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Weekend Recap

I cannot get over the weather we have had lately, makes March so much better when you can get out and enjoy the sun!


We rented a couple movies after work, The Good Dinosaur and Fast and Furious 7. Supper was enjoyed while watching The Good Dinosaur which Avery loved.


The morning was spent running errands, and a pit stop for Booster Juice (I am on a smoothie kick in this warmer weather).


During Avery’s nap Chad and I worked on our little projects (livingroom tables) and once she was up we headed to a birthday party.

Avery LOVES parties, mainly because of the cake…


Becky and I tried to get a photo of Avery and Liam and this was as good as I got:


It was a fun afternoon!

By the time we got home it was time to start supper, then after Avery was in bed we watched Fast and Furious 7 – which had me confused since I am not sure I watched 5 or 6!


Daylight Savings Time made me feel like I slept in until after 7am – woot woot! Avery was up just after me, then we woke Chad up around 8am 😉

My Sunday workout was a 4km treadmill incline walk and some weights. Miss. C is sitting quite low so walking too fast is just not possible these days!


When I was done Avery and I had our weekly baking date. This one got a tad messy…

IMG_7734 IMG_7739

We made oatmeal fudge bars and chocolate chip banana yogurt bars.


Brunch (not pictured) was Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and Avocado Sunrise Smoothies – might be a new favourtie! All was good until Avery dropped hers and it went everywhere! Sigh.

I think I jinxed Avery’s good napping abilities lately since she did not nap, we put her in her room at 11:45am and she played in her bed until 1pm when she came out. While she does still need to nap I was fine with this since it still was quiet time and she did not whine or anything. And I got my house cleaning done in peace 🙂

After a snack we headed out for a walk and to the park.

20160313_140910 20160313_142846

Like I said above walking can suck right now so we did not make it too far! We came home and played outside for a bit so we could finish up our painting on the tables – just have final touch ups now!


The rest of the day was spent BBQ’ing, installing carseat bases, doing laundry and blogging 🙂