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Weekend Snapshots

The cooler weather this weekend was welcomed after temperatures last week that have never been seen before in our city!

Friday evening ew spent at my co-worker’s house at the lake, the kid’s had a ton of fun together. Both girls loved paddleboarding as well – and shocking to us they both wore life jackets!

It was a great way to enjoy the 36 degree heat -despite the smoke!

Saturday went photo-less except for one taken at Costco:

We spent the afternoon celebrating our friend’s little girl’s birthdays then had a family movie night.

Sunday was a gloomy day but we got out for a rain – and stayed dry! 16.5km which felt long for us both with the stroller.

We caught up on chores, baked, and went to Starbucks for a house break:

I usually am not a fan of gloomy summer days but it was much needed and it felt good to catch up on house work.


Long Weekend Snapshots

And like that August long weekend is done! Ahh! It became even more surreal when Avery and I went school supply shopping for her as well. I am not sure what to think of summer coming to an end AND Miss.Avery going to school buttt here we are.

I took Friday off to spend the day with the girls. Yeah, I barely work full weeks anymore πŸ˜‰ My plan this summer was instead of two weeks off at home, take one week and then the other take long weekends, and it has been great for us! The day involved a run, library trip, donuts, the park and game playing:

Later we went downtown for a car show:

This photo might be my new fave!

Despite the not so great forecast we took the girls to Calaway Park Saturday, we did get rained on but luckily not too bad and I like to think the weather kept away some crowds as it was busy enough for us! The girls did not care about the rain and of course LOVED the rides!

Sunday was a home day, with our long run and afternoon spent in the backyard.


Monday we spent at the beach —> the girls are beach obsessed!!

We like to get there early and leave after lunch, so that we are home in time not to rush around for supper and all the chores I ignored all weekend πŸ˜‰

The week ahead looks HOT! So while I am semi sad I am working I also will be thankful for AC all day and hopefully we can spend our evenings outside πŸ™‚


Weekend Snapshots

The last weekend of July?! Ahh. August for us is this year is a whole new thing since at the end of the month Avery starts Kindergarten!

This weekend was HOT. But I am not complaininhere!

I took Friday off to have a beach day with the girls. Weekday mornings at the beach are the best!

Both girls are beach obsessed – like me πŸ™‚

We spent a lot of time in the backyard pool, with water balloons and just playing to beat the heat.

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday. Don’t mind Chloe’s dress, my Grandma gave it to her so we use it for dress up πŸ˜‰

Sunday run! Which I forgot was supposed to be 14km, I was not thinking it was time to be back into half training already!

Sunday we went to a local street performers festival since Chad was there volunteering. The girls enjoyed watching roving entertainment, playing and the treats more than the performances.

We had such a busy and fun July, but I still cannot believe it is over!


Weekend Snapshots

A day late that is! I was darn tired Sunday night and opted to delay this post and to be honest almost did another day but then it would have never been done.

Saturday we had a long walk to visit a couple parks, we are lucky to live close to the trails and these parks but don’t get out to them enough! Despite the clouds we only had about 5 minutes of rain πŸ™‚

Slightly tired after πŸ˜‰

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to head to the Edmonton Lululemon 10km race! The race itself was great, Lululemon put on an awesome race – just like Sea Wheeze and I cannot wait to go back next summer. I was in the first corral so dealt with minimal congestion which was an added bonus.

The course lived up to what I read it was, fast and flat, with only one small hill. It was an out and back course – my favourite for a few reasons with some straight away that allowed me to keep a decent pace.

I was pretty even with my splits, 30 seconds slower the first half, probably due to the start congestion. It is amazing how fast a 10km course goes, and I barely remember most of the race! I finished at 46:26 – a new 10km PR for me by 2 minutes!

Finish line, sadly all my finish line photos look to have a flare πŸ™

Sadly, all my finish line photos look to have a flare πŸ™

Afterwards, I grabbed some food, checked out the vendors etc before meeting other friends running the race! There was post run yoga but since I had a busy day ahead I hit the road early to get home.

Post race photo with Leigh:

That afternoon we went to the fair – a summer highlight for us! The girls loved the rides, and it made our day that they can now go on rides together!

Avery fell in love with this little guy at the petting zoo:

Our family photo attempts:

I cannot believe it is heading into the end of July already – how!? I think I am in denial!


Weekend Snapshots

I really love summer weekends! This weekend we had some down time which was nice after a few busy weekends.

Friday after work we beat the heat by playing in the sprinkler:


Then a little storm came in so we hunkered down for the night…with wine πŸ˜‰

Saturday morning we went to a pancake breakfast, despite line ups the girls ate great – but neither was in the photo mood even with this cute set-up!

Chloe dancing with my Mom:

It was a cooler day so I spent the afternoon cleaning then making the best chocolate chip cookies from Magnolia TableΒ :

Later we went to look for rocks for our landscaping by the river:

Avery was a tad excited when Chad caught a frog:

Both Chad and I felt like pizza so hit up our fave pizza place, Famoso for supper. It was a huge win, the girls behaved AND since they have vegan cheese Chloe got pizza. I think she was more excited for pizza (she has never had it) then being at Disneyland:

Sunday mornings are my favourite these days, a run followed by park time:

We spent the rest of the day in the backyard, painting rocks, in the pool and visiting with family πŸ™‚