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Pre & Post Race Care

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry no Foodie Friday this week due to summer holidays but I will be back next week 🙂

With just over one week until our next half marathon I wanted to chat about some ways I care for myself before and after a race.

Burnout & injuries are so common when it comes to training for any long distance running, after all that is a ton to put your body through but over the years I have found ways to combat that as much as possible.

Carb Loading

If I am being honest this is something I really did not focus on a ton in the past. I would eat a meal heavier in carbs than I was used to but it was not until the Phoenix marathon when we PR’d & had the best race – I finished feeling like a million bucks! – that I really saw and felt the difference in doing so. I now have a rule for before races, a simple pasta with tomato sauce, meat (protein) and garlic bread. Barilla Pasta is our go to these days!

Some general rules around carb loading thanks to Tiux!

  • Carb load 72 hours before a race
  • Decrease fat intake when you carb load
  • General rule is 8-10 grams of carbs per kg of body weight
  • Keep it simple the night before the race, stay away from complex carbs and stick to white bread, pasta etc
  • Don’t fret about weight gain, for every gram of carb you consume, your body stores 3-4g of water & this water weight will benefit you during the race


I have moved towards more dynamic stretching before runs and then later in the day foam rolling and light stretching. Yoga is also huge for me and I try to practice the days after a long run or race.

Compression Socks

This is BRAND NEW you guys! I have never really worn them but recently I was sent ones from Tiux and have been wearing them a couple times a week. I do notice that I am less stiff after a run when I do wear them. I have tried wearing them for runs and after runs and for me I seem to notice the same benefit. But research shows there is more benefit to wearing them after a run so they will be packed in my bag for post-race wear!

Deep Relief & Epsom Salts

Since getting Deep Relief back a few months ago I have used it regularly to help with muscle aches after hard runs. For me it is an effective home treatment that does the trick for minor aches and I love the cooling effect with their cold spray.

Another favourite of mine is epsom salts baths! Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts also helps to aid in recovery, provides muscle relaxation and prevents water retention.


What are your favourite ways to recovery from a race or long run?

I have to admit my post race or long run tradition is iced coffee!



Summer Escape

One of my favourite things about blogging, aside from meeting so many awesome people is the things I get in the loop on and get to try.  Last weekend was one of those times when I went to the fair and we tried to “Escape the Bank” with Servus’s mobile escape room. I have done one other escape room before and was hooked so jumped at the chance to try another.

Servus partnered with The Locked Room to design the mobile escape room to be like an old bank, complete with a vault, safety deposit boxes and more. Once in the room you have 10 minutes to figure out the puzzles and escape!

Chad, Avery and I went into the escape room where we were given a quick explanation on what to do and handed our initial clue. There is a timer on the wall so that you are always aware of how much time there is left to escape!

I have to give Chad credit, he was working hard while I was taking photos – total teamwork 😉

In the escape room you have to use your problem solving skills and gather different financial information in order to escape.

I have to admit that timer got to me when I looked and saw less than three minutes left! We were hustling but got stuck on the last clue and the timer went off. There is a buzzer to buzz for help, which we did and found the last piece we needed and escaped in about 14 minutes – not too bad!

While in the escape room you are introduced to some of the products and benefits that Servus offers to their members – so clever! Using this fun and informative challenge shows how they are different from banks. And from my first-hand experience  as a Servus member I can say that they are one awesome financial institution!

The mobile escape room is travelling around Alberta this summer so make sure to check out if they will be at an event near you, you can also follow their fun on social media using #ServusSummer!

And with that we are off on our own summer escape for the next bit so the blog might get a bit quiet, I will be back soon enough though!


Thank you to Servus for making this post possible. Servus is a member owned, community based financial institution. They are Alberta’s largest credit union, and anyone can be a member for only $1. They believe that education is the key to improving Albertan’s financial well-being and are committed to providing their members with information and expert advice they need to make smart financial decisions.


Foodie Friday

So I meant to post this week and then didn’t – oops. To be honest the next couple weeks won’t be much better as we are on holidays right away.

First thing first though – Since today is my Mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!! – Let’s hope she is actually reading this now 😉

This eek has been another HOT one. But I will never complain about the hot weather (AC perks y’all). Monday I have no idea what we did, Tuesday I convinced Chad to got for a run as a family to make a video for a local race:

Wednesday we were having a rough go after work and supper so headed to the park to wear off some steam.

Then I headed back out to meet some friends to work on more videos . Side note – locals check out the Chocolate Chase race, I promise you will not be disappointed!!

And last night I did a workout while being attacked by Chloe and sat down to do this post in the lovely AC with some kombucha. Adult life at the best 😉

So onto meal planning.

Saturday – Supper at the lake with Chad’s family

Sunday – Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls – Iowa Girl Eats

Monday – Chicken Smokies & Summer Pasta Salad with Tomatoes and Zucchini – Skinny Taste

Tuesday – Dinner at a friend’s house

Wednesday- Grilled Chicken & The Best Kale Summer Salad – Balanced Berry

Thursday – Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa

Friday – HOLIDAYS!!

This weekend I am hoping to get to the beach, spend time with family and that is about it 🙂


Weekend Recap

I hope you are all ready for a photo dump, I took one too many photos this weekend 😉


Nothing too exciting, I got in a good 7km run once Chloe was in bed. I tried out Tiux compression socks on my run – can you believe I have never tried any before?!

I worried I might feel too hot in the socks but not at all and they fit perfectly (I am wearing a XS) – Tiux is giving my readers 25% off until July 31 using the promo code ARUNNINGTALE – so check them out if you want to try or need compression socks 🙂


The typical morning of Costco & errands. Avery spent more of her hard earned money at Costco and got this doll. I never knew one could need so many dolls. Sigh.

Miss. Chloe helping me out with a fun little projects I did (more on this soon!).

After naps we headed out to take the mandatory canola field photos, Avery had been asking and the fields looked at their peak so we jumped at the chance.

Photo overload!

Avery’s dress is from Finn & Grin and Chloe’s Shorts are Prairie Mountain & Co

We came home and set up the pool. Chad may have chased Avery with the hose a few times 😉

We had an early supper so my Mom could come over to babysit while we headed to the fair to see a concert. The opener was Jocelyn Alice and then Coleman Hell – who we went to see but we ended up liking Jocelyn Alice more!

We stayed a bit after to have mini donuts and watch the fireworks before going home.


We started our run early to spend the day at the fair, we are starting to decrease our long run distance now so did 16km.

We were done by 10am, came home, cleaned up, ate and head to the fair for the day.

Avery did almost all the rides she could, we visited the barn animals, played one game and had our share of treats. Four hours later the clouds rolled in but Avery said she was ready to go home anyways so we headed home.

Chloe was a tad excited for the rides. Next year should be fun when they both can go on them, if Chloe will stay on a ride 😉 Kid cannot stay still!

Family photo minus Chloe who was alseep:



I am always a tad sad to see fair week go since it is so fun but we still have a lot of summer fun left!


Foodie Friday

I cannot say we had an exciting week really. I took a few photos though! Avery spent every morning at a day camp and LOVED it.

She has one more camp in a couple weeks so I am hoping she loves it just as much!

I got in a tempo run Wednesday night since it was a little cooler than the previous week.

Check out that air! Kidding – I think its an illusion 😉

The girls before bed Tuesday night and trying to love each other 😉

Meal planning these days has the theme of easy! I just am not in a cooking mood most evenings right now.

Saturday – OUT – Family Birthday Supper

Sunday – Grilled Chicken & Avocado Caprese Pasta Salad – Cooking Classy

Monday – Slow Cooker Chicken Cilantro Lime Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Tuesday – Chicken Veggie & Brown Rice Bowls with Peanut Sauce – Cooking Classy

Wednesday – Quinoa Mango Black Bean Salad & Smokies – Vanilla and Bean

Thursday – Shrimp Pasta with Tomatoes & Kale

Friday – Tuna wraps & sweet potato fries

Weekend plans include a pancake breakfast, family birthday supper and maybe the beach?! We will see!