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Foodie Friday

Ever have weeks that you feel completely behind? That is my week! No idea why but I seem to be scrambling a lot.

It is fair week here which means pancake breakfasts, the parade, BBQs and lots of fun 🙂

Monday night we went to the park, we had not been out after supper in awhile and it is good to break out of the house after supper sometimes!

Wednesday morning my office was closed and my Mom and I took the girls to the parade – as you already saw 😉

Last night I planned to go for a run, got on my running clothes but Mother Nature had other plans so an at home workout it was. My knee is getting extra rest 😉

And that brings us to today! And meal planning.

Saturday – Greek Chicken Kababs with Rice – Cooking Classy

Sunday – FAIR

Monday – Recovery Quinoa Salad (Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook) & Smokies

Tuesday – Bison burgers & Bocconcini Salad – Happy Holigans

Wednesday – Chicken Fajitas

Thursday – Pancakes, turkey bacon and fruit

Friday -Taco Salad

This weekend we are heading out to the fair a couple times, Saturday night for a date night & concert and Sunday for family day with the girls. Avery loves rides so I cannot wait to take her!

Enjoy your weekends!



Foodie Friday

So I did not mean to go MIA this week but I have this problem where when I do my monthly blog post planning I always forget the last week of the month. That or I run out of ideas and hope something comes up 😉 But saying that this summer I am planning to post less, 2-3 times a week is the goal 🙂

Backing up to Sunday night. Avery went to bed at 7:15pm which is earlier than usual but after a long day at the beach I figured she was tired. An hour later she woke up to pee and was on fire. I took her temp and sure enough 102.5. I got some Advil in her and she hung out with us until she was under 100.

Monday we decided to have a sick day at home since she still had the fever. She was fine otherwise, just pretty tired. She did request for me to set-up the pool so I did and we played outside for awhile but it was pretty darn hot!

Of course after the both crashed on the couch:

By grabbing a smoothie and Subway for supper she finally ate and her fever was gone and she was back to herself:

Tuesday morning everyone got up healthy, ate breakfast and then Avery threw up her breakfast. So another sick day it was but with Chad this time. Lucky him though she was 110% okay all day, so they went to the park all morning, had naps and then walked for slurpees – only a tad jealous 😉

I brought home Chefs Plate (referral link!) for supper and we had the tacos.

Oh and this one? A stage 5 clinger these days. I do everything one handed I swear. I remember a year ago doing the same thing and thinking “next summer this will be SO much better” – HA.

Besides that we had a quiet week. I got to workout twice at lunch hours – spin & yoga but skipped a run due to bad weather (and closed trails around my house) and worked out at home instead. And last night we had a staff BBQ at a co-worker’s acreage.

Onto meal planning!

Saturday – Canada Day party potluck

Sunday – BBQ at my brother’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s house

Monday – Veggie Fajita Rice Bowls – Whitney Bond

Tuesday – Smokies & Greek Kale Salad –Gimme Delicious Food

Wednesday – Tuna & chickpea wraps and sweet potato fries

Thursday – Greek Turkey Rice Skillet – Budget Bytes

Friday – OUT

I cannot believe this weekend it is July! That also means a long weekend for us 🙂 We have plans to go to a Canada Day party with Chad’s family, fireworks that night, our long run, maybe a bike ride & picnic or a pool afternoon – we will see!


Foodie Friday

It was a quiet week around here but with a busy weekend this weekend and next I was okay with that. Fall brings a sense of slower days anyways, whereas summer I feel the need to go-go-go and fit in everything before the fall arrives. Anyone else agree?


Ack – I am not sure what we did! I have two photos from our day:

20160926_090211 20160926_153532

Avery climbed into the crib when she heard Chloe up from her morning nap.

In the afternoon we baked and decorated pumpkin sugar cookies – they spread a ton but apparently taste good still. I would not know since they have butter they are on my no go list still.

After supper we met up with friends that wanted family photos. When they asked me I told them I would do my best but I have never done photography for others! We had a great evening with it, I learned a lot in the 90 minutes on where the light needs to be for good photos. In the end I had 80 edited photos for them and they were beyond happy with them! I wish I could share but I just do not feel right sharing others photos!

After the shoot I did some editing and surprisingly most photos did not need much!


Yoga playground in the morning which means a chai latte for me and some time with this smiley gal:


Avery came out upset 20 minutes in (no idea why!) but after some juice I got her back in for the rest of class. While she loves other kids and is very social she is not a fan of a lot of noise of loud kids so that is usually the issue.

Avery was not napping (I see a end to naps in the next few months) so instead she gets quiet time. We rented a Halloween movie at the library so she watched it while I did a few things around the house.


Chloe, in her third outfit of the day:


My Mom came over to the house at supper so Chad and I could escape for a belated anniversary supper at Browns. We walked over, had a great (and quiet!!) supper and came back home. It was not long but sometimes just that 90 minutes to eat in peace is all we need.


I think I had some weird filter on the selfie mode, but this was the only photo we took!



My Grandma visited us for most of the morning and lunch:


I found Avery napping like this:


We went to Winners after naps since Avery got money and HAD to spend it. She bought a princess dress (another one) – we should not be surprised.



Since I am working on speed work with my runs I am going to be doing more treadmill workouts now. This morning was 5km in 24:24 – more on my goals in a couple weeks!

She is in a princess dress 80% of the time we are at home now, it is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up.


We got ready and ran a few errands then came home for lunch. Avery was not napping again so she chose quiet time while I started this post and meal planned.

Once Chloe was up we headed to the Jungle Farm for our last summer veggie box pick up! Both girls fell asleep on the drive so I just grabbed the veggies and left – Avery was sad she did not get to play but I told her that why she should nap at home 😉


Meal planning:


Saturday – Salmon burgers & salad

Sunday – Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies – Damn Delicious

Monday – Chicken Taco Salad

Tuesday – Avocado Pasta – Damn Delicious 

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Turkey Quinoa Chili – Well Plated

Thursday – Kale and Sweet Potato Burritos – Ceara’s Kitchen

Friday – Quinoa Fried Rice – Gimme Some Oven

We have a full weekend ahead, Chad’s Mom is visiting form BC, my Mom and I are going to a local market and on Sunday off to Calgary for the Baby & Tot show.


Foodie Friday

It was such a beautiful fall week. I love fall so much and weather that makes mid afternoon seem like summer is even better but with cooler mornings and evenings 🙂


Was my 32nd birthday –> how?! Anyways, the girls and I started the day with some yoga, then Starbucks and grocery shopping.

20160912_081518 20160913_065147

Chloe was not in the best of moods in the afternoon so we stuck close to home.


Chad came home early so we could get ready for an evening out. His Dad and Step-Mom watched the girls so we could go for supper and to a local pub to hear Coleman Hell.

Supper – so good!


I always tell myself to remember a photo of us and then forget but I did take a selfie to remember what I looked like at 32 – haha


Funny story, we sat near the back of the venue and after the opening act another band came on and we figured it was Coleman Hell though kept wondering why they were playing other cover songs… We wanted to get home by 10:15pm for Chloe’s dream feed so just before 10pm we went up by the stage and realized the band that had been playing for 45 minutes was NOT Coleman Hell – WHAT?! Then they said they would be on in 15 minutes. Boo. So yeah, we did not get to see them. It started at 8pm so we thought 2 hours would be enough time but they did not go on until after 10:30pm. But we still had a good night out.


My Mom joined us for yoga playground so we chatted and have coffee while Avery had her class.

Locals – check out the new cafe (T’s Bakery) at The Breathing Room – so good!

Chloe hit a big milestone Tuesday and started to sit on her own, she does so good and has only had a few spills!


I had not planned to run much this week but the weather was too nice not to so after nap time we headed out and then stopped at the playground.

screenshot_20160915-112448 img_20160913_163022


We met my Grandma for coffee in the morning and of course Avery spotted the smile cookies…


The girls have had great naps all week – about 90 minutes to 2 hours together! I usually have a few to do items then just watch TV or go on social media – VERY productive 😉

Avery is obsessed with being a doctor or nurse so my friend picked this up for her:


Oh Chloe…


After naps we headed out for a walk and took some fall photos. Oh fall we love you.

img_9011 img_8953 img_8971 img_8984

We came back home to meet my friend and handed off all my maternity clothes to her! Then got to work on supper since we had friends coming for supper. We had a great supper though it has changed a lot from 4 years ago, they also have a little girl who is 3 months old so these days our supper dates are done a lot earlier and involve way less wine!


It was a beautiful morning so we took a 6.5km run.


That pond is probably one of my favourite places to run around!

We spent the morning at home, I edited photos, the girls played and watched TV. Some days I feel like we go go go so I am trying to spend more time at home just hanging out.


The girl’s schedules were off so I decided to just roll with it which meant Chloe napping late morning when Avery was not ready for a nap. Then Avery had a short nap before we headed out for an appointment and to get our weekly veggies.

Onto meal planning! My veggies are piling up in the fridge so this week in operation use them all up!

foodie friday

Saturday – Easy Stuffed Cabbage Casserole – Wonky Wonderful

Sunday – Community BBQ

Monday – Slowcooker Butternut Squash Soup – Skinny Taste – I am using buttercup squash

Tuesday – One Pot Coconut Curry Shrimp – Plating Pixels

Wednesday – Sweet Potato Broccoli Chicken Bake – The Real Food Dietitians 

Thursday – OUT

Friday – Turkey bacon BLTs & kale salad

Hope everyone has a great weekend!