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A Day in the Life

It has been far too long since I gave you all a peek into my every day life – which is always fun to do! Here we go – but don’t expect fancy photos!

5:15am – Alarm goes off! Truth – I never hit snooze (mainly for fear I would not get up again!). I shower, blowdry my hair and then get ready:

My Beautycounter makeup essentials for every day!

Which is basically the Flawless in Five set! I swap between the lip gloss in bare shimmer and lip sheer in rose. As well I have recently added the new luminous powder highlighter in halo – which I LOVE and it doubles as my eyeshadow!

6:00am – On “lucky” days I can get ready before Chloe is up and even start breakfast. The calm before the storm:

6:30am – Breakfast (and coffee!) is ready:

I swap between smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt bowls for breakfast.

7:00am – Get the girls ready, wrestle Chloe down to attempt to do her hair. I am slowly learning how to do hair, even when it is while wrestling 😉

7:40am – Off to work, with my essential bags – purse, workout gear and lunch:

8:00am – First one at work means coffee duty – the most important task!

8-11:30am – WORK! Nothing exciting to share here. Most days my work involves working with our agency, social media posts and replies, website updates and other random projects.

Noon – Spin class! I try and use 2-3 lunch hours a week to workout which I love. It frees up my evenings and gives me a mid-day boost.

1:00pm – Back to work. I eat lunch at my desk while catching up on emails.

2:00pm – Mid-day break for Miracle Treat Day at DQ:

2-4:30pm – More work – again, too boring to share 😉

4:30pm – Head to pick up the girls, it was a hot one!

5:00pm – The only way I cook supper in peace and under an hour – TV:

6:00pm – Burrito Bowls for the win! Usually my goal is to have supper on the table by 6pm.

6:30pm – We head for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and heat:

7:15pm – Bath time:

7:30-8:00pm – Brush teeth, PJs, and read books before bed. A later bedtime than usual – but hey, it is summer!

8:00pm – Meal planning for Foodie Friday (post):

8:30-10pm – Watch TV with Chad before I hit the hay!

And that is a typical day for us!


Foodie Friday

Today is actually my “Friday” as I am off for another three day weekend!

This week flew by, a few highlights of our week:

Chloe’s first haircut! She did great, despite looking less than impressed here:

She looks SO much older now!

The girls and their new sleeping bags for our first real camping trip this summer.

And last but not least we celebrated Chad’s birthday!

This week I am switching things up for meal planning. I am participating in a “Sugar Free Reset” for 5 days. My good friend, Heather, is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant with her company, Calluna Nutrition, and not only is she super awesome, but very knowledgeable and helpful. So when she shared her sugar free detox I thought “why not?!”. I mean, I eat fairly healthy but like most areas of our lives there is always room to improve and learn, so that is my goal next week.

Heather has a simple lotto of “eat better.feel better” which I know is all too true, but we also have busy lives and let’s face it sometimes the first thing to go out the window are out eating habits. That is where Heather comes in, from her meal planning services to personal coaching she can get you back on track and feeling better!

Saturday – Wedding – OUT

Sunday – Taco Salad

Monday – One Pan Salmon & Asparagus with mixed greens (lemon and olive oil) – Calluna Nutrition 

Tuesday – Beef & Brocoli Stir-fry with quinoa (I will sub in chicken) – Calluna Nutrition 

Wednesday – Lemon Basil Chicken with mixed greens – Calluna Nutrition 

Thursday – Shrimp Asparagus Pesto Pasta – Calluna Nutrition 

Friday – Mexican Chicken Bowl & cauliflower rice – Calluna Nutrition 

This weekend is a busy one! Today I am helping out with Avery’s preschool field trip, and doing my long run this afternoon so that we can head off to Chad’s cousins wedding Saturday.

Have a great weekend everyone!



With the changing seasons (ahem – winter to summer!) it is time to share some of my “currentlys”:

Currently excited for…SUMMER!

In a few weeks time we went from winter & sledding to what feels like July, running through the sprinkler in bathing suits:

I was so excited I picked up the girls this and know they will have a blast this summer with it!

Currently eating…tofu

I have always liked tofu but never tried hard enough to bake it the way I liked it. The other week I finally did and am obsessed now. 450 for 15 minutes, flip and another 15 minutes. Before I tossed in olive oil and soy sauce then coated in corn starch. Such an easy thing to add to meals and the family loves it too.

Currently wanting...Birkenstocks.

For the past few years I buy rip off ones but realize they fall apart so easily and then I am replacing them every year. My brother pointed out spending the extra money on Birkenstocks in actually worth it for this reason.

Currently watching…Shameless.

I know, I am SO late to the game on this one but I finally gave in and love the series!

Currently training for… Stampede Half Marathon!

After a few months off training and running in general I am back in it with our first “long” run of 12km last weekend.

I am also running at lunch time with my coworkers in preparation for a local 10km we are doing and really enjoying lunch runs!

Currently planning…my garden & backyard projects!

We have some major landscaping to do this summer after getting a professional plan last summer. I have a love/hate relationship with landscaping but excited to get it done this year. We are hoping to plant our garden in a couple weeks so stay tuned for that post!

Currently hoping… Chloe kicks her cold soon!

Poor girl has had a cold for over a week! From congestion and now a bad cough she is not catching a break. I get spring colds (and have a bad cough too) but am so over it, with the cough comes bad sleeps too!


What are you currently excited for?

Foodie Friday

Short work weeks are the best! Well unless you have a sick kid! Miss. C is not feeling great – bad timing with it being her birthday! Poor kid.

Monday we a ‘fun’ day – I took C to the Dr after her breathing was a tad off, while there she ran into the counter and cut the corner of her eye. If it had been a millimeter over she would have needed stitches – OY. Then we ran to Chapters to grab a cookbook I wanted and she was trying to get a toy, it fell hit her in the face and she got a bleeding nose. So it was a Monday!

We did get out for coffee unharmed!

Early before all the mishaps we spent the time morning colouring and baking:

We had a little celebration Wednesday for her, she tried to grab the lit candle:

And took Chloe out for the supper of her choice, Subway!

I am excited for the meal plan this week thanks to my new cookbook – Vegan Comfort Classics!

Saturday – Black Bean burgers (Costco)

Sunday – Cheesy Pesto Bread Twists & See Food Chowder – Vegan Comfort Classics

Monday – One Pot Sausage and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Spicy Peanut Noodles – Vegan Comfort Classics

Wednesday – Turkey bacon BLTs & sweet potato fries

Thursday – Easy Shrimp & Broccoli Stir Fry – Damn Delicious 

Friday – Blackened Shrimp Tacos – Budget Bytes

This weekend we are having a party for Chloe and that is it – I have been lacking motivation lately with this weather – hopefully spring finds us soon!


Chloe – Two Years

Today our Chloe turns two! I really have no idea how we welcomed her two long years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. She is exactly what we needed, and definately the ying to my yang.

Chloe is the silliest, yet most serious little girl – for those you know that know her you will understand this statement! She will make you work for a smile but warm up to you fast and being her typical, silly self.

Now serious Chloe…

I joke that she is more like a boy versus girl – she is non-stop go and gets into everything! She keeps us all on our toes 24/7.  This has earned her the nickname “Chlo-nado”.

She is growing like a weed and most days can out eat me, she is 25.5lbs and 32.5″ tall. She still has the dairy issue but we are working through that and hope she grows out of it soon!  Besides dairy she eats 98% of foods and loves it all! She has a soft spot for chocolate like me 😉

She is taking her sweeettt time talking. And it has got to the point where I swear she does not say things just to bug me! But if she really wants something she can then say almost any word she needs to. Oh did I mention she is stubborn? Thankfully she has great comprehension and listens pretty well 😉

She loves to help, and is the first one to jump to anything you ask her to do – or anyone else. With this she is also very empathetic and will also be the first one to give a hug if someone is upset or crying.

We are excited to enter the “two’s” with Chloe and know she will only become more and more fun. Happy birthday Chloe!