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Road Trippin’with a Toddler

A few weeks ago we took Avery on her first road trip as a toddler. To say I wasn’t worried would be a lie. I know it is hard for me to sit for 10+ hours let alone a 20 month old toddler! We were both shocked at how well she made out. She had a few small tantrums each way that lasted maybe 5 minutes, and we did not have to make an emergency landings Winking smile

I made sure to do a few small things ahead of time to make the best out of our trip. Here is what I did to help Avery enjoy “the ride” a bit more:

1 – Pack snacks. What toddler does not love snacks?! I am a tad anal about Avery NOT having food in the carseat to avoid messes so was careful as to what I packed for her. Cheerios, peppers, fruit bars, and milk/water in spill proof cups – all which she did very good with.

2 –Bring all books! I keep 4-5 in the car at all times but I also let her pack some in her backpack to have some favourites. I made sure this backpack was accessible to myself and her right beside her carseat.


3 – Let them pick out a favourtie toy or two to bring. I asked Avery what she wanted to bring and made sure it was something easy to play with well in her seat. She picked her baby. She would dance with it to the music, and cuddle with it. If she got fussy, I could toss it back to her and it would help.

4 – Bring the iPad (or similar). We try and not let Avery use the iPad too often at home but for a road trip it was great. Before we left we downloaded a couple movies, Frozen (we had a free download for it) and her favourite Barney sing and dance movie.


She would watch maybe 15-20 minutes at a time before tossing it beside her.

5 – Make them comfortable. Have comfort items (soother, blanket etc) close by them and accessible to you as well. Make sure you have a sun shade up so that the sun is not bothering them too much.

6 – Stop. Do not plan to drive for 4-5 hours straight. We stopped 3 times in the 10 hour hour, spacing them out to every 2.5 hours. We planned stops around meal times and if she was sleeping we kept driving!

Family selfie on a stop:


If possible we made stops where Avery could run a bit and burn off some energy. Most of our stops were 15-20 minutes.

Avery did so well that we decided that next summer we will try to plan another road trip, but a much bigger one over a few weeks. If it all works out it will be a trip to remember for sure!


Holiday Recap

I’m back!! We all feel rested after a week long stay in BC, though happy to be home. I took way too many photos & feel there’s so much to share with you all!

We planned this trip to go see Chad’s Mom who moved a year and a half ago out to Pentiction, BC and then the stars aligned I also joined my yoga studio on a 2 day wine & unwind retreat. The drive is just around 9 hours but with a toddler it took us just over 10 (that’s a whole other post!).

Our week was fairly low key, we spent afternoons by the pool, rented a boat on Canada Day, watched fireworks, did a little shopping and checked out a few different towns.

We had a little scare on Canada Day when Avery fell off a lounger chair backwards and hit her head on the brick patio. The fall was short, under a foot, but I took her into emergency to be on safe side. It was a very fast trip, she checked out fine and they told me to watch her for a day or so. She had no concussion symptoms and not even a bump! We feel very lucky with our little monkey!

Now I’ll let the photos do the talking:

Family selfie on route:


Chad’s Mom house:


Our first day there is rained a bit and Chad and Avery played in the rain, she was not a fan!

chad and avery rain


Avery LOVED their “kitty cat”, finally a cat she can pet, and kiss, and carry…and hug… poor kitty!


We spent a day at the beach in Pentiction, Avery loved throwing sand at Chad…toddlers.

chad and Avery beach me and A beach 20150630_105309

My little beach bum!

On Canada Day we rented a boat and spent the day cruising the Okanagan lake. It was a tad rough and windy to start out but got better, it was SO hot, 38 degrees!

IMG_6099 me and A boat

A windy boat Avery boat

chad ski

Our best attempts at a family photo on Canada Day:

IMG_6145 Canada Day fam 1

Chilling by the pool with cold treats (this is the chair she fell off of):

chad and A on lounger

With me in the pool:


On a walk to a nearby “lake”:

20150702_101811 20150702_101053

Avery had a blast just running free in the yard checking out everything, and all the wildlife (deer and birds):

avery tree

It was a very relaxing trip, especially since at their house I had no cell service (haha) and I’m happy we got to visit with Chad’s mom & step dad for the week since we hadn’t seen them since the fall. Avery was pretty awesome on the trip, even though it meant long hours in the car, missed naps and hot, hot weather, we were so proud of her!

Next up, my yoga retreat weekend!


FIRST Road Trip!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend Smile It was a busy one for us, but we had a good one!

Backing up to Friday…

After work Chad stopped by our favourite pizza place (Famoso) and grabbed supper to bring home, I had bought wine and cupcakes (Babycakes) the day before so we were all set for a nice Valentine’s supper at home – WAY better than going out on the actual day in my opinion.


Avery went down for her evening nap so we enjoyed supper while she slept Smile If only we ate at 5:30pm every day! Yeah right…

We finished the night watching a movie after Avery went to bed. The perfect night if you ask me.

Saturday – Chad’s grandparents, and one Aunt and Uncle live about 2.5 hours away from us and they had not yet met Avery so being that his Grandpa and Grandpa are in their mid 80’s we figured we should make the trip there. Avery had yet to be on a road trip so we were not sure how she’d do, around town she does not love her seat some days and has been known to scream from one end of town to the other (about 15 minutes).

Well this is not the best photo but this is how it went the whole way there…


She slept! For about 3 hours since we grabbed lunch quickly too.

We spent the afternoon visiting with his grandparents, one cousin and a great Uncle who turns 100 on the 24th – crazy. Chad’s cousin had a baby two days after Avery was born, he is a “little” bigger than Avery…



Here he is compared to Avery:


LOL, yeah Avery is petite…

For supper his Aunt and Uncle joined us at his grandparents. I get along great with his family so it was a good time. Avery loved meeting everyone and especially flirted with Grandpa which was really nice to see him smile a ton Smile Around 8pm we headed out to his cousin’s to spend the night there. I was semi worried since Avery usually has a bedtime routine of feed, bath, bed and at this time is was an hour after feeding and she was getting fussy… Well it was not horrible but she took awhile to settle, but was asleep for good around 9:30pm. We stayed up too late (1:00am) visiting over wine with his cousin and his girlfriend.

Sunday – Our little alarm clock woke us up at 6:50am – a tad early for me since we went to bed much later than usual. But we wanted to head home after her 10am feeding and Chad’s Aunt was hosting brunch so we got up and started to get ready. His Aunt made yummy pancakes for brunch – I certainly did NOT go hungry this weekend – then we headed back into town to say bye to Grandma and Grandpa before heading home.

Oh and his Aunt bought this cute bunny toque for Avery for next winter:


Sick of Avery photos yet?

Once again Avery slept the entire way home, waking up once we pulled up to the house – how do babies do that?

The rest of Sunday was spent going to the mall looking for a long sleeved rash guard top  for Avery (only one I can find is $30 at Gap), getting groceries, having roasted chickpea tacos for supper and helping my Mom figure out some stuff on her laptop. Oh and Avery had a complete meltdown at my Mom’s – lesson learned, do not let her skip her evening power nap. She even refused to eat!

Monday – I started my day off with a 8km run – longest run to date. It felt so good, especially with a little too much food and sweets over the past few days oh and since we were headed out for more food shortly…

We had brunch with my family at Heritage Ranch for Family Day (stat holiday here) and my Grandma’s birthday. Sadly, my one brother had to leave to work and could not join us Sad smile


Great Grandma and Avery.

The food was amazing as usual, bison sausage, blueberry pancakes, eggs florentine benedict, bread pudding, hashbrowns to name a few things Winking smile

Yeah and no photos I ate it all too quick!

We caught up on chores in the afternoon, and I ran out to (once again) search for a rash guard top for Avery since she is too young for sunscreen for our trip. I had searched everywhere and could only find the one piece suits or the tops in 12 months and up. Makes no sense to me to have them for kids 12 months and up since they can wear sunscreen when babies under 6 months cannot but that is just a side rant Winking smile Today I finally thought “what about Babies R Us?” and sure enough I found one for $13! Perfect. There was also a super cute one I loved at Gap but for $30 I could not justify it when she’ll wear it for a couple weeks.

Supper was a super yummy salad, I started to follow a recipe then went and added my own stuff and it turned out awesome. Kale in a red wine vinegar, evoo, agave and lemon juice dressing. Then I cooked chicken in the same dressing, added strawberries, oranges, avocado, red onion and feta. There was supposed to be candied pecans too but I burnt those…


I ended the night finishing this post, paying bills and catching up on laundry. And one last photo just so everyone knows we still have a cat Winking smile Her favorite place to lay, on Chad:



Our Week Off

Hope everyone has had a good week and weekend, for us it went by way too fast – Monday tomorrow?!

Since I have been away over a week now there is so much to catch up on, I do not know where to start.

Last Saturday I met up with Destini for the first time! She was in Calgary so we had to make the trip south to see her and her husband. So glad we did, we had an awesome lunch at The Coup Smile

2013-08-03 13.55.20

Now they just need to move here so we can see each other more Winking smile

Sunday morning we left on our road trip to Tofino. I had never been that far west before and Chad had a long, long time ago.

Day 1 we drove to Vernon which was pretty uneventful.

Day 2 we had a much shorter drive to Chilliwack – only about 4 hours. Once there we found a lake to hang out at for a few hours (Cultus Lake), then we went to a putting course – as the owner called it “mini golf on steroids”. It was just like a actual golf course but obviously all putting. It was really nice!

2013-08-05 16.37.46

2013-08-05 17.10.18

Day 3 was our ferry ride to the island. My first time on the ferry!

2013-08-06 12.26.30

Nothing too exciting, and no whale sightings Sad smile I also bought myself a fedora at the ferry terminal:


From the ferry to Tofino was ROUGH. These signs are an understatement:

2013-08-08 09.41.35

I get car sick on a good day let alone at 7 months pregnant and almost 3 hours of winding roads were no fun. Once in Tofino I started to feel better. Our accommodation in Tofino was amazing, right on the bay, and the perfect little space:



We enjoyed the sunny patio before heading for supper.


A candid photo from Chad Smile

Before supper we went to inquire on whale tours. I am scared of the water in general and no a fan of boats so when we found a place with a newer, bigger boat I was pretty happy. However, after talking to the guy we were told no whale watching for pregnant ladies…the open ocean can be too choppy I guess. But he sold us on a bear tour since its in the inlets and much calmer waters. We went for supper and then went back to book the tour and it was sold out!!! I was so disappointed, the next tour was for the day we were leaving and this place had also given us a good deal. We decided to go on a hunt for another company and finally found one that had space and was reasonably priced. The only downside – small motor boat… Eeek.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the tour at 7am. The boat was older but totally safe and I was fine the entire time just cold. I had no idea before getting Tofino but it is not a warm place and usually really foggy.

Tofino morning:


Our bear tour was great, we saw 4 black bears, including one cub, lots of bald eagles, seals and jelly fish.



The smaller boat was good since we got way closer to the animals too.

After the tour we went back to warm up – it seriously felt like November to me! Then we went for brunch. I am experiencing the whole pregnancy thing where I am starving, eat a few bites of food and I am stuffed, then an hour later repeat that all over again. Brunch took me about an hour to eat because of this!

We decided to check out a few of the beaches in the afternoon, however the fog was still around and it made for a cold beach day!



After a while the fog had not lifted so we made our way back to Tofino, but first we stopped at a place for gelato, all this for $5:

2013-08-07 14.53.15

Lavender honey and Pistachio. So, so good! We also spotted the famous Tacofino food truck there and decided to come back later for supper.

Back in Tofino the sun was out and we enjoyed some sun tanning on the balcony:


2013-08-07 15.36.42

That might the only time I am a bikini this pregnancy, summer is going too fast!

Our taco (we had the tuna one) was our vote for best meal while on the trip.

2013-08-07 18.48.49

It had ginger, seasweed salad, tuna and other great things. A must visit if you are in Tofino, thanks to Amber for the suggestion Smile

That night it was semi clear to get some sunset photos:


Not too bad, but the fog started to creep in again. Boo.

Thursday morning we had breakfast at the apartment, then stopped at a coffee place for coffee:

2013-08-08 08.44.28

Totally reminded me of Cool Beans at home.

The rest of Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful, spent most if the day travelling, almost missed our ferry (we were 3 minutes late for reservation) but snuck on thankfully, stopped at a fruit stand where Chad got to feed the goats:

2013-08-09 10.20.57


The trip home seemed to take forever but we finally got back home Friday evening.

Overall we had a good week, it went too fast and were happy to see Tofino and the island. However, next time we might fly out there Smile

Be back tomorrow with our Mud Hero and weekend recap!


Anyone else been to Tofino, thoughts?

What is your ideal vacation?

I like to be busy, I do prefer warmer destinations, and I like to move around lots to see as much as we can – probably why we’ve done the all inclusive thing. I do have my favorite relax spots such as Phoenix though too!

Snackin’ – Road Trip Style

Happy Friday! It is a even better Friday than usual… long weekend ahead and its still summer, so everyone better enjoy it 😉

No Foodie Friday today because in two days we are off for the week to the west coast. I have never been to the west coast of Canada or Vancouver island so I am really excited. Not to brag or anything but our place in Tofino is waterfront, so each morning I think we will enjoy coffee on the patio.

I did want to talk about food today, road trip style though. We have done our fair share of road trips and maybe it was the way my Mom was when we were younger but we always had a cooler of snacks on hand no matter what. Probably important with 3 little kids in a vehicle! That habit wore off on me and any drive over 2 hours you can bet we have snacks on board.

The key with road trip snacks:

– Easy

– Not messy

– Still healthy

– Possibly not needing to be kept cool

Those are my top ones anyways. Saying that we usually do have a soft cooler packed for longer trips with ice packs. On our longer trips we’d pack a full sized cooler, buy food at groceries stores and store it all in there so save money no eating out as much.

On a road trip like this one, 6 days in length and where we will stay in a place for more than a night I focus on bringing food for meals and snacks on the road – also saves time not stopping to eat.

Here are some of my favorites for road trips:

– PB&J sandwiches – not fancy but they work

– Veggies and hummus – would not be the best for kids but we can keep the mess down 😉

– Protein and Granola bars

– Baking – healthy cookies, muffins, energy balls etc. – Again, probably too messy for kids but not for adults

– Nuts and dried fruit or trail mix

– Fruit. – Can be tricky since you’ll need a bag to toss the peel or core in. Usually we bring apples or bananas.

– Cheese and crackers – Cheese would need to be kept in a cooler

– Hydration – water, coconut water or sports drinks are my favorite to stay hydrated 🙂

In other REALLY exciting news, I am off to meet a blog buddy tomorrow, Desinti from The Healthy Wife. While it feel like we have met and have talked for probably two years now via blogs and emails we have never actually met, silly province in between us 😉 I am pretty excited since we have been planning this date for a long time now.

I will be in and out from the blog next week, have a few posts ready for you but probably won’t be back for a holiday update till next weekend 🙂


What is your favorite road trip snack?