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Spring Bucket List

Every season I create a mini bucket/to-do list for us, and hang it on our fridge so as we go along we can check off some fun things every season Smile Here is this year’s spring bucket list:



What is on your spring bucket list?

Small Changes, Big Impact

I really struggled for a title to this post, just so everyone knows. Post titles just are tough for me!

Anyways, with spring comes a refreshed feeling, the feeling where you want to make changes, whether it is to your diet, house, or wardrobe.  It is an awesome feeling (I think) so I take full advantage of it.



One area we really wanted to focus on this spring was our diets. We eat good, but we also had a lot of room for improvement. Being honest, since having Avery our diets have slipped a bit so we both knew this was the time to get back on track. Nothing drastic, or life changing but small changes which all (can) lead to a big impact in many ways.



Here are the small changes we committed to making a few weeks ago. I have to say though Chad has really impressed me and had awesome will power, me? I am a tad more weak Winking smile But this not about perfection, it is about trying to make these changes.

1 – Drink more water. Duh. I know everyone says this but it is true! I cannot stress this enough. For two years now I aim to drink 3-4L a day. I am pretty good at sticking to this one.

2- Add more vegetables into our meals. This fell off this winter especially, less fresh veggies from the garden, and less salads. My goal now is to have 3-5 veggies in our meal, including at least one side veggie. This summer we will have our garden again making this a lot easier!

3- Stopping buying flavoured Greek yogurt. We never use to buy this and then started buying it again last year. We both like plain Greek yogurt with fruit so have decided to stick with it. We do usually have a small container of Vanilla on hand for Avery though.

4 – No more nightly treats.  Once you start you cannot stop! Anyone else with me here?  Of course, if we are hungry we have a snack. but no more snacks/treats just because. And treats are still allowed but just not every night.

5 – Less alcohol Sad smile Another bad habit that started about a year ago. We have drinks at home 2-3 nights a week. Now, we save it for nights out with friends or when we have company over.

6 – Very limited pop/juice. I was not too bad here, Chad had room for improvement. It is pretty simple though, we just do not buy it!

All these small changes definitely add up over time to make a big impact on your body, and again, it is not about perfection but doing your best. I like to follow the 80/20 rule, after all we all still need alcohol and treats! Not sure I could ever give up wine and chocolate…


What are some small changes you make to your diet to feel better?

Foodie Friday

I do not want to jinx this but I think spring has maybe sprung around here! Not to say we won’t see our typical spring snow storm but I do not see any more minus 20 days ahead of us J This is SO welcome after last year when we had the longest winter ever which made this year feel extra short and sweet.

What have we been up to? Deck parties after work, meaning Avery plays on the deck and repeats “puppy” 100 times over as the dog next door barks, I registered for a couple races – a Mother’s Day one with my Mom and Avery and the Spartan Super which I wanted to do a couple years ago but was way too pregnant! AND Avery is also doing her first “race” a 100m diaper dash at the Mother’s Day run! I may have also bought her running shorts and top… Avery has been extra whiny in the evenings this week and picky with her food, which makes our swearing off alcohol for this month extra tough. Good thing she is cute and makes up for it.

Avery sitting on her chair on the deck after work yesterday, did I say how happy I am for double digit temps?!



Besides swearing off liquor this month (I do have one night where I am going out so that is my pass), we also decided to add more veggies to our meals, at least two every supper, either cooked veggies or a salad and a cooked veggie. Hoping extra servings at supper helps keep away our evening snacking a bit. I probably won’t overly plan exactly what these will be every night but buy extra veggies for the week. Here is the upcoming week’s meal plan:

foodie friday

Saturday – Bison burgers & grilled veggies

Sunday – Kung Pao Zoodles – Skinny Taste

Monday – Best of Summer Kale Salad (Iowa Girl Eats) & Balsamic, Honey Chicken Skewers (foodie crush)

Tuesday – Healthier Tuna Casserole (source) & grilled asparagus

Wednesday –Quinoa Fiesta Enchilada Bake – Skinny Taste

Thursday – Slowcooker Minestrone Soup – Two Peas & Their Pod

Friday – Event (for me) & leftovers (Chad and Avery)

We have another weekend with no plans really, swimming lessons, errands and hopefully lots of outside time! Enjoying these low key weekends this month since April is busy for us!


A Fun Filled Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend, our recap is a tad delayed since yesterday we decided to enjoy the plus 11 weather instead of being inside on a computer.

So this weekend this Mama got a ton of time away, which is a nice break but by Sunday night I was missing my little sidekick.

Friday night I went to a charity event with my work, it is a “dancing with the stars” idea where local “stars” train with dance professionals, then dance at the event and are judged etc. The dancers are responsible to raise money as well, this year they raised $350,000! Amazing.

The event was a blast, not to mention the open bar Winking smile The food was pretty good, the entree was my least favourite, mashed potatoes and a chicken breast that was just okay. Of course dessert was my favourite:


I forgot to take a picture of me, but my friend/co-worker took a few of us out on the dance floor:


Not the best photo but me and a few of my co-workers.

I was home just after midnight, pumped and called it a night.

Saturday morning Chad let me sleep a little longer (7:30am) then I got up, fed Avery and we put on some clothes and headed to McDonalds… yup, I am a sucker for their breakfast and a couple times a year we cave and go for it. My go to is a egg and cheese McMuffin and a skim milk Mocha. So good, at the time, but later my tummy said “no thank you!”.

Saturday afternoon I had a hair appointment for a cut and color which took about three hours! I always forget how long it takes, since I only go twice a year for a color too.

Some post supper/pre-bath cuddles:


The rest of the night was spent relaxing at home and watching some PVR shows.

Sunday morning we all got up around 7:30am – totally feels like sleeping in!

I actually grabbed Avery just after 7am when I heard her and brought her into bed for family cuddle time, love it Smile

I had planned to run outside for my long run but was not feeling it so treadmill it was – I had a 14km run planned but decided if I could make it 8 miles I would be happy, however I got all 14km in, the last couple of km’s Avery cheered me on because Chad left to the gym.

Thanks to some prep Saturday night all I had to do was pop brunch into the oven, we had overnight french toast which is Chad’s favourite. This recipe was a tad healthier than our typical one we make on holidays. It had no corn syrup, but instead I used Earth Balance and it had less sugar. I added shredded coconut and pecans to the top of it.

The best part of these bakes? No syrup required! We added vanilla Greek yogurt, mangoes and raspberries:


Sunday afternoon was uneventful but because of the beautiful weather we did go for a family walk. It was a mid muddy but its just nice to be able to get out more in some sunshine.

My Mom and brother came for supper since they were also babysitting Avery so me and Chad could go to a concert, I had bought Chad the tickets for Christmas, we were going to see Classified mainly but he was actually just opening for Hedley.

Me all ready to go out – thought I needed a picture since I did not take one before I went out Friday.


The concert:



We LOVED Classified and Hedley was good too, but only good in my opinion. We were home just after 10pm to relieve Grandma and Uncle of their duties Smile

PS Can I say how lucky we are to have them both so close and so willing to always watch Miss Avery!

And since this a day late a little Monday recap too Smile I got in a quick morning workout, did lots of stretching, then headed to the dentist only to find out I need another filling – WHY?!  They never caught it before since you cannot see it (?) but it was found on x-rays that had not been done in awhile from being pregnant. Sigh, so Monday I go back again.

I have been trying really hard to stick to one of three healthy lunches lately:

– Salad – always a spinach base, with veggies, usually an egg or chickpeas, avocado, sometimes gouda cheese and quinoa if I have some cooked.

– Green smoothie – blueberries, banana, almond/peanut butter, almond milk, flax seed, spinach and Vega protein.

– Egg/Avocado/Veggie wrap – I love egg salad sandwiches but hate mayo so I use avocado instead.

Today was the wrap, which is so good – definitely try it if you like egg salad.

In the afternoon we went for a walk, read some books, put away laundry, played in the exersaucer and got some Mothers Day gifts ordered.

Oh and I have to share Avery’s outfit from yesterday with her new Minimoc’s.

Avery Spring

Her leggings? $3 at Wal-Mart!

Now that this is one long post I better let you all get back to your day Winking smile


How did you enjoy this nice Spring weather (if you have been having any!)?

Running into Spring

Today I wanted to step away from a post about the weather and snow outside and think more about Spring that is just around the corner. The last few years Spring has meant training to me, either tapering for a early May race or gearing up for a later summer race. This year I am on a break still but one can dream right 😉 And yes I actually miss it, crazy I know.

I have done many marathon training posts in the past, this one, and learning to run posts like this one plus many more! I won’t go back and repeat my tips again but what I do want to do is share some running and training articles with you from other sources I have found and think could be of help to you runners out there.

What Runner’s Should Know About Pain Medication – Runner’s World – I saw this article on Twitter and was pretty interested since like most runners I did take a Motrin before races to prevent pain during the run. I only ever took one but really never looked into what it could do….

How to Pace Your First Half or Full Marathon – Runner’s WorldSuch a great question for first time racers!

8 Superfoods for Runners! – Women’s RunningFrom my past experience eating plays a HUGE role in races times and successes. I would start eating these foods ASAP if I was training, they cannot hurt!

No Time? No Problem! – Women’s RunningEveryone is going to run into this problem when training since it requires so much time. I know I would always jump at the chance to spend a little less time training.

Now onto my day… we were up and out of the house by 6:45am to get to a work breakfast by 7am. I loaded my plates up with pancakes and fruit so no complaints on the early wake up call!

My day was a tad slow, I am not too busy right now but things will pick up very soon but it can make for a long day. After work we hit the gym, last night I did a home workout since Chad was sore and did not want to go to the gym. While I was working out he cooked supper:


Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto form Iowa Girl Eats. And he did a awesome job!

After work we had plans to go to the gym and both of us were a tad tired from the early morning so opted for a early morning workout. I did a old workout from a Women’s Health magazine:

I did 3 rounds of these moves and 3 sets of 12 for each move.

1. Dumbbell Step-Up

2. Dumbbell Chest Press

3. Dumbbell Row

3. Bodyweight Lunge

4. Stability Ball Ab Sit-Ups

5. Stability Ball Leg Curl

6. Plank

7. Mountain Climber – Cross-body move

Supper tonight was a little time consuming for a post gym meal but we made it work. Spicy Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese:

mac and cheese

Hit the spot for sure!

And with that I will catch you all tomorrow 😉


Any good running articles or blog posts you have read lately? Link away!