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Spring Bucket List

Since we welcomed Chloe only a couple weeks after the first day of Spring I wanted to keep our spring bucket list to a minimum but still enough to have fun with my girls over the next couple of months.

Spring List



Spring Bucket List

Every season I create a mini bucket/to-do list for us, and hang it on our fridge so as we go along we can check off some fun things every season Smile Here is this year’s spring bucket list:



What is on your spring bucket list?

Hello Spring

Believe it or not today was the first day of Spring, while the weather was above zero we still have lots of white stuff outside and more on the way I hear…

But that cannot stop me from celebrating the warmer weather and green grass that should be on its way very soon! Alison and a few other blogs have been hosting a Spring Link Up party all week and I figured I’d join in, just a little late.


It should have been Monday’s post but today I am going to post a (small) Spring Bucket List. I have been doing these each season for awhile now and find it a good way to keep us busy and try new things.

bucket list

Yeah that is right Chad is 30 is a couple months… shhh though, he is in denial.

In other news, guess what? With the nice weather and clear sidewalks I ran outside after work today! I went in early to work so I was off a bit earlier and ran 5km, only downside was the very wet sidewalks. Now I am ready to lay on the couch for the night 😉


What is on your Spring to do list?