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Where to start….How about with some random thoughts on my first day of maternity leave:

– Is this real? Do I really not have to go to work for the next year?

– I need to break down my to do list this week into things to do each day

– (3pm) Okay I am bored, do I move onto tomorrow’s list?

– Everyone is saying “take time to yourself before baby comes”, I am at home all by myself, how else do I take time to myself?

– I understand “nesting” now. For me its is doing anything I can to keep myself busy, cleaning, organizing, baking, designing our Christmas cards…

That sums up my day Smile

Well actually I did a bit more than just think about how bored I was and in shock that I really have no job to go to.

The day started as usual, up, make breakfast, shower, get ready, Chad left for work and I finished a blog post before heading for my 9am Dr appointment. Nothing new to report. Because of some cramping she decided not to do any (internal) exam this week just in case. So if Baby K does not come before next week’s appointment then we will move things along.

I managed to get through a small to do list today:

– Submit EI form

– Put away laundry

– Unload dishwasher

– Start Christmas cards on Mixbook

– Workout while reading this book:


– Post our second car seat on Facebook – We have two and the one is still in the box and unopened so we hoped to sell it. This is the car seat, retails for $230 and looking to sell for $150 in case anyone is interested.

The fun part of my day? Going for lunch with Becky and Amie! It was great to see them both and catch up Smile I think we need more lunch dates for sure.

After work me and Chad went to VOTE. I hope you did too or do vote if it was not election time where you are. I find it so important to vote. I heard the craziest statistic yesterday – 55% of people in Afghanistan voted in their last election, where they are basically risking their lives to do so. Here, we might see 25-33% of people vote. Pretty sad, right?


My friend, Meghan joined us for supper before we had our annual date night for the season premier of Vampire Diaries. Yes, we are that cool…



We watched the first two episodes before calling it a night.

On today’s agenda is a workout (already done), designing baby shower invites for a friend’s shower, swapping out clothes in my closet, lunch with a friend, and the highlight? Cleaners are coming today! Yay for a clean house Smile


What is your favourite TV show right now?

Not sure I could choose a favourite, VD Is good but I also love New Girl and Two Broke Girls for a good laugh. Right now I am not sure how I am liking Glee, it is just not the same!

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry this is late, but I have a couple good reasons.

The first being my “date” with my friend Meghan last night to watch the premiere of Vampire Diaries and go to Menchies for fro-yo. I literally shrieked (and scared Chad) when I saw the sign in their window for pumpkin fro-yo!!

I went big last night:


The verdict? I loved the pumpkin, but Chad did not. The bets topping? The pink frosted animal cracker you see on top.

The other reason? Yesterday afternoon my ear started hurting bad, I knew it was not good  but put off going to the doctors until this morning. Not the best idea because it meant about 3.5 hours of sleep for me. I got in first thing this morning, and sure enough I have one nasty ear infection and am on new medication plus drops. It is pretty comfortable right now and is even hard to eat since I cannot open my jaw too wide. I have my fingers crossed I start to feel better soon. I guess after barely having a cold for more than 3 years it was my time to get something, and my ears have always been a problem for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Moving on, I did manage to get suppers planned for next week. I have a few new recipes I am trying so hope I am feeling better to actually make them. If not, Chad might be the chef for a few days.

Saturday – Brown rice pasta with shrimp, basil, roasted tomatoes and feta

Sunday – Quinoa Stuffed Pepper from Quinoa 365

Monday – Autumn Chopped Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Tuesday – Harvest Chicken Quinoa Soup – Iowa Girl Eats

Wednesday – My work gala/event!!

Thursday – Turkey bacon BLTs and sweet potato fries

Friday – Chicken sausage, butternut squash and pesto flatbread pizza

Since it is not even noon, I am hoping to get some rest in this afternoon. I still really want to make it to my friend’s dinner party tonight, but it is not looking too good… 🙁






Still Laughing

Despite us seeing the white stuff today (yes, snow!) I am in a pretty good mood. I woke up with a headache but it left fairly soon. I blame hormones for my recent headaches. But then again they get the blame for everything right now 😉

My day started out great thanks to a really good laugh after watching this video… A local radio station (Kraze 101.3) put it together with our local hockey team (Red Deer Rebels) and there was a special appearance by our Mayor too! Too funny. The outtake at the end is my favorite.

So last night after supper we snuggled in and watched a few of our favorite shows, New Girl and Go On. New Girl was hilarious and Go On was just okay, it might not make it onto our regular TV schedule… haha. Anyways, it was about 8pm and all of a sudden I remember I was going to go to yoga and forgot all about it! Oops.

Tonight after work we went to the gym, I did a 45 minute treadmill walk and a few ab exercises. Nothing too intense though, I am taking it easy right now since I have not been feeling the best and want to make sure I get better quick!

For supper I pulled out a cookbook I received back a few months ago but had not used yet, Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food and made the Sweet Potato Salad recipe from it. Along with it we ate the last of our turkey leftover, pumpkin cornbread and cooked beans. Kind of a random supper but it worked.

No photo tonight, it was dark out so lighting was bad and the picture was also blurry!

The sweet potato salad was awesome. I served it room temp versus cold only because I did not want to wait for it to cool.

Some of the other recipes from the cookbook I want to try are: Banana Nut Waffles, Sticky Bun Popcorn, Spicy Kale Slaw, Cincinnati Chili, Baked Risotto and Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits.

I think a early bedtime is in order tonight, busy day tomorrow – four meetings, a Menchies and Vampire Diaries date in the evening with my friend Meghan and then Friday we have a dinner party with friends!

And because I hate to see my post got picture-less, a little something to inspire you all tonight:



Have you seen snow yet this year?

Now we have! But it won’t stay 🙂

Any new, fall recipes to share? I need supper ideas for next week!

Fall TV

I am not going to lie, I love my TV shows. And well, summer is not the best for TV… part of the reason my our recent addictions to Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and Barter Kings to name a few. But with September here that means all our favorite shows are coming back! I cannot list all the ones we PVR (it also may be embarrassing) but I wanted to share some of my favorites and their start dates this fall.

Vampire Diaries – Call me a vampire nerd I do not care. Love this show. It premiers October 11th!



2 Broke Girls – This might be my favorite new comedy show. So hilarious! It starts back on September 24th.

two broke girls


Glee – I love musicals, mainly because I only wish I could even remotely sing and dance! It premiers September 13th.



Dexter – Might be the most anticipated show for us this fall, especially after the finale. I think I should host a part for the premier on September 30th.

DEXTER (Season 2)


Modern Family – Another hilarious one that makes us laugh. My favorite character is Phil. September 26th is the premier date for it.

mod family


New Girl – We LOVE our comedies. I find the whole cast way too funny, a must see sitcom! It starts September 25th.



Like I said those are only a few of the shows we watch…

Last night after 8 days away I finally got back to yoga. My studio opened a whole bunch of new classes Tuesday so I was excited to try a new one. Last night was Warming Soul Hatha Flow and it was 90 minutes – a added bonus. I really enjoyed this class and the flow sequences we did. I enjoy the movement throughout poses more than the holding of poses for sure. My only struggle right now is allowing my breath to flow my through the sequences. But I will get there! My awesome friend Heather joined me as well 🙂

This morning was not fun. I had to fast until 11am because of blood tests. Lets just say by 11am I was beyond hungry and managed to still eat breakfast, 2 snack and lunch before 4pm.

After work we headed to the gym. I did 9km on the spin bike (resistance was low – between 3 and 4), walked for 25 minutes on the treadmill (3.8mph) and then did a few ab exercises. I almost forgot about abs so they were rushed in at the end!

When meal planning I always try to make at least one easy meal each week. Tonight was easy meal night – tuna/hummus sandwiches and sweet potato fries. It does not get any easier! A bad habit we have gotten into? Eating in the living room…. Before this summer we might have done this 2-3 times a month. Now we do it 3 times a week probably. I think this is something we should work on.


Tonight is a double BB eviction! So I am going to enjoy that, and do some meal planning for Foodie Friday tomorrow – where did this week go!?


What show are you most excited for this fall?

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! With Friday I hope that the sunshine decides to make an appearance as well J Its is supposed to… but then again yesterday I did see snow. Yuck!

Since this post was pre-done I will have to update you all on the gala tomorrow, but I hear it involves chocolate and adult drinks so it had to be good.

Here is the scoop for next week:

Saturday – Grilled chicken & Greek couscous salad

Sunday – Eating out – I was out of ideas and decided I deserved a night off, maybe I can play the I am a fur-Mommy card and Chad will take me out.

Monday – Turkey tacos with guacamole and salsa

Tuesday – Grilled cheese with avocado, tomato and spinach & apple, avocado and spinach salad

Wednesday- Chickpea curry, coconut curry and homemade naan

Thursday – Grilled chicken salad with strawberries, feta, pecans and avocado

Friday – Perogies & spinach salad

Pretty easy week of suppers for me. I had a discussion with someone yesterday about meal planning on how much I love it… not to sound like a broken record, but it rocks! I am semi crazy and do plan 3 meals and 2 snacks for myself most days of the week. This not only saves time, but also money and waste. I know I have said this many times before but had to put it out there one more time!

It is looking like tonight will be low key for us, a gym trip (30 minutes on the elliptical and a lower body workout) then home for supper and to watch the Vampire Diaries season finale!!


Mother’s Day is Sunday! What are your plans?

Since my Mom reads this I will only say what she knows and keep her in suspense… (insert evil laugh), me and Chad are taking our Mom’s for brunch at Heritage Ranch Sunday morning 🙂