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Weekend Recap

I hope you are all ready for a photo dump, I took one too many photos this weekend 😉


Nothing too exciting, I got in a good 7km run once Chloe was in bed. I tried out Tiux compression socks on my run – can you believe I have never tried any before?!

I worried I might feel too hot in the socks but not at all and they fit perfectly (I am wearing a XS) – Tiux is giving my readers 25% off until July 31 using the promo code ARUNNINGTALE – so check them out if you want to try or need compression socks 🙂


The typical morning of Costco & errands. Avery spent more of her hard earned money at Costco and got this doll. I never knew one could need so many dolls. Sigh.

Miss. Chloe helping me out with a fun little projects I did (more on this soon!).

After naps we headed out to take the mandatory canola field photos, Avery had been asking and the fields looked at their peak so we jumped at the chance.

Photo overload!

Avery’s dress is from Finn & Grin and Chloe’s Shorts are Prairie Mountain & Co

We came home and set up the pool. Chad may have chased Avery with the hose a few times 😉

We had an early supper so my Mom could come over to babysit while we headed to the fair to see a concert. The opener was Jocelyn Alice and then Coleman Hell – who we went to see but we ended up liking Jocelyn Alice more!

We stayed a bit after to have mini donuts and watch the fireworks before going home.


We started our run early to spend the day at the fair, we are starting to decrease our long run distance now so did 16km.

We were done by 10am, came home, cleaned up, ate and head to the fair for the day.

Avery did almost all the rides she could, we visited the barn animals, played one game and had our share of treats. Four hours later the clouds rolled in but Avery said she was ready to go home anyways so we headed home.

Chloe was a tad excited for the rides. Next year should be fun when they both can go on them, if Chloe will stay on a ride 😉 Kid cannot stay still!

Family photo minus Chloe who was alseep:



I am always a tad sad to see fair week go since it is so fun but we still have a lot of summer fun left!


Foodie Friday

I cannot say we had an exciting week really. I took a few photos though! Avery spent every morning at a day camp and LOVED it.

She has one more camp in a couple weeks so I am hoping she loves it just as much!

I got in a tempo run Wednesday night since it was a little cooler than the previous week.

Check out that air! Kidding – I think its an illusion 😉

The girls before bed Tuesday night and trying to love each other 😉

Meal planning these days has the theme of easy! I just am not in a cooking mood most evenings right now.

Saturday – OUT – Family Birthday Supper

Sunday – Grilled Chicken & Avocado Caprese Pasta Salad – Cooking Classy

Monday – Slow Cooker Chicken Cilantro Lime Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Tuesday – Chicken Veggie & Brown Rice Bowls with Peanut Sauce – Cooking Classy

Wednesday – Quinoa Mango Black Bean Salad & Smokies – Vanilla and Bean

Thursday – Shrimp Pasta with Tomatoes & Kale

Friday – Tuna wraps & sweet potato fries

Weekend plans include a pancake breakfast, family birthday supper and maybe the beach?! We will see!


Weekend Recap

Our heat wave continued all weekend long – nobody can say we did not have a good summer this year!


I took the day off since I had a couple appointments and my mother-in-law was visiting from B.C. I had a pedicure in the morning and a hair appointment in the afternoon = day made. In between we went for lunch and took the girls to a park/spray park area but neither wanted in their bathing suits.

Not even sure what we did that night now! I think it must’ve been an early bedtime 🙂


We escaped kid free to do our grocery shopping thanks to Grandma!

We spent the afternoon our at Ellis Bird Farm for their festival with my mother-in-law, my mom, Grandma, Chad’s Grandma and Aunt!

It was hot but the girls had fun, we saw goats, chickens, fished for minnows, built a birdhouse and other crafts too!

Just realized I made it in no photos – fail!

We got home to a finished patio in our backyard! We had landscapers start Friday after work and work their butts off to get it done in 10 hours, so happy with it! This is probably all we will get done this year and finish the rest next year:

Later I headed to a stagette, we did a paint night at a friend’s house then supper.

We called it a night at 11pm – mom life 😉


Thanks to Grandma again we escaped for a run without the girls! 20km was on the agenda and it was humid! We stopped at 10km, got more water and tossed some on our face which helped a ton. But by 20km we were done.

I thought we might go for a bike ride or the spray park for the afternoon but with storm warnings in place we stuck around home.

I finally broke my camera out for a few photos – I have to do this more!

And that was our weekend!


Foodie Friday

Can time slow down?? I feel like it was just June!

Our week was a fast one with the holiday Monday. The girls have been so tired with playing at dayhome all day and the heat. Tuesday Avery was in bed at 6:45pm! Chloe enjoyed coconut milk ice cream with Dad while Avery slept – shhh 😉

Oh and her 4th of July dress/photo:

Sadly she came down with a rash Wednesday and while it looks no fun she is happy as can be 🙂

Wednesday night I went for a run, I slacked in June on my kilometers so this month I need to focus on gaining some back.

I was bummed Chloe was sick but Chad reminded me it could always be worse – SO true!

Yesterday the girls had a day with Chad’s Dad and then his Mom arrived after work from B.C. and she is spending the weekend with us 🙂

Meal planning:

Saturday – Is it bad that I am not planning anything since I am away?!

Sunday – The Best Turkey Burgers & salad – The Live Fit Girls

Monday – Fish Tacos

Tuesday – Chicken, Broccoli & Pepper Stir-Fry with rice – Julia’s Album

Wednesday – Easy Balsamic Veggie Pasta – Gimme Some Oven

Thursday – Chicken fingers, roasted broccoli & Cucumber Quinoa Salad – Gimme Some Oven 

Friday – Kale & Chicken Caesar Wraps & sweet potato fries – The Girl on Bloor

I am off work today – woot woot! And taking advantage of Grandma in town to get a pedicure and haircut. Saturday we are going out to a festival for the day and I have my best friend’s stagette that night 🙂 Sunday will be our long run and maybe a bike ride.



Canada Day Long Weekend

We had an awesome Canada Day weekend! Not to mention an extra day off always helps too 🙂


We had a quiet evening, I went for a run once Chloe was in bed:

Oh and I have to share some photos from Thursday night at my co-workers place. I need to get back out there with my camera!


We hit up the market and grabbed groceries before heading home to pack up for the day.

Happy Canada Day!

We spent the afternoon at Chad’s Dad’s property and had a potluck supper there but it also poured rain for over an hour while we were there:

We like to go out to the lake for fireworks so after supper we headed back to pick up my Mom and go there. They had shut down the main street and had music – which the girls loved!

Oh and of course a park stop too;

We waited on the beach for a couple hours before the fireworks started and both girls stayed awake – but Chloe fell asleep about 2 minutes into them – go figure!


We all slept in until 8am! This meant a later run and it was HOT. So we called it quits at 19km, grabbed smoothies and went home.

Avery made a friend on our run:

After naps we went to my brother’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s house for a BBQ for the afternoon/evening. Of course we had to go to the park nearby.

Funny story, at the stop of the big slide Avery gave herself a pep talk “Avery you can do this” – haha

I finished the day with watching Big Brother and The Good Witch – my favs.


I went for a quick 6km run in the morning then we played in the yard while Chad went to the gym.

We are working on moving Chloe to one nap. Currently she naps around 9am for an hour and then after lunch for 1.5-2 hours but that makes it hard to do much and I think she is old enough to only have one nap. So we are aiming for one from 11am-1pm so our afternoons are free.

Anyways, after her nap we headed to nearby place called Discovery Canyon – non-locals it is a man made lazy river with a beach for little kids. I had not been there in 20 years I think!

It was s busy but we had fun in the sand, digging holes and playing in the water.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing in the yard and having ice cream to finish off our long weekend!