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Weekend Recap

I have to admit this weekend was not my favourite – both girls were just not in the best mood, and my patience was shot! But we did manage to shake the grumpies for some fun.


We think spring has finally arrived! After work we looked for ladybugs (and found some!) while we waited for Chad to get home.


I worked out while Chad went to the gym then we watched Big Brother 🙂


We pushed our luck Saturday with C’s nap – probably the factor when it came to her being grumpy! We left around 9:30am to go to Costco, from there we went to Avery’s first gymnastics class. She has been asking for a year to go in so I finally registered her.

She was so excited leading up to it but we got there and when she saw all the kids on the floor she said it was too many kids and did not want to go. Thankfully she has a small class of 5 kids and she semi knows a couple of them SO it was a very successful class!

I failed at any photos there but she wanted one her in gymnastics outfit 🙂

Afterwards we went for lunch at Freshii then over to a pet store since they had an adoption vet and a baby goat! No we are not getting any pets, just visiting!

Our afternoon involved naps, colouring and a visit with my Grandma.

After the girls were in bed we had a drink and watched a movie – so needed after a long day of tantrums and tears!


We got in a morning run first thing! I decided to start running weekly with the girls again and wow was it hard after a long break of not running solo with the stroller!

Chad had signed up for a local charity amazing race type event for the day and a few days ago he asked if I would join since they were down a player. At first I said no since I had Mom guilt but then changed my mind – so happy I did! The girls had a great afternoon with their grandparents and we had so much fun and won the race! Our team won $1000 in gas cards – woot woot!

Challenges ranged from eating a sundae in under 30 seconds, puzzles, archery, escape rooms and more. I hope to do it again next year!

I took one photo of the girls all day, they actually were sitting together and not fighting!

And that is our weekend, this week looks nice so hopefully we can get out and enjoy the weather!


Weekend Recap


Chad stayed home sick so we had a quiet evening, Avery and I snuggled up and watched HGTV for most of the night – she loves it as much as I do!


Avery requested a tea party so after getting groceries we got to work making cookies for the tea party. Chloe is all over helping me bake these days!

During C’s nap we had our tea party, complete with our dresses on! I borrowed my Mom’s real china which made Avery over the moon happy! This is also was why we had our tea party sans Chloe!

Oh and I went for a run!! With my foot I had not ran in 6 weeks. I was nervous to go out in case my foot was not healed and then I would have had to get treatment stat! It was time I get out though – I had been needing a run badly and my next half in just over 2.5 months away!

Plus we finally had a nice day to run! I am hoping I start running weekly now until my half training starts in May. My plan right now is to bring back stroller runs solo on Sundays since Chad goes to the gym. But with 60lbs of kids we will see how that goes!

Later we headed to the park, the snow is melting finally which also means the park is now a pool 😉 haha.

I had a girls night out for supper with a couple girlfriends and had the best time catching up! But no photos – oops!


We had a busy day with only one photo! Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad visited, we worked out, we cleaned, played games, both girls napped then we had supper at Chad’s Dad’s house.

This week is another busy one with book club, using having friend’s over for supper and a couple Dr appointments.


Weekend Recap

Ok I think we had our final cold and snowy weekend! Maybe…fingers crossed!


We watched some horrible Netflix movie – it is so bad I don’t remember the name and would not share it if I did! All Netflix Original movies we have watched so far as bad – anyone else find this?


Chloe’s party day! We kept things simple with a bunny theme which meant I kept up the Easter decor 😉 And a small party. I love big parties and all but they are tiring so now we try and keep them under 10 kids, and ones that are similar in age.

Chloe pre-party:

The decor:

My Mom made this awesome bean bag toss and carrots bean bags for the kids to play!

It was a busy afternoon, but all the kids did great and the mess was minimal – win!

I had to go to the local food and beverage expo that night as my work had a booth, it was fun to get out for a few hours but by 10pm (when it ended) I was tired!


The morning was spent working out, crafting, and colouring. Avery loves to colour these days and her colouring has come a long way in the past bit!

Both girls had cabin fever so we headed out after nap time to the park with the sled. It was a beautiful afternoon, if it was January 😉 But after a really cold week I will take any sun!

As much fun as we all had lets hope this is the last time we are sledding in snowpants for awhile!

Avery helped me work on supper, we made our first recipes from the Hot for Food cookbook, See Food Chowder and Pesto Twists!

Both turned out awesome and it made a ton!

Now onto our week! I have two early work mornings – yawn – and my in-laws are coming to town!


Weekend Recap

This was our last “no plans” weekend for a long time! We have a busy time coming up, with Easter, C’s birthday then the girls start up gymnastics and dance on weekends! Plus starting in May we have 1-2 races a month.


I fed the girls a bit early, as Chad was out for drinks then we ate once he got home and the girls got ice cream. I also found vegan, non-soy cheese for Chloe and she was in shock. She kept pointing at it saying “cheese, mine?”.

My little Mowgli:

I wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 3 that night but it was not working for us – boo!


A quick Costco trip and coffee stop in the morning then I headed to Edmonton with my Mom and the girls.

Ikea with Chloe was to be expected, she wanted up and into everything. Her favourite was climbing into all the beds and going under the covers. Sigh. I finally gave in at the kids area and let her be.

Avery got a little set for Barbies at Ikea and is OBSESSED with it:

We got home just in time for supper. I had plans to go out with friends but when I got a text asking if I really wanted to go as they were not feeling up to it I was happy to stay at home! I am so old haha. Instead we got McFlurries and playing Rock Band – again, we are old 😉


I started 21 Day Fix Extreme again three days a week, in addition to spin and yoga they have kept me feeling sore. I got in my workout with Chloe climbing all over me and “helping”.

We spent the rest of the morning colouring:

Our afternoon was spent visiting with my Grandma and going for a walk. I am so ready to see more grass!

Later I decided to take Avery on a quick date to Starbucks as she has had an off week. Hoping this helps her start this week off better!

Chloe had to have my empty cup:

And like that we are off to a new week! It is a short week for me, then a four day weekend!


Weekend Recap

What as snowy weekend! At this rate I think we will go from winter to summer and skip spring – there is so much snow!


I worked out and did laundry – exciting Friday night! Chad watched Jurassic World and I ditched half way in for bed 😉


Our day started with green pancakes, of course!

Our little, mischievous, leprechaun:

I went to a Pound Class with Becky! It had been awhile due to marathon training. Typically this would not be the type of class I would go to BUT it totally challenges my coordination! Plus it is super fun and I really do not think there is a better person to teach Pound out there.

She had a Sweat Society pop-up there as well, and I was sucked in…I bought the coziest, softest joggers and a pair of leggings for Avery.

Since it was snowing we decided not to go to Ikea and instead hung out at home. We decorated Easter eggs – a semi disaster with Chloe, and played games:

We ended our night watching Ferdinand – a cute movie if you have not seen it! Movies are one way to get Chloe to sit still!


We had a low-key day. the snow made me not want to go far or outside! I worked out, cleaned, got some party supplies for Chloe’s party coming up, we baked, made crafts, watched a movie and my brother and his girlfriend came over.

She found this hat in the dollar store and had to try it on…

Not many plans for the week ahead! Hopefully spring decides to make a permanent appearance though.