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From Our Week

Sorry guys, no Foodie Friday today because we are leaving on a jet plane for a couple sun-soaked weeks soon 😉 But instead you get our week highlights 🙂

Monday my Mother-in-Law sent the girls some treats for Valentine’s – Avery was so excited that her package had a puzzle and suckers – two of her favourite things 😉

That night I set up the few things I bought the girls for Tuesday morning:

Two of my Valentines 🙂

Tuesday Chad surprised me with flowers, Mini Eggs and a latte:

We started a little tradition where we get pizza and wine for supper, so that year we continued that plus I grabbed us these adorable cookies:

I was pretty tired Wednesday and believe it or not I think it was from skipping my workout Tuesday and then not working on in the morning, once I ran after supper I felt WAY better.

I am going to attempt to take outfit photos, so here are two from the week. I promise my skills will get better 😉

This weekend Avery has her final dance class, we have a spa appointment (her first time!) and I am hoping to steal some newborn snuggles from a friend that just had her baby 🙂


Foodie Friday

Well it is my last post of 2016. I really have no idea where this year went! This week was short and we spent the last few days enjoying being outside since the weather has been good. It is also bittersweet as Tuesday the girls start dayhome! Crazy. I am so ready to go back to work, but am also worried about Chloe adjusting to dayhome. Anyways here are some photos from our week:

Avery tried skating for the first time. I bought the bob skates that attach to boots for a couple reasons – one, they are $12 vs $40 and I was not spending $40 for her to hate skating. Two, she can keep her feet in boots, much warmer than skates and lastly, with real skates Avery would fall once and she would be done. I told her once she can do a lap with these skates she can get princess ones 😉

The first time did not go great as she refused to dress warm:

img_0514 img_0502 img_0505

Day two was much better – since she dressed warm, shocker!


img_0543 img_0537

I am so happy we have this double sled, it has been put to good use lately! We also saw some calf moose on our walk!


Avery loves playing in the crib with Chloe when she wakes up:

img_0534 img_0527

Chloe loves Avery so much but Chloe is totally the annoying little sister to her these days…


Okay onto meal planning:


Saturday – Chicken fingers and salad

Sunday – Garlic Lovers Salmon and Southwestern Quinoa Salad – Gimme Some Oven

Monday – Chicken Noodle Casserole – Life in the Lofthouse

Tuesday – Turkey Lasagna

Wednesday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles & broccoli – Budget Bytes

Thursday – Honey-Lime Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos – Cooking Classy

Friday – Pizza

This weekend we are visiting family, going to our friends for NYE and getting in a long run, oh and finally taking down the Christmas tree – everything else is down but Avery wanted the tree up longer.

Have a fun and safe NYE!


Foodie Friday & Merry Christmas

First of all, from my family to all of my lovely readers – Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a magical Christmas filled with lots of love and sugar 🙂


We had a quiet week, it was bittersweet being that it is really my last week as a SAHM. I am so ready to go back to work, but like anything the unknown (working full time with two kids) is also scary to think about. The girls are back in dayhome in January, and I go back the second week to work! My office is currently closed for the holidays so it is really no different than other years now to have this time off.


I wrapped the last of the Christmas gifts! So with the exception of stockings and Santa gifts everything is under the tree – we have tried hard to last few years not to go overboard and have done quite well!


We met Becky for lunch which was good to catch up but it went too fast while tending to the girls too – thanks for being a patient lunch date Becky!

The girls spent the afternoon fighting over toys (what else is new?!) and we got Avery’s letter from Santa in the mail:



One of our last yoga playground mornings 🙁 The good news? The studio/cafe is close to my work so I will still be there – probably too much but I know A will miss yoga class a lot. My Mom joined us for coffee:


We stopped by at my office where the girls got some gifts from my friend/co-worker, with nothing planned for our afternoon it was perfect as they new toys kept them busy!

20161220_155647 screenshot_20161222-072247

I actually got OUT for a run with the girls, I felt so tired and worn out I knew a run outside was my only cure so off we went. Both girls slept so I did a couple extra walking laps at the end too:


I debated going to spin that night but decided to rest my legs instead.


A run to start my day that was way too interrupted! I am actually looking forward to moving my runs to early mornings or after the girls are in bed for this reason. Then my Grandma and brother came for a visit, we went for lunch and just hung out. I took a few photos and nothing else all day!

Our daily dance party – hence the blurry photo

img_0336 img_0346

Later we went to dayhome to pick up/drop off some papers and stayed for a visit, leaving always upsets Avery so much she wants me to go to work and leave her there to play 😉 So happy she loves it there so much and will have no problems adjusting! Chloe on the other hand might have a rough few days.

I crawled into bed at 8:30pm and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie that I had started to watch on my run and then called it a night.


I had a few places to go in the morning and both girls cooperated getting out just after 9am…that was until we hit the first store. Avery had the worst public meltdown to date. Thankfully other shoppers tried to help me with her but she was not having it. I ended up hauling her out to the car screaming and sitting in the car until she calmed down since I could not even get her in her seat. Guess who is excited to go back to work?! HA. We finished our errands, stopped at Starbucks for my sanity then went home.

Avery insists on feeding Chloe all the time now:


I forced Avery into napping so I could recover 😉 After naps we headed out for a walk to the park, it was too nice of a day not to!

screenshot_20161222-164440 screenshot_20161222-203240

Now I am more than ready to spend time with my family for the next few days 🙂

Meal planning:


Saturday – Ordering Chinese Food

Sunday – Turkey Supper!

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Quinoa Fried Rice – Living Sweet Moments

Wednesday – Easy Weeknight Chicken Tacos – How Sweet It Is

Thursday- Tuna Wraps

Friday – OUT

Once again, I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas!


Foodie Friday

Yesterday at about 3pm it hit me that it was Thursday and I better get on this post! I am still seriously struggling in the meal planning these days, I just have no ideas!


We spent the morning at a program at Avery’s dance studio, it was our second time and we loved it. I am sad that in January they are offering it more than once a month and we cannot go 🙁

20161212_103323 20161212_103422

Naps (for Avery) are more rare these days so instead she gets to pick one quiet activity that she does alone – she picked decorating a couple stars:


We had an early supper as I had a neighbourhood association meeting that night.


Avery had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning, she did great and he was really impressed with how clean her teeth are! He quickly looked at Chloe too and she showed off her two new teeth 😉

After we headed to the library, might be the last weekday trip there in awhile! The rest of the day was a tad rough, Avery was just in a bad mood so we stayed home and tried to keep busy:


Oh and I managed to run 7km on the treadmill with a million stops – thanks kids 😉



Another morning appointment – why did I book everything the same week?! This time for Avery to get a haircut.

screenshot_20161214-143734 screenshot_20161214-143835

After we stopped at Starbucks and since their app was down it was free!


We actually stayed home the rest of the day! Chloe got in some good naps, practiced a lot of crawling and trouble making and Avery and I made & decorated sugar cookies.

img_0187 img_0210 img_0234 img_0237



Since we missed yoga Tuesday we went yesterday morning, Avery started off in a bad mood but shortly after we got there she was good. We came from for a quick lunch – aka all the snacks then headed back out to my hair appointment, just a trim but I need to learn how to curl my hair in minutes like my hairdresser!

We stayed home in the afternoon and kept busy playing:

screenshot_20161215-135554 20161215_143154

I met Chad after work (he just took he girls home) at my spin studio to take advantage of a donation glow ride.


I also won one of the prizes, a Swell water bottle – which I was wanting to get!

Meal planning:


Saturday – Chicken Fajita Quesadillas – Jo Cooks

Sunday – Sweet Potato Chickpea Coconut Curry – One Ingredient Chef

Monday – Crockpot Pulled Chicken & salad – Family Fresh Meals

Tuesday – Bison Cabbage Casserole (freezer meal)

Wednesday – Omelettes

Thursday – Gourmet Mac & Cheese

Friday – Roasted Red Pepper, hummus and feta sandwich – Two Peas & their Pod

Tonight Avery and I are off to see the Nutcracker then this weekend we do not have a ton of plans besides our annual Christmas lights drive!


Foodie Friday

ONE month until Christmas you guys! I am happy to say my shopping is 98% done which makes me pretty darn happy.


Monday morning we went to a new class to us at the dance studio Avery will start at next week. Once a month they offer a free class for ages 5 months to 5 years that combines play time, dance and music – it was amazing. Chloe loved it! Avery was being a threeanger after an incident so I let her be while I had fun with Chloe.

I was not going to share the incident but need to see if I am being crazy about this. So Avery was playing with the pony in the photo below and two other girls that were older than her were playing at the table too. Avery had to pee and was worried someone would take the purple pony I told her we would be right back and it woudl be fine. Well it was not, the one girl swooped in and took it. Avery got upset when we came back and the Dad looked at me and said “she is made because my daughter took the pony she was playing with”. UMM WHAT?! Tell her to give it back then, It annoyed me since they heard me say that it would be okay and then did not tell her she should give it back. At least that is what I would have done… Rant over 😉

20161121_104502 screenshot_20161122-210451-1

After naps we picked up a price package I won at the market I went to last week, I was so happy it had one of these monsters in it and a sign that was perfect for the one area I needed something for:

20161122_123156 "2016</p


Yoga morning!  Followed by banana bread making and a workout with my little helper:

20161122_123331 20161122_132604

Later, we went to a local greenhouse with my Mom since they have a Christmas shop, they had a great set up and even a carriage like Cinderella’s – Avery was in heaven!

20161122_155016 screenshot_20161122-210221

Chloe all bundled up:



We decided to go to morning craft time at the museum, Avery made a sun catcher and bookmarks – meaning I made bookmarks. She is not into crafts at all right now.

20161123_094647 20161123_123708

Of course we played after too:


Oh and we picked up some new to us ballet clothes for Avery since she starts next week – she is SO excited!


After supper I escaped to my first yoga class in 9 months! EEEK. It was perfect and that night was the first night in months I did not have achy hips!


A morning treadmill run while Chloe napped an Avery turned the gym into her baby’s nursery;


My Grandma visited us most of the morning, so we just played and visited. This little girl is SO smiley these days!


We spent the rest of the day going to get some groceries and attempting a craft – which I am still not done, it should say 30+ not 6+ 😉

20161124_143925 20161124_153416

I had this post done and saved, then our power went out and I lost it ALL. Want to know the worst part? I have NO idea what I meal planned the first time around!


Saturday – Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Bowls – Recipe Runner

Sunday – Garden Vegetable Lasagna Soup – Budget Bytes

Monday – Tuna Casserole

Tuesday – Greek Turkey Tacos – Whitney Bond

Wednesday – BLT Chopped Salad – How Sweet It Is

Thursday – Breakfast for supper!

Friday – My Christmas Party!

We have another busy weekend, our local Festival of Trees, a kid’s show/performance, our long run and a Christmas brunch!