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Weekend Recap

Currently we have snow – again. I am hoping this means we are going to skip straight to summer 😉 Spring we miss you!


At lunch I went to a thrift store and found some books for the girls. I am trying to focus on more lesson based books for them now, and found some great ones. Avery has always loved books:

We had a movie night and watched the (old) Disney Beauty and the Beast.


We had plans to go to an outdoor event for Earth Day and even though it was not too nice for it Chloe’s favourite place to play – Avery’s bed:

We had a quiet afternoon, I did housework and made muffins while Chloe napped and Avery played. We ran some errands after Chloe’s nap and that was our day!

This girl is so crazy at meal times, well all the time 😉

Later we had friends over to watch the hockey game 🙂


Like every week I said I was going to run outside and then did not…

6 miles on the treadmill instead.

You all should be VERY jealous of this girl’s hair these days..HA

After I tamed it:

Chad had a work thing all afternoon so the girls and I hung out at home, Chloe napped then we headed to the library.

Lunch snack plates are the best:

And I set up these files for the girls to organize artwork and anything I want to keep – all the way up to grade 12! I am such a nerd 😉

One of the things I miss about being at home – frequent library trips!

And like that the weekend was over – only a week until May!




Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like Spring! It was so nice to be able to be outside more and actually be warm!


My Mom joined us for supper (Subway) then came over so we (I mean her) could work on the teepee for the girls more. After she left Chad and I caught up on Big Brother.

Oh and it was St. Patrick’s Day! The best we could do before work…


Our day: Morning Costco trip – a (mucky) walk outside – cleaned out the garage and cars – family movie night.

Avery wore this necklace around her head all morning:


I wanted to run outside but we had booked Avery into yoga since she did not go last Sunday and it would be tight for time running outside so I opted for This Is Us and 8km on the treadmill.

During yoga I caught up on my latest book club book, I just got it and have until Thursday to read it!


Chloe was grumpy after a short morning nap and thankfully she napped for 2.5 hours in the afternoon. I did chores then Avery and I played outside until Chloe got up and she joined us.

Chloe getting into trouble, as usual 😉

The rest of the day was spent blogging, doing laundry and relaxing!


Weekend Recap

I looked back on photos from a year ago and we were out at the park, no snow in spring coats. HA. This weekend was so cold and we got so much snow you’d think it was January!


Family movie night since Sing was finally available to watch!


I had no desire to go anywhere fast so we had a quiet morning then headed out for groceries and errands.

Our afternoon was filled with many activities lasting a few minutes each 😉

We had a quiet evening of doing the most exciting thing ever…taxes!


We planned to take Avery to yoga but she has a cough so we told her next weekend instead.

I got in a 7km run while watching This Is Us. I have barely ran the last two weeks and am enjoying the break to be honest.

The girls and I spent the morning doing meal prep and baking for the week.

Chloe is getting too fast with her walker!

Avery all dresses up for the party later:

We had my Grandma’s birthday party with family that lasted until 8pm so that was a wrap to our weekend! I totally slacked on photos except these two:

Oh and I cannot forget the cupcakes, as usual from Cuppitycakes. My Grandma loves picnics!


Weekend Recap

Less than ONE week until Christmas!! Our weekend:


We met my Mom at Starbucks for a quick visit, made banana muffins and stayed close to home since it was freezing out!

Avery being a good instead of napping and Chloe is obsessed with stairs now…sigh..

img_0258 img_0272

Later that night Avery and I went to see the Nutcracker – I had never been before and it was the perfect “date” for us:

img_20161216_200413 screenshot_20161216-200116


We took Avery to ballet, got groceries, watched Grumpy Cat’s Christmas then later on we grabbed the last of the presents we had to.


Chad’s Dad came over for supper then we picked up my Mom and went on our Christmas lights drive:



The weather warmed up a ton overnight but Avery did not want to go on a run with us so my Mom came over for a bit and we escaped for a 14km run! We are focusing our runs on slower speeds with no walk breaks – it is much harder than I thought! We constantly had to pull back during the run.

screenshot_20161218-142046 img_20161218_122634

After brunch, cleaning/chores we decided to get out for a walk since it was the nicest day in weeks:

img_0312 img_0324 img_0303 img_0329

We ended our weekend relaxing since next weekend will be a busy one!


Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This weekend marked our first weekend we saw SNOW! That is right people, snow. Avery was overly excited once she realized that meant she could build a snowman, me on the other hand – I am not as excited.


The snow started to fall, I thought it would be short lived but it continued ALL weekend.

We spent the morning running errands with my Mom, then hibernated in the afternoon, baking and just keeping warm.

20161007_145153 20161007_165247

I have no idea what we did that night now!


We got groceries then made a coffee stop before going for lunch at McDonalds – Avery’s pick.


During naps I baked three pies for Thanksgiving dinner, one apple, one pumpkin with graham crust and one regular pumpkin, We still have 1.5 left if anyone wants some 😉

Avery HAD to go outside to build a snowman after naps so we did just that. Chloe and I did not last too long since the wind was cold and came inside to warm up.

img_9714 img_9702 img_9730 img_9704 img_9725 img_9720


We rented a movie, Mike & Dave’s Wedding Dates that night which was pretty funny.


I started my day with a 9km run (44 mins!) then got to work on Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom. Avery helped with the stuffing:


The rest of our day was spent cooking, eating, visiting, and cleaning!

20161009_155936 20161009_171248 20161009_174334

Funny story, my one brother and girlfriend were downstairs playing with Avery for an hour, later when they came up Avery said they were playing kitties. We asked what that was, well basically they spent an hour pretending they were cats and meowing – can we say best Uncle and Aunty ever?! Oh man.

It was 7:30pm by the time everyone left so we finished cleaning and spent the evening reading and watching baseball (Chad).


The snow was STILL falling which cancelled our plans for the day so we decided to have a quiet day and get things done at home after a busy Sunday. Morning coffee at Starbucks:


We stuck around home for naps, I got to work on our yearly MIxbook and Chloe’s baby book – I try and do it monthly so I do not get behind! After naps Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom came for a visit. I took one photo all afternoon!


And my reasons to be thankful:


Plus many, many more!

We had leftovers for supper and called it a night, I cannot believe it is almost mid October!