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Weekend Recap

One thing I have learned about kids is they are strangle little creatures Winking smile Surprising you daily and constantly making you guess about everything. Good thing they are worth every single second! Around Christmas Avery decided she’d walk…for about a week. Then she HATED it. If anyone even said the word walk she would get mad and have a tantrum. For real. So we stopped pushing her to do it and she would walk here and there but not a lot. Yesterday we went to a first birthday and lots of the little kids Avery played with on my year off were there and almost all were walking. About two-thirds into the party Avery decided to walk. And not just a few steps, across the room and just wandered around! What?! Well, once we came home it was ALL she wanted to do. She did not even want to eat supper, just wanted to walk around. So we might finally have a kid that will walk her way into Kindergarten Winking smile

Now, onto our weekend:


Just a night at home but I will leave it there since I have a post coming this week more on Friday.


We grabbed groceries bright and early so Avery could have a good morning nap at home before meeting my Grandma for lunch. My Grandma is semi crazy and acts if she does not see us in 10 days that it has been months and Avery will hate her. Sigh. Well, Avery does play shy right now so of course that does not help our case. Thankfully, she warmed up after a bit.

After lunch we ran out to find Avery running shoes. All her shoes are soft soled and I wanted something more structured with regular soles for outside. I had Nike Frees in mind since they are still light weight and of course fell in love with a color online. We found some but not in that color:


At least they are not pink! And no white since that just shows all the dirt. Now to find rain boots!

Blurry walking photo, I am definitely doomed now to ever get a clear photo again…


That evening we had a couple friends over who we had not seen in awhile so just caught up with them.


I woke up wanting to run, and though it would have been the perfect day for an outside run I was not feeling it at 8am, still way easier to hit the treadmill. I got in 8km! I have only been running one day a week for the last 6-7 weeks since my focus has been pump so every once in awhile I like to get in a few extra kms over my usual 5-6km run.

I spoiled Chad (and Avery) with their favourite brunch, multigrain blueberry waffles:


Sadly, something was off and the waffles looked pathetic, but they tasted the same as usual!

After brunch we rushed around to get house chores done before heading to the birthday party:


The party was a ton of fun! It always amazes me how well all the kids can play together. I am not even sure I saw many tears.

Avery giving me the “no more photos” look at the party:


We had a low key evening at home with Avery walking everywhere. I see lots of bruises in our near future now!


What I’m Loving Lately

I am borrowing this idea from Leigh today, but also from Ashley who did a post the other day on “What Is Making Me Smile Lately”. I do like these types of posts but its also my way of trying to redeem myself from being lame lately. Summer has been busy and I am working on having less on my to-do lists, therefore my blogging has been slacking. I am also struggling these days with good post topics and end up just reporting my day more which is okay but I would like to balance it out some. This fall I am going to work on this.

So onto today’s topics, what I am loving/things that are making me smile lately.

1. My morning coffee. I used to think it was the caffeine that made me so happy but a week ago I switched to decaf, and I am just as happy to have it each morning, it is more of a ritual thing. The decaf swap? My body decided not to like caffeine lately, so I made the swap and am feeling way better.


And my new machine? Still love it! But I miss my French Press too, might need to order the replacement glass for it.

2. This guy:


(Picture from our Arizona trip in March – which seems like FORVER ago!)

I am so frickin’ lucky to have him. I am not sure where I would be without him. I love waking up beside him every morning and going to bed beside him every night.  We are truly each others ying and yang.

3. Yoga. Almost one month ago I decided to give yoga a try and love it more and more every time I go. It has brought me a whole new appreciation for life and my body. I am learning from it in many ways. I have even debated doing a yoga retreat!

4. Almond butter.  I am still obsessed. I do not even think of peanut butter anymore! This really makes me question who I am. My favorite way to eat it is with plain Greek yogurt and blueberries.

5. Relaxation time.  For the past few years I gave myself very little of this. I was a go-go-go person, well I still am. But I have learned that it is very important to give yourself this time and create a balance. My favorite ways to enjoy some R&R? Reading, going on walks, mediating, or just watching TV with Chad.

A photo from my lunch time walk with a co-worker:


Thank you to everyone for your support/comments on my last post about not blogging for a couple days! I enjoyed the time off. Tuesday we had supper with some good friends, and last night we had a work BBQ, then came home to watch one crazy Big Brother episode. Because the past two days were kind of busy that also meant no yoga or gym trips so tonight we hit the gym. I walked about 4.5km on the treadmill, did some stretched and called it a day. I had planned to do abs but am going to me gym with my Mom tomorrow so will do abs then instead.

Something else I have not done in two days? Cooked supper. I am the type of person that once in a routine of cooking I do not mind it, but give me time off from cooking supper and I dread it. Tonight’s supper was grilled chicken and a grain mock tabbouleh salad. It was a team effort, Chad on the chicken and me – the salad.


I made the salad recipe up but here is about what I did: cooked a mixture of grains and let them cool, chopped up cherry tomatoes (from our garden!), cut up a mini cucumber, green onions and mint – also both from our garden, and mixed them in with the grains. For the dressing I did a 2:1 ratio of evoo to lemon juice and about 1/4t cumin. I added the spinach as a after thought to get in more greens.

Today was actually my Friday, so I have a 4 day weekend 🙂 I have a few appointments tomorrow so decided it would be best to have the day off. Saturday we are thinking of going camping about 20 minutes outside of Red Deer for the night just to get away and enjoy some R&R.

Be back tomorrow morning with Foodie Friday!


What are you loving lately?

Young(er) Lindsey

Hope everyone had a fantastic Tuesday! It was the first day back for me after 4 days off, so that is never overly fun. But it was a busy day up until 4pm and I had lunch with some girlfriends so that made the day way better. For lunch we went one of my favorite places in town, one eleven, and I had my usually – the grilled peach and strawberry salad with salmon. Usually this fills me right up, but not today, I was a bottomless pit. I had my mid-morning snack about 10:30am, a apple, then the salad for lunch, around 2:30pm a bag of veggies and at 4pm I had to dip into my emergency stash and had a SunRype just fruit and grains bar. It was my first time having the bar and I thought it was pretty tasty.

Since I ran 10km yesterday I decided today would be a rest day, but gave Chad the ultimate decision – gym (where I’d do a treadmill walk) or a outside walk. Being as it was a high of 11 he decided on the outside walk. Since after supper we like to toss on our sweats and relax I thought the walk would be best right after work. Well there was no sun out, and it was quite windy we still enjoyed a 50 minute walk outside. Now if only that sun would come back…

On tonight’s menu was Thai Coconut Curry Fish Packs from the January/February Clean Eating magazine. The recipe itself was easy enough, it just involved a bit of time chopping veggies. The one change I made was using sweet potatoes versus baby potatoes. Served with Israeli Couscous. I wasn’t sure how it’d work out since the parchment packets did not seal up as well as I had hoped. But they turned out really well.


After posting the “younger me” photo yesterday I had the idea to do a post on photos of me growing up, but wanted to check the interest first since there is some leg work involved. Just something different!

Today’s photo of the day was cold… which had my stumped so using my new Instagram app I took this photo:

heat fan

I am always so cold in my office I keep this baby on year round! No joke. Everyone makes fun of me.

And while I did slack on outfit pictures over the weekend, here is today’s (taken after work – forgot this morning-oops!):


Yellow ruffle top – Cleo (for like $5!)

Black dress pants – RW&Co

Black and gray dress shoes – Too old to remember where they are from!

Earrings – Stella & Dot – Glint Flower CZ

I’d also like to point I think I am on my longest streak (for me) for wearing my hair down in years! Really loving this haircut.


A younger me post? Yes or No?

What do you eat on days you are a bottomless pit? Any tips?

I usually try something protein or carb heavy. I find the mix of both is what helps me. But today nothing was helping…

April Fools’ & Monthly Goals

Happy April Fools! Anyone have any awesome tricks played on them or did you play any on someone else? I have to share my favorite April Fool’s Day memory. I was 4 or 5 and we lived in a townhouse, our neighbors were a bunch of younger guys and my Mom decided to play a few tricks on them while they were at work for the day. I remember putting gum on their toilet seat, filling their bathtub with popcorn, Vaselining their door handles, sewed up the bottoms of some of their pants, Saran wrapped the toilet seats and MORE. We then hid across the street in the bus stop shelter and watched for them to come home. Yes, my Mom was (and still is) super cool!

Anyways, no jokes/tricks for us today!

Almost every month I do a fairly good job of setting myself up with a few goals for the month, to keep myself in check 😉 But on March 1st I was on holidays and never reviewed February’s goals or set up any for March, oops! So I knew I had to make sure I had a few goals for April 🙂

Looking back here were my February goals:

1- Workout 4 days a week – CHECK! Even on holidays I got in my 30 minutes of Yoga Meltdown each morning, better than nothing!

2- Eat homemade, healthy meals and keep sweets to a minimum. I would give myself a check here too, I did very good throughout the month, and enjoyed sweets on special occasions – Valentine’s Day and holidays. Its all about balance 🙂

3- Start swimming – Yup, been swimming once a week since February 1st

Now for April’s goals:

1- Complete this Photo a Day Challenge:

photo a day

I need to be more creative when taking photos, and take more photos of things besides food, this should be a fun little project for me.

2- Do one spring cleaning item a week, rather than them all at once. I already started this last weekend by cleaning baseboard and washing floors. Still on the agenda – wash windows, clean out fridge, clean toaster oven, shampoo carpet and clean up the yard.

3- Start planning my garden! I am hoping to plant it late May or early June but need to figure out what veggies to plant and do some research.

4- Walk more! Yes, walk. I used to hate walking, why walk when you can run? Well I can name many reasons now. I am hoping to get in at least 2 walks a week and even walking before work with my Mom and her dog.

5- Focus on eating lots of veggies, fruit and water!


Anyone else doing a photo a day challenge? Or have you done one?

What is one of your goals for April?