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Finding the Right Running Shoe

I used to find it unbelievable that people would spend nearly $200 on a pair of running shoes. Designer boots, now I get that. But running shoes?! Well, once I started running I swapped out my designer boot fund for a running shoe fund and now am that girl that spend a couple hundred dollars, if not more, on running shoes every year.

running shoe header image

In my opinion the most important item when it comes to running is a quality, well fitted shoe. And if you run a lot, one that is not too worn. It is recommended replacing runners every 500km. Which if you run a lot and/or are cheap that makes you want to cry about the small fortune you will spend on runners. Most years I have two pairs of runners I alternate between and my running shoes are anywhere from $120-180 a pair. Eek. But totally worth it.

Now picking said running shoe is no easy task. I have had my share my flops and wasted money on shoes that were not for me. Here are some of my tips for making sure you get the right shoe for you.

1- Research ahead of time. Now this requires that you know a bit about the type of runner you are, your gait and your feet. If you are a new runner this step can probably be skipped. One of my favourite ways to research shoes is by checking is checking out Runner’s World shoe guides.

shoe guide

As well, they have an online shoe advisor that can recommend shoes for you. Which asks you questions about your size, miles you run a week, arch, your gait, if you road or trail run – all important questions!

shoe finder

2 – Visit a running shoe store. I find if you are able to go to a running store versus a sports store the employee knowledge is a bit better. Usually employees are very helpful and should ask you some questions in order to recommend shoes for you. I have had experiences where this is not the case and have left. This is where it is helpful if you have some shoes in mind as well to ask about.

3- Try them on, walk around. Sometimes it will take me an hour of going back and forth trying on shoes. So don’t be rushed!

4 – Ask about the return policy! I say this so that you do not waste a $120 like I have on shoes that are just not for you.

5 – Test them out on a run! I always start off small, 5km or so and slowly ease into longer runs. This is where it is nice to have at least two pairs on the go so you can swap back and forth. It can take a bit to break in the shoe. If you are like me, I am so picky about the way shoes feel and end up wearing my old ones on and off for a good month after I get new ones. This is okay! Break in those new shoes slowly.

full marathon

As a runner one of the worst things that can happen are injuries. Having the wrong shoe or once that is too worn are factors that lead to injuries. I have very high arches and have had times where I ran in the wrong shoe and can barely walk after. Zero fun. Or when my knees start to ache at the end of runs I know it is time to replace my shoes. Pay attention to how you feel all the time to learn these things about yourself to avoid injuries as well.

Happy shoe shopping!


Run Chat

I feel like Spring is just around the corner these past few days, call is wishful thinking or maybe it is just the warmer than usual January temps but I cannot almost feel it. Yes, I am saying that with 3 plus feet of snow outside. So sad… Anyways, with Spring brings races! And while I am still not running marathons for 2o13 I am going to run a few other races. My goal is 4-5 races in total, so about one a month during the running season around here. I won’t lie about my jealousy when it comes to seeing and reading about all these other people signing up for marathons (I am looking at you Leigh!) but at the same time I am excited for them. And I am also excited to share any tips or info I can with them. If you are one of these lucky people please feel free to email me, I will type your ear off 😉 What I decided to do instead was share my top running/training tips. They are very simple tips, nothing mind blowing but at the minimum a good reminder for us all.

Here are my top 5 running/training tips:

1- Make a plan that works for you but my suggestions are – run no more than 3 days a week. More than that equals burnout and you will soon not enjoy running. Cross-train one day a week, this will help keep your cardio up but be easier on your body versus running. Stretch always! Practicing yoga is a good way to accomplish this – I wish I had when I was training!

2- Refuel, refuel and refuel some more. After my struggles with HA I cannot say this enough. Eat MORE. haha. I did not do this and have more than learnt from my mistakes. But eat whole, clean foods, lots of veggies, fruits and protein. Eating lots is good for you, if you eat the right things.

3- Hydrate. This goes along with #2, and is so, so important. I learnt recently I was WAY under hydrating. I was drinking enough for my weight with no activity, let alone the 70km a week I was running. Dehydration can cause your body lots of harm. Also, make sure you keep those electrolytes up, there are many healthy powders you can buy to add into your water for this. Like this one from Vega.

4- Invest in good runners and talk to a professional to see what is best for you. Again, such a important component. Old shoes or shoes that are not right to you lead to injury, injury means you are stalled in training and might even miss you race. Do not cheap out on running shoes, they are worth every penny. I have paid as high as $180 for runners and do not regret it. Some favorites of mine in the past, Mizuno Wave Riders, Nike Frees and now Asics Nimbus runners.

5- If you are tired one day, take a break, maybe your body is trying to tell you something.You need recovery and rest days too. Don’t burn yourself out! I promise a few days or even more will not make a difference in the end, quality over quantity people!

Now moving on, last night we did a home workout. I decided to use my stairs as my cardio in between my sets and it worked great and kept my heart rate up! I am loving home workouts these days, so much more convenient. Now to bite the bullet and buy a tmill for my house! For supper I made a delicious salad from Iowa Girl Eats, Autumn Salmon Salad:


Today was a rest day since I had a meeting will just after 6pm, it was also a easy supper day – grilled cheese on pumpernickel break with avocado and smoke cheddar and roasted tomato soup. Such a comfort meal.

I am told our TV shows have started up again this week! Yay! I missed them. So lame, I know.


When is your next race?

What is your top running/race tip? Share!!

Til Next Year

Happy Sunday and almost 2013, how did that happen?! I am not going to lie here I am happy to welcome a new year into my life. I always thought that 12 was my lucky number but after this year it no longer is! But more on that tomorrow 🙂

Yesterday we had a lazy morning at home, watched Mirror, Mirror on the movie channel, had pancakes and chilled out till about 10am. At 10 I saw the sun was out and decided to go for a short run, it was great winter running weather I got in just under 6km. But on my run my knees started to ache which for me only means one thing -I needed new runners. I have bad my Mizuno Wave Riders since March 2011 which means not only are they hundreds of km’s on them but also they have treated me well through a full marathon and 4 half marathons. Yup time for new ones. Thankfully I still had a gift certificate for a local running place so these weren’t too much money:

new runners

I tried on a few different pairs and decided to switch to Asics (these are the Nimbus 14’s) and try them out. Since I won’t be running any marathons in these I figured switching would  be safe. Most of my runs will be under 10km in the near future and under 20 km a week. I took them on a tmill run this morning and loved them. New runners make such a difference.

Yesterday afternoon we thought we would check off a item on out winter fun list and make a snowman, but the snow was not good to do so, so instead we headed sledding. Well Chad did and I took some photos:



Last night we went to a friends for their Christmas/New Years party. So much yummy food (I had to control myself) and of course awesome company. We stayed till just after 11pm before calling it a night. I thought I better save my staying up late night for tomorrow.

This morning we headed to the gym, I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill at 6.0mph with a few sprints at 7.0mph. Feels so good to run again.I cannot wait to run outside this summer. I really missed it this past summer. Since we did not have much besides house stuff on the agenda today I took the extra time to make Chad’s favorite brunch, waffles.


Paired with what Chad said was the best latte of his life, a homemade gingerbread latte made by your truly 🙂

After brunch we got to work taking down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Makes me so sad to see it all packed up…

Bye Christmas

Till next year I guess.

I still have a few last things on my to do list for the day, bake healthy granola bars, make soup for supper and hopefully head to This is 40 tonight.. it looks so funny!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s tomorrow day and night. I want to thank all my readers for this past year, for listening to my rambles almost every day and still coming back. I wish you all a wonderful 2013 🙂



Are your decorations still up? When do you take them down?

We typically do the last weekend in December!

So You Want To Run?

This is a post that has been a LONG time coming. I mean months and months. I can talk about running forever and knew this would be a great post to write but never got around to it. But now that I am on a self imposed running break I am even more obsessed with it. haha. Go figure.

I truly believe anyone can be a runner. You just have to want to run. When people say it is 80% mental and 20% physical it is very true. However, that is not saying that you can just throw on your runners and hop out the door and run 10km when you have never ran before. That might hurt a bit 😉

I was never a runner. I was not athletic growing up and still do not consider myself athletic. I was trying to remember when I started running and I believe it was 2005 or so, when I might do run-walks for 2-3km but those were rare. It was not until 2009 when I started to run. That summer I would run a 3km loop, and each time would set up a goal for myself to run just a few feet further until I could run the whole 3km.

To make my story short, we will fast forward a bit…In January 2010 a friend of mine convinced me to join a local training group to train for a half marathon. From January –May I trained for the half marathon and quickly fell in love. I went from running maybe 5km at a time, to running 21km. From there I became a crazy obsessed runner. I have since ran many 5-10km races, 6 half marathon’s and one full marathon. I have also learned a thing or two about running in the past few years and that is today’s post.

So you want to run? Where do you start?

Please remember this advice is based on my experiences, I am no expert and always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

1- First thing is first, have a goal. This could be to run 1km, or to train for a 10km race or even a half marathon. But have a goal no matter how big or small. This is will help to keep you motivated

2- Find a running buddy or even better – buddies! There are tons of running groups out there, don’t know where to look? Go ask at our local running store. I found that belonging to a running group kept me accountable and it was WAY more fun to run those longer runs with other people. You can also then talk to other runners about running and learn lots from the “seasoned” pros.

3- Make sure to fuel your body properly. You are most likely burning more calories than before so make sure you are eating enough. Most sources suggest that you eat a combination of healthy fat and carbs before running. What you eat and how much will depend how much time you have before you run and how far you are running. My go-to pre-run breakfast was peanut butter toast and a banana. Post run you should aim to re-fuel within 15-30 minutes which is your glycogen recovery window. The general rule here is 3:1 carbs to protein ratio. My favorite? Chocolate milk.

4 – Never under-estimate the importance of good shoes. And yes you may have to pay $100 plus for them. If there is one running essential you need to invest in good runners are it. Make sure to go to your local running store to be properly fitted as well. My go-to runners were Mizuno Wave Rider’s and for shorter runs, Nike Free 3.0’s.

5- Make sure you always find keep a balance. Running is addictive. I have been there. But make sure you take your rest days, and balance running with strength training and cross training. All three are just as important as the runs themselves.

And remember anyone can be a runner! You do not need to be fast, run marathons or run 7 days a week to be a runner. Happy running everyone!


What would be your number one running tip?

Mine would be number 4 – invest in good shoes! Without them you are sure to end up injured.

Happy Mothers Day!

First of all I want to start out by saying Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there – especially my Mom!

Here we are on my wedding day 🙂

I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough for all my Mom has done for me and my brothers over the past 26 years, she is truly the best Mom out there 🙂

The last couple of years we have ran a Mothers Day run in Calgary together but due to a very likely chance of rain this morning there we decided to skip the run this year. I think it was the best decision – after all making my Mom run in the rain might not be the best gift 😉 But I am still sad not to run a race this morning. I guess that puts even more excitement into my Marathon – which is in 2 weeks by the way (not that I have any type of official countdown).

For Mothers Day we are having Chad’s Mom and Stepdad and my family (Mom, Brothers and Grandma) over for supper – wish me luck I have never tried one of the recipes we are making!

Yesterday morning I had a important errand to run – taking my beloved Mizunos (which are only 3 months old) to the local running shop… I have started to feel the same knee (and now hip) pain over the past 10 days or so that I felt last time I needed new shoes. I know what some of you are thinking (the same thing I thought!) – new shoes already!? Yes, I have been tracking them on dailymile and since I got them at the start of February they have over 650km on them! I was really hoping these shoes could push through the marathon because after I wanted to try a more minimalist shoes for the summer and couple half marathons I have coming up. After talking to the experts though it was recommended to buy new shoes before the race – but the same shoes. The cushioning was basically gone in my shoes which was most likely the source of my knee and hip pain. I also was wearing my shoes about a half size too small (which I kinda knew) which could also be a problem when running the marathon.

As some of you might know I had Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s – which I basically blind ordered online, but now they are impossible to find since they have been replaced by the 14’s. I know from some of my own research online people say they are not the same BUT when I tried them on I honestly didn’t feel the difference and decided it was better to stick with the same brand and shoe (even if its a tad different) versus buying a whole new shoe and brand. So without further ado, let me introduce to you Lindsey’s marathon shoes:

The Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s in PINK! Not to say the colour had any relevance in my decision 😉 I am taking them out for a run right after this post so wish us luck!

Yesterday I started off my day with this little beauty:

Vegan Overnight Oats parfait – Peanut Butter and Jam from Oh She Glows! Best way to start a Saturday ever! Want to know how to make it ever better?! But then going to Starbucks to also enjoy my favorite drink – a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I figure my days are limited to enjoy hot beverages from there so might as well do it when the weather calls for it! One slight change though… it was decaf! Yes, I am worried about becoming caffeine dependant so have decided to opt for decaf every once in awhile. I don;t know for sure but I almost can say I think decaf tasted different and I mean better!

We also had to make a Costco run yesterday – usually we try and only go every other weekend because if not we tend to over spend there but we had to buy some stuff for Mothers Day out there so we made the trek and once again got suckered into a few purchases 😉

Last night we kept it low key – stayed home and watched The Switch – has anyone seen this movie? We both really liked it. Chad was unsure at first but I got him with the it’s made my the same people that made Juno and Little Miss Sunshine (two movies we both love). I thought the little boy was hilarious but will keep it at that for those of you that haven’t seen it.

One last thing to share before I take off running (literally) – Friday’s supper, chicken spinach salad with strawberries, oranges, goat cheese and pecans – wholly yum! Served with homemade garlic toast.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day!