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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there – this shout out also goes out to all the Mommy’s to be (SO many of you!) and of course fur-Mom’s too!

Check out my fur-Mom Mother’s Day present:

Mothers Day gift

New running socks 🙂

After a speedy morning gym trip (6k run and the usual upper body workout)  we headed out take our Mom’s out to brunch at Heritage Ranch. Is it located within the trail system and absolutely beautiful.

HR Mothers Day

I was pretty hungry and did not even think about taking food photos, but I tell you it was unbelievable. My plate was stacked with cinnamon raisin french toast, eggs benedict, a mushroom bake, lots of fruit, shrimp, the best cinnamon sticky bun ever and then we shared a couple desserts – strawberry shortcake and a cheesecake with Oreo crust.

After stuffing ourselves full we took a walk around the trails and I snapped a few photos with my new phone:

Mother'd Dat walk trails

2012-05-13 12.14.21

This afternoon we wanted to take full advantage of our plus 24 degree weather so decided to go golfing. Chad has a membership at a course that is about a 8 minute drive for our house, so convenient and we really love the course (Spirit Creek for you locals!). We decided we wanted to golf at least weekly this summer so I splurged and bought a 12 punch pass, basically you pay for 10 rounds and get 2 free. Better than paying full price! Now to use up all those rounds!

Such a cute course, it is rustic like and nice and quiet 🙂

Spirit Creek golfing

This of course would not be a Mother’s Day post without me talking a little about my Momma. She rocks. She has been the best Mom (& Dad) to me and my brothers, we stole most of her life (though I know she’d never look at it this way) and she never once complained about it, from winters spent running all over the place for numerous hockey games to late night bar pick ups she has done it all for us. I know I speak for me and my brothers when I say we owe her everything. I only hope today she gets everything she deserves and enjoys her day to the fullest. We love you Mom!

And because a few of you asked for photos of me in the lace dress from RW&Co, here you are! I forgot Chad took pre-event pictures of me.


Around 6pm I figured I should start supper though we were still full from brunch 7 hours ago… Supper was easy, grilled chicken and Greek couscous salad.


And I could not even finish my plate, so full still!

I feel so scatter brained today….but guess what else happened this weekend?! We got the glass on our deck railings. Love them. Love them. Makes for a much nicer view for sure.


Back to work tomorrow? Yuck… haha. No, it was a great weekend, and next weekend is the long weekend with lots of fun in store, I cannot wait already.


Do you golf?

Yup! Chad got me into golfing about 7 years ago. Then my University summer job was at a country club and we golfed for free! The last few summers we always seem to get too busy and end up maybe going 5 times. This year that will be different with the pass and membership I hope! We also have golf lessons in June 🙂

Gem of the Week

Happy Saturday everyone! Since I promised a update on the gala I thought I had better come through on that 😉 But it will be quick, the sunshine is out and my garden is calling my name.

The first part of the night was the best, everyone that came through walked the “red carpet” and they had a professional photographer on hand to take out photos. I was hoping to be able to buy these photos for this post, but am just trying to purchase them digitally versus prints and have the inquiry in with the photographer. I really hope he sells them digitally, I (probably like most people) have no use for printed photos these days! Am I right?!

However, me and Meghan did sneak back out to the red carpet and snapped a quick photo from her iPhone, here is the sneak peek:

photo 4 (1)

The gala itself was fun, lots of great girls there but it was also kind of confusing… I am event planning so try and not pick these things apart but still do!

The agenda itself could have been tightened up a lot. To start they had out cheese and crackers, but no other food, people lined up thinking this was their only food of the night… however, an hour later more food came out, and once again everyone lined back up…not overly efficient.

There was also a singing group that sang for 40 minutes! 10 minutes was good, but 40 was drug out, maybe these singers could have been on while everyone was in the food line? The fashion show was the main draw for many people but by 10:30pm it had yet to start and I was very tired so we made the call to leave early… which is too bad.

That is about all I will say, I know these things are never easy to plan and it was still a great night for a great cause!

Last night as I predicted we laid low and hung out at home for the night. The good news? We caught up on all our TV shows and a few finales!

This morning so far we’ve gone grocery shopping, cleaned the house, made energy balls (another new kind!), got the weekly bread baking (applesauce raisin) and next on the agenda is garden and yard work and hopefully a Starbucks trip for Frappuccino Happy Hour.

The grocery find of the week goes to this little gem:

gem of thr week pb ice cream

Hehehe…so excited for these to get into my tummy!

Oh another exciting thing happened yesterday, I got my new phone! My poor Atrix has been dying ever since the bathtub incident and thank God for warranty I was able to get a new Samsung Galaxy. I am working on getting all my information over to it and apps downloaded before I activate it. What I am most excited about is the camera on it is way better.

Well I guess its time to change into my dirty clothes and use these muscles to do garden work.


What is your most recent favorite grocery find?

So excited about these, they better not let me down!

T-Rex Dance

I always know when I have one fast week (like last week) I am going to have one slow week – ahem, this one… On Tuesday I told Chad I wanted it to be Friday. Totally unfair of me I know 😉 But now that Wednesday is almost over we are on the home stretch. Phew.

Last night after supper we decided to get moving and headed over to the new tennis courts just down the block. I had not played in probably 18 years, and with my lack of coordination I knew we were in for a good time.

My best tennis pose 😉

Me tennis

Chad tennis

I spent the next hour doing more running after the ball than playing tennis and Chad spent more time laughing at me zig zagging around the court… fun times for sure. I think we will make this a weekly “date”.

Once home we retired to the couch to watch what I thought was the Glee finale, being the prom episode and all… not the finale but a favorite episode of mine, and I am going to download more Glee songs for my workout play list for sure.

New additions to my workout play list will include: Love You Like A Love Song and What Makes Your Beautiful. And for those Glee fans out there:

What did you think of the dinosaur song? Funny? Weird?

I am mixed, kinda funny but also those T-Rex heads and they weird hand movements…. plain weird to me!

I woke up this morning at 5am and tossed and turned till 6am when I decided to just get out of bed. That is about 6.5 hours of sleep, about 30-60 minutes less than my ideal amount. Surprisingly, I was not too tired today

After work we headed to the gym, I opted on a slow treadmill run, and did 6km in about 30 minutes, then walked for another 5 minutes as a cool down. I am trying to keep my running to once a week right now and anywhere from 6-10km a week. Yes, this makes me sad but its necessary for a bit. The hardest part? Seeing other runners outside running, I seriously want to hop out of my car and join them!

I think it is fair to say both me and Chad were excited for tonight’s supper, Tandoori Naan Pizza – made on my homemade naan and topped with caramelized onion, red pepper, curry chicken and mango!


Loved the pizza, and using naan bread as mini pizza crusts worked awesome, might be making more personal pan pizzas in the future!

Usually I have a side salad with my pizza but wasn’t in a salad mood tonight and had a protein shake on the side. For the shake I used half a package of the Vanilla Chai Vega One sample I received. Full review is coming, just have to try all the samples first! So far I have two thumbs up though 🙂

I am off to a fancy ladies gala tomorrow night with some friends so most likely will be MIA, but I am super excited to wear my new lace dress from RW&CO 🙂


Do you play tennis? And are you coordinator?

Dressing For Spring

Was that a long Wednesday for anyone else? I am guessing it felt extra long for me since I am a tad excited for the Elton John concert tonight…

This morning I started our day with protein pancakes from Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake, I made a slight adjustment and added coconut to the mix and ½ oats since I was sharing with Chad…. Sorry no photo of them but I topped mine with plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter and mangoes. Delicious. Can you tell I am obsessed with the plain Greek yogurt and peanut butter combo? Cause I am.

Mid morning I felt a little off and knew that meant one thing carbs and peanut butter for breakfast since that combo always sits well in my tummy. Sure enough it did, I made a grilled apple, pb, and flax sandwich with veggies on the side.

Too bad the “offness” continued in the afternoon. I tried to cheer my  tummy up with a Chai Latte from the Keurig and grapes but it was a no go.

After work we had to get gas, not sure I have ever told you guys – I hate getting gas, and probably only do it myself a few times a year. The rest of the time I wait till Chad can do it. Haha. It is a blue job. Just like making yummy suppers are a pink job.


That would be chicken with asparagus and sundried tomato from Gina’s blog – The Fitnessista. The flavors worked perfectly together, this supper will be made again. It was quick and easy too.

Monday was a hot one (weather wise), and I was wearing black dress pants – fail. So yesterday when I checked the morning weather and it said a high of 20, I tossed on this cute outfit:


Peacock dress –OrionFunny store, I scored this dress from a garage sale that a NHL player’s wife had, tags still on it – retail $200, I paid $15.

Open toed flats – Mossimo – Target

Earnings – Serenity Small Stone Drops – Stella & Dot

Well Mother Nature sure showed me, the sun never came out, it was very windy and maybe hit 13 degrees…

Today, I decided to be a bit more safe and went with something a tad Spring like but still wore pants:


Umm, yeah another blurry photo, I am trying to teach Chad 😉

White tank top – RW&Co

Pink short sleeve top – Top Shop – Just got my order yesterday, I also ordered two dresses but one came with burn type holes 🙁 I am hoping to exchange it.

Grey dress pants – Suzy Shier

Black ballet flats – TOMS

Necklace –  Adina – Stella & Dot

Earnings – Gold Essential Ball Studs – Stella & Dot

It looks like it is time to head out for the concert!! Got my Larabar packed for when I get hungry, since I know that will happen….


Tell me what are the pink and blue jobs in your house?

Pink – cooking, laundry, meal planning, general cleaning – dusting, showers/tubs, washing/sweeping floors

Blue – garbage’s & recycling, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, supper clean up

Warming Up

Hope everyone enjoyed some oldie photos yesterday! It was a fun post to do and since I had a marathon 12 hour work day yesterday I knew I would not get a post up on my day.

Today was another snowy/rainy day here. I miss the sunshine! Word is that we are supposed to see highs of 16-20 this weekend so my fingers are crossed. Then just maybe we can start on our yard work, and get in a walk or two 🙂

On the workout front today I had/have two items on my agenda – Yoga Meltdown and swimming. Usually I like to do the yoga in the AM and we swim at 9pm, but being as today was a early wake up call to wash up hair etc, I wasn’t sure morning yoga would happen (yes, this is complicated stuff, haha). I decided to let my body decide and set my alarm for my normal wake up time of 6:15am, but at 5:30am I was wide awake and decide to do my morning yoga, then I could relax after work before starting supper etc.

Before we get to supper though, I have to mention this:


That is chai latte, in a bowl mug the size of my head. I love it. It warmed me up. I went for lunch with two of my co-workers, and ordered a large latte, had no idea it was that big, but made sure to drink every last sip! Along side it I had a veggie Panini.

This afternoon went so s-l-o-w, I was ready for home at 3pm…So by 5pm I basically jumped out of my chair and ran out the door!

After work I was a tad on the tired side so I took 40 minutes to relax and read a couple Gossip Girl chapters. Then at 6pm I got started on supper, Sweet Potato Lentil Chili from eat, drink and be vegan. My favorite vegan chili for sure. Chili turned out to be the perfect supper for such a drear day too. Along side it -a cornbread muffin.


SO stuffed after this supper!

I am sure Chad was happy to have this supper because it meant leftovers for lunch. The poor boy has been stuck with 3 days of PB sandwiches, one with honey, one with apple/cranberry jam, and one with pumpkin butter due to suppers without leftovers or eating out. 

Today’s outfit:


After dressing up more than usual the last two days (blazers/suit jackets), I was in a mood to dress down a bit, hence the tank top and cardigan.

Pink lace racerback tank top – RW & Co

Dark Grey cardigan – joe via Superstore

Black dress pants – RW & Co

Grey/black pumps – Impo via Winners

Earnings – Soiree Studs, Stella & Dot

And the photo of the day “hair”:


Nothing too original I know…

I think I have enough time now to watch last night’s Glee episode before we head off swimming 🙂 Night!


Do you pack your significant others lunch?

I do everyday! I actually love packing Chad’s lunches. He usually gets leftovers, a PB or veggie/hummus sandwich, a apple, a treat (homemade cookie, or chocolate), a granola/protein bar or almonds/trail mix, yogurt or rice pudding, and then depending on what the “main” was I might add in chips/hummus or veggies if I think he needs something extra. He is spoiled!