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Run Chat: Recovery

Want to know what I really suck at when it comes to running (or working out in general?) – RECOVERY. I am the type of person that only uses recovery methods when I need to – like I am hurt or sore. SO BAD you guys.

Going into 2017 I have three half marathons planned, each three months apart which means I am never really out of training, that is 9 months of consistent training. Usually my recovery is simply less running/working out and more time off in between races but seeing as that is not happening in 2017 I am making it my goal to have recovery as part of my plan.

Here are the top ways I plan to do so:

1- Stretching. Poor stretching, I feel like we all know to do it, but we don’t do it or near enough. And then there is so much information around when to do it! It overwhelms me for sure. BUT here is the thing, I am going to start stretching at every single workout for at least 5 minutes – small goals 😉

2- Foam Rolling. This is a game changer. I bought my foam roller about 5 years ago and have not looked back. It is an amazing tool for recovery and a cheap one too!


Crops – Silver Icing

I won’t get into methods since I am no pro but this article explains foam rolling in more detail. Want to know what else is great about it? You can do it while watching TV!

3 – Deep Relief productsAs an Ambassador for the 2017 Mud Hero you will hear me talk & learn a lot more about these products! Even with all the stretching and foam rolling we still get sore and that is where Deep Relief will come in. It is pain relief without pills and has been a  trusted brand in Canada for over 50 years! They offer a variety of products from warming deep relief which is recommended for treating chronic pain and every day aches and pains to their ice cold relief gel which is for inflammation and swelling.


I have been experiencing achy hips for months now (ever since having Chloe) and when I received these products I went straight to this products for relief (amongst other things) and definitely found relief with the warming heat relief. For more information on how their prodcust can help you, give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter!

4 – Dynamic Warm-Ups. This is something my younger brother told me about, as it has really helped him in his recovery. After he told me about it I Googled it to find a quick 5 minute routine to do before a run here. These are simple moves that help the body warm up before any workout by increasing the body’s temperature, boosting blood flow and improving your range of motion.



Phoenix Half Marathon Training Plan

As you all know Chad and I are running the Phoenix half in February, it will be my 11th (I think) half and my first of three in 2017. I semi think I am over committing with 3 halfs, working full time and with two kiddos but we will see. I generally have a rule where I like to have a 10-12 week training period followed by 4+ weeks off before training again. This has helped me stay injury free and meet my race goals for over 6 years now so it works for me! But in 2017 those usual guidelines will be tight!

For Phoenix I have a pretty huge goal, I want to PR by 2 minutes and that time was set 5 years ago. The race course itself will help – being that it is very flat but I also have to step up my training game. For the past few years I really just go out and run and loosely follow a plan. Which is fine but it has not got me any PRs, I run a half in anywhere from 1:50-1:54 depending on conditions and that is comfortable for me. I know I have more in me to be a little uncomfortable and just have to put in that little extra work and remind myself of that.

This training plan will do just that. It is based on the book 80/20 Running and well, the plan scares me. The basis of the book is that you should run 80% of your runs below your ventilatory threshold (the point between low and medium intensity or zones 1-2) and 20% above (zones 3-5). Whereas most runners do more 50/50 – I know I am guilty of this! One the biggest reasons we do this is because we are task orientated so want to get things done ASAP and this becomes a habit and most of us run more than 50% of our runs too fast.  This leads to burnout and does not allow us to perform as well as we might if we just slowed down.

Th book goes into great deal on the research and history done behind 80/20 running as well as things like “brain fitness” and how your goal should be to minimize any other brain activity during your runs. One example they used was people trying to change their natural strides and how this uses too much brain energy and takes away from your end performance. Makes complete sense to me! Anyways, I could type forever on this book since it has a ton of information in it but if you are interested in learning more I highly recommend reading the book, it also has complete training plans for 5km to a full marathon in it.

Without adieu here is my (Chad will use this plan but slightly adapted) training plan. It does also break by 3 days of running I like to stick to but I feel this is necessary to take my running to the next levels. My goal is to follow this plan 80% and hopefully see that PR in February! View the PDF larger here since the one below is tiny – phx-half-plan.

half-1 half-2




Foodie Friday

It goes without saying that this week fly by again! This week we saw very little sunshine so I am hoping this weekend it comes back to see us 🙂


We had a quiet day at home, only going out for a bit to meet a friend and her little girl for lunch. I wish I took some photos of her and Chloe. She is so happy and smiley and adorable! It was great to see them and go out for lunch.

20161024_152639 20161024_152449



How playtime goes these days, Chloe wants everything A has, Avery takes it away, bugs her, Chloe gets mad and repeat 😉

That night after Chloe was in bed we let Avery stay up late and decorated/carved pumpkins.

20161024_191615 20161024_194526 20161024_200544

Best dad ever, did an Ariel pumpkin for Avery!


Yoga playground morning! Avery made a ghost that she was so proud of:


Chloe only napped an hour for her mid-day nap so she got to help me with my DIY project:


And I made her practice her crawling 😉


I went to spin that night and got my butt kicked after not going for a couple weeks. My goal is to go weekly!


My Grandma spent the morning with us, we went to McDonalds for coffee and just visited. Nap time was spent finishing up my DIY (below) and on party prep for Avery’s party.


I made banana bread and this little one cannot even see a banana without losing it so while I baked she got her banana.


I decided to get out for a walk and it was a tad chilly – Avery hates being cold but still will not wear mitts…But we made the best of it.

screenshot_20161026-165249 screenshot_20161026-161426

Chad had a work function so my Mom joined us at Subway for supper once she was off work. Chad got home just in time for bedtime stories and that was our night.


The morning was spent watching Casper, I love that I can now share my favourite things as a kid with Avery, like watching holiday movies! Casper is probably my favourite Halloween movie up there with Practical Magic.

We all had eye appointments late morning and all passed with flying colours, Avery did so good and Chloe too!

I have been aiming to get out for at least one run a week while the weather is still good so after naps we went for a 6km run.


We had an early supper as soon as Chad was home then headed to a local Halloween event where there was games and crafts for kids.


Onto meal planning…


Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Turkey Tacos

Monday – Grilled cheese & soup – easy for the big night!

Tuesday – Asian Garlic Noodles with shrimp – Damn Delicious

Wednesday – Greek Chicken Salad & garlic toast

Thursday – Chicken Noodle Casserole – Life in the Lofthouse

Friday – Chicken fingers & kale salad

This weekend Chloe starts swimming lessons (which I almost forgot about!), we are going to a Halloween event out of town and that is all!


Foodie Friday

This week brought cooler temps and I am not a fan yet. I know I will struggle once it is harder to get out daily since this summer we spent most of our days outside but I am going to make the best of it.


I weighed Chloe that morning for her 6 month post only to find she has not gained much since mid August. Sigh. I just do not want the health nurses to get all worried next week at her immunizations. I know she is fine, she is ahead developmentally and well she just pukes a lot but otherwise happy.

It looked to be the nicest day of the week so we went for to take some photos. It ended up being chilly so we did not last long!

img_9590 img_9582 img_9516

After naps we headed to our dayhome for a visit, Avery told me to leave and go to work so she obviously will not have issues going back there full time 😉

Somehow we finished supper by 6:15pm so packed up and went for a walk. Avery wanted to jump in leaves so Chad brought our rake along:






Yoga playground morning! I look forward to this morning every week, Avery gets some play time and Chloe and I get to hang out and drink a chai latte.



We ran some errands after came home had lunch and then the girls had naps. Nap times went good all week 🙂

I convinced myself to take the girls for a run and then regretted it for the first km since it was cold and windy. Thankfully we hit the trails and it was way better! I tell myself that my decent weather runs are limited now so I just get out when I can – my goal is 1-2 times a week.



Both girls fell asleep – guess they did not have long enough naps!



A double PiYo workout first thing then I had to go take some photos for a post so we hit up Cool Beans one last time before they close until the Spring. But good news, they have a indoor shop now too!


I am in complete part planning mode here for Avery’s third birthday next month so we took a trip to Michaels to use our weekly coupon after naps. I bought glitter tulle and instantly regretted it…

What else? We made thankful turkeys for a crafts and played with Playdoh:

20161005_145650 20161005_150313 20161005_113357

Oh and I spent time reading my book club book – this one might deserve a review on here.


I got some new makeup in the mail and Avery loved jumping on the bubble wrap, okay I did too 😉


Once Chloe was down for her first nap I hit the treadmill and run my fastest 5km yet – 23:13! I have to say I am still unsure if I will hit my goal for Phoenix in February but am going to try my best! Oh and we booked our flights for a great price 🙂

Our morning was spent at home , playing and just hanging out.

Miss Chloe’s newest obsession? Apple chunks.


In the afternoon we headed out to get our last veggie box of the year, I cannot believe I went out to The Jungle Farm every week for 16 weeks! I will miss our trips for sure. The haul:


Onto meal planning…


Saturday – Chicken fingers & roasted veggies (we have our Thanksgiving box to use up!)

Sunday – Thanksgiving

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Hoisin Bowls with spicy peanut sauce – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Salmon tacos

Thursday – Chicken Pot Pie soup – Skinny Taste

Friday – Bison Cabbage Casserole (freezer meal)

Weekend plans…we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house Sunday and that is about it! I have a few things I want to get done at home and then we will see how the weather is to plan much else.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!



Activewear Essentials & Favourites

I never realized until lately but I have become somewhat of a activewear junkie and hoarder… The truth is though 75% of my weekly laundry is activewear! I feel I own every brand under the sun and am always excited to find and try new to me brands since you never know when you will find that favourite piece!

Last month I was contacted by a Silver Icing stylist that introduced me to their brand – I had never heard of it before! After browsing their site I wondered how so instantly wanted to share it with everyone just in case you are like me and have never checked them out before. It is an online direct sales company, and the above link will let you shop online. After chatting with my stylist we decided I would try their exclusive activewear crops (I went with the rainforest ones). She was so helpful with sizing and all my questions, something I look for when ordering online to make sure I get my order right the first time!

Within days I had my crops in my hands and put them on and to the test! My first thought was “WOW” – no lie. These are unlike any crop or legging I own. I could see myself wearing these for days. They are a combination of polyester and elastane and incredibly soft. They do not fade, stretch or shrink!


They sit right at my waist which I have started to love since that means I am not constantly pulling them up or exposing anything when I am picking up babies, toys, books…etc 😉 Mom life!


The artwork is exclusive to Silver Icing as well! Isn’t it beautiful?


I put them to the test on a hike in Canmore recently and got a few compliments on them too! They even matched the scenery 😉

screenshot_20160910-151607 screenshot_20160910-151714

I have now washed them 3-4 times and their claims are true, no fading, shrinking or stretching! And still SO soft.

These would be perfect for so many things, a quiet day at home, a yoga class, hiking, spin class and of course running.

Avery and I twinning in our leggings:


My stylist also has a Facebook page where she posts new products, presales and other features. Give it a like so you can see more of their items!

I am already lusting over a few of their items 😉

Like I said above lately I have started to love higher waist crops. Even a few months ago I would have not worn them and never wore crops to run since I always felt like I was pulling them up but now? LOVE. They are definitely at the top of my activewear favourites now.

Another new favourite of mine? Running hats. There is nothing worse than running with the sun beating down on your face or if it is raining water dripping down your face. My two favourites from Columbia and Under Armour:


Going into cooler temps my next favourite is my new lightweight running jacket. I have looked at ones similar to this for years but at $100+ could not do it. Then I found this one at Winners for $25 and it fit like a glove. Score! The brand is Marika – another new to me brand!


In action at my Canmore race:


After using it in the rain at the Canmore half marathon I realized how much it is needed for not only rainy days but cool days, it adds just that one more layer of protection without overheating you.


What are your current activewear favourites?