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Weekend Snapshots

Sometimes I am happy to go back to work after busy weekends just to have quiet time – anyone else feel this way?

Saturday my Mom and I took the girls to Disney On Ice. We had an eventful trip there when my washer fluid froze and it was badly needed! We made it, the girls LOVED it – seriously a must go for little ones but it was a long day for us all!

The girls fell asleep 10 minutes before getting home:

Sunday we had a goal – decorate for Christmas! We made cookies, decorated, worked out, I ran out to finish Christmas shopping then we set up the tree! I hoped for better light for photos of the afternoon but no dice so we only caught a few photos.

They enjoyed the box more than anything:

We will write letters to Santa next week but in the mean time… Yes, I wrote the wrong year in Chloe’s!

I enjoyed an eggnog and rum while setting up the tree and Chloe only broke one ornament so I call that a win!

I think I am in shock it is Christmas in just over a month but not complaining at all!

Weekend Snapshots

Our weekend seemed extra long – and not just by a day or two. Chad said it was since we actually did something Friday night – HA.

Highlight of our weekend was participating in a curling bonspiel with my work Friday and Saturday.

The theme was denim on denim which made it extra fun 🙂 We also had my brother and his girlfriend babysit on Saturday night and went to the after party, I took one lame photo 😉

Saturday was also Avery’s 5th birthday! We had coffee and treats at a local coffee shop in the morning, then coloured at home before going to the curling rink.

Family photo, a big win – I never remember them on birthdays!

We spent all of Sunday at home! We made waffles, worked out, baked, cleaned, set up the girls new Christmas tree and did a lot of colouring and crafts.

Avery is colouring obsessed – she coloured this all by herself!

Monday was pretty awesome too – a stat holiday where kids go to school and adults have the day off?! Yes! We had Chloe home with us so ran errands – including the mall, which she never gets to go to and I was reminded of why. But we had lunch and one on one time with her which never happens. Later she boycotted her nap so we picked up Avery and painted more:

Finally she passed out on the couch at 3pm – thankfully since we had a family birthday supper out.

Our unicorn lover had to have her picture in this:

And Chloe trying on my brother’s hat and glasses:

And that is a wrap to our long weekend!


Weekend Snapshots

Jumping right into our weekend!

Saturday Avery started swimming lessons (8:30am – yawn) then we had her 5th birthday party – she picked a unicorn theme. At first I was not sold on it but it turned out really cute! We had a small party at the house – also her request.

I always fail a decent party photos!

For supper and the evening we went to a friend’s house – I worked with these ladies at my first job out of University – we don’t get together near enough now AND have a few more in our group now 😉 All the kids minus one:

And us!

Sunday was a much quieter day! We worked out, I ran, cleaned the house, had my Grandma over then went to the toy store so Avery could spend some of the birthday money she got. I have never let her do this but Grandparents insisted so we did.

I think that is all to share from our weekend!


Weekend Snapshots

For a weekend of no plans we kept really busy!

Friday night the girls, my Mom and a friend went to a craft sale. I don’t love bringing them to craft sales but after a long week of me being gone some evenings they missed me so I wanted extra time with them and toi give Chad a break!

Saturday was errands, flu shots – Avery lost her mind, Chloe did not even flinch, finding Chloe’s Halloween costume, playing at the park, riding bikes and a family movie night.

Sunday I had some major baking to do so spent a couple hours baking in the morning:

While the girls played with Playdoh – my nightmare!

It was too windy for my liking so I ran on the treadmill and did a quick weights workout after.

While Chloe napped Avery and I painted then had a tea party:

My Mom joined us after nap time to carve pumpkins:

I made supper while Chad and the girls played outside – the weather is still holding out for us and I hope it does for another week – or more!

I am still in my busy time at work with another busy two weeks and evenings spent at work, so I am semi wishing away this next bit!


Weekend Snapshots

Another beautiful fall weekend in the books!

I got in two runs outside – one with the girls (5-6km is my max pushing the stroller now!) and one solo run.

I did some Halloween crafting for Avery’s class:

The girls did their own crafting at a paint studio – might not have been the best idea to take Chloe… but I am excited to see how their creations turn out!

We went to parks and played outside a lot – we banned electronics for the weekend, and luckily with little complaints!

We went to a hockey games and stayed to the end to see the fireworks 🙂

And ended the weekend with a family pizza supper before my in-laws head south. I cannot believe it is that time already – I felt like it was just October 1st!

Hope everyone had wonderful weekends 🙂