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Where to start….How about with some random thoughts on my first day of maternity leave:

– Is this real? Do I really not have to go to work for the next year?

– I need to break down my to do list this week into things to do each day

– (3pm) Okay I am bored, do I move onto tomorrow’s list?

– Everyone is saying “take time to yourself before baby comes”, I am at home all by myself, how else do I take time to myself?

– I understand “nesting” now. For me its is doing anything I can to keep myself busy, cleaning, organizing, baking, designing our Christmas cards…

That sums up my day Smile

Well actually I did a bit more than just think about how bored I was and in shock that I really have no job to go to.

The day started as usual, up, make breakfast, shower, get ready, Chad left for work and I finished a blog post before heading for my 9am Dr appointment. Nothing new to report. Because of some cramping she decided not to do any (internal) exam this week just in case. So if Baby K does not come before next week’s appointment then we will move things along.

I managed to get through a small to do list today:

– Submit EI form

– Put away laundry

– Unload dishwasher

– Start Christmas cards on Mixbook

– Workout while reading this book:


– Post our second car seat on Facebook – We have two and the one is still in the box and unopened so we hoped to sell it. This is the car seat, retails for $230 and looking to sell for $150 in case anyone is interested.

The fun part of my day? Going for lunch with Becky and Amie! It was great to see them both and catch up Smile I think we need more lunch dates for sure.

After work me and Chad went to VOTE. I hope you did too or do vote if it was not election time where you are. I find it so important to vote. I heard the craziest statistic yesterday – 55% of people in Afghanistan voted in their last election, where they are basically risking their lives to do so. Here, we might see 25-33% of people vote. Pretty sad, right?


My friend, Meghan joined us for supper before we had our annual date night for the season premier of Vampire Diaries. Yes, we are that cool…



We watched the first two episodes before calling it a night.

On today’s agenda is a workout (already done), designing baby shower invites for a friend’s shower, swapping out clothes in my closet, lunch with a friend, and the highlight? Cleaners are coming today! Yay for a clean house Smile


What is your favourite TV show right now?

Not sure I could choose a favourite, VD Is good but I also love New Girl and Two Broke Girls for a good laugh. Right now I am not sure how I am liking Glee, it is just not the same!

Learning to Relax

Happy Monday or if you live in Alberta – Happy Voting Day! And please do me a HUGE favorite a vote, you have until 8pm tonight… EDIT, I hope you voted since its after 8pm now… But I won’t going into my usually lecture and leave it at that 😉

Yesterday afternoon and evening was relaxing (maybe almost boring? Haha), we sat on the deck & enjoyed the sun, watched hockey, caught up on all PVR’d TV shows, I did some prep for meals this week, read blogs, watched more TV… and went to bed by 10pm. Even though I tend to get bored on days/nights like that I know that I need that down time and it does not need to be go, go, go all the time. I can (and should) just sit on the couch and relax sometimes.

I was having a great sleep until a unnamed cat brat knocked a pill bottle off the dresser at 5:55am – let’s be honest, totally my fault for leaving something out of place… Seeing as it was only 20 minutes before my alarm I staggered into the shower. Truth time – I think that 80% of the time I am still sleeping when I am showering. Shampoo instead of face wash, conditioner before shampoo, yup I have done it all!

The mouth is still a tad tender today so I had a strawberry banana protein smoothie in a bowl this morning, with my coffee, oh and chocolate… Did I ever tell you guys about my latest addiction? A piece of chocolate at 7am, every day for 3 weeks now. I did care, but am over it now and am going to keep eating it.

My morning flew by thanks to a hour acupuncture appointment, going to vote and lunch with Chad (he even bought!). Then this afternoon I had to buckle down and work…

After work we decided we better get to the gym since it is a crazy week and we might only get there today and Friday. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical before doing a core and ab workout for 30 minutes. Some bicycle crunches, planks (regular and side), side crunches with 15lbs, v-sits, scissors…

Thanks to my prep work last night, supper was easy! Sundried tomato & spinach grilled cheese with salad. To make the pesto I put a cup of basil, 2/3 cups sundried tomatoes, 3T EVOO, 2 garlic cloves and 2T nutritional yeast into the Vitamix and blended away.


On homemade bread too 🙂 This was a new loaf – yogurt wheat germ. The salad was spinach, cherry tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers and avocado with a homemade dressing – evoo, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper. Lately, we I’ve been mixing up our own salad dressings – way better than bottled! I will never go back!

Remember, how I was not going to shop this month at all? Haha. Yeah that did not happen and I have shopped too much. I am actually kind of scared to get everything I ordered online, Chad might start to notice and my cover will be blown. I picked up the below shirt from Superstore on the weekend:


Blue striped shirt – joe via Superstore

Black dress pants – RW&Co

Black dress shoes – Mossimo via Target

Earnings (NEW) – Hematite Studs – Stella & Dot

I might be MIA the next few days, here is why – tomorrow – work event till 7:30pm, then home & eat and swimming, Wednesday – Elton John concert (floor seats!!), Thursday – Charity Dessert Gala. A busy but super fun week ahead!

Now I am off to watch the election coverage – total nail biter!


What was the last thing you bought?

I wish I could say that shirt but I was suckered into the 30% off online Old Navy sale this morning and bought this dress and these shorts. In my defense those are my favorite shorts, and for $15 plus 30% off?! And well the dress is too cute…