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Workout Wednesday

Better late than never right?! Totally forgot today was Wednesday…

This morning I woke up a bit early to make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

Not sure why the foggy photo…


No, I am not crazy and no, pancakes never happen during the week unless of course it is a special day and today is just that because it is our three year ANNIVERSARY. I cannot believe this was three wonderful years ago:

I feel more lucky every single day to be married to that guy. And even more so now with the arrival of Baby K in 6ish short weeks. He will be on GREAT Daddy Smile

Chad offered to take me to Starbucks before work, and I would never turn that down so I was treated to a Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning, great way to start the day.

I also had a dentist appt this morning (the not so fun part), I chipped a back tooth a few weeks ago and figured I better get it looked at now before it gets worse. Good thing I did – it is a tiny cavity so next week I will get a filling done. First one in probably 20 years so I cannot complain.

Now onto why we are all here, workouts for this week…

Sunday – Gym trip – 30 minutes elliptical and back and triceps

Monday – Home workout – 25 minutes tmill walk, chest and triceps – I am working on a walking treadmill routine for you guys!

Tuesday – Gym trip – 20 minutes elliptical, shoulders and biceps and 10 minutes on the spin bike

Wednesday – 75 minutes prenatal yoga – Yay, it is back!!!

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Gym trip – 30 minutes cardio (TBD) and legs

5 workouts, not too bad at all! I am feeling pretty good these days so want to keep these workouts up while I still can. The toughest cardio for me is walking for sure, as it is just plain uncomfortable during times.

Now I am off to cuddle up on the couch and watch the Big Brother finale!


When is your anniversary – if you have one?

Are you a fan of the dentist?

I really hope no one says yes here!

Workout Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!

My day started out on a sad note. I read all over social media this morning from Starbucks Canada that the Pumpkin Spice latte was BACK!! I was so excited. I left early to make my stop and was told that it is NOT back for another week. The girl told me it was the US so I showed her all the posts by Starbucks Canada saying “Its baaaack!!”, so was not apologetic at all. Poor communications for sure, then poor service to fix the issue.

Sorry about the rant but I had to share….

As I thought last week running is officially done. It is not that it was harder to run but I just have not felt like it and am fine doing all my cardio on the elliptical or spin bike. I thought I might bust out another run or two but seeing as the weather has been hot and humid that is not happening.

Moving on, here is the workout plan for this week:

Sunday – Gym trip – 25 minutes elliptical, back and triceps (tricep dips are getting harder with the extra weight!), then a 10 minute cool down on the spin bike waiting for Chad to finish up.

Monday – Gym trip – 20 minutes elliptical, chest and shoulders, 10 minutes on the spin bike.

Tuesday– Rest (worked till 8pm)

Wednesday – Prenatal yoga – Last class of this session, but I registered for my final session which takes me right to my due date!! Eek!

Thursday – Gym trip – 30 minutes of cardio (elliptical and/or bike) and legs day.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest

Another busy week with 4 workouts vs my usual 5. Which I am okay with, at 30 weeks I am ready to slow down a tad. Also, on Sunday night my left leg started to bother me, just tired/heavy feeling and a little ache. Last night it was still being annoying and I noticed that right behind my knee and down a bit I have a bruise or possibly a varicose vein. I read up on varicose veins in pregnancy and they are common and can cause aches and the heavy feeling. Mystery solved!


Anyone else excited for the PSL as I am?


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I cannot believe this is the last Friday of February! Where is time going?


Last night we had a great night, I got together with some co-workers for pizza and beer (best butter chicken pizza ever) to brainstorm new ideas for a local non-profit organization to help them really wow people with a great event or two. We had so many ideas floating around, it was awesome! We got home around 9pm and went straight to bed. I think we were both fast asleep by 10pm.

I had a early morning with a work breakfast. I left my house at 7am, which should have been more than enough time BUT it took 20 minutes at Starbucks, and I was the only person in there! I made it just in time for the 7:30am start.

Now onto the meal plan for next week, I will warn its nothing too special or creative. It is more of a use of everything week since after next week we will gone for two weeks.

Here is our use up week!

Saturday – Chopped Autumn Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Sunday –  Coconut Curried Chickpea Soup – Daily GarnishSince I never made it last week.

Monday – Quinoa pasta with sundried tomatoes, feta, and spinach and garlic toast

Tuesday – Scrambled egg and turkey wraps

Wednesday – Turkey bacon BLTs and waffle fries

Thursday – Chicken Nachos

Friday & Saturday – Whatever is left in our fridge!

So Scarlet has decided that she now likes to puke… fun times. Twice in the past 3 days. I am (of course) semi worried about her with us leaving in 9 days but this is nothing too new, she does have little episodes here and there. I hope these two times are it. In the mean time there will be no more treats for her in case something is bothering her tummy.

Tonight we are going to a friend’s 30th birthday party, tomorrow I am hitting up morning yoga and then crossing a item off my 30 by 30 list and that is where our plans end for the weekend.


My Favorite Phone Apps

I am a sucker for apps on my phone. I download quite a few to never use 90% of them! But the good news in that is that I find ones I really like and know work good for their purpose(s). I am a Android user, sorry iPhone lovers I am really not into them! I do love my iPad though. Anyways since I have tried quite a few apps I thought I would share my favs and why they are.

There are a few that I use daily and love but are givens, mainly Twitter and Facebook I won’t share any more details there since we all know what they are about!

My (other) favs, in no order:

1- Instagram – I am a addict, you will know that if you follow me. I love all the filters and blur edits you can do, makes my camera photos that much prettier 🙂 But my favorite part? Being able to share them so easily with other Instagram friends.

2- Evernote – I don’t use this one daily but weekly for sure, and it stores a lot of info for me. I keep password on here (nothing too important!), lists for various things, notes when I do not have a notebook handy, restaurants I want to try, recipes to try…basically anything I want to remember and have on me at all times. It is easy to use, it will automatically name the note from whatever you have in our calendar, so if you are at a meeting, it would call itself “note from meeting “A”. Great for at work meetings too!

3- Astrid Task – This one is up there for most used for me. There are weeks when I have 20 some reminders on there. I am getting old so forget things 😉 You can set up the time for when or if a reminder will go off, then snooze, edit or delete it when it does. This has saved me MANY times from forgetting things.

4- My Coffee App (Starbucks)  – You can load or Starbucks card onto this app so that you never need your actual card again. So awesome. I have a gold card so also it allows me to track my stars and when I do reach the 15 it automatically put the free drink on the app. Easy-peasy. If you love Starbucks and do not have this app, get on it!

5- Fertility Friend – This app is obviously not for everyone. But I have tried a few similar apps and this is my favorite. Straight forward, has every type of info you might need to add on a daily basis, has both a chart and calendar format and a website so you can also look online at your information. So far the app has worked great for me on predicting certain times of the month. Girls, this is a app to get!

Those are my top 5 favorite apps!


What are you fav and most used apps?

Foodie Friday

Yup I did not forget about this week’s Foodie Friday. While I love Christmas baking and food. I more than ready to get back to regular eats that are a tad on the healthier side. I am feeling pretty blah these days from all the yummy but no so good for you food. I think that finally today we will be done with our leftovers too!

Here is the upcoming week’s meal plans. I have a couple new recipes thanks to my sister-in-law who bought me a new cookbook for Christmas, Quinoa Revolution.

Saturday – Kale, Red Pepper and Quinoa Toss – Quinoa Revolution

Sunday – Harvest Chicken and Quinoa Soup – Iowa Girl Eats 

Monday – NYE! The plan currently is to go out for supper 🙂

Tuesday – Kung Pao Chicken Quinoa – Quinoa Revolution

Wednesday – Chicken Field Salad – Nutritionist Eats

Thursday – Quinoa Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes, Pesto and Feta

Friday – Pizza and salad night!

This morning I finally made my way back to yoga. The class this morning was called Turkey Flow. Flow classes are my favorite and I was happy to my back after 6 weeks… gulp. I need to make it a goal of mine to go at least once a week. I ran into a friend in yoga and we decided to meet for sushi for lunch so after yoga I went home and changed into my running clothes for a short run. A short and cold run! It was still about –14 so a tad chilly but I managed to run about 4km. Not too bad. I will do another attempt tomorrow! My running legs are slowly coming back 🙂

I received a really nice and thoughtful package in the mail today from my friend, Priscilla (thank you again!):


Look at all those goodies! And the Banana bar was SO good. Wish we had these in Canada!

This afternoon I ran a few errands, meet my Mom for BOGO at Starbucks and did laundry. Now I have a few last to do list items before starting supper. I am using the last of our leftovers to make this recipe from the December Oxygen magazine:


I have high hopes for it!

Tonight my Mom and I are going to see The Guilt Trip, since Chad is going for beers with the boys. And it is Saturday already tomorrow. Where did the past week go?


What is your favorite way to use leftover turkey?

Any exciting NYE plans?

Not yet, might take it easy this year..supper, skating and fireworks it looks like!