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Canada Day Long Weekend

We had an awesome Canada Day weekend! Not to mention an extra day off always helps too 🙂


We had a quiet evening, I went for a run once Chloe was in bed:

Oh and I have to share some photos from Thursday night at my co-workers place. I need to get back out there with my camera!


We hit up the market and grabbed groceries before heading home to pack up for the day.

Happy Canada Day!

We spent the afternoon at Chad’s Dad’s property and had a potluck supper there but it also poured rain for over an hour while we were there:

We like to go out to the lake for fireworks so after supper we headed back to pick up my Mom and go there. They had shut down the main street and had music – which the girls loved!

Oh and of course a park stop too;

We waited on the beach for a couple hours before the fireworks started and both girls stayed awake – but Chloe fell asleep about 2 minutes into them – go figure!


We all slept in until 8am! This meant a later run and it was HOT. So we called it quits at 19km, grabbed smoothies and went home.

Avery made a friend on our run:

After naps we went to my brother’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s house for a BBQ for the afternoon/evening. Of course we had to go to the park nearby.

Funny story, at the stop of the big slide Avery gave herself a pep talk “Avery you can do this” – haha

I finished the day with watching Big Brother and The Good Witch – my favs.


I went for a quick 6km run in the morning then we played in the yard while Chad went to the gym.

We are working on moving Chloe to one nap. Currently she naps around 9am for an hour and then after lunch for 1.5-2 hours but that makes it hard to do much and I think she is old enough to only have one nap. So we are aiming for one from 11am-1pm so our afternoons are free.

Anyways, after her nap we headed to nearby place called Discovery Canyon – non-locals it is a man made lazy river with a beach for little kids. I had not been there in 20 years I think!

It was s busy but we had fun in the sand, digging holes and playing in the water.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing in the yard and having ice cream to finish off our long weekend!


Weekend Recap

Since we had a busy weekend I am going to jump right into it and share too many photos 😉


We played outside after work since the sun was out and I was feeling a tad tired and hoped the sun would help me too.

After supper I started to feel a headache coming on so I went for a run in hopes it would help – and it did! We ended the night with a movie which I did not even finish and then went to bed early.


We left mid morning to head to Calgary to see some friends and their kids and babies – insert squeal here – it had been WAY too long since I saw them all so I was so happy to make the trip and meet the newest additions. The kids had so much fun together, a huge thank you to Alison for hosting!

We got home, had more backyard time then had my Mom over for supper before heading to a local market and getting some awesome goodies – I forgot to take photos but we got hair bows, a little wood picnic table for girls and Avery got a mala bracelet.

Avery at the market:

Hanging out on the picnic table:


We came home and visited with my brother, his girlfriend and Mom before getting the girls to bed. Since we did not want to stay up late we watched some Netflix and called it a night.


We had a 18km run on the agenda. No matter how many of these do I find anything over 17km to intimidate me! It was a perfect morning for a run though we were not sure how it would go since the storm took out a lot of trees on the trails.

These two goofs before our run:

A few kilometers in we came across a race, which we have many times before. The first volunteer said there was a race on and to stay on the sidewalk which we were. The next one repeated that and semi hinted we should not be on the path. Then a guy came up on a bike saying he was on the organizing committee and we had to leave the path – UMM WHAT? Chad basically told him it was a public path and we were being respectful, but he kept following us and harassing us. I have never been so angry at a race organizer. Anyways we shared the path with them for 500m and only saw 4 runners which we kept pace with. Okay rant over 😉

We had a great run and saw some really sad areas where the trees were leveled by the storm. This area below a tree took out the fence on the path and we had go under and around it carrying the double stroller!

After we made our way for iced coffees & pancakes for the girls then walked home.

I gave Avery three options for the afternoon, the beach, a bike ride & new parks or set up the pool in the yard. She picked the beach so after C napped we headed out. We had a great couple of hours and Chloe loved the lake (and eating mud!).

We stopped for ice cream on the way home and ran into my Grandma – small world!

And that was our weekend!


First Weekend of Summer

It is officially SUMMER you guys! And Mother Nature you pulled through and gave us 1.5 days of great weather. Here is what went down this weekend:


The usual, Food Truck Friday with my brother and Avery, we set up the baby pool in the late afternoon for LOTS of fun (and too many photos):





That night me and Chad watched Wolverine – we both enjoyed it.


We skipped the market due to the weather and instead went to a favourite indoor coffee shop then Costco, Bulk Barn and more grocery shopping.

After lunch the weather improved so we went to a local farm – Sunnybrook Farm with my Mom and brother. None of us had ever been so it was a fun little outing. It is a farm in the middle of the city, they have smaller farm animals and farm museum type stuff.




This calf tried to eat my sweater:


The sign said goats do not eat sweaters or clothing, but after the calf I was not risking it:


Probably my favourite animal – the pony:


Random fact  – I like ponies but hate horses.

Oh and I love this photo of my brother and Avery:


It was all fun and games in these photos until we all were taking photos and Miss.Avery leaned forward…poor girl got her first mini goose egg!



Afterwards we checked out a local show home that was beautiful and made me want a new house now, then went for ice cream where Avery loved eating off Grandma’s ice cream cone – so spoiled.

It was such a beautiful evening we spent a bit of time on the deck before supper. It was another movie night for us, Anchorman 2 – another good one Smile

My two favourite people:


I somehow managed to stay awake through both movies – unheard of!


Avery has been back sleeping GREAT lately which I will talk about more in another post soon, but typically it is 11-12 hours straight! When she got up just after 6am I was more than happy to get up with her and hang out, she played and I drank coffee.

I got in my workout bright and early which meant I was able to shower, get ready and make Avery some popsicles before she got up from her nap:


These were a hit later on! For 6 mini popsicles I used 1/3 of an avocado, 1 small banana, a spoonful of 2% plain Greek yogurt and some water to mix it up.

Once Chad was home from the gym we had brunch, kept it simple today with Coach’s Oats and toppings:


Since it was another beautiful day we went grabbed Ice Capps and went downtown for a walk and enjoyed scones from a cafe. When we got home Avery enjoyed her popsicle on the deck:


Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom stopped by for a visit but sadly Avery was tired and it was her nap time so she was not great company Sad smile

The rest of our day was spent doing chores, making supper, baking cookies (too many…), and making homemade face wash before I called it a night and watch the season opener of True Blood.