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Weekend Recap

We had such a busy weekend, which actually meant less photos – also because I have come down with some kind of bug (insert tears).


A typical Friday night for us, a run for me, followed by laundry and some TV shows – gosh we are old!


The girls had a birthday party at McDonalds play place – OY. A few hours there was more than enough for me, but they both had a blast!

Miss. Chloe being her crazy self:

Chad teaching Avery how to use a yo-yo:

I spent my afternoon cleaning after the party. I try to do my cleaning Saturdays now so that after my long run Sunday I can take it easy.

Later my Mom came over to spend the evening with the girls while Chad and I went out for a our friend’s going away party.

I took one photo – of my pizza:

Sadly I was not feeling too great all afternoon and by 9pm I was done so we headed home. I hoped to sleep whatever off but that did not happen!


After a bad sleep I got up, and laid around until Chad went to the gym to run. I had high hopes after breakfast I could do my long run and the first 5km went okay but then it went down hill. I did 10km and realized doing the long run wasn’t beneficial to me at all. So I stopped at 10km which kills me.

I spent a good couple of hours resting until we headed out to our community winter carnival. I said I would help out, being on the Board, as well it was cold out so I wanted there to be some people there!

The girls all bundled up to go:

There were more people than I thought would come! We played some games, had popcorn and hung out by the fire pits we rented. The girls lasted an hour then we went home. I felt a lot better outside for a bit but coming home I did not.

And that is pretty much our weekend, I am hoping to kick whatever bug I have with a good sleep tonight!


Weekend Recap

I hate wishing away time but pretty happy it is January 22nd already! I am ready for not only our family vacay south but also spring! We had a quiet weekend and lots of outside play time since the weather was great.


I am trying to not run Friday evenings but after a busy week I had to get in a 13km tempo run. I watched the rest of Pitch Perfect 2 which made the time fly by.


We spent the morning running errands, usually the girls are pretty good but they were a tad hyper or something so after I grabbed a coffee and took a few good breaths 😉

I spent nap time cleaning, Avery and I made cookies then we all headed outside once Chloe was up.

Chloe conned me into this giant cat pillow at Costco.

We watched a movie after supper (The Book of Life) with the girls then called it a night shortly after.


Chad and I were both up around 6am and decided to get moving so he could get to the gym early for his 32km run. I am nearing the point in being done with long runs – schedule wise it is a juggle! But only a couple more weeks.

Chloe and I having a morning tea party:

My grandma came mid morning and played with the girls – which helped a ton too!

I watched Dirty Dancing and Coyote Ugly during my run – treadmill perks 😉 The first 2 hours always go by pretty good and fast but that third is my struggle. Fingers crossed race day adrenaline fixes that!

After lunch both girls wanted back outside, so out we went!

We had a quiet afternoon for there out, I really do not plan a lot Sundays knowing we are both tired!

Hope everyone  enjoyed their weekends!


Weekend Recap

Weekends fly by but I rarely can remember what we did Friday night – how does that work? “I think” after my run Chad and I caught up on some TV – but in reality I probably fell asleep by 9pm 😉


Avery and I picked up groceries, went to Starbucks and got her hair cut that morning. She was in need of a good trim!

Now to get Chloe into a hairdresser!

Avery’s haircut & curled!

And our Chloe 🙂

After an early lunch we went to the local arena opening that was just re-done. It was pretty busy but good to go and see it and lots of people we knew. They have awesome murals on the wall but with all the people I could not get a great photo. Chloe – HA.

Both girls passed out on the (short) drive home which meant they were not tired for naps at home. Instead we walked to the rink and park for a bit.

We had another family movie night and watched Paddington Bear – Avery got scared at parts but we made her watch it all so she saw the happy ending!


I woke up at 6 and saw Chloe sitting in her crib waiting so decided to get up. We watched some TV until Chad and Avery got up. Our morning was spent making muffins and playing with sensory bins before Chloe went for an early nap (who knows what time she was up at!) and I started my long run on the treadmill (24km).

My view for over 2 hours – I watched one of my favourite movies, Pitch Perfect! I am at a point now where anything around 25km feels pretty good, over that is when I can struggle at times.

It was noon when I finished so we went and grabbed lunch out since neither of us wanted to make anything!

We spent the afternoon at home, cleaning, playing with Play-doh, practicing Avery’s writing and Chloe boycotted her nap by sitting in her crib for over an hour.

I started my book club book – finally (oops!) since I have book club this week.

We had my Mom for supper to end the weekend!


Weekend Recap

Winter weekends like this are my jam. Nice temperatures, lots of outside time and no rushing around!


I was asleep early! Much like all of the past week while I battle some kind of cough (zer fun in marathon training).


It was a pancake morning, mainly since we needed groceries BAD so we had not much else to eat! We ran errands, came home for lunch and the girls had naps/quiet time. I ran out to take in some donations and look for a few things. I ran into my Mom at one store!

I picked up Avey a skate aid and helmet for skating. She was pumped!

After naps we headed to the rink. Avery loved the skate aid and she did so good with it, I was scared she would not use the right form with it.


Chloe was not having skating but pretty happy to be at the park!

Later that night we watch The My Little Pony Movie – which I loved!


By 7:30am Chad was out the door to tackle 30km at the gym. The girls and I baked muffins and cookies, coloured and did Avery’s “math books” then cleaned before I started my run too.

It is a science to schedule it! I start my run one hour before I think Chad will be home and lay down Chloe. She usually naps one hour in the morning so he can get home before she is up. Avery plays pretty good on her own while I run.

I watched The Battle of the Sexes (loved) and a couple sitcoms. I had a decent 30kms in under 3 hours and finished by 1pm. Our exciting Sunday mornings for the next month!

Later my Grandma came for a visit and Avery requested to go back to the rink! Within minutes she pushed the training aid away and was skating on her own and did not fall once! So proud of my girl.

Chloe agreed to her skates and does great shuffling around but still whines 😉

After we played on the park then headed back home.

And that was our weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Weekend Recap & Its 2018!

2018 – how did that happen?! I remember 2000 like it was 5 years ago, not 18!

This weekend full out cabin fever hit! The girls were a tad crazy, had some tears and we all had our moments. Thankfully the cold weather is gone and we are back to mild (winter) temps this week.

How Chloe felt about the cold:


The girls and I did escape the house for a bit to meet Chad for lunch. The rest of the day we spent having tea parties, sorting toys to donate and hibernating:

We had a family movie night that night and watched Planes.


I switched things up and went to back to back spin classes  that morning – OY. My legs were jello after! Since Chad did not want to do his long run on NYE we went to the gym once I got home.

The girls and I spent more time hibernating in our comfy clothes while he was at the gym.

Later we took the girls bowling, both loved it and Avery beat us both games!

We had Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom over for a quick visit before supper then had a quiet evening at home.


I did a long run on the treadmill but cut it short due to the spin classes the day before – I also ran it closer to race pace to test things out. I will do a marathon training update soon! I watched We are the Millers while I ran which made the time fly by.

I was not sure how the day/night would go since both girls were a tad cranky. So much for a joint NYE photo!

Luckily for us both girls were great later! We went to our friend’s place after supper and got home just after midnight. Chloe went to sleep on the couch, and Avery fell asleep on the downstairs couch.

They were not thrilled about leaving in the -40 weather but we all survived!


I have to admit after 11 days off work, most spent close to home because of the cold I was beginning to be a tad cranky. I did a treadmill run and convinced myself of the perks to treadmill running – Netflix mainly 😉

We made a coffee and sushi run just before lunch (again, with two cranky kids) then stuck around home all day. We played with Lego, coloured, had more tea parties, and even had a quiet hour where I got to lay and watch TV – HA.

Chloe LOVES Avery’s Barbies (of course) so whenever Avery is distracted Chloe will go play so quietly with them peeking to Avery every once in awhile. Eventually Avery sees her, freaks out and Chloe :jumps ship.

My mom, brother and his girlfriend joined us for supper, then stayed and played with the girls until bedtime. We ended the day a lot better than it started for sure!

And with that I am back to work tomorrow. I think we are all ready to get back into our routine and now the countdown to the marathon & Arizona begin!