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So Much Yummy Food!

Thursday where did you come from?! It is getting really close to the big day and I have TONS to do still, bake cookies, wrap gifts, finish the Christmas menu (Alison I promise soon!)… Eeek!

So this week has been crazy, I got back to the gym three times so far, and am still sore from Monday’s leg workout… true story. Last night was my Christmas party and it was a blast! We went the Cooking Room and cooked up this yummy menu:


I took many pictures but will keep my co-workers safe from any blog appearances 😉 I of course grabbed the dessert station so I could do this:


Some of the delicious food we cooked and ate!




We got home around 10:30pm, not too late but we had to out of the house at 6am this morning so the 5am wakeup call came too early.

Last weekend when we got home from NYC I ran to the mailbox because I knew I had fun packages waiting for me and then something horrible happened… I broke the key getting into the box! Urgh. So after a call to Canada Post they said I would get access back this week sometime. Yesterday I was happy to see a new key in my box and three packages waiting for me 🙂

Package one was from Ashley from the Favorite Things Christmas Swap.


I loved it all and Ashley, you know the way to Scarlet’s heart – she loves her toy. Thank you!!

The next two packages were from  The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap:



The bars were from Carole, whose blog I do not know 🙁 But very good! And the cookies from Heather – Chocolate Peppermint Crackle cookies were were excellent and the perfect size!

I had to try one of each and both are delicious! I have put them into the freezer now for same keepings till Christmas.

I except tonight will be a early bed time after a long day today so with that I am off to relax! Tomorrow Foodie Friday is back J


Some random questions today…

Are you done your Christmas shopping?

Are you cooking for Christmas?

Ever gone to a cooking class?

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap: Chocolate Ginger Cookies

So I know I promised a post last night then went MIA… But I have a really good excuse. It was a friend’s 40th birthday party and being a yoga teacher she decided she wanted to have a sparkly yoga party. So we all dressed up in sparkles and had a yoga practice! Good times 🙂

As most of you know this was my second year participating in the Good Food Blogger Cookie Swap. I was not sure what type of cookie to make but when I thought about it I knew one thing, they had to be ginger cookies of some sort since they are always my holiday favorite. And what better than to combine chocolate and ginger?! I present Chocolate Ginger Cookies…

Chocolate Ginger Cookies

Makes 18-20 cookies

Preheat oven to 375.


1/2 cup shortening

3/4 brown sugar

3/4t baking soda

1t ginger

1t allspice

1/4 cup molasses

1 egg

In a mixer beat shortening medium, add brown sugar, baking soda, ginger, allspice, and salt; beat until combined.Add in molasses and egg. Then add in as much flour as you can with mixer. Use a wooden spoon to mix in any remaining flour. Then finally mix in the the ginger, and chocolate.

Drop  rounded teaspoons onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake about 8-10 minutes or until bottoms are lightly browned. Transfer to wire racks to cool.

I made these the day before we left to NYC so obviously I was not thinking and forgot to take photos! I did snap one with Instagram though…

All packed up and ready to go to their homes!

cookie swap

Hopefully they made it safe and sound!

I have my work Christmas party tonight but me and Becky are in talks on a post-holiday season post that will be coming soon! Lets say for now it does NOT involve cookies!


Bad Blogger

So who read this post the other night? Yeah I totally forgot the PHOTOS. Frick. You can tell where my brain is this week… not here. Its been a crazy busy week, trying to wrap up work stuff before we leave and with Christmas functions. I have barely read any blogs this week, been basically MIA on Twitter and been crashing by 9pm. A crazy life I lead these days. But in t-minus 2 days I will be NYC. Sorry I had to say it one last time.

Borrowing Leigh’s idea I am going with Three Things Thursday today. Ready?


Three things I have ate this week:

1- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates from a VERY lovely friend

2- My favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane!

3- Some yummy fajitas for supper tonight:



Three exciting things that happened this week:

1- We got tickets to the Letterman Show next week. For those of you wondering, we are there Tuesday and on Live with Kelly and Michael Wednesday 🙂

2- I went to the FP Reach Conference and the keynote speaker rocked, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are at all into marketing check him out and follow him on Twitter.

3- It has not happened yet but will tomorrow – our staff Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day. Easily a favorite day of the year for me!


Three workouts that happened this week:

1- A 5km treadmill walk

2- A 6km treadmill walk/run – 20 minutes of running!! I am slowly getting it back 🙂

3- Number #3 has not happened yet…. like I said crazy week.


Three things I have to do before we leave – FYI there are way more than 3!

1- Get US cash.

2- Bake and send my cookies Great Food Blogger cookie swap.

3- Prep blog posts for while I am gone.


What is one exciting thing that happened this week for you?

A Date Night

Hey everyone! So I took time off from blogging yesterday but for a good reason… it was date night! As some of you know every couple months we take turns in planning date night for each other and November was my month. With us going on our trip soon I decided to keep it low-key this month. We went to supper at Heritage Ranch, they have different feature nights and last night was made to order authentic burritos and enchiladas, oh and margaritas! I love the atmosphere at Heritage Ranch, so cozy. If you are from Red Deer and have not yet checked it out make sure you do! Anyways, we both had chicken enchiladas and shared a mango margarita. It was all excellent and for $9 a person you cannot beat the price!

Here is my handsome husband:

2012-11-19 18.12.38

After supper we came home to do NYC planning – what a fun date night right?! haha. We ended up pre-booking tickets to the ferry around statue of liberty, but sadly due to Hurricane Sandy the Statue is closed for awhile… but we can still do the harbour cruise. The other thing we booked/bought was a attractions pass, basically it gives you a deal on attractions. We bought the 3 attractions pass and it should work out that we will be paying for 2. And now I think we are done planning… Just need those Live with Kelly and Michael tickets now!

The last part to the date night was relaxing on the couch with pumpkin pie ice cream and watching Dexter. I managed to stay awake till just after the show but fell asleep right after. I have not been feeling great lately, my other ear is acting up and we are doing office renos and the paint smell has made me feel off. Needless to say I cannot wait for them to be done the painting but our office looks great!

Today was a great day at work, I had a couple really productive meetings, got to use my new whiteboard markers (see below) and had lunch with some coworkers.

2012-11-20 10.43.40

Yes, I love new, fun markers and drawing on whiteboards. Total nerd.

After work we hit the gym, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical on levels 5 before doing a few random arm exercises – bicep curls, lateral raise, and shoulder raise. I am slowly going to start to add back in more exercise to my routine. Slowly being the key. I am hoping to have a more regular workout routine in the new year so this blog will have more of that once again!

Supper was easy and light, I think we both over ate last night so a light meal was key for tonight. So I made the Chopped Autumn Salad from Iowa Girl Eats.

chopped autumn salad

Love this salad!

Not much on tonight’s agenda, maybe some cookie research for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, I need to get those out before we leave!


What is your favorite type of cookie?

I’m Back!!

Did anyone miss me? I doubt it, it was only three days. But it felt like MUCH longer. So what is up in my world? Well I am feeling way better, I got new antibiotics Monday and started to feel better within 24 hours, the pain was gone and swelling started going down. Last night Chad took out the wick so I can hear again too. Whew. That was one week of no fun.

What else… I have to give a shout out to Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats, her blog is awesome with some of our favorite meals ever. This week I have made her Harvest Chicken Quinoa Soup and Chopped Autumn Salad. My DSLR has not made it out all week, so photos are via Instagram.

harvest chk quinoa soup

chopped autumn salad

Yesterday I had my work gala and it went off without a hitch. This event has been my baby for 5 years, 4 years ago we took a huge risk and changed the format from a fancy sit down supper to a cocktail reception and awards show and it has only grown in popularity. I am kind of sad now that 2013 will not be mine but happy to see the event grow with more new ideas.

A couple pictures from the event. This is before the reception started:


BOYA stage

I loved the stage this year! In the back there was some blog around the screen but it did not show in pictures too well.

And moi all dressed up, I  even managed to do my hair (which you cannot tell by the picture):

me at Gala

I was home about 10:45pm from work last night but surprisingly I was not tired today and that was with no caffeine.

Workouts have been non-existent this week, my last workout was a week ago at yoga. I have mixed feelings on this. I miss the gym, I miss yoga, and more than ever I miss running. I feel healthier when I am active but know now that being healthy is much more than being active and working out. Being sick my body needed a rest to fight off  this infection and I have not given myself more than a few days off in over three years so this week off was well deserved and a long time coming. I am planning on getting back to the gym Sunday.

I also signed up for the Great Food Blogger Cookies Swap again this year. I participated last year and it was super fun. Plus this year I plan to eat lots more cookies! If you are interested you can sign up here.

And that is about it. Tonight we are going to lay around more and catch up on our PVR. Pretty exciting week around here 😉


Have you ever taken a week off from working out?

If not I challenge you to do it. I remember my younger brother telling me a few times (or more) that sometimes your body just needs the complete rest and a few days is not enough… who knew that my younger brother (my six years) actually had a very valid point (he also took Kinesiology in school).