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Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! How is it Friday and HOW is it August in two days?! Sigh.

Yesterday we continued our stay-cation and went to a zoo, it is a smaller “wildlife” zoo but only about 45 minutes from us. I like that there is a ton of open space so it never feels too congested.

Avery loved the monkeys and was pretending to be one when she saw them:


The jaguar show is always awesome!




Trying to get a decent photo with my little:



Watching the racoons, she likes climbing the fence more I think:


Chad trying to intimidate the llama.


Avery and my Mom watching:


I had book club last night at my favourite local pizza place, no pizza for me but their drink menu is just as good! Last month’s book was A Sudden Light. In the end I really liked this book, though it felt long at times. In August I am hoping to talk more about my book club reviews so far. My pick was up next, I brought two books for the group to choose from and they picked The Vactioners.


Moving on to meal planning!

foodie friday

Saturday – Eating out

Sunday – Oprah’s Favourite Grilled Cheese & kale salad – oh sweet basil

Monday – Easy Flounder Brocccolini Bake  with couscous (I will use Sole instead) – Skinny Taste cookbook

Tuesday – Chicken Fajita Quesadillas with guacmole – jo cooks

Wednesday –  Greek turkey burgers & salad —> need to use garden veggies!

Thursday – Healthy Tuna Casserole – Reveal Natural Health

Friday – Pizza night since we skipped it last week!

Today we are headed to the beach since it is going to be a perfect day for it. Tomorrow the plan is to take a little tour to smaller towns and check out some different shops and cafes. We still have a few looming to do list items as well which will keep us busy. The one I am dreading? Staining our porch!

Enjoy your long weekends Smile


Stay-Cation Update

Happy hump day! Like any holiday this week is flying by. I feel like we have not done much but it has been nice to have the time off with not too much to do. Though our to do list is pretty long!

Monday was not the nicest day out so we tried to amuse ourselves inside. 100 activities and a too short nap after and I swear Avery was still bored. We decided to check out the new Treehouse Play Centre that is right by our house first thing in the morning. I have to say for $8, plus the free coffee they had it won us over. You could spend hours there! And you can come back all day for the $8. I did not get too many photos since carrying a phone through tunnels is not the easiest task.


We came home for Avery to nap, and her trend of a hour plus a little nap continued. Sigh. The rest of Monday was spent hanging our gallery wall (thanks Chad!), Skyping with a friend, a chiropractor appointment and trying to keep a tired toddler busy.

She loved Play-doh!


“Mess free painting” which is all a lie, it is not mess free.


Tuesday the weather was a bit nicer, but it was no lay out in the sun or beach day. After our morning workouts (I broke a 25 minute 5km!) we ventured out on a walk and to a nearby park.

Oh but before we played in the sink, this might be Avery’s favourite past time:


Her running away (second pic) to the outdoor gym, because it is more fun than the playground meant for kids.



Insert another TOO short nap here. Then we went to see my Mom since it was her birthday, and treated her to coffee at Cool Beans. We had a few other things to do that afternoon and before we knew it it was supper time!

Playing with chalk before supper:


Checking out her new fall order from Old Navy turned into stuff all the things in the hoodie and put on what shoes. Weird toddlers.


I thought we might go to the zoo today but the weather is once again iffy so we are postponing it until tomorrow. Instead we went for a bike ride this morning to a park. Avery fell asleep on the way home so I thought we could transfer her into the house. But she had other plans!

She is OBSESSED with her helmet. She wore it all morning until we left.



When I was doing this post I realized there is no photos of me. FAIL. Must get better at that the rest of our stay-cation!

The next few days are going to be hotter so we are planning to go to the zoo and the beach Smile


Stay-Cation Recap

We had a great stay-cation over the past 10 days, since I took a little blog break I thought I would do one (big) recap from our week off, hope you have a few minutes Winking smile This could really test my memory too…


Monday was my Mom’s birthday so we wanted to take her out for lunch and hang out with her for a bit. We chose to go to the Coconut Room for lunch, if you are local and have not been here get there! We enjoyed our lunch on their rooftop patio.

Trying to get a picture of Avery with a sign for Grandma…




After my Mom wanted to check out some downtown shops so we wandered around for a bit, I bought Avery a couple stocking stuffers (yes, already), and a pair of jean shorts at a consignment shop for $10. Score!

We decided to rent a couple movies for our week off so went to the video store after supper, they also have Foothills Creamery ice cream there right now so we all had some ice cream. I am happy to say that this ice cream has not bothered my stomach yet!


Avery is an ice cream fanatic!


“Appointment” day. We had a few appointments we wanted to get in this week so I made sure to book them all in one day so they weren’t blocking up different days.

The day started with me having a massage, something that I have been saying I was going to do since my half marathon (June 1st). After lunch I dropped Chad off to help a friend move and me and Avery went to our chiropractor appointments. After our appointments, we went back to check out the new house, while Chad finished moving. Then it was time for Chad’s chiropractor appointment. Between all the appointments Avery’s naps were right off schedule for the day, so far we have been lucky and this does not affect her too much thankfully.

My massage room:


I wanted to go to Truckin’ Tuesday for supper since when Chad is working we usually cannot make it down there. I tried my first grilled cheese from Chedda Heads, usually their line up is too long at Food Truck Fridays!


It was pretty darn good!

Chad’s Dad was back camping in town so after supper we went to visit them for a bit before it was time to head home so Avery could get to bed.


Our morning started with a family workout at the track. Since I do weekly speed workouts and Chad is training for Tough Mudder we thought going to the track weekly was a good idea, and there is a huge hill nearby. I took a deck of cards to do mini workouts in between laps (thanks Kaella for the idea!). We also both ran up this hill once with Avery in the BOB.


Our afternoon plan was to head to Discovery Wildlife Zoo with my Mom and brother. It was so hot out but we saw all the animals still.

Check out the racoon in the tub of water:


These tortoise and baby black wolves:


Beautiful cheetah (there was two), these are actual a guy’s pets! They are very tame and love car rides he said!


Avery insists on wearing her hat sideways,if you put it on her she’ll turn it this way 90% of the time.


The bear was going for a swim when we went by:


The jaguar during the show – these cats are not as friendly Winking smile


Other animals we say, porcupine, llama, and monkeys:




After my Mom treated us to McDonalds, I had an iced coffee and everyone else had ice cream. Their ice cream does not go over well with me!

My Mom and brother stayed for supper since I had chili in the crockpot – not the best thing to eat when it is 30 degrees out – but it was good still, I like chili anytime. My Mom and I also planned out Avery’s birthday party in about 15 minutes Winking smile

That evening I went for a pedicure with some girlfriends, my one friend is expecting baby boy #2 right away so we decided to have pedicures instead of a shower. After we got a huge surprise, one of the owners had paid for us all (he is also my one friend’s boss at another company). Woohoo! So appreciated.


Wheat was having a summer sale so my Mom and I wanted to check it out and run a few other errands that is easier without a baby so Chad was nice enough to stay home and hang out with Avery while we did some shopping.

I seriously love this brand, here is what we got:


I cannot wait to see their fall/winter line!

Our afternoon plan was to take Avery down to a wadding pool and the splash park after her lunch nap.



She enjoyed the pool more than the splash park Winking smile

There is a car show that is every Thursday night and lately we have been hearing of their great turnouts and decided we would check it out after supper.


Avery loved the people watching part more than the cars I think.


Wait, its Friday already?! Holidays go too fast…

We took a family run first thing in the morning to some new to us trails, it involved another huge hill then running through a treed area that had a trail through it. It was nice to be out of the heat but not a trail I would ever run on my own.

Since we had put off most of our “work” all week we decided we’d get some yard work done and picked up mulch and a few new shrubs for the backyard.

Later that day we went to pick Saskatoon berries near my Moms but sadly this year there were not that many.


We are planning to go to a farm to pick more soon since they are Chad’s favourite.

Since it was another hot day we waited till around 8pm to do some of the yard work which involved re-mulching a few areas and weed planning – our grass is SO bad this year. I think we will have to call professionals to fix it!


The morning started with a market trip, Costco then groceries. By the time we got home at noon Avery was grumpy from not really napping so we got her to sleep and we shared some sushi we picked up for lunch. I miss sushi lunch dates!

Chad wanted to go golfing and headed out for 18 holes while me, Avery and my Mom headed out to Bentley to their antique store and to the farmer’s market there. It was one busy little town! My Mom and Avery also shared more ice cream, so spoiled…


I bought a cute wooden sign that said “Garden of Weed’n”, so true!

I wanted to have a fire and make s’mores since it just seemed like a long weekend thing to do. We do not have a fire pit but my Mom does so I invited ourselves over Winking smile

20140802_182655 (1)




Long run day…Urgh – was exactly how I felt about my long run. It took 4km to feel into it. I had a planned 15-16km to do, and did 15.3km so not bad. Just over a month till my next half!

Sunday is always chores day around our house so after brunch (baked coconut mango and strawberry oatmeal) we got our chores done while Avery napped.


We had a mission after lunch, to find Chad a bike and find a bike trailer for Avery. I had been watching buy and sell Facebook groups and kijiji for a bit but was not having a lot of luck. Those things go so fast. I just happened to check one last time before we tried to find a new one on sale when someone posted a MEC one (after research we decided we’d only buy a MEC or Chariot). I jumped on it and was second in line, thankfully the first person fell through so I got it. It was not cheap still, but something we wanted and knew we would get lots of use out of it.

Chad found a bike too so now we are all set Smile

The rest of the day was spent prepping food for the week, doing laundry and watching TV after Avery was in bed. Sadly yesterday evening I came down with yet another ear infection. I think my next step is to see an ENT about these, they are extremely painful and nothing like your typical (middle) ear infection. This is an infection in my ear canal, causing it to almost swell shut, making it hard to even open my mouth yet chew. Of course this comes on without warning Sunday evening of a long weekend too.

Today our plan is to go for a bike ride! So excited, I hope Avery likes the trailer. It was a great stay-cation, I think everyone needs a week like this once a year. Chad said he feels way more recharged and liked being home every night. We got a lot crossed off our summer list too. I still cannot believe it is August and yesterday officially marked three months till I go back to work (a whole other post!).


Have you ever taken a stay-cation?

How was your long weekend?

Workout Wednesday

I just realized that this post never went up Wednesday, totally my fault from ignoring technology a little this week! But I thought I would still post it and will have Foodie Friday posted in a couple hours too.

This week we are having a little staycation, so far its great. We have been busy but have a few open days later this week. I promised myself that I would limit my technology time this week as well, so less social media, less reading blogs and shorter posts on here (unless I did them in advance) and so far I have stuck to it! Just part of enjoying this week “off” with my little family. I am going to do a week recap Monday on our week off.

I am trying to stick to my workouts as much as possible, but between the heat and enjoying more family time it is a little tougher than usual. Here are my planned workouts for the week:

Sunday – 8.5 mile run

Monday – Focus T25 Total Body

Tuesday – 3 mile run

Wednesday – Track workout, combo of running, sprinting, and hills

Thursday – Yoga Inferno

Friday – 6 mile (family run)

Saturday – REST


Stay-Cation Road Trip 1

While we are not officially going anywhere for our holidays, we do have a few smaller day trips planned. Today was the first of the those trips. We headed about 2 hours south to the Drumheller area, which is famous for its dinosaur park. But that was not our reason for going, though we did see the world’s largest dinosaur at the visitor center. Which to Chad’s disappointment is not real 😉

Our first stop of the day was at the Rosedale Suspension Bridge, nothing too crazy but we made the trip across – a huge feat for me – I am not a fan of bridges like this:

me bridge


Next we headed about 5 minutes down the highway to the hoodoos. To our disappointment they were not as big as we remembered. Both of us had not been there in over 10 years so at first thought maybe we had remembered wrong, but later we found out they were ruined due to vandalism a few years ago. So disappointing! But we still hiked around the site and took lots of photos:


chad hoodoos

hoodoos 2

Our signature self photo together:

us hoodoos

It was over 30 degrees out but there was a nice breeze that kept us cool, and we both avoided any burns 🙂

Another 5 minutes down the highway was the Atlas Coal Mine site, the first thing I noticed was how cute the little mine site was:


We decided to take the mine tour for $15 each. The tour was awesome, we had a very animated, excited young tour guide. We went into one structure below which took us up 500 feet  and without our head lights it was pitch dark.

Yes, I snuck this photo in and Chad was not paying attention, and he said to not put it on here. My response to him? Too bad this is my blog and I make the calls…mean wife I know.

chad headlamp

The structure we went into:

mine 1

Inside the above structure:



wash house

By this time it was almost 3pm and we decided to head back towards one last site, Horseshoe Canyon. The Canyon itself was pretty but we decided not to go down thinking the best view was from above.


Being outside in the heat had me craving something cold and I had read about a place that had over 40 milkshakes flavors in town, but sadly when I looked for more info on it we found it was closed Mondays! Instead we hit up a cafe for a iced coconut cream pie latte for the road.

When we were almost home we started seeing Twitter updates about a nasty storm with a tornado watch right on our path home, we decided to save my car from potential damage and take a detour home… bad choice, we still hit the storm and added 30 minutes or more to out trip home.

july 30 storm

Once we were home safe and home it was almost 7pm and I was in no mood to make supper – bad wife I know – so I opted to buy us Wok Box. I had the veggie Pad Thai while we watched last night’s True Blood episode.

Tomorrow we have another exciting day, Chad planned us a date day! And I am off to buy myself a yoga pass… I am swapping my gym pass for a yoga pass for a couple months, but more on that later.

Who can believe its July 31st tomorrow?!


Have you ever done a stay-cation?

I have realized lately we have so much locally that we have not seen that we need to start spending more time in our wonderful province.