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Foodie Friday

Have I ever said I really love short work weeks??

Monday I had off with the girls, my only wish was the weather was nicer. We had a coffee date with a friend and her baby, played with Play-Doh, read books, went for a walk and to the park.

Tuesday I really do not remember – HA. Wednesday we played outside (in the sun!!) after work then I went to spin after supper.

Oh and I got Chloe’s Mixbook baby book!

More after work play time Thursday:

I took two outfit photos of the week:

Story time in our house is crazy time these days, a certain one year old thinks it means time to try and rip books and wrestle her sister…

Besides that I planned to get another blog post done this week and that just did not happen – maybe next week 😉

Onto meal planning:

Saturday – Turkey Meatballs & quinoa pasta

Sunday – BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls – Budget Bytes

Monday  – Chicken Smokies & Mango, Black Bean Quinoa Salad –Together as a Family

Tuesday – Apple, cheddar and turkey panini sandwiches & soup

Wednesday – Easy Veggie and Chickpea Stir Fry – Two Peas & Their Pod

Thursday –  Slow Cooker Arroz Con Pollo & Rice – The Lemon Bowl

Friday – French toast, turkey bacon and fruit salad

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Weekend Recap

We had such a fun and busy weekend hosting Chloe’s first birthday party! I am actually going to recap the party in another post in a couple days but will share some photos today.


After work the girls and I spent some time outside until Chad came home, Chloe loved riding the scooter – hopefully this will convince Avery to ride her bike and not it, or do the opposite 😉

We spent the rest of the evening party prepping, exciting Friday night!


We were up at Costco right as it opened to get groceries and party stuff:

We had Chloe’s party from 2-4pm so that she had her second nap and was in a good mood. She was the happiest kid ever, not a single fuss for over three hours and all the smiles. But with family, friends, cake and presents who would not smile?!

Princess Avery dressed up for the party (of course):

Family photo – I am getting better at remembering these! Even if it isn’t a great photo of me 😉

By the time everyone left, we cleaned up it was time for baths and bed while I headed out to “work” at a food & beverage expo. By work I mean my co-worker and I enjoying food and drinks while watching our booth we had set up.

My outfit, I bought this shirt Friday and love it – never thought I would get into the cold shoulder trend!

I was home at 10:30pm and went straight to bed!


The lack of water, a couple drinks and a lot of sugar meant I felt hungover in the morning but it was nothing water and a run could not fix!

After our workouts we took Avery to yoga, which meant coffee for me and a lot of walking around with this one:

She wants to walk everywhere but refuses to do it on her own! My poor back, good thing I am short 😉

Our afternoon was spent decorating for Easter, colouring and Avery cut up a ton of apper – she is oddly obsessed and then passed out after.

Later we watched some of Sing since Avery asked and I was too tired to do much else – ha.

Be back tomorrow in honour of Chloe’s first birthday!



Weekend Recap

Finally a spring weekend! I am so happy to see the snow melt and the sun out much more 🙂


While I was making supper Chloe removed almost everything from a cabinet and then went into it.

I only had one lock from when Avery was younger since she really never tried to get into anything. But we have our hands full with keeping Chloe out of trouble these days.

We spent the evening watching some shows and I crafted for the upcoming birthday party.


More crafting in the morning, my Mom came over and hung out with the girls and we went grocery shopping. After we headed to a birthday party at a trampoline park. I had heard it can get very busy but it was not at all, Avery took 15-20 minutes or so to warm up to the trampolines and then loved it.

Chloe had a long afternoon nap then we set up and took her one year photos. I am pretty happy with the results despite some of my favs being blurry. We did a donut smash:

You guys will have to wait for the rest of the photos 😉

We hosted a games night with my brothers and their girlfriends and stayed up way past out bedtime (1am):


Thankfully the girls slept in until 7:15 and 7:45am so we got the extra rest! I wanted to do a long run but the family was not feeling it so I did 5 miles on the treadmill and called it done. Soon I will be back in half marathon training and long runs will be back )

We spent the rest of the day crafting, doing chores and going for a walk to the park.

My little puppy dog 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!


Currently Loving

It has been awhile since I have shared some fun things I am loving and using these days!

I found these Clif bars in Phoenix and loved them but had no hope we would have them here but I was wrong and we do now!

So I am working hard on some makeup skills, okay not really but I am trying… mainly when it comes to my eyebrows and eye makeup. I finally bought eyebrow gel (key!) and replaced my really old eyeshadow palette with this new one.

In Phoenix Chad’s Step-Mom had these Re-Play plates for the girls and we loved them so I got some for our girls for their Easter baskets.

Funny story, I was taking photos for this post and had the plates out. Avery was upstairs (or so I thought), and I was putting away the plates when she came down the stairs… “Mom, I saw something pink and purple on grey table, what was it?” “Nothing” I replied. “I know you are hiding something, you can tell me you know”. haha. I then changed the subject but now I am sure she will realize it at Easter so might need to say they are from me versus the Easter bunny.

I have become jar obsessed in my pantry and now have a whole shelf of jars – after all they just look prettier and more organized. These ultraviolet glass jars by Infinity Jars are perfect for storing dry foods, they are airtight, lightproof, leak proof and smell proof!

I have two sizes, the 150mL and 500mL – both are screw top making them the perfect choice for storing spices and other bulk foods. I love that they also preserve the freshness of the foods as well. I think these would be great for storing herbs and coffee for this reason!

Spring! Spring arrived Monday and well I am a tad happy 😉 I am ready to spend more time outside without a million layers on.

I have been drinking more tea lately, and this one is my current obsession. No idea what I will do once it is gone, Trader Joes come north!!