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Foodie Friday

I actually just typed “weekend recap” for this post! With a mini holiday this week I am even more messed up on my days than usual!

Our mini holiday got semi foiled by the rain as you will see!


I think this was the worst weather day of the summer, so much rain and wind and just plain cold. We planned to do yard work at our house and rental but that did not happen. Instead we organized the garage a bit then headed to Costco to get out & for ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‰ Avery found this costume and HAD to have it. We are suckers, but she is “supergirl” obsessed.


That night I got sucked into two hours of Bachelor in Paradise and packed for our mini trip.


The plan was to meet my in-laws for a day at Calaway Park then camp overnight with them. BUT the rain & wind had other plans so instead we took the girls to Telus Spark (science centre). This was a GREAT idea. I only wish we had longer there!

Avery was obsessed with this table:


Chloe enjoyed looking at all the lights etc:


We did not make it to any shows but got through the exhibits.

We saved the kid’s play area for last – thankfully. Chad literally had to dive in to catch Avery and she made a couple escapes. Then we checked out the outside park – might be our favourite part!

IMG_20160823_165515 20160823_170025 20160823_165944 20160823_164716

We had back to the campsite (at Calaway), had some drinks and supper and called it a night. I forgot my pump at home – FAIL so I had to feed Chloe versus her dream feed. Not ideal in “sleep training” but we made it through with a 1am and 5am wake-up then up at 7am so not too bad. She was so cold at 5am (I think why she woke up) so she came into our bed and Avery followed so it was a full bed!


We woke up to sun so as soon as the park opened we went over. I will let all the photos do the talking but Avery had a blast for a solid 5 hours before she passed out on me. She LOVES rides, and would have gone on everything if she could…unlike me!

20160824_105247 20160824_102253(0) 20160824_134910 20160824_110437 20160824_135258 IMG_20160824_145307 20160824_181607 IMG_20160824_111812Chloe was awesome without a single whine, helps to have grandparent snuggles all day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chad did not get on any rides – poor guy so we might have to go there again this year!

On our way home both girls were sleeping so we made a stop at the Marda Loop Village Ice Cream, such a cool area and yummy ice cream:


We got stuck in traffic on the way home and got in the door at 6pm which meant no spin class for me ๐Ÿ™ Instead we made a fast supper and got the girls to bed, we tried to watch TV and both fell asleep!


Since I skipped spin our morning consisted of a core workout and 7km run. It was a tad windy but great running weather, I am done with hot runs!


After we got ready and did a few errands which included getting cupcakes – I say I will eat better then buy cupcakes…sigh…

This photo of the girls I posted on Instagram but wanted to share what the 20 others I took looked like:

IMG_20160825_121448 20160825_121327

Chloe’s nap schedule has been off from Avery’s lately BUT Avery also seems to want to nap later so I put them both down at 1pm & SUCCESS!! Now to make sure Avery is up by 3pm so she goes to bed by 8pm – lucky girl has got a new bedtime for the next little bit we decided.

Our afternoon consisted of picking up our CSA veggie box, getting a million pickling cucumbers so coming home to make pickles. I only had three jars so will have to pick up more stat.


Onto meal planning…

Not sure I am ready for fall meals yet but I will slowly ease into them ๐Ÿ˜‰

foodie friday
Saturday – Family birthday supper (belated for my Mom & early for me)

Sunday – Quinoa spaghetti & turkey meatballs

Monday – ย Cilantro Lime Blackbean burgers & salad – Be Whole. Be You

Tuesday – Chicken Lime soup & cornbread biscuits – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Grilled Cheese & Greek Kale Salad – Chef Savy

Thursday – Chicken smokies & Sweet Potato Green Salad – Veggie Primer

Friday – Chicken Taco Salad

Weekend plans – family birthday supper, a family fun run (Chocolate Chase) & my long run which will be solo – in other words a lot of running and eating!


Foodie Friday

Since I cannot believe another week has passed I will just jump into our week:


It was a really nice day (read: hot) so we spent the day outside. A morning spent at the Heritage Ranch parks, and an afternoon in the backyard. I spent nap time, cleaning and setting everything up – lucky kids ๐Ÿ˜‰



I am loving our CSA Jungle Farm veggie box, and have been taking advantage of eating all the veggies, some days I realize I have a lot to eat asap so just roast everything up:


I love summer meals ๐Ÿ™‚


A HOT morning run of 10km, then some kitchen play and a tea party – life with a two year old ๐Ÿ˜‰


Chloe is starting to sit on her own, well if she balances on her hands:


She also loves going after Avery’s toys! Note Avery’s blurry hand going to stop her ๐Ÿ˜‰

We got and tried out first Chef’s Plate meals! I am SO Impressed you guys. We had the White Summer Pizza this night with a green bean salad:


You can get your first meal(s) at 50% from this link – disclosure this is a referral link ๐Ÿ™‚


We checked out our yoga studio’s new space and cafe – which is gorgeous and inquired about a program for Avery in the fall.

Then made a Wal-Mart stop (worst errand ever) because Chloe decided she no longer liked her formula, well long story short a new kind did not help. The girl is high maintenance. So we will keep trying and start mixing. I wish I had enough pumped milk but I do not, so she needs formula for some dream feeds.

Avery found these and HAD to have them. Lately if she wants anything I say no and sneak it in the cart and am saving things for her birthday and Christmas. But she would not let go of these.


Miss. Chloe, looking like Chad’s twin:


After naps which took 3.5 hours since both girls took over an hour to go to sleep we packed a picnic and headed to Sunnybrook Farm for a quick animal visit then went across the street to go to Yoga in the Park. Chad met us there and took the girls for yoga and then we had a picnic.

20160817_161459 20160817_161258


We were out of the house just after 9am to meet Alison and her kids at Discovery Wildlife Zoo. It was great to see them and get the girls together.

Now I promise to get to Calgary to see them! Avery has no little girls her age to play with so seeing her and D together was pretty cute.

20160818_122417 20160818_113824 20160818_105409 20160818_110105

Since we were right by The Jungle Farm we stopped there for our veggies, and of course some play time for Avery.


Any idea what to do with 3lbs of zucchini?!

Both girls fell asleep on the way home the slept until 4pm! Guess they were tired. We had a quite night, I debated going out for a speed run since we are going out of town with my Mom tomorrow but decided to be lazy instead since I did a lower body workout this morning.

Have I said how much I love the age Chloe is at?!


And supper was part two of our Chef’s Plate!


Speaking of meals, here is next week’s meal plan:

foodie friday

Saturday – Chicken Stir-Fry – Natasha’s Kitchen

Sunday – Grilled Veggie Quesadillas with Goat Cheese

Monday – Zucchini Pizza Boats – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Away

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & garden salad

Thursday – Light Turkey & Kale Pasta Bake – ifoodreal

Friday – Parmesan-Herb Roasted Potatoes (Cooking Classy), green bean salad and smokies

As well, almost every night I pick one or two veggies to make so that are eating through all the ones from our CSA box.

Today we are hanging out with my Mom in Calgary for the day, then this weekend we have to do some yard work and I have a 22km run. That is about all though!


Weekend Recap

I cannot believe it is August 15th! I love summer but fall is my favourite so I am already a tad excited for that. As well this week marks my half way point in my maternity leave – SO crazy!


We went out to Ellis Bird Farm with my Grandma. Long story short, we were there still at nap time and that did not go over well for anyone. But Avery still had a ton of fun, from petting goats and catching minnows (with her bare hands – YUCK).

20160812_115150 20160812_114730 IMG_20160812_113852 Screenshot_20160814-143503

20160812_115507 IMG_20160812_120252

That afternoon we returned some stuff to Old Navy, and tried to find some things for myself which was a fail. I feel like all their clothes doubled in size or the styles are really baggy. Even Avery said “too big, maybe not Mom” to everything I tried on. Boo.

A beautiful evening called for a walk and park trip:



My brother hooked us up with Netflix so after the girls were in bed we watched The Do Over which turned out to be a good movie.


We made an early trip to the market and once I got there I remembered the hummus guy was not there ๐Ÿ™ Avery got mini donuts and picked out flowers for her Grandma since it was her birthday party later on.

Oh and total Mom win – I semi did her hair with a cute side braid. This is a big deal to me, I cannot do hair whatsoever so this made my day:


The rest of our Saturday was filled with parties, first a friend’s daughter turned one and then Chad’s step-mom turned 60.


It was a great afternoon and evening and by the time we got home it was after 9pm so we called it a night!


My training plan called for a long run of 18km, I told Chad he and the girls did not need to join for all but he was up for it so off we went. We had no idea how far to go and when to turn around so we ended up doing 19.92km! Poor Chad pushed the girls up the massive hill (below) and then I made him take a photo with me at the top, wife of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_20160814_105811 20160814_103136

I was SO proud of Chad and the girls – such great training partners!

Our Sunday was then filled with garage organizing now that our shed is built, house chores and having my Mom for supper – and no photos!


Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty muddy because we spent most of our weekend at the Mud Hero race!


We met some friends at the beach for the morning:

IMG_20160805_123835 20160805_182841 Screenshot_20160805-124001Ahh, I love beach mornings, maternity leave perks!

Oh and I have to share this, I was getting ready in the morning and the girls were watching Sesame Street together ๐Ÿ™‚


Our afternoon was spent running some errands and going to my work for a visit.

After supper we went for ice cream which resulted in a major tantrum for Avery – sigh.


I ran my fourth Mud Hero race!! I want to save most of the fun for my recap this week, but as usual it was a great time. Maybe even my favourite year yet. I noticed a huge difference in my strength – thanks Hard Corps!

A few photos:

20160806_092752(0) 20160806_090651 20160806_091736 20160806_115936

By the time we got stopped for lunch, got home, showered and headed out to get groceries and got back home it was supper time! We had a low key evening watching the Olympics.

Avery at supper, princess crown, back-up and all:



I had 17km on my training plan and for one of the first times I did not do what was on my plan. It was raining and I had no motivation to run outside. I finally convinced myself to a treadmill run. It was pretty fast so by 14km (5:25min/km) my legs were done and I could smell pancakes that Chad had made so called it a day.


SO sweaty!!

The rest of the day was spent back at Mud Hero, this time my Mom and brother came as well to watch Chad to the Ultra (10km). We also saw so many blog friends! Beckyย &ย Liam, Alison and family, Kaella and Jen!

20160807_122219 IMG_20160807_131729ย I missed Chad at the finish line for two reasons – one they started late and I did not know and he was WAY faster than we thought he would be. I was coming back from the bathroom and was sure I saw him at the finish and it was him!ย He did the 10km in 1 hour 17 mins, which is amazing! He was 15th overall!


No, he is not wearing a dress his shirt stretched from all the weight!

We enjoyed some beverages in the beer garden then headed home. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and catching up on things at home. I think weekends need to be three days, especially in the summer!





Foodie Friday

That was one fast and busy week, here is what we got up to:


A morning walk and park trip I think – it was cut short because of all the mosquitoes! In the afternoon we went to the library, to the grocery store and for a donut since Avery was very well behaved and well lets face it a $0.60 donut is cheaper than the $20 dress she begged me for,

Both girls swinging! Chloe likes it the swing it seems, well she does not cry so I say she likes it:



I did 6km on the treadmill once the girls were in bed due to a storm rolling in.


I heard (thanks Becky!) a local bra store was having an awesome sale so after a morning workout we packed up and headed there. There was a ton in my size but I had a budget so only picked up a few things but for great prices.


The girls napped for almost THREE hours together, I tackled a huge to do list for the week and it felt great. After naps we went to my work for a visit then to The Running Room to pick up a spibelt for me.

Since today is Chloe’s 4 month birthday we took some photos, some outtakes:

IMG_8810 IMG_8818


My day started with a 8km run with the girls:


We came home, I showered and got ready and headed back out the door to go meet my Grandma for lunch (she lives about 30 minutes away), after lunch we headed to another town for their parade. I love small town parades! We met my friend and her boys there as well.



Chloe slept from the time we left the house, lunch, the drive and the parade. I actually checked her to see if she was breathing finally and she was SO hard to wake!

The plan was to feed Chloe in the car, then drive to pick up our veggies which is probably a 40 minute drive BUT Chloe after not pooping for three days had an explosion on me while feeding, so we cleaned that all up then again while driving ย – which I could hear so we made a stop at home quickly and headed BACK out.

At the farm we got our veggies, attempted to pick 3lbs of peas but the mosquitoes were bad so we settled at just over 2lbs then headed home.

You better know I had a drink last night ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today we are heading to the beach with some friends then I have a blinds consult – Chad did not want blinds in the bonus room but changed his mind (yes, I said we should have got them when we did the house) and then I want to lie low and get ready for a busy weekend. We both are running the Mud Hero race, me the 5km one Saturday and Chad the 10km one Sunday so we will be there a lot this weekend!

Okay meal planning:

foodie friday

Saturday – Sweet Potato Tacos with Lime Crema – Budget Bytes

Sunday – Roasted Chickpea Nachos

Monday – Slowcooker Taco Chicken Bowls (but as a salad) – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – BLT wraps & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & Summer Kale Salad – The Balanced Berry

Thursday – Shrimp in Thai Coconut Sauceย – Foodie Crush

Friday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles (Chad’s pick) – Budget Bytes