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Foodie Friday

This week I had a decent to do list, with the girls at dayhome for part days I wanted to tackle everything before I head back to work Monday.

On my to do list:

  • Attend one fitness class
  • Wash all bedding
  • Bake cookies and muffins
  • Make 3-4 freezer meals
  • Work on Chloe’s (Mixbook) baby book
  • Prep some blog posts
  • Take in toys to Once Upon a Child
  • Clean out the junk drawer
  • Get my oil changed
  • Work on planning my best friend’s baby shower

I did pretty good! I got everything done plus some good (and quiet!) runs in 🙂

The girls had a great first week, Chloe did especially well being her first time away from me for more than a few hours. Avery was just mad when I came to pick them up 😉 Rough life kid.

Some photos from the week:

I got these canvases in the mail for my gallery wall – almost done this!


Avery was SO tired after her first day at dayhome!


This one is still trouble 😉

screenshot_20170105-122415 img_0665 img_0672

Princess Avery, who is mad when she has to wear pants because “princesses do not wear pants”:


Today the girls are back at home with me so we are going to go to the library, visit with my brother and have a quiet day before the craziness begins!

Meal planning:


Saturday – Grilled Cheese & Soup

Sunday – One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco Mac – Skinny Taste

Monday – Asian Chicken Wraps with peanut sauce & sweet potato fries – Well Plated by Erin

Tuesday – Black Bean Chipotle Burgers (Costco) & salad

Wednesday – Creamy Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole – Pinch of Yum

Thursday – Vegetable Stir-Fry with noodles

Friday – My Christmas Party (finally!)



Foodie Friday

First of all HELLO SEPTEMBER! Did you guys know that is is my favourite month? First off as a kid I loved back to school (hello type A), it is also my birthday, me and Chad’s dating anniversary (14 years!) and actual anniversary (6 years). That and well pumpkin = love.

Our week which was filled with sunshine!


Morning dance parties and just hanging out before my brother came over. We have been stealing him this week since he heads back to school on the weekend 🙁 We had lunch then headed for a walk and some errands.

Later on we made MORE pickles and Avery was the best helper.


And my smiley Chloe:



Avery had a haircut first thing in the morning which ended up being just a trim but she was happy so that is all that I cared about. After naps we took a walk in her (birthday) tutu and took some photos to show it and her hair off:

IMG_20160830_161248 20160830_161748

Then made a playground stop:


Chad was at a co-worker’s retirement party so we took our time getting home and starting supper. Once the girls were in bed I went out for a 6km run in 29 minutes, not my fastest but it was a tad hot out.


We met my Grandma for coffee with my brother late morning and got a massive zucchini from her. My brother came back home with us, we had lunch and headed out for a walk – when we were supposed to do student loan things for him – Oops!

20160831_133151 20160831_132952 20160831_202543 IMG_20160831_132459 IMG_20160831_135658

Avery insisted he be in a lot of photos with her it was really funny.

We also convinced Avery to give Chloe her babiator sunglasses since Chloe is so sensitive to the sun.

Chloe was a tad cranky in the late afternoon and ONLY wanted to be held…


It was the Rebels (hockey) training camp/practice game which is free with donation so we headed there with my Mom after supper. We lasted two periods then both girls were tired so we left.


We left just in time as a huge storm was coming in but it did not amount to much for us!


I can tell I am ready for my race and a running/training break as my head is not in runs as much right now. I planned 10km and did 9km, it was a tad hotter and more windy than I thought so I was fine ending it there.


It was a great mail day, more on these soon but these are AMAZING leggings you guys. I might never take them off.


But in the mean time you can check them and the line out here at Silver Icing.

Oh and I got a cool email saying I was in the top 100 running blogs, but I am #139 – haha. Still cool though!


After naps (well for Chloe since Avery did not nap…) we headed to the Jungle Farm for our weekly veggie haul. Avery had a mini nap on the drive and woke up so grumpy so we did not stay long. Once we got home I realized I forgot to buy everything for supper and totally missed the day when doing my list so off to Subway we went!

Onto meal planning! I decided to treat myself this weekend and go out for supper one night – Chad will be happy since I decided to go to Famoso for pizza 🙂

foodie friday

Saturday – Salmon burgers & roasted cauliflower

Sunday – Out

Monday – Herbed Garden Veggie Quinoa Salad  (Pinch of Yum) & Smokies

Tuesday – Souptacular

Wednesday – Cashew Chicken Quinoa Bake – Fit Foodie Finds

Thursday – Chicken fingers & Aspargus & Potato Salad – Oh She Glows

Friday – Out

Foodie Friday

That was one fast and busy week, here is what we got up to:


A morning walk and park trip I think – it was cut short because of all the mosquitoes! In the afternoon we went to the library, to the grocery store and for a donut since Avery was very well behaved and well lets face it a $0.60 donut is cheaper than the $20 dress she begged me for,

Both girls swinging! Chloe likes it the swing it seems, well she does not cry so I say she likes it:



I did 6km on the treadmill once the girls were in bed due to a storm rolling in.


I heard (thanks Becky!) a local bra store was having an awesome sale so after a morning workout we packed up and headed there. There was a ton in my size but I had a budget so only picked up a few things but for great prices.


The girls napped for almost THREE hours together, I tackled a huge to do list for the week and it felt great. After naps we went to my work for a visit then to The Running Room to pick up a spibelt for me.

Since today is Chloe’s 4 month birthday we took some photos, some outtakes:

IMG_8810 IMG_8818


My day started with a 8km run with the girls:


We came home, I showered and got ready and headed back out the door to go meet my Grandma for lunch (she lives about 30 minutes away), after lunch we headed to another town for their parade. I love small town parades! We met my friend and her boys there as well.



Chloe slept from the time we left the house, lunch, the drive and the parade. I actually checked her to see if she was breathing finally and she was SO hard to wake!

The plan was to feed Chloe in the car, then drive to pick up our veggies which is probably a 40 minute drive BUT Chloe after not pooping for three days had an explosion on me while feeding, so we cleaned that all up then again while driving  – which I could hear so we made a stop at home quickly and headed BACK out.

At the farm we got our veggies, attempted to pick 3lbs of peas but the mosquitoes were bad so we settled at just over 2lbs then headed home.

You better know I had a drink last night 😉

Today we are heading to the beach with some friends then I have a blinds consult – Chad did not want blinds in the bonus room but changed his mind (yes, I said we should have got them when we did the house) and then I want to lie low and get ready for a busy weekend. We both are running the Mud Hero race, me the 5km one Saturday and Chad the 10km one Sunday so we will be there a lot this weekend!

Okay meal planning:

foodie friday

Saturday – Sweet Potato Tacos with Lime Crema – Budget Bytes

Sunday – Roasted Chickpea Nachos

Monday – Slowcooker Taco Chicken Bowls (but as a salad) – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – BLT wraps & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & Summer Kale Salad – The Balanced Berry

Thursday – Shrimp in Thai Coconut Sauce – Foodie Crush

Friday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles (Chad’s pick) – Budget Bytes


Foodie Friday

We survived our first week home alone! It was lonely at times I found, and I do miss Avery a ton but I know it is best for her to be at dayhome for the next bit still. Chloe and I had a low key week, got in lots of visits and lots of R&R.

I had to look back at my photos of remember what we did this week!

Monday my Grandma visited us in the morning and we spent the rest of the day doing this:


Once Chad and Avery got home we went to the park:


Tuesday Avery and I visited my work in the morning (our first time out driving alone!), went on a short walk in the afternoon and that was about it.


Miss. Chloe had her first bottle successfully! I plan to give her a bottle a couple times a week just so she is used to them.


A friend came for a visit after supper and brought us a ton of goodies – THE BEST. Muffins, cookies, soup, almonds and coffee from Costa Rica.


Wednesday we had lunch with a friend, ran a few errands and went for another walk oh and cuddled more – Chloe is so cuddly compared to Avery!


I LOVE this photo of the girls. Avery has to hold Chloe as soon as she gets home.



Yesterday we had our 10 day check-ups, did a few errands and had lunch with my Mom. My Mom came with us to help me with the stroller since I am not supposed to lift it in and out of the vehicle.

Lunch at Cool Beans!


Our appointment went great, but their scale seems to be off since it said Chloe had not gained any weight in a week and apparently it did the same for the previous two babies too so I will take her into the health clinic to weight her myself in the next few days to double check. But the doctor was not worried.

Foodie Friday is turning into a week recap…so lets move onto meal planning. The last 10 days we have used a ton of freezer meals so that I could rest more so I am slowly getting back into cooking this week.

foodie friday

Saturday – Summer Chicken Wraps – Iowa Girl Eats

Sunday – Hoisin Stir-fry Bowls with Peanut Sauce – Budget Bytes

Monday – Sweet Pineapple Chicken Quinoa Salad – Layers of Happiness

Tuesday – Turkey Burgers (freezer meal) and salad

Wednesday – LightTurkey and Kale Pasta Bake – ifoodreal

Thursday – Chicken & Rice Soup (freezer meal from a friend) & Cheese and Cilantro biscuits – Two Peas & Their Pod

Friday – Pizza night!

This weekend we have family photos with the talented Whitney Cowan, need to make a Costco trip, I want to take Avery on a “date” with just us two and then just the usual weekend things.


Foodie Friday

Friday…again. Do not get me wrong I love weekends but these days I swear it is Tuesday and then Friday!

This week… Monday night we had our final walk through with our tenants – feels great to have that done, now hopefully everything is settled there for now. Tuesday after work we worked out – I feel so much better and sleep better with some movement in the evenings. Sitting on the couch just is not for me right now – I get all achy. Wednesday I baked these new to me “Aussie bites“. A co-worker told me about how she loves them and buys them at Costco. I am not one to buy premade items like this but thought “I can make them!”, found a recipe a voila. I bought one for my co-worker to try and she brought a Costco one for me. We both agreed the ones I made – 100x better, I actually do not know if I could eat the Costco ones, they were really sweet! Thursday I had book club which is always fun to get out for an hour or so, maybe at next meeting I can drink!

I cannot forget the highlight of the week, seeing Miss.C via ultrasound:


Those lips!! More on the appointment next week :

And lunch out after with Chad at Nandos – SO yummy!


Aussie bites:


Moving on to meal planning. So I had a discussion with my co-worker on iron (I have been extra tired some days) and since I do not eat red meat people assume iron is an issue for me – so wrong! Beans which we eat a ton of has a higher iron content than red meat. But saying that it did remind me to add more beans into our diets as well as other iron rich foods.

foodie friday

Saturday – Ordering supper to my house for my Grandma’s birthday…(do not get me started on this!)

Sunday – Wild Rice Salad (package) & Avocado Turkey Burgers (the love nerds) – doubling the burgers to freeze

Monday – Quick & Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta – Oh She Glows

Tuesday – Roasted Chickpea Greek Wraps

Wednesday – 12 Minute Chicken and Broccoli with Quinoa – gimme some oven

Thursday – Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas – Budget Bytes 

Friday – Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese with Arugula and Roasted Red Peppers – Beachbody Blog

This weekend…Not doing a heck of a lot! I am savouring these quieter weekends after all the moving business and before MIss.C joins us. We are having my family over for my Grandma’s birthday Saturday afternoon, then I plan to hang some things in the livingroom and get moving on the nursery!