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Three Things Thursday

Just some random thoughts to share today:

1- As much as I wish I had more posts to share with you all these days I just don’t. But I kinda like it too. I promised myself less pressure this summer to blog and so far have done good. If I have things to share great, if not – great too! I love using this blog as a way to look back so weekend recaps are important to keep up for me and well Foodie Friday is a no brainer 😉

2 – This week my favourite week of the summer because it is the local fair. It really is 5 days of fun, pancake breakfasts, BBQ lunches, the parade, fair, concerts and more. You bet we are going to everything we can!

We enjoyed the parade yesterday morning:

Trying to get a photo before the parade:



3 – I have not had any running injuries/pains in over 7 years and Sunday’s long run did me in. I woke up Monday limping with a pain on my outer knee. I got into my chiropractor that afternoon and he said my tibia was rotated so adjusted it and I had almost instant relief – along with taking the day off from running and ice on and off I was good Tuesday 🙂 Phew – less than three weeks until Sea Wheeze!


What is your favourite thing about fair week?

Three Things Thursday

1- Have you heard about the Alberta Blog Squad? A few friends started up this awesome idea for Alberta-based bloggers, follow us on Instagram here and Twitter here for more info!

2 – Chloe has started pouting when we tell her no (which is 100 times a day) and flops down to the floor in silence. I guess it is better than screaming?

PS – How cute are her overalls?!

3 – In an attempt to “Spring” up the house I bought a few new pieces and updated this area in the kitchen. It is okay but not 100% yet, I am SO indecisive with home decor.

That is all I got for today 🙂


Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I am trying to fit in some random/daily life posts now that I am home and my days are slightly more exciting than being at work all day so here we go, three things on this Thursday:

1- I forgot how much time you spend on the couch nursing a baby. I added up my time from one day and it was almost 4 hours out of 24 hours! I joke my butt hurts from sitting so much! haha. After nursing we always cuddle and burp. Chloe needs to be burped a few times, whereas Avery never burped! This means lots of couch selfies 😉


2 – I will talk more about this in another post but this week my hunger woke up and I am starving 24/7. I do not mind this one bit (I love food!) but need to make better choices when I am snacking around the clock. Part of my plan is having healthy, homemade snacks on hand. On Monday I made homemade granola and protein balls.


3 – Thank you for all the compliments on how well I am doing with two little ones. I have to say though we still have rough moments – example most suppers are spent trying to get Avery to sit and EAT which usually ends in her not eating (what happened to our great eater?) and this is also Chloe’s grumpy time so she is fussy as well. Oy. Good thing there is wine and beer. But in all seriousness we are doing great even with these moments and I know everything in a phase. I also have a ton of help from Chad and my Mom (on her days off) and one other small secret weapon – placenta pills.


Three Things Thursday

My head hurts today so I am going to keep it easy tonight Smile

Three things on this lovely Thursday:

1- I think we have a nursery plan and colors, however I really love some of these from Pinterest:

nursery 3


I will give you one little hint though, I am 99% certain one color will be orange. No more hints now, you’ll have to wait till the reveal. Hehe

2- I saw this link Tweeted out today from Women’s Health magazine – Tasty Mocktail Recipes for Pregnant Women. Heck yes! I have been wanting a fun summery but (of course) non-alcoholic drink. I think I might need to try a few; sexy redhead, mango mojito and cucumber cooler.

3- Our Canada Day long weekend is packed full of fun, it will be a busy weekend but I cannot wait. I have not one but two (fun) runs, a concert at a friend’s cabin, fireworks and the river of light our city is doing for our centennial.

And tomorrow is Friday! I am ready for the weekend, though right now Mother Nature seems to think we want more rain… so not the case.


Any Canada Day long weekend plans?

Favorite summery drink?

Bad Blogger

So who read this post the other night? Yeah I totally forgot the PHOTOS. Frick. You can tell where my brain is this week… not here. Its been a crazy busy week, trying to wrap up work stuff before we leave and with Christmas functions. I have barely read any blogs this week, been basically MIA on Twitter and been crashing by 9pm. A crazy life I lead these days. But in t-minus 2 days I will be NYC. Sorry I had to say it one last time.

Borrowing Leigh’s idea I am going with Three Things Thursday today. Ready?


Three things I have ate this week:

1- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates from a VERY lovely friend

2- My favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane!

3- Some yummy fajitas for supper tonight:



Three exciting things that happened this week:

1- We got tickets to the Letterman Show next week. For those of you wondering, we are there Tuesday and on Live with Kelly and Michael Wednesday 🙂

2- I went to the FP Reach Conference and the keynote speaker rocked, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are at all into marketing check him out and follow him on Twitter.

3- It has not happened yet but will tomorrow – our staff Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day. Easily a favorite day of the year for me!


Three workouts that happened this week:

1- A 5km treadmill walk

2- A 6km treadmill walk/run – 20 minutes of running!! I am slowly getting it back 🙂

3- Number #3 has not happened yet…. like I said crazy week.


Three things I have to do before we leave – FYI there are way more than 3!

1- Get US cash.

2- Bake and send my cookies Great Food Blogger cookie swap.

3- Prep blog posts for while I am gone.


What is one exciting thing that happened this week for you?