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Weekend Snapshots

Wd had one main highlight of our weekend – the Polar Express train! Which was absolutely amazing. Worth every penny!

PJ photos beforehand!

We took the train Saturday night – its an hour drive from where we live. You are pre assigned seats which is really nice so there is no rush to get on. On each coach you have actors that sing and dance the entire time – you are served hot chocolate in souvenir mugs and cookies. Everyone gets their “golden ticket” souvenir as well!

Around half way you go through the North Pole portal and everything outside is decorated:

On the way back Santa visits (the train stops in the North Pole to let him on) and gives each kid a bell ornament.

I have to say it was by the far the best activity we have done with the girls and so much fun for everyone!

Other than that it was the usual weekend plus some organizing and new shelves in the girl’s closets to do so. We planned to go skating but the wind was a tad chilly so instead we organized. Avery is a mini hoarder and tries to keep everything so thankfully we got that under control a bit too!

I can hardly believe it is the week before Christmas! I still have wrapping to do this week but other than that I am ready!


Weekend Snapshots

Another December weekend in the books! And only a couple weeks until the big day!

Friday night was my Christmas party. It was low-key and a blast! I had one too many drinks though and felt it the next day 😉

We had our community holiday event this weekend, it was so much fun! We had a wagon and horses, Santa, hot chocolate, music… Top photos courtesy of Richelle Hansen Photography. 

My boss was actually Santa – which Avery realized right away but kept quiet thankfully!

Sunday morning we did more baking…three hours later we finished! Which worked out good since it had warmed up a lot outside and meant a warm run for me!

I was actually too warm on my run!

I took some photos for a friend and of course Avery wanted her photos taken as well!

We finished the weekend with a family supper!



Weekend Snapshots

It was officially our snowmageddon weekend! It started Friday night and did not stop for almost 48 hours!

We had to travel on the highways which was sketchy at times but we made it! The girls had their first sleepover and everyone survived! They were so excited and did not miss us at all they said 🙂 We had Chad’s Christmas party and we got a photo!

A photo of a photo 😉 I had ordered a new dress but it came and was too big so it was back to one my trusty older ones!

Sunday morning after picking the girls up we went with my family to “Brunch with Santa” – the girls were unsure at first but as soon as Santa asked them to sit with them they melted:

Since the weather was not cold with lots of fresh snow we spent time in the backyard to burn off some energy:

I find winter challenging sometimes as I feel like the girl’s need constant activities to avoid too much TV time which can be tiring. We also made Christmas garlands for the girl’s rooms and made muffins.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Weekend Snapshots

Despite having a cold this weekend we kept busy and had fun!

Chloe started Sportball Saturday morning and was “so excited” as she told Chad and did awesome! Avery is rocking private swim lessons – BEST idea ever!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Festival of Trees, we looked at the trees (girls favourites below), did crafts, sent letters to Santa and played games! We lucked out and it was not too busy.

Girls being silly at home. One day we will nail a Christmas tree photo 😉

I went out for a friend’s birthday supper that night and had fun catching up and being kid free!

Sunday morning I decided to run outside a bit later once it warmed up which meant I had time to bake. We got our bake on for a couple hours, baking with these two is always an adventure 😉


Chloe was such a sneak every time I turned my back she was into the batter!

I had and awesome run despite the trails being very snowy and not cleared yet!

Our afternoon was spent visiting withe my brother and his girlfriend, playing outside, playing with Lego and having pre Grey Cup appetizers.

I think I almost won with this photo!


Weekend Snapshots

Sometimes I am happy to go back to work after busy weekends just to have quiet time – anyone else feel this way?

Saturday my Mom and I took the girls to Disney On Ice. We had an eventful trip there when my washer fluid froze and it was badly needed! We made it, the girls LOVED it – seriously a must go for little ones but it was a long day for us all!

The girls fell asleep 10 minutes before getting home:

Sunday we had a goal – decorate for Christmas! We made cookies, decorated, worked out, I ran out to finish Christmas shopping then we set up the tree! I hoped for better light for photos of the afternoon but no dice so we only caught a few photos.

They enjoyed the box more than anything:

We will write letters to Santa next week but in the mean time… Yes, I wrote the wrong year in Chloe’s!

I enjoyed an eggnog and rum while setting up the tree and Chloe only broke one ornament so I call that a win!

I think I am in shock it is Christmas in just over a month but not complaining at all!