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Small Changes, Big Impact

I really struggled for a title to this post, just so everyone knows. Post titles just are tough for me!

Anyways, with spring comes a refreshed feeling, the feeling where you want to make changes, whether it is to your diet, house, or wardrobe.  It is an awesome feeling (I think) so I take full advantage of it.



One area we really wanted to focus on this spring was our diets. We eat good, but we also had a lot of room for improvement. Being honest, since having Avery our diets have slipped a bit so we both knew this was the time to get back on track. Nothing drastic, or life changing but small changes which all (can) lead to a big impact in many ways.



Here are the small changes we committed to making a few weeks ago. I have to say though Chad has really impressed me and had awesome will power, me? I am a tad more weak Winking smile But this not about perfection, it is about trying to make these changes.

1 – Drink more water. Duh. I know everyone says this but it is true! I cannot stress this enough. For two years now I aim to drink 3-4L a day. I am pretty good at sticking to this one.

2- Add more vegetables into our meals. This fell off this winter especially, less fresh veggies from the garden, and less salads. My goal now is to have 3-5 veggies in our meal, including at least one side veggie. This summer we will have our garden again making this a lot easier!

3- Stopping buying flavoured Greek yogurt. We never use to buy this and then started buying it again last year. We both like plain Greek yogurt with fruit so have decided to stick with it. We do usually have a small container of Vanilla on hand for Avery though.

4 – No more nightly treats.  Once you start you cannot stop! Anyone else with me here?  Of course, if we are hungry we have a snack. but no more snacks/treats just because. And treats are still allowed but just not every night.

5 – Less alcohol Sad smile Another bad habit that started about a year ago. We have drinks at home 2-3 nights a week. Now, we save it for nights out with friends or when we have company over.

6 – Very limited pop/juice. I was not too bad here, Chad had room for improvement. It is pretty simple though, we just do not buy it!

All these small changes definitely add up over time to make a big impact on your body, and again, it is not about perfection but doing your best. I like to follow the 80/20 rule, after all we all still need alcohol and treats! Not sure I could ever give up wine and chocolate…


What are some small changes you make to your diet to feel better?