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2018 Faves

I always love looking back on our year, we had some awesome adventures in 2018 and I know we will have even more in 2019.

2018 kicked off with a long and cold winter but thankfully we had a two week winter getaway to Arizona and California in February and March! While there we spent hours in the pool, visited friends in California and took the girls to Disneyland for the day – definitely the year’s highlight!


Chad and I ran the Phoenix full marathon while there too!

In April we were still able to go sledding! And wondering if spring was ever going to come! The Easter Bunny visited and Chloe turned 2!

Spring came and went and in May we had a heat wave! We spent lots of time in our bathing suits in the yard after that long winter! We went away for a weekend for a cousin’s wedding and planted our garden.

Summer was so much fun! We had a stay-cation in June and July went camping, to the lake, landscaped the backyard and potty trained Chloe!

We took our annual trip to the Calgary Zoo in June as well – this year seeing the pandas!

July’s highlights were Canada Day, the fair, and a 10km PR for me!

August was HOT! Which meant more lake days and time in out bathing suits. We took the girls to Calaway Park for the first time as well – on the one not hot day!

On the last day of August Avery started Kindergarten!

Like our MIA Spring, Fall did the same thing! We had a chilly September – we took a weekend trip to Canmore to run a race and see friends and had snow!

I turned 34 – AHH!!

We visited my brother and saw the University campus for the first time!

And went to the Kraay Farm!

In October Avery got her ears pierced, we hosted Thanksgiving and had the nicest Halloween I can remember!

November – Avery turned 5! We went to Disney on Ice and started Christmas celebrations!

December! All things Christmas this month, the Polar Express train, Christmas baking, Santa visits and more!

And that is a wrap on 2018!

Now we are ready to kick off 2019 and all the excitement it will bring!


Foodie Friday

After a couple busy work months things are now settled down – which means maybe, just maybe I will get back to this blog! We had a fairly uneventful week – days fly by and before I know it Friday is here every week so without much to share here is next week’s meal plan.

Saturday – Souptacular & biscuits

Sunday –  Baked salmon, Potato & Asparagus Salad – Oh She Glows

Monday – Family Supper

Tuesday – Butternut Squash Ravioli with sauteed spinach & chicken sausage

Wednesday – Turkey Tacos

Thursday – Slow Cooker Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken & rice – Budget Bytes

Friday – Roasted Chickpea Nachos (because we all need easy Friday night suppers!)

Weekend plans – first of all, it is Avery’s 5th birthday! We are also curling in a bonspiel with my work AND it is a long weekend!


Avery 5 Years

5 years really did go by in a blink of an eye, in a few short days Miss. Avery will be 5!

The biggest accomplishment this year? Starting Kindergarten! At first Avery was a tad unsure about the whole school thing but as the time approached she was more and more excited. She has done so well in Kindergarten – made new friends and leaves every day with the biggest smile. The part she could do without? Recess! That is our Avery! She is social and outgoing but is not a fan of large groups of kids, I tell her one day day she will love recess 🙂

The next biggest thing? Getting her ears pierced! She waited 3 long years for this but unfortunately it went less than perfect – but in the end she is thrilled to finally have it done.

I think she finally hit 40″ and 36lbs! Once a peanut, always a peanut! She is the second smallest in her class. Avery might not eat if you did not make her, she eats like a bird 98% of the time but has been less picky lately with trying new things. Her favourite? Ham and cucumber buns.

Avery is a girly girl – she loves unicorns (birthday party theme this year), rainbows, dolls, Barbies and says boys stink – poor Chad 😉 She is 100% my daughter and quite particular when it comes to her stuff – move anything 1cm and she knows it! She loves to organize things and hates messes and chaos. She is learning to control her emotions when it comes to people messing up with her stuff (Chloe) as we remind her it all can be fixed 🙂

Speaking of emotions, this past year definitely had some lows but I do feel like she has done pretty good considering. She is great at taking alone time when she is upset which helps a ton. Tantrums are few and far these days – phew! I often say (Nand joke) that I know how people have 6 kids – if they are all like Avery! From day one she has been a pretty darn easy kid 🙂

Lately Avery has loved craftings, colouring and writing – she draws for hours and we have countless stacks of pictures to prove it. I have to say she is a pretty darn good at drawing for 5!

As always we are excited for this next year, for Avery to learn in school, make new friends and maybe even start to play at recess 😉

Happy Birthday Miss.Avery!



Better Beauty Holiday Gifts

For me it is never to early to start Christmas shopping – lets be honest does anyone want to be in the stores in November and December?! Not me! SO when Beautycounter launched their holiday line a couple weeks ago I was more than happy!

Their 2018 holiday line is a slam drunk – priced right (Every set includes a savings!) awesome variety (something for everyone!) and simply amazing.

Starting with my faves:

Holiday Handcream trio – One can never have enough handcream! This set comes with three scents, Lavender, Monoi, and Petal, are non- greasy and leaves your hands SO soft!

New Nudes Lip Gloss Trio – I have to admit these had me pleasantly surprised, after becoming a lip sheer lover I was hopeful they had a lip sheer holiday set but this set won me over! These are non-sticky, hydrating and have a hint of mint. Two have just the right amount of shimmer, with one being matte.

Transforming Duo – This was not initially on my list but  after hearing people rave about it I ordered a set – afterall. it has my beloved lip sheer included! The best part? This set does not look the same on anyone and always flattering!

Glow and Go Mini Oils This mini set of Beautycounter’s best selling oils the perfect set to try the oils out in the coming dry winter months and/or use for travel! Even better? For every one set sold Beautycounter is gifting one back to someone going through cancer treatments!

Travel Body Essentials – Sometimes it is too easy to forget about the basics! The set includes the body wash, hydrating body lotion, hand cream and body bar all in the citrus mimosa scent – perfect to bring along on your winter getaway! These lotions and body wash are the ONLY ones I use now!

Charcoal Essentials – Two of our bestsellers! Detox your skin with this Balancing Facial Mask and Charcoal bar designed to remove impurities without harsh ingredients.

Splashtime Kids Set – I could go on and on about Beautycounter’s kid/baby lines as what is more important than what I put on my skin? What I put on my kid’s skin! This set includes jumbo shampoo and bodywash and a towel. This is a MUST have for any Mom!

Counterman Gift Set – We cannot forget about the men in our lives! This popular set sells out every holiday season! AND it was just reduced in price making it a steal. Includes a travel kit, daily exfoliating cleanser, smoothing shave cream, cooling aftershave and oil free face lotion. All made in gentle formulas without harsh ingredients!

Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette – Makeup lovers this is your dream! I was lost at first with this palette but love it and am slowly trying all the colours! 18 shades, all with high colour payoff and safer ingredients!

Instant Awakening Trio – Need a facial pick-me up?! This is for you! Our popular Overnight Resurfacing Peel and NEW Cooling Eye Masks (these are also amazing!) and Instant Glow Illuminating Cream are designed to give you radiant skin!

You can view all the Holiday Line here – and as you will see I pretty much covered it all – yes, they are all my favourites 😉

As always if you have any questions feel free to comment or email me – you can shop with me using this link or by searching for me under find a consultant 🙂


My Current Beautycounter Regime

Happy Wednesday! Something a tad different today for you all 🙂 As you all know, a few months ago I started as a Beautycounter consultant not only for my love of the  products, but what the company stands for. And today I wanted to share a bit more about my personal skin case journey.

My skin has never been ideal but more roller coaster like with periods of great skin and periods of not so great skin. Pregnancy was too good to me, with 9+ months of truly glowing skin and no blemishes. Post-pregnancy, nursing, weaning hormones? Not so much. Saying that I can also say the last 2 years has been some of the most frustrating times with my skin. I literally tired anything and everything under the sun with no lasting results.

I always knew my skin was sensitive and took longer than most to see results but freaking out in no time at all at new products. But once I started using Beautycounter I just knew it was right for me. This is not because I saw immediate results – but because I truly believed it was harsh ingredients that was causing my skin issues. So today I wanted to share my current regime as well as some information on other regimes!

Oh and Beautycounter recently launched this skin care quiz to find out what products will benefit you the most! As well as this handy chart:

Back to my regime, so if I was to take the quiz my main concerns would be blemishes and dry/dull skin. I can honestly say the below products have changed my skin SO much. From my overall complexion, the texture and feel of my skin!

1 – Countercontrol Collection! This collection just launched last week, and is so exciting since it was the missing piece in our offerings! As well it was a line I was waiting for. The difference between this line and most acne products is that there is no Benzoyl Peroxide, Silicones, Harsh Surfactants, instead uses a complex of wintergreen and rosebay willow.

If I had to pick two items from this collection to use it would be the cleanser and SOS treatment.  I use the cleanser morning and night, the toner nightly and the SOS treatment as needed.

2 – Balancing Facial Mask. I was never a mask fan and usually found my skin to freak out the day after using one but this one I LOVE. It uses kaolin clay to deep-clean, balance, and draw out impurities. And you will be amazed at how soft your skin feels afterwards! I currently use it twice a week.

3 – Overnight Resurfacing Peel.  I was most apprehensive on using this but after only hearing raving reviews I knew I had to try it – as well to know myself how well it worked! While called a peel – it really is not a “peel” because it is formulated without synthetic fragrances, PEGs, formaldehyde-based preservatives often found in peels AND you leave it on overnight. For sensitive skin (or blemish prone) it will not cause irritation! Personally, this made a huge difference in my pores, overall complexion and fading of past blemish marks. Currently I use this 3-4 nights a week.

4 – Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizing Lotion. Little did I know that for years my breakouts were caused by dry skin. I had the old mentality of breakouts = oily skin so avoided moisturizers. BAD IDEA. In the past I have found few that I really loved until this one. This lotion works around the clock to keep your skin hydrated – giving it exactly what it needs and nothing more.

I use this morning and night along with the Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream every night.

5- Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation.  As someone who did not love liquid foundations ever I will admit this had to grow on me. But I also saw a further improvement on my skin within a week of using this. The foundation is light-weight so that it is not cakey feeling – always what I hated with liquid foundations!

To be back at a point where I feel good in my skin as well as know that what I am using is safe, has no harsh chemicals and I can look up every ingredient to assure this makes me so happy. And that is why I love to share these products and company with you all.

To shop or learn more you can visit my personal website here.