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Weekend Recap

I am always in shock when I look at the calendar and we are a week away from the end of a month, yet here we are again and next month is November! Ahh.


I did a quick HIIT workout once Chloe was in bed, then after Avery was in bed we watched a couple show and I fell asleep on the couch. Exciting night πŸ˜‰

Chloe has become obsessed with colouring, but she is not careful so we take off all clothing!


Another morning of swimming lessons and another class where Avery refused to wear her life jacket – help – we cannot get her in one for love or money! After we went to the grocery store where both girls had melt downs before this dog saved the day and got all the hugs and kisses.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and playing with Avery while Chloe stood in her crib for 90 minutes in a nap protest finally falling asleep an hour before we had to go.

Oh and I brought out this Barbie car I had stored away so got it out to surprise Avery and she lost her mind.

We had supper with Chad’s family and got spoiled with a turkey supper! The girls loving going there – check out all the awesome vintage toys!

I ended my night folding laundry and watching Fuller House.


We had a slow morning before heading out for a 12km run and it was the best weather for a run!

Our afternoon consisted of baking, more PlayDoh, Halloween crafts and visits with my family.

Chloe also loves Barbies these days – especially Avery’s, after this photo she took Ken for a bath in the toilet. But shhh Avery does not know yet πŸ˜‰

Avery insisted on wearing her fancy dress:

I am ready for a quiet week, meaning I only have one evening commitment.


Weekend Recap

How is it October 2nd?! October is my busiest month work wise so I have a love- hate relationship with it. Saying that my posts will be sporadic this month.


I had the day off work but was busy! Starting with Avery’s field trip to the dentist, then my hair appointment and work at our rental house it was 4pm before I knew it.

After supper we went out on a walk as Avery had to collect fall nature items for “homework”. Last minute I grabbed my camera. I was so thankful I did as the light was perfect for photos.

The light made up for my messy kids and the fact that Chloe was screaming almost the whole time.

We watched a couple shows before heading to bed.


We had swimming lessons then went to Costco and did some other errands – exciting times πŸ˜‰

Our whole day went without a single photo! We had to do the walk through at our rental and by the time we got home it was 4pm. My whole family ended up over for the evening and both girls were on cloud nine the entire time!

It was 9pm when everyone left so we called it a night and headed to bed!


The forecast called for a nasty day so we had planned not to run outside but after we had pancakes it still looked fine so we got ready and headed out for 9km. It was not bad at all and pretty nice!

Avery asked for a pj day so I agreed – we have never done this before! My Grandma came for a visit, I started re-doing our night tables and dresser and we enjoyed the day at home.

Chloe is Miss Helper these days πŸ˜‰

I needed a quiet day with my busy week ahead!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Weekend Recap

We had a sunny weekend and it tired us all out – as I type this Chloe is in bed (6:45pm) and Avery will soon follow.


We went to Chad’s Dad’s & Step-Mom’s for supper and by the time we got home and got the girls to bed that was all i wanted to do too. I made up a quick workout with free weights and then crawled into bed shortly after.

Avery earlier in the day before school – she was really excited all week to use her umbrella.


Swim lessons in the morning – which went great, Chloe hides in the lockers beforehand πŸ˜‰

Peek-a-boo games outside:

We spent the rest of the day around home and at the park.

We cleaned up the yard for fall/winter, Avery helped me wash all my onions.

Made muffins:

We had an early supper then a family movie night:


We were up and out early for a run since we had a busy day ahead. While fall runs are chilly at 8am the sun warms you up and it is a welcome change for sweaty summer runs!

We spent the morning at our community BBQ, where the bouncy house was the main hit:

Then after a quick nap and a stop into my work we went to my niece’s 2nd birthday party. It was Moana themed and amazing! They had a bouncy house there too πŸ™‚

I sadly took no photos!

We got home and did some colouring – Chloe loved colouring…herself – which by the way did not come off…

I finished the evening doing laundry and relaxing and think an early bedtime is in order for me too!



Weekend Recap

While it is not technically fall yet it felt like a perfect fall weekend!


Nothing too exciting, a Fitness Blender workout and Big Brother once Chad was home from the gym.


We had swimming lessons first thing. Avery told her instructor she “does not like water” but thankfully her lesson went okay after that πŸ˜‰ Chloe and I have lessons at the same time and she was just indifferent to it all.

Hopscotch outside after:

We did the typical errands after, came for naps then headed out for a walk. We have a beautiful sanctuary area minutes from out house but sadly it was badly damaged in the wind storm we had in June. This area had been closed for months after for clean up and recently all re-opened. I knew it was bad but areas are completely leveled.

It is still beautiful but not the same for sure. Avery had the time of her life exploring everything!

We had supper, my Mom came over shortly after then we all went to the hockey game! It was just a pre-season game but Avery still enjoyed it and Chloe had fun then fell asleep. We headed home in the third period.


Chloe was up about 6:40am – yawn – lately the girls have been sleeping until 7:30-8am on weekends so anything earlier seems rough now πŸ˜‰

We headed out for a 9km run, it was a bit chilly at first but the skies were blue and sun was out!

I got some much needed cleaning done during Chloe’s nap, then we made cookies.

I am on the hunt for some more fall decor so headed to Winners but no dice really – boo! We had a few other stops but by then the girls had enough so home we went.

At home we ventured into our playroom, we barely used it all summer but I think this will change now! I still want to change this area up more to have areas (reading, dolls, arts etc) but cannot seem to figure out how to make this work!

Miss Chloe eating – what she does 80% of her awake hours πŸ˜‰

Our next few weekends are busy so it was nice to have a slower than usual weekend!


So Long Summer ’17

Even though fall is not officially here for another couple of weeks after the Labour Day long weekend I feel like it is over. I have to say this was one amazing summer, the weather, our little family – it was beyond good to us.


We spent the evening at my co-workers, having appys and drinks. I always feel so lucky after spending time with my co-workers since they are much more than that to me. Chad and Chloe only stayed awhile since Chad had plans plans to have people over before and Chloe needed to go to bed. Avery and I stayed and enjoyed ourselves until after 9pm πŸ™‚

We both passed out soon after getting home.


Our plan for the day was a day trip to Drumheller to do a small hike in the canyons and see some dinos πŸ˜‰

The day started off rough, and neither girl was having much of anything but thankfully the 2 hour drive fixed that with some naps.

We took a different route there that also had us go on a small ferry across the river – a highlight for Avery!

We arrived at the canyon area, had some lunch then headed down to explore. Chloe was not having the Ergo which slowed us down and limited what we could do but we still had a great time exploring.


Avery is getting more brave every time we go out on little adventures, she climbed up and down the steep canyon, went over areas that scared her and took some small tumbles with no tears.

Chloe did better walking than she does on flat ground and of course had zero fear.

It was pretty warm out Β (33!) so we limited our time and headed back up and into town. We checked out the big dinosaur and paid the money to walk up it since Avery “had to”.

You walk up to his mouth and can look out from there.

The drive home was quiet and I spent most of it reading my book club book. We grabbed Subway once we got back and had a quiet night at home.


We have decided to keep up on Sunday runs for the time being as we both enjoy the little tradition (as well as the coffee after!). It was raining a bit but it was nice to run in the cooler weather. Both girls passed out as usual. How they fall asleep an hour after waking up for 12 hour sleeps is beyond me!

I took no photos the rest of the day! But we had a quiet day at home, did chores, read books, baked pumpkin muffins, then went to Costco.

It was kind of nice to have a deary day to just go slow and have no real plans.


All three days we slept until 8am – win! We had a slow morning, I worked out, washed floors before we ran out to do an errand and stop at Starbucks.

Chad had work to do at the rental house so the girls and I hung out at home after lunch. Well, Avery and I did and Chloe napped. We baked more, prepped and cooked beets and then headed outside for some sun.

Once Chloe was up, my brother & girlfriend stopped by and Chad came home so we all headed to the park.

I am sad for summer to go for sure but I also love fall and am ready for slower days.


How was your long weekend?