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Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was full of highs and lows – Miss. Chloe had very short naps (unlike her) both days which meant crazy Chloe all afternoon both days and with rain all day yesterday it made for a long day!

Our snapshots:

A zoo trip Saturday! There were two new exhibits we had not seen, the pandas and lemurs AND it was the best zoo trip we have had in years. Great weather (not too hot) and no crowds! I did not bring my camera and have regrets now so cell phone photos it was! Most photos were the back of heads since neither girl was in a “photo mood”.

That night Avery and I snuck out for a DQ date – typically we save our yearly Blizzards for Miracle Treat Day but she had been asking for one (thanks commercials!) so we did just that after Chloe was in bed:

Sunday morning I did a solo 10km run at race pace (in the pouring rain) then Chad and the girls joined for another 10km. Thankfully the rain slowed down the second half of the run! No photo but here is my much sunnier Friday night run:

With a non-napping Chloe we spent our afternoon out, at the library, pet store, cat cafe and shoe shopping for Chad.

Now I am ready to sit down after a busy day out!


Weekend Snapshots

Once June hits I feel like the weeks fly by and know why – they are so busy sometimes! This weekend was pretty packed for us – just like the rest of June.

I got in a couple good runs – but with no photos! I ran 28 km between Friday & Sunday and feel great. Hoping the extra kms this race season helps me get at least one PR.

The girls and I played in the backyard Saturday, I got out the water guns for them which they loved! I had to keep chasing them out of the garden, but they did get away with raiding the strawberries!

We made a trip to the park – AND I finally remembered the sand toys! Mom win!

Four year old attitude first 😉

Sunday after the 19km run we headed to our neighbourhood clean up and spring BBQ – I really love our neighbourhood! The girls ate too many treats, got their faces painted and played until they dropped.

Later we went on a family walk/bike ride – which turned into a walk and push bikes for me and Chad 😉

And those are our weekend snapshots!


Weekend Snapshots

A new format for sharing our weekends! I mentioned this before but I often use my blog as a diary to look back on what we were up to etc so that is why sharing my weekends is important around here. But saying that I don’t like typing every detail what we did nor does anyone want to read that! So instead I am going to share highlights of our weekends from now on.


I went with Avery on her morning field trip! We had a lot of fun – but it hard to imagine in just over three months she is starting Kindergarten!

I got in my long run for the week – 17km! In 28 degree heat it was not easy!

We took the girls to a park/fountain area for a picnic supper – they had a blast!


We packed up and headed out of town for the day/night for Chad’s cousins wedding reception. Avery was beyond excited to dress up and stay in a hotel.

Trying to get a good photo of the girls – HA!

It was a beautiful reception at the family farm:

By 10pm both girls were asleep so we headed back to the hotel for the night.


After our trip home we spent the afternoon going for a run then to the park:

Then I prepped for my Sugar-Free Rest this week! We have a crazy week so I had to get in all the prep I can to make life easier this week 🙂


May Long Recap

I would like to say the long weekend went by in a blink of an eye but it really did not! We had great weather, spent lots of time with family and just having fun in general!


I had some friends over for a BBQ, despite the wind we had a great evening!


Avery and I watched some of the Royal wedding once we were up:

She might have liked it more than me!

We did our usual errands, then came home for chores – the windy weather made this more bearable – before heading to our nephew’s first birthday party!

Later on we decided to take advantage of the windy weather and go fly a kite! The girls loved it and both did great with the kite – much better than me!


I had a 15km long run to do and convinced the family to join me 😉 We ran a different route than usual due to a big race happening, but it was nice to switch things up!

Our big to -do’s for the day was going to get out garden plants, plant the garden and cover in under the deck. After an afternoon in the sun and yard we were done!

Avery, my Mom and I went to the greenhouse:


We did some backyard canvas painting:

My brother and his fiancee came over later for a visit and stayed for supper as well.

I have a feeling this might be a really fun summer with these two!

We had a quiet evening in the house after being outside all day!


We spent the morning at a park and went for a little walk to see the horses they have there as well.

The girls had the park to themselves and loved it!

On our way home we stopped for donuts (long weekend treats!):

Then a picnic lunch:

During nap time I went for a 7km run the spent time reading my book – finally, I have been slacking with reading.

Then more backyard time followed by another BBQ and fire for s’mores – a must do on a summer long weekend!


What did you do this long weekend?

Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend, it was really low-key which meant a lot of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather!


I went for a run after supper then watched my favourite show, The Good Witch.


My Mom, the girls and I had our annual Mother’s Day fun run. We all did the 5km then the girls had there 100m run after. Avery decided to do the 100m with Chloe vs the longer one which was fine with me. That is until the race, we all started to run and she said she was not running so instead I gave her to my Mom who was watching while Chloe took off running – she loved it!

We spent a ton of time on the bouncy castles that were there and visiting with friends and family. By the time we got home it was lunch and nap time!

Always fun getting a decent photo of us all 😉

During naps I got groceries then we hung out in the yard for the afternoon. Avery even napped outside! After naps we played in their new pool:

We cleaned up for our family supper – we had yet to celebrate the four April birthdays and May one plus Mother’s Day. After we had my family over for a fire and s’mores.


Chad surprised me with my Mother’s Day wish, a stick vacuum! When I asked for one I had no idea they are $$ but I got myself a fancy new Dyson! And even better were these candle holders the girls made me at dayhome:

Chad gave me the option of running alone but I would rather run with him and the girls so we did 14km then got breakfast and headed home.

We spent the entire day outside, I went and bought flowers, Avery and I planted them all, the girls played in the pool, I read my book, we had snacks, and the best part?! The girls did not fight!!

I am so used to go-go-go summers fitting it all in but after this weekend I think we will have a lot more quiet backyard days!