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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This weekend marked our first weekend we saw SNOW! That is right people, snow. Avery was overly excited once she realized that meant she could build a snowman, me on the other hand – I am not as excited.


The snow started to fall, I thought it would be short lived but it continued ALL weekend.

We spent the morning running errands with my Mom, then hibernated in the afternoon, baking and just keeping warm.

20161007_145153 20161007_165247

I have no idea what we did that night now!


We got groceries then made a coffee stop before going for lunch at McDonalds – Avery’s pick.


During naps I baked three pies for Thanksgiving dinner, one apple, one pumpkin with graham crust and one regular pumpkin, We still have 1.5 left if anyone wants some 😉

Avery HAD to go outside to build a snowman after naps so we did just that. Chloe and I did not last too long since the wind was cold and came inside to warm up.

img_9714 img_9702 img_9730 img_9704 img_9725 img_9720


We rented a movie, Mike & Dave’s Wedding Dates that night which was pretty funny.


I started my day with a 9km run (44 mins!) then got to work on Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom. Avery helped with the stuffing:


The rest of our day was spent cooking, eating, visiting, and cleaning!

20161009_155936 20161009_171248 20161009_174334

Funny story, my one brother and girlfriend were downstairs playing with Avery for an hour, later when they came up Avery said they were playing kitties. We asked what that was, well basically they spent an hour pretending they were cats and meowing – can we say best Uncle and Aunty ever?! Oh man.

It was 7:30pm by the time everyone left so we finished cleaning and spent the evening reading and watching baseball (Chad).


The snow was STILL falling which cancelled our plans for the day so we decided to have a quiet day and get things done at home after a busy Sunday. Morning coffee at Starbucks:


We stuck around home for naps, I got to work on our yearly MIxbook and Chloe’s baby book – I try and do it monthly so I do not get behind! After naps Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom came for a visit. I took one photo all afternoon!


And my reasons to be thankful:


Plus many, many more!

We had leftovers for supper and called it a night, I cannot believe it is almost mid October!


Thankful Weekend

Hope all my fellow Canadians enjoyed a great turkey filled long weekend! Ours was great even with the migraine that decided to join me.


My in laws had Avery all day and they had a blast! Of course Avery scored a new baby that day too. So spoiled. We also got spoiled since they cooked us supper! Such a nice treat! I was in bed early (shocker) due to my migraine.



We ran a few errands in the morning and finally picked up a mattress for Avery’s bed! She attempted to escape her crib a couple times so we had to stop procrastinating. I met a friend for coffee to catch up kid free then headed home to go to The Jungle Farm.

My Mom and youngest brother joined us, none of us had been before! Locals – I would stll say I prefer Kray but this was much quieter which was nice and they still had a lot of smaller activities for kids.


Playing with Uncle:


They had some animals which was a highlight for Avery, a sheep licked her and she was SO excited, almost like a teenage girl getting touched by their favourite artist or something…all the drama.


Funny story, Avery and my brother were playing with this sign and a little girl came along and hit down all the animal faces. You would have thought she killed them, Avery screamed no, threw her hands in the air and proceeded to fix them all. Again, ALL the drama.


Chad being a kid:


My Mom and Avery doing one of the mazes:


And of course a family photo:


It was all about the sheep…



By the time we got home it was supper so I made nachos and Chad started to set up Avery’s bed…well at 9pm it was finally done. Thankfully, Avery hung out in my room and was really good at waiting.

She went to bed and slept all night with no issues! It think it is the kitty sheets she picked out and loves 😉


Big girl bed night #1 success! I was up too early for my liking (6am) thanks to my head…Once I found my motivation I went to workout. I planned to run 4-5km and do weights.

(Almost) 14 week bump!


Sadly running is not going great for me. I wanted to run a lot longer but listening to my body right now if much more important. I settled with 4km of run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute which felt okay (running much longer gives me cramps).

Happy girl in her big girl bed!


I have to say when it came to nap time I was concerned since naps on weekends have been a struggle lately but she went down with no problems and had a great 90 minute nap. So proud of her!

That afternoon we spent with Chad’s Step-Mom’s family and had Thanksgiving. Avery was the typical social butterfly and had a ton of fun.

The rest of our day was spent getting ready for our Thanksgiving Monday, and being lazy, oh and trying to take Avery’s photo with her yelling “nooo” at me.




My hopes of sleeping off the headache did not come true, so caffeine and pain killers it was. It also marked day one of a 21 Day Fix challenge I am doing (more on that later this week!) so Cardio Fix it was. A good way to kick start a day of more turkey eating.

I was hosting and “made” the turkey – AKA my Mom came over and showed me what to do.

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, worth all the work – thank you Mom for your help!



Avery was a fan too!

We went to the park to end the day since it was a beautiful evening, then we got ready for the work week!



Thanksgiving Weekend 2014


We had a low key evening at home and watched The Edge of Tomorrow. I am not a Tom Cruise fan, but Chad loved the movie.


Both Scarlet and Avery thought 6:15am was wake up time – sigh. So up we were! After some pumpkin french toast we headed out to Costco and ran a few other errands. In the afternoon me and my Mom went out to a antique shop and I may have bought my Christmas present Winking smile Chad picked out his already too, so we are done for each other, and I am done for Avery.

It was a beautiful day so after Avery’s nap we went for a walk and to the park. I keep thinking that every nice weekend we get is going to be the last but Mother Nature has been spoiling us this year!

After I prepped for Thanksgiving dinner we had another movie night over here, this time we watched 22 Jump Street which was pretty funny.


ANOTHER early morning – guess sleeping in till 8am the last couple weekends is catching up to us! But it meant that I got in a good workout and Chad got to the gym and home by 10am.

My Mom came over after lunch to start Thanksgiving dinner stuff. We “hosted” but I only had to make dessert (pumpkin cheesecake), cranberry sauce and salad, my Mom did the rest! Thanks Mom Smile

Avery all dressed up for her first Thanksgiving:



With her uncles:


We kept the meal simple with only the basics but it was perfect! Avery’s first Thanksgiving plate:


Do not be fooled this was probably half of what she all ate – girl loves her food!

We spent the evening cleaning up, playing games and then I started Gone Girl, I want to read it before I see the movie!


Finally a 7am wake up! I really love slow mornings on weekends, no rushing around or anything. I am taking them all in now since soon 5 days a week we will have CRAZY mornings.

I did Yoga Inferno while Chad and Avery played, then we swapped and Chad went to the gym. After Avery’s nap we made a craft for her grandparents:


It was pure torture for Avery because she hates having her hands touched so you can guess how hand prints went…

Later in the afternoon Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom came over for a visit, Avery gave them their craft, and showed them her walking skills (with her walker). They were pretty impressed!

And just like that Thanksgiving weekend was over and I have THREE weeks left at home till I am back to work – this still baffles me!

Oh and we finally get to share some exciting news:


I have kept this secret for weeks! And now can finally share so sorry to spam everyone’s social media feeds!

It is between Avery and another little girl to win in the category of baby girls (ages 0-4) in Canada. IF she wins, it is a trip to NYC for the photo shoot to appear in their ads, so fun! Honestly, I was shocked when I was contacted that she was a finalist so that is exciting alone, but I will take a trip to NYC too, and we all know how much Avery loves the camera!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your weekends have been filled with family, friends and good food. Today I wanted to share what I am thankful for, so here you go:

1- Maternity Leave. I am not complaining at all about going back to work because in Canada we are very fortunate to get one whole year off and it is even paid. So many others do not get this luxury and have to return to work full time when their baby is as young as 6 weeks old.

2 – Fall. I love this time of the year and we have had a great fall with beautiful weather.


3 – Photos. I love taking photos of our family, to me these are captured memories we will cherish forever. We did our family photos with Whitney on Thursday evening. A sneak peak:


Beautiful. She is amazing. I cannot wait to see the rest!

4 – Running. It has provided me with an outlet this past year, becoming a new Mom is no easy task and we all need our me time. Running was a huge part of that for me.

5 – Chad. I knew he would be a good Dad but he is beyond that. I know him and Avery’s relationship will only get stronger as she grows.

20141005_155631 (1)

6- Coffee. Lame, right? I love my morning cup of coffee so to me it is not Smile

7 – Family. This past year my family has been so great (not that they were not before!), but I am very thankful to have them so close to me especially now with Avery.

8- Friends – near and far. My friends are truly the best, I am lucky to have lots of friends close to me and far! I wish I could see everyone much more but think I do a pretty good job spending time with them as I can.

9- Chocolate. Nothing beats chocolate at the long (or start) of a long day!

10 – AVERY. As our year at home together comes to a close I am excited to see her grow and learn in dayhome and make me even more proud. She makes me laugh every single day even if the second before she is driving me nuts. She is by far the best thing ever and I love her to pieces.



Foodie Friday

Better late than never, right?! Yesterday we had a busy day, Avery had a short afternoon nap so this post got pushed to the side. This morning Avery is at her first dayhome day! Well half day. Drop off went good, I knew it would she is way too social to care about Mom leaving Winking smile Having her there meant I was able to get in a full hour workout, shower and get ready! Great way to start my long weekend.

It is Thanksgiving this weekend! How did it sneak up on me? I decided to host last minute, and by host I mean my Mom does 80% of the work and I open up our house to have everyone over. Thanks Mom Winking smile

Onto meal planning:

Saturday – BBQ Chicken Skewers, taco salad – Both ideas from Alison!

Sunday & Monday – Thanksgiving and leftovers – YUM!

Tuesday – Avocado and Chicken Enchiladas – Six Sister’s Stuff

Wednesday – Crockpot Chicken with Apple and Sweet Potatoes – source

Thursday – Skinny Slowcooker Kale and Turkey Meatball Soup – foodie crush

Friday – Grapefruit Chicken Satay – Iowa Girl Eats

And with that I am going to run to get my little peanut. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I will be back Monday to tell you all the things I am thankful for and a sneak peak from our photo shoot last night.