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Long Weekend Recap

Just sitting here realizing how much I LOVE long weekends, thankfully soon enough 9 months of long weekends – well, kind of 😉


Hmm…Oh yeah, after Avery was in bed I started a DIY for C’s nursery. I am trying to keep things simple with only a couple small projects this time – no dresser to refinish – woot woot!



Chad headed to the rental early to get things going there, thankfully we made good progress and am SO close to having it ready. We are both perfectionists so probably went over the top with fixes and cleaning. Anyways, Avery and I went shopping and then got groceries before coming home to attempt nap time. Spoiler alert – she did not nap – Saturdays are the worst for some odd reason.

Instead we cleaned and had lunch before going to help Chad.


Oh and of course the no nap kid fell asleep on the drive so I got Starbucks and hung out in the car for a bit.


Our afternoon was spent cleaning, Avery does so good thankfully and loves to help us.


Then there is my Mom who was helped a ton, secretly I think being pregnant helps this 😉 haha. We did not finish up until supper time so headed to Mucho Burrito for supper then raced home so we could get to the fireworks in a nearby town (Sylvan Lake).

Avery hated them – too loud she said, but then after she asked for more and told us they were Dora, Benny, Boots and cat fireworks – toddlers are SO weird.

20160213_191131 20160213_190954

Chad and I had planned to watch some TV but both were so tired and went to bed. I then woke up at 12:30am and did not get back to sleep until 3am ACK.


Valentine’s! To be honest it is not a huge holiday for us or a favourite of mine but we still always have a good day just being together.

I started my morning with Pump and a short treadmill walk. My toe has had a few mishaps lately and is kind of sore again.

Chad spoiled me with flowers:


We got Avery a few small things:


When Chad was working out Avery and I made pink waffles for brunch with strawberry sauce and honey Greek yogurt, oh and sprinkles.



Since it really has been a lot of work lately and no play we let Avery choose an afternoon activity for after her nap, and she choose swimming. Just what her 32 week pregnant mother wanted to hear – HA.

So after nap time we headed to the pool.


It was busy but that was to be expected and we had fun for an hour then headed to Home Depot for a few things. Side note – Avery loves Home Depot for some reason, it was just as exciting as swimming…

I attempted a photo of Chad and Avery (for his parents), thanks A for cooperating…


Literally seconds later:


Once home we got to work on supper which was a lot easier than I thought and enjoyed a family supper followed by cupcakes my Mom bought us 🙂


After cleaning up, getting Avery to bed, and starting this post I was done and spent the rest of the night not moving far from the couch!


Monday was Family Day but we spent most of the day apart, which is why we spent Sunday together 🙂

I got in my morning workout, 3km “run” which is a run/walk now that about 21-22 minutes. Oddly, my toe hurts more walking than running… Then I followed it up by some weights.


After I was ready Chad headed off to run some errands and go to the rental house. Avery and I went for a walk to the park that is just a few minutes away and she loved it! We also saw a skating rink right there so now she wants to go skating – in reality she thinks she wants to go, but we still will try it out.

20160215_102053 20160215_102129

I see MANY hours spent here this summer with my girls 🙂

We came home, Avery had a nap and I made these delicious avocado chocolate muffins:


My brother and his girlfriend came for a visit, we chatted for a bit then they left and we went to see Chad and my Mom who were hard at work! Thank goodness for those two, now the house is ready for our tenants and we just have a few outdoor things to bring over to our house.

The rest of the day was uneventful really, some TV watching, DIY’ing for the nursery (one of two things I am doing – keeping it easy!), supper and getting ready for work.

Now I am ready for a short work week – crazy to think I only have 7 weeks left or less if my c-section is before 39 weeks!




Weekend of Love

I have to say I was craving this long weekend for a bit now! Going 6 weeks without a little extra time off was making me a tad crazy Winking smile So today we are still off enjoying some family time. We have a few things on our agenda, including getting together with my family today.

Warning photo overload ahead!!


Friday nights we typically catch up on PVR shows, Glee and Vampire Diaries were our shows of the night. I had a sore throat so headed to bed after (Chad stayed up playing video games) in hopes of some extra ZZZs.


I always make Chad a special breakfast on Valentine’s and was excited that Avery could also enjoy it this year Smile Kids make holidays is SO much fun! I was up before 7am and started breakfast for my loves.

Pink pancakes for the win and a couple heart shaped ones for Avery.



Valentine’s sprinkles were a must.

We exchanged a couple small gifts:



We never get each other too much and usually say our limit is $25.

Avery has been a napping queen all weekend with naps lasting 2 hours, which is the point we wake her up. So her nap time was very productive for me, I baked cookies, made her 2 ingredient playdoh, prepped blog posts and started laundry.



The playdoh was just conditioner and corn starch! I added food coloring and essential oils too.


Once she was up from her nap we checked out the playdoh:



Then my Mom came over with MORE Valentine’s goodies for us all:


And we gave her the gifts we made:



DIY mug from Alycia’s blog here.

Since it was a beautiful day out we decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood and of course to the park so Avery could swing:



She is obsessed with her new (Valentine’s) day sippy cup! It goes everywhere…


For the majority of our Valentine’s Days together (this was number 13!) we usually either cook supper at home or get take out. Which for us is 100x better than going out! We ordered pizza and picked up cupcakes for the night:



Perfection. There was truly no place I would have rather been Smile

After Avery was in bed we enjoyed some adult beverages and watched the movie Sex Tape which was totally cute and funny!


I was up a bit before Chad and Avery and took some time to start my latest book club book, Boy’’s Life.

I am not sure it was my just being sick of the treadmill or because I have had a sore throat but I could not get into a groove on my run and wanted to quit every 5 minutes. When I have these types of runs I say “5 more minutes” to myself and usually end of sticking it out. 8km later and I was pretty happy I did not give up!

Brunch was enjoyed in the quiet since Avery had an extra long nap again:


After Avery was up we went and checked out some show homes, went to Petland (so Avery could see dogs) and for a walk at Bower Ponds. The rest of the day flew by, and before I knew it I was typing this post at 8pm.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and if it’s a long weekend for you too enjoy the extra day off! I know we will be doing more of this today:



AND I did not forget about the giveaway…congrats to Amie! I will be in touch with you Smile

Foodie Friday

This was one long week, by Tuesday I wanted it to be Friday. No reason why it just felt long. But with weeks flying by I should not complain at a slower week. Heck, it is almost mid-February!

Our week has been pretty low key, I have been in bed around 9pm every night and it is wonderful, especially when my alarm goes off at 5:15am. Wednesday night after supper I baked cookies with Avery. I bought the Valentine’s Pillsbury cookies (aka I went all out) so that we could take some to her dayhome. I figured these were the safest bet, nothing to choke on and most kids would like them. A certain little girl could not wait for them to finish baking (you just say the word cookie and she gets excited) and once they were out of the oven waiting for the, to cool down was pure torture.


I have a couple new to me recipes this week, I started to add to my supper board a bit more since I was getting bored, after all I only have 500 pins there 😉

FF image

Saturday – Pizza, wine and cupcakes —> Our go to Valentine’s Day supper

Sunday – Spicy Sweet Potato and Chicken Casserole – source

Monday – Quick & Easy Creamy Tomato Mushroom Pasta (Oh She Glows) & turkey meatballs

Tuesday – Perogies, chicken sausage and roasted broccoli

Wednesday – 20 Minute Healthy Chicken Burritos – Redefined Mom

Thursday – Turkey Meatball subs and roasted broccoli

Friday – Grilled cheese and soup

This weekend, there is something little to celebrate…

hugs and kisses card 1

We will share our other crafts Monday so we do not ruin surprises for anyone!

It is a long weekend here so we have a few things to do to keep us busy, a special Valentine’s Day breakfast, a wildlife exhibition, making our own (2 ingredient!) play-doh and lunch with my family.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, you have all weekend!

Love Langauges

I find the love languages concept really interesting, a few years ago I posted about it too. Now that we have Avery I am constantly reminded of my love language and how it shapes the way I raise her. Being that me and Chad have different love languages I could see this being a point of contention as well but at the same time it creates a good balance. Here is why:

My love language is receiving gifts. This means that not only do I feel loved when I receive gifts but I also show my love this way. This could cause major problems when it comes to raising kids. HELLO spoiled! But thankfully this is not Chad’s love language (his is words of affirmation) so Miss. Avery does not get every toy under the sun Winking smile

Case in point – this Christmas before we bought anything we said we would not go overboard with Avery. Of course I wanted to buy her everything but knew that was not a good idea for many reasons. Instead we set limits that we plan to stick to every year. A Christmas Eve gift (pjs and a movie), one gift from us, one from Santa and her stocking. I have to admit as Avery gets older this will be tough but I really need to remember that giving and receiving gifts is only a VERY small part of how you can show love.

Avery with her Christmas gifts, she loves the few toys she got! Seeing her play with them reinforces she did not need even one more!


There is a book on the 5 love languages of children as well which I want to read as Avery grows up to learn more about her love language. But above all I want to teach and show her that all love languages are important and even though we all have our own (that we mainly use) we need to remember to show love in all 5 ways.

Next weekend is Valentine’s and the last few years we really do not buy each other anything. We simply spend the night together, usually at home, just enjoying each others company. This would be the quality time love language – which is probably my #2. But of course I managed to pick up a couple small things for Avery already, a book and a sippy cup. While I know this is not needed and heck she has NO idea about Valentines yet my love language takes over and I feel this need. I used to even buy my Mom and brothers gifts! This year since it is also Family Day weekend I plan to shift my focus away from gift giving and to quality time to show my love to my family.


Have you ever heard of the love languages? If so, what is yours?

FIRST Road Trip!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend Smile It was a busy one for us, but we had a good one!

Backing up to Friday…

After work Chad stopped by our favourite pizza place (Famoso) and grabbed supper to bring home, I had bought wine and cupcakes (Babycakes) the day before so we were all set for a nice Valentine’s supper at home – WAY better than going out on the actual day in my opinion.


Avery went down for her evening nap so we enjoyed supper while she slept Smile If only we ate at 5:30pm every day! Yeah right…

We finished the night watching a movie after Avery went to bed. The perfect night if you ask me.

Saturday – Chad’s grandparents, and one Aunt and Uncle live about 2.5 hours away from us and they had not yet met Avery so being that his Grandpa and Grandpa are in their mid 80’s we figured we should make the trip there. Avery had yet to be on a road trip so we were not sure how she’d do, around town she does not love her seat some days and has been known to scream from one end of town to the other (about 15 minutes).

Well this is not the best photo but this is how it went the whole way there…


She slept! For about 3 hours since we grabbed lunch quickly too.

We spent the afternoon visiting with his grandparents, one cousin and a great Uncle who turns 100 on the 24th – crazy. Chad’s cousin had a baby two days after Avery was born, he is a “little” bigger than Avery…



Here he is compared to Avery:


LOL, yeah Avery is petite…

For supper his Aunt and Uncle joined us at his grandparents. I get along great with his family so it was a good time. Avery loved meeting everyone and especially flirted with Grandpa which was really nice to see him smile a ton Smile Around 8pm we headed out to his cousin’s to spend the night there. I was semi worried since Avery usually has a bedtime routine of feed, bath, bed and at this time is was an hour after feeding and she was getting fussy… Well it was not horrible but she took awhile to settle, but was asleep for good around 9:30pm. We stayed up too late (1:00am) visiting over wine with his cousin and his girlfriend.

Sunday – Our little alarm clock woke us up at 6:50am – a tad early for me since we went to bed much later than usual. But we wanted to head home after her 10am feeding and Chad’s Aunt was hosting brunch so we got up and started to get ready. His Aunt made yummy pancakes for brunch – I certainly did NOT go hungry this weekend – then we headed back into town to say bye to Grandma and Grandpa before heading home.

Oh and his Aunt bought this cute bunny toque for Avery for next winter:


Sick of Avery photos yet?

Once again Avery slept the entire way home, waking up once we pulled up to the house – how do babies do that?

The rest of Sunday was spent going to the mall looking for a long sleeved rash guard top  for Avery (only one I can find is $30 at Gap), getting groceries, having roasted chickpea tacos for supper and helping my Mom figure out some stuff on her laptop. Oh and Avery had a complete meltdown at my Mom’s – lesson learned, do not let her skip her evening power nap. She even refused to eat!

Monday – I started my day off with a 8km run – longest run to date. It felt so good, especially with a little too much food and sweets over the past few days oh and since we were headed out for more food shortly…

We had brunch with my family at Heritage Ranch for Family Day (stat holiday here) and my Grandma’s birthday. Sadly, my one brother had to leave to work and could not join us Sad smile


Great Grandma and Avery.

The food was amazing as usual, bison sausage, blueberry pancakes, eggs florentine benedict, bread pudding, hashbrowns to name a few things Winking smile

Yeah and no photos I ate it all too quick!

We caught up on chores in the afternoon, and I ran out to (once again) search for a rash guard top for Avery since she is too young for sunscreen for our trip. I had searched everywhere and could only find the one piece suits or the tops in 12 months and up. Makes no sense to me to have them for kids 12 months and up since they can wear sunscreen when babies under 6 months cannot but that is just a side rant Winking smile Today I finally thought “what about Babies R Us?” and sure enough I found one for $13! Perfect. There was also a super cute one I loved at Gap but for $30 I could not justify it when she’ll wear it for a couple weeks.

Supper was a super yummy salad, I started to follow a recipe then went and added my own stuff and it turned out awesome. Kale in a red wine vinegar, evoo, agave and lemon juice dressing. Then I cooked chicken in the same dressing, added strawberries, oranges, avocado, red onion and feta. There was supposed to be candied pecans too but I burnt those…


I ended the night finishing this post, paying bills and catching up on laundry. And one last photo just so everyone knows we still have a cat Winking smile Her favorite place to lay, on Chad: