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Foodie Friday

I am actually off work today – YAY! But with a huge to do list, starting with a pre-school field trip, then a hair appointment and getting our rental house ready for a new tenant. Hopefully we finish early and can enjoy some of this weather before it leaves us!

Our week… All week was so nice out. Monday evening Chad suggested skipping baths that night and going for a walk. So happy we did!

Tuesday I worked late, Wednesday I had book club and last night more rental house stuff 😉 So it was busy.

I am so thankful for lunch hour workouts these days, not sure when I would work out if not!

My favourite new lunch hour hang out, My Revolution – post coming soon on this!

Meal planning!

Saturday – Greek Chicken Wraps & sweet potato fries

Sunday – Chicken Pot Pie Soup & biscuits – Gimme Some Oven

Monday – Shrimp Fried Rice – Averie Cooks

Tuesday – Crockpot Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Wednesday – Leftovers for the family since I work late

Thursday – eanut Chicken with Noodles – Averie Cooks

Friday – Italian Chicken Pasta Salad & Garlic toast – Averie Cooks

Weekend plans! I signed up for a race tomorrow morning only to realize it leaves me 10 minutes to get from swimming lessons to the start line and that will not happen so sadly it is out. I will be on the look for another one since I had hoped to run a 10km race this fall. And then we are just getting the final things done at the rental house and I have a longer to do list at home since Sunday looks rainy.

Enjoy your weekends!


Weekend Recap

While it is not technically fall yet it felt like a perfect fall weekend!


Nothing too exciting, a Fitness Blender workout and Big Brother once Chad was home from the gym.


We had swimming lessons first thing. Avery told her instructor she “does not like water” but thankfully her lesson went okay after that 😉 Chloe and I have lessons at the same time and she was just indifferent to it all.

Hopscotch outside after:

We did the typical errands after, came for naps then headed out for a walk. We have a beautiful sanctuary area minutes from out house but sadly it was badly damaged in the wind storm we had in June. This area had been closed for months after for clean up and recently all re-opened. I knew it was bad but areas are completely leveled.

It is still beautiful but not the same for sure. Avery had the time of her life exploring everything!

We had supper, my Mom came over shortly after then we all went to the hockey game! It was just a pre-season game but Avery still enjoyed it and Chloe had fun then fell asleep. We headed home in the third period.


Chloe was up about 6:40am – yawn – lately the girls have been sleeping until 7:30-8am on weekends so anything earlier seems rough now 😉

We headed out for a 9km run, it was a bit chilly at first but the skies were blue and sun was out!

I got some much needed cleaning done during Chloe’s nap, then we made cookies.

I am on the hunt for some more fall decor so headed to Winners but no dice really – boo! We had a few other stops but by then the girls had enough so home we went.

At home we ventured into our playroom, we barely used it all summer but I think this will change now! I still want to change this area up more to have areas (reading, dolls, arts etc) but cannot seem to figure out how to make this work!

Miss Chloe eating – what she does 80% of her awake hours 😉

Our next few weekends are busy so it was nice to have a slower than usual weekend!


Foodie Friday

Minutes ago it hit me it was Thursday! And since I have 30 minutes before spin class you are all in luck 😉

This week’s highlight? My birthday! 32 was pretty darn good and 33 will be better I know it 🙂 I had my family over for cake after supper and was spoiled by everyone. Gift cards for coffee, an organics store, kombucha, a new blow dryer (my request), a sign I wanted and the beautiful flowers plus cupcakes and cake, what more could a girl want?!

Yeah my Mom fit all 33 candles on that cake!

Nothing else to report from our week, we have had a few much needed rainy days and I really will not complain about that.

My girls being silly in the tub:

Meal planning…

Saturday – Taco Salad

Sunday – Greek turkey Tacos – Whitney Bond

Monday – Veggie Burgers with Green Salad with oranges, beets and avocado – Gimme Some Oven

Tuesday – OUT (belated date night for our anniversary!)

Wednesday – Homemade Pizza

Thursday – One Pot Taco Spaghetti – Damn Delicious

Friday – French toast & turkey bacon

We have almost no weekend plans! Just swimming lessons and a hockey game so far 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Fall Favourites

Seasons are a changing and that brings some excitement for new adventures and products! I was not sure sure about it being fall 10 days ago but am fully embracing it after the weekend when Avery convinced me to pull out our fall decor.

In the summer months we are huge fans of proteins smoothies but just as the leaves change so does our preferences as they move to warmer beverages. In many ways I miss my smoothies though, mainly when it comes to their aid in my recovery after a hard workout.

Enter Premier Protein shakes, with 30g of protein and  just 160 calories per 30g bottle.

These shakes contain 24 minerals and vitamins and are a good source of calcium too.

Why protein? First it helps repair your muscles so that you can recover faster. It also helps you satisfy your hunger since it takes longer to digest.

In all honesty I have not tried pre-mixed protein shakes in years since I prefer to have my protein mixed into smoothies so had no idea what to expect. These drinks contain sucralose which an leave a lingering taste in my mouth. But after trying one with breakfast we (Chad tried one too) we found that while we did taste that sweetness it did not linger as long we thought it might. I also feel that adding in a shake with our usual peanut and toast will help us stay more full throughout the morning versus have the usual 9am hunger! A win with our busy mornings.

With it being fall I knew there was only one way I wanted to make this shake into a smoothie -m pumpkin!

With the help of Premier Protein’s  Pumpkin Pie smoothie recipe I made one in minutes and the outcome was delicious!

Back to the fall decor, I have slowly added items over the years and am quite smitten with the decor we have out right now, here are a few of the items.

I still need to buy some gords once they are in the grocery store!

With cooler temps comes dry skin (for me at least) so I was thrilled when Brie posted that the Beautycounter sets were on for a great deal a couple weeks ago, they are not on sale right now but I highly recommend checking out the Beautycounter line, some of my favourites are the lip gloss and charcoal bar!

Fall is such a cozy season, and it is probably the time I read the most books for that reason. I love to curl up and read a book anytime I can. Right now I am reading Two by Two, Nicholas Sparks. I am a sucker for his books but have not read one in a couple years now.

On the cozy topic – sweaters! I have yet to break out my fall boots but have broken out and bought some sweaters.

I picked up this crossover open back sweater at Dynamite and love it, I can dress it up for work or wear it with leggings on the weekend. The other new one I added to my closet this season is this dolman sleeve pullover.

Fall is my absolute favourite time to take photos, and while I am sad that my favourite area close by our house is now closed off (tears) I am excited to get our family photos done this summer in Canmore – I may have planned our outfits two months early 😉


What are your fall favourites?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Premier Protein. The opinions and text are all mine.


Weekend Recap

So these weeks it looks like I only have two post, Foodie Friday and Weekend Recaps – promise soon I will get back into haring more, I have some fun stuff to share soon!


First day of pre-school! I knew Avery would do great, since she has been asking to go to school for 1.5 years but she did ever better than I thought and was too willing to be the firs to answer everything – yeah, that kid 😉

That night I wanted to run outside but skipped that for the treadmill because of the smoke.


Our morning was spent running errands and then we headed to the corn maze for the afternoon. I am always amazed how much they add every year – so worth the annual trip!

These little houses are always the highlight!


Chloe was obsessed with this bouncy thing – she got doubled bounced all the time but got up laughing time after time.

Goats – why are kids so goat crazy?!

Family photo:

Once we got home we had a quick supper before my Mom, Avery and I headed to a local market. I bought a Christmas gift, a Finn& Grinn cardigan for Chloe and Avery got a “vampire” bow for Halloween.

Oh and cupcakes 😉


We woke up to blue skies – yay!!! We had the perfect running temperature too.

Fall running is the best!

The rest of the day was spent baking, showing our rental house, going to a showhome, the playground and meeting my Mom’s new kitty!

Oh and pulling the last of my carrots out – I am going to miss my garden!

I am not sure I am ready for this week – we have something every single night Monday-Thursday but then a quiet weekend (so far).