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Spartan Super Recap

I usually like to wait until I get the race photos to do these recaps but wanted to post while it was all fresh in my mind since I have a TON of thoughts around this race.

This was my first time running this race, the Spartan Super, which is 13+ km obstacle race. This was I think was close to 14km and 27 obstacles. I had registered for this two years ago as well but ended up being almost 8 months pregnant and sold my bib. Apparently I am jinxed since once again I was pregnant for this race! Going into it this changed a lot for me, no longer was it about giving it my all or my time, but being safe and finishing.

Me and Chad before:


I also met up with Becky and Brie since we all planned to run the race together – spoiler alert I could not have done it without these two!

I do not remember all the obstacles in order but will highlight thoughts on some of them.

Hardest obstacle? Physically two stand out in my mind, one where we had to carry a large bucket filled with sand for around 300m, two was a 70lb sandbag pulley, where we had to pull it up and back down, I had to give up since my fingers wanted to rip off! Mentally? The swim. It was only 10 feet but I had swimming in any water and panic. It did not help a guy in front of me almost drowned and had to be saved by a volunteer. I actually emailed about this since they are supposed to have life jackets available and did not.

My favourite part? The team aspect, people that run these races are hard core! But so willing to help others and complete strangers. I also LOVED the running part which was almost all trail running.

Favourite obstacle? Maybe the cargo net climb? I am so scared of heights so really like the challenge and getting outside my element.

What did I learn? I need to work on my upper body strength – even more so how sore I was after! I will do this next year but work hard to improve this and also my grip since that would have come in handy a few times.

My final time? 2:42, not great, but I finished, felt good about it and now know what to expect for next year! And I was safe for me and baby 🙂

The race itself is well planned, fees are not too bad, but I am not a fan of the spectator fees. Saying that it won’t hold me back from doing it again. I am excited for next year to run this race again!

After photo of Chad and I, he crushed it, 1:46 I think:


After photo of Becky, Brie and me:


Speaking of which I could not have done it without these girls! You are both awesome, and helped me so much! I loved running it with these two girls, they made it a lot more fun and less serious!



Weekend Recap

This weekend we run the Super Spartan, it was my 31st birthday and we got ready to head on holidays!


Urgh, pregnancy sickness likes to hit me in the evenings making me very unproductive. So yeah that was my Friday night. My Mom and brother did come and visit for a bit though.


We picked up my Mom and brother early to head to the Spartan race. They came and watched and watched Avery 🙂 So lucky!

Before photo of me and Chad:

20150912_093456A race recap will come this week BUT you guys this was HARD. But now I know what to expect and you better bet I will be more prepared next year. I think I will “feel” this race for days.

After I cleaned up I met Brie and Becky for a late lunch. I went with chicken tacos (thank you to Becky for lunch!).


The photo that took a solid 10 minutes to get someone to take… well worth it!


I came home and guess what?! I ate more! haha. My family came over for pizza and cake and we had a low key evening.


SO SORE you guys. Since I was not working out (I somehow thought I would be!) we took our time in the morning, packing and trying to finalize other trip things.

In the afternoon we headed out of town to a friend’s son’s third birthday. Avery had a ton of fun, we had cake, visited and came home to you guessed it, pack. We stopped at my Mom’s on the way home and Avery picked all her flowers like usual.


And with that we are out of here! I will hopefully check in later this week!