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Chloe – Two Years

Today our Chloe turns two! I really have no idea how we welcomed her two long years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. She is exactly what we needed, and definately the ying to my yang.

Chloe is the silliest, yet most serious little girl – for those you know that know her you will understand this statement! She will make you work for a smile but warm up to you fast and being her typical, silly self.

Now serious Chloe…

I joke that she is more like a boy versus girl – she is non-stop go and gets into everything! She keeps us all on our toes 24/7.  This has earned her the nickname “Chlo-nado”.

She is growing like a weed and most days can out eat me, she is 25.5lbs and 32.5″ tall. She still has the dairy issue but we are working through that and hope she grows out of it soon!  Besides dairy she eats 98% of foods and loves it all! She has a soft spot for chocolate like me 😉

She is taking her sweeettt time talking. And it has got to the point where I swear she does not say things just to bug me! But if she really wants something she can then say almost any word she needs to. Oh did I mention she is stubborn? Thankfully she has great comprehension and listens pretty well 😉

She loves to help, and is the first one to jump to anything you ask her to do – or anyone else. With this she is also very empathetic and will also be the first one to give a hug if someone is upset or crying.

We are excited to enter the “two’s” with Chloe and know she will only become more and more fun. Happy birthday Chloe!

Easter Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had their fill of chocolate this weekend – we sure have! It was a full long weekend and I actually have today off too!


We worked out, got groceries, baked and then spent the day doing the big bed swap.

And took some Easter photos of this girls:

A few months back I found a bed for Chloe on Wayfair, Avery insisted she get a new bed and she would give hers to Chloe. Long story short, it actually worked better to do it this way so that is what we did.

However, come Friday Avery was less than happy about Chloe getting her bed – even with the reminders this was her choice. But after a few hours of crying (no joke) and her bed was all set-up life was a-okay once again.

Chloe in her new bed!

I was not sure how well it would look and fit in her room but it looks great and leaves more space than I thought still.

Avery’s new bed:

That night Avery decided to sleep with Chloe so she was not scared – I thought for sure this would be a horrible idea but it went over well!

We finished the day watching Pitch Perfect 3 – which did not disappoint!


Besides a 2am “water” call from Chloe then at 5am she woke up and turned on her light her first night went great!

I went to a morning spin class – and got my butt kicked as usual. Once I got home we got ready to head to Easter dinner with Chad’s extended family on his Step-Mom’s side. I took no photos all day, between visiting and chasing after Chloe there was no time 😉

Again Avery requested a “sleepover” with Chloe, so we let them, before we went to bed I snapped this photo:

We played Easter bunny and called it a night!


The girls had another great night and both were up at their usual time. We did the egg hunt thing, then had a small breakfast since we were going out for brunch with my family.

Their Easter baskets:

Bother nap times so far in the big girl bed have been almost too easy…”Chloe it is nap time” “Ok” and she goes to her bed and goes right to sleep – I feel like this is a trick!

During nap time I cleaned, Avery and Chad played with the Lego the Easter bunny brought her:

Later we ran a few errands then spent the rest of the day around home. I wish we had nicer weather to get outside as I think we all need some fresh air but it was still a great weekend!


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! The longer days this week have been the best – I feel like a new person when it is still light out at 7:30pm and the girls are going to bed!

Playing in our bed before stories 🙂

We also got out for a walk Wednesday night, it looked beautiful out but there was a cold wind! We did no last long since none of us were dressed for it – oops!

I am getting back into workouts with BBG workouts, spin & yoga. Unfortunately I have strained my foot so running is off the table right now – I am sure some rest & TLC and I will be as good a new 😉

Moving onto meal planning!

Saturday –  Chicken Fajitas

Sunday – Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls – Iowa Girls Eats

Monday – Penne with Spinach and Chicken Sausage – Savy Saving Couple 

Tuesday – Honey Garlic Chicken Stir-fry – Dinner at the Zoo

Wednesday – Greek turkey burgers & sweet potato fries

Thursday – Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Friday – Pizza night!

This weekend I finally can get to another Pound class taught by Becky and then my Mom and I had plans to go to Ikea out of town but I think Mother Nature might have other plans for us!



We have had a great ten days down here so I thought it was time to check-in 😉

I don’t even know where to start! We have had many pool days, Target trips, sun tanning, visits with friends, zoo trips, Disneyland and more!

Caution photo overload ahead! I have not had time to edit any so these are straight off my camera and phone.

We have a pool in the area we are in, which is super nice and easy to get to. Avery finally got comfortable with water wings and swims all over the place by herself now!

Chloe likes to run in and out of the pool and be trouble but that is okay too 😉

We have spent a tad too much time sun tanning!

We took a three day road trip to see friends in California, the four hour drive went pretty good – no tears! It was a great couple of days with them, all the kids got all SO well, and catching up with our friends was long overdue – we only see each once a year usually!

We decided last minute to surprise the girls last Thursday and go to Disneyland for the day since we were only 40 minutes away. Avery did not believe us at first – we waited to tell her until we were at the parking area!

The day went great, we got on a ton of rides, got character photos, and had no meltdowns.

We left the park around 6pm but had over a five hour drive home in rush hour traffic so we got back really late but it was worth it!

The last few days were a bit more low key, more pool days, a zoo trip and relaxing before we head home to the snow in a few days.

I will be back with Foodie Friday this week – finally!


Oh Hey 2018

Over two weeks into the new year and I have yet to think much about this year. I always like to think of the year ahead and what I want to accomplish but it seems to be a struggle right now.

I am not sure if this is because I have my eyes set on one goal right now and cannot look past it or I am just in the “depths” of life and not thinking enough about it. So this post might be way more random than usual but here it is.

In 2018 I want to:

  • Run my second marathon
  • PR at my second marathon
  • Plan less – I shudder at just typing this!
  • Race lots, family races, fun runs, obstacle races, a half marathon…
  • Go on a family overnight camping trip
  • Explore more as a family
  • Be less rushed
  • Have more dates with Chad
  • Go on a girls trip
  • Have more one on one time with the girls seperately
  • Limit social media time
  • Plan a trip (or go?!) to Disneyland

I guess at the end of the day I actually just want to spend 2018 with family & friends and truly enjoying that time. I have slowly started to embrace quiet days/hours (and hectic ones) which can be a struggle for me (hello type A!) so I want to continue on that path throughout the year 🙂