since she is an awesome mommy and runner (and lives semi close to us) I had to play along.

You all know the rules with this award so lets get to the questions Smile

1. Why did you start running?

Not sure really, I ran here and there and then in January 2009 I decided to train for my first half marathon with a friend, and from there I was hooked!

2. What’s been your most memorable race and why?

This is a toss up, my first half marathon will always be in my heart, I loved every 42.2km of it (no joke) and crossing that finish line after months of tough training was certainly bitter sweet. But then there was the Disneyland Half Marathon me and Chad drove to Anaheim to run, not only was it an awesome road trip but the race itself was something words cannot describe, so many supporters, the atmosphere – we cannot wait to run it again!

3. Would you ever run professionally?

No, I like it as a hobbie and never want to feel like I have to do it, then it’d be a job Winking smile

4. What’s one piece of running gear you’d love to own if money wasn’t an issue?

More shoes! haha. I am in love with so many shoes out there, but at $150 a pair I usually only have two on the go at a time.

5. Tell me about your very first race?

I might have a 5km or two before my first half in May 2009 but do not really remember them. So my first race that I remember was the Woody’s RV Half Marathon in May 2009. It was the perfect weather, semi cool, and I had a goal to run it in under 2 hours, I finished in 1:58 and was pretty proud of myself Smile

6. Who inspires you?

My Mom – she raised three pretty awesome kids all on her own, and since having my own baby I have NO idea how she did it,

7. Where would you love to run a race?

NYC, along the ocean (which I am hoping to do in Victoria this fall) and another Disney race.

8. What’s your ultimate goal for running?

To enjoy it, run cause I want to and not cause I have to.

9. Do you prefer to run with friends or solo?

I love to run with people for longer runs (over 10km), but for shorter runs I am a solo runner for sure.

10. What brand of running shoes do you wear?

Mizuno’s (Wave Riders) all the way, and Nike Free’s here and there.

11. If you could use one word to describe how running makes you feel, what would it be?

Blessed – that I can run, so many factors play into this, so many people cannot for different reasons and to me very little beats I beautiful run outside.

Because I always cheat with these awards I won’t tag people BUT I want to know some of the above answers from YOU!


If you could use one word to describe how running makes you feel, what would it be?

What’s been your most memorable race and why?

What’s one piece of running gear you’d love to own if money wasn’t an issue?

Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Or on here, happy Workout Wednesday Smile

I do not have too much to share today, Avery is still doing great after her shots, if anything she is sleeping more – yes, lucky us! Yesterday we made a trip to Once Upon A Child (best store ever for kid clothes!) and spent $30 to get Avery some clothes for when we go south, I’d say we did pretty good:


I did not want to spend tons of money since some of the stuff she might only wear on holidays since she might be able to wear it here by the time we get summer.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday also to get a couple fillings done – remember when they denied doing them when I was pregnant? Yeah, finally got those done… Just happy they are taken care of Smile First fillings in probably 20 years.

Okay onto the workouts:

Sunday – 5km run (still doing 8 minutes running and 2 minutes walking for the 5km) and upper body workout

Monday – REST

Tuesday – Mom and Baby Yoga

Wednesday – 5km run

Thursday – Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy DVD

Friday – 30 minute run and lower body workout

Saturday – REST


Lets talk races… anyone signed up for anything fun?

I have a few I am registered for so far, the Color Me Rad 5km run, the Calgary Half Marathon and the Mud Hero race. I am planning on running another big race before the end of the year too Smile