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Foodie Friday

What a crazy week! Going back to Sunday evening, I found out dayhome was closed due to illness which worked out since my brother had the day off so he watched the girls for part of the day then I got off early. AND that morning I got a flat tire…The Tuesday I spent from 2-5am throwing up so stayed home sick until lunch. My Mom had to put down our family dog that day as well 🙁

The girls and I made a spring sensory bin Monday afternoon:

I also went to an awesome spin class that was “best of the 90s hits” – soo fun!

Playing outside, not a lot of this week as it was pretty gloomy this week:

Our latest Bear & Roo goods:

I went on a summer shopping frenzy lately…

Okay onto meal planning:

Saturday – Birthday Supper for my brother – Out

Sunday – Cod & Edamame Quinoa Salad – The Girl Who Ate Everything 

Monday – Asian Chicken Wraps with Peanut Sauce & sweet potato fries

Tuesday – Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice – Damn Delicious 

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & salad

Thursday – Healthy Pasta with Pesto, Tomato and Broccoli – ifoodreal 

Friday – Greek Turkey Tacos- Whitney Bond

We do not have a ton planned this weekend, visits with friends, supper and brunch with family and that is all 🙂

Wishing everyone a great Easter weekend!


Weekend Recap

Such a fun weekend! But before I get into it I forgot I took some photos of the girls Tuesday morning (Chloe’s birthday), I actually thought I might get a good one of them together…HA

Back to the weekend.


After work my Mom came over to watch the girls so we could go to a gala event with my work, it was so much fun (as it always is) and it was alos fun to get all dressed up:


It was a later night than we are used to but totally worth it 🙂


Of course both girls were up at 6am…yawn, so we had a lazy morning until we headed to a birthday party for a couple hours. The girls had a ton of fun and it is always great to get together with friends and their little ones.

During Chloe’s nap we decorated eggs with Avery:

The final product:

Later we walked over to a spin-a-thon for my spin studio, I really should’ve planned it out better to jump on a bike but didn’t – next year!

I lucked out with going out two nights in a row 😉 I met up with friends for supper and drinks, these girls are some of my longest friends (18+ years!):

I got home and Chad left to a friend’s party so Avery and I stayed up reading books and watched some TV before she went to bed. I was pretty tired too but waited up until Chad got home to go to bed.


We all slept until 7am – much better! I did a 8km treadmill run, I really need to run outside more but am loving watching This Is Us on my runs 😉 Soon I will find the motivation to get outside and run more than one day a week!

Our day was pretty quiet, we baked, played dress up & house (Avery’s current favourite), I started some Spring cleaning, we hung out on the deck in the sun and then walked over for Avery’s haircut – just a trim.

I just got word dayhome is closed tomorrow due to illness and since Chad and I both cannot get away for the entire day my brother is rescuing us and coming over for a few hours so we can get to our meetings. It really does take a village most days!


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

From our week… Avery has taken a huge interest in playing in her play kitchen again, every morning and before bed:

This usually involves us playing house where I am the Grandma – HA.

Tuesday Miss. Chloe turned ONE!! She got a candle in the banana muffin and we gave her her gifts from us:

She had some one-year appointments in the morning so I had the morning off with her while we went to those and stopped for a treat.

It was a beautiful day so after supper we went for a walk:

I went to spin Wednesday night and last night was spent watching Big Brother 🙂 It has become part of our after work routine to stay and play outside until Chad is home:

Onto meal planning…

Saturday – Wraps & soup

Sunday – Honey-Lime Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos  – Cooking Classy

Monday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles & roasted cauliflower – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken & salad – Natasha’s Kitchen

Wednesday – Perogies, smokies & salad

Thursday – BBQ Chicken Pizza

Friday – Easy 30 Minute Minestrone & biscuits – Averie Cooks

Tonight Chad and I are off to a gala, it might be my favourite as local “celebrities” pair with dance instructors to do a dance off, so much fun! Our other weekend plans – the girls have a birthday party tomorrow, I have a supper out with friends and Avery is getting a much needed haircut.

Enjoy your weekends!


Chloe – One Year Old!

Man, oh man I have no idea how we go here but here we are, today Miss. Chloe is ONE. When I say I feel like I just had her it is no joke, I remember the week before I had her like it was last week.


  • Getting into trouble
  • Anything that is Avery’s
  • Her walker
  • Phones
  • Books


  • Being told no. End of the world.


We had a tough couple of weeks, not sure if it was her teeth or she was testing us but our great eater did not want anything – thank goodness for food pouches! But she is back to normal now. She eats anything, some favourites are: blueberries, peanut butter sandwiches, Cheerios, smoothies, and bananas.

We have transitioned to lactaid milk and she is doing great on it! I am still hopefully she will be able to tolerate lactose in the future. But for now she still pukes, and it is almost instantly now 🙁


No big change here. She goes to bed at 7:30pm, sleeps until 6:30-7:00am. She naps twice a day still, one mid morning and once after lunch.


  • Stands unassisted
  • Took first unassisted step
  • Goes down stairs on her own
  • Says “thank you” or something that resembles it 😉
  • Points at what she wants – which means she points all day long!

To celebrate we did a donut smash with Chloe for her first birthday photos. This was the BEST 15 minutes of her life! She was in heaven and it was so fun to watch!

You better bet she ate almost two donuts with her cheeks stuffed full the entire time:


I am so excited to see what the future brings with Chloe, she is a total goof mixed with a little trouble and she knows it. Chad and I say that our kids are opposites, Avery looks like him but has my personality and Chloe looks like me and acts like Chad 😉 I cannot say I will miss the baby stage a ton, as much as toddler-hood brings it owns challenges I actually really love it, and well, I also love my sleep 😉


Chloe’s Rainbow Themed Party

It is no secret I love party planning so when I saw a rainbow cake on Pinterest and fell in love I knew that would be the theme for Chloe’s party. After all, I can only get a way with picking the theme (and having theme parties) for the girls for so long 😉

For the mantel I kept it simple with her monthly photo banner, a rainbow pillow, wooden ONE letters I covered in craft paper and a photo of Chloe from her photo shoot.

The monthly photo banner is my favourite, I did one for Avery too and will keep them both as a keepsake – I don’t keep a lot!

Treat bags for the kids was also simple, sidewalk chalk and candy bags with gold foiled

Of course we had to do a “1” balloon bouquet which Chloe loves and plays with daily:

I had a later afternoon party to accommodate Chloe’s nap so food was a lot easier than a lunch party. The food:

Rainbow bars

Sugar Cookies

Candy “buffet”

Fruit Tray

Veggies & dip

Assorted Chips


And then there was the cake! I have no words for this cake and it was amazing (and huge!), the time that went into this was huge I am sure (no, I did not make it).

She even made a little banner on top – which I also kept:

We did a backdrop behind the food table (thank you Pinterest again) which was super easy but a tad time consuming – thank you to Chad for tackling this!

The fabric banner on the table was a Michaels clearance item that I am hanging up in the playroom now. I thought it came down but turned out it did not, so I spent a hour knotting on the fabric and then my Mom finished it for me 🙂

Food table all set-up, I am so happy with how it turned out!

I made a fake chalk sign with Chloe’s one year stats for on the table as well:

My last banner I made was a “ONE” banner for Chloe’s seat that lasted .2 seconds before she ripped it off. Sigh 😉

Chloe had a blast with the cake, and got right into it:


It was a relaxed party, and a smaller crowd than usual but it was nice to talk to everyone more than most parties we have with 40+ people. Even though we said no gifts, some people brought some so we ended the party with opening those up:

Chloe and some of her party guests:

The best part of the day was seeing how much Chloe loved it all, she is an attention lover like her sister so all the attention on her was her jam!